Google Continues Algorithm Update…How will it affect you?

Google Algorithm UpdateRegular followers of Internet marketing would agree with me that 2011 has been full of Google algorithm updates; first the Panda update and then the Farmer update and now comes another bombshell. Every year Google makes these updates around 400-500 times but only handful of them are ever announced.

Google Algorithm Update December 2011

So let’s take a look at the latest Algorithm update.

Inclusion of Social Media in Ranking

OK, this I know is really good news. Why? Previously Google did not focus much on social media indexing but now it does. Isn’t it wonderful?

This means that even if your website is not highly ranked, you need not be disappointed because Google will screen and index relevant social media pages.


Google won’t let you off the hook so easily because it will penalize you if you’re only using social media for promotion.

According to their list, you can only use Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Directory Themes, Blogs, Article Submissions, Paid Links and Free for all Back Links systems to promote your website on the social media forefront.

Its time to re-strategize the social media marketing!

Age and Link Quality, an 8-month old site, jumped from PR2 to PR3 after this December update. This was because of several factors, age and quality links being an important one.

In this, Google will check the quality of non-paid links sent from various domains as well as the links from authority websites. It will also see the anchor text of links and the quality of those pages sending relevant links.

The above factors will determine the Page Rank (PR) of the site. It also depends on the user data and the subject matter of the linking sites.

If you want, wait for few more days and check out the PR rating again. It is not necessary that every website will be affected by this change but one never knows! Anything is possible.

Registration History and Domain Speed

Even though you can register your domain name anywhere, Google is taking this into consideration while giving your website a PR. This means that if you are in Singapore and your domain is registered in the US, it might not prove to be as beneficial as before.

Under the new update, Google will check from when and where the domain was registered, as well the strengths of links pointing to the domain. It will also check the historical data of links, domain visit pattern, social media referrals, and inbound links and inbound link score.

Moreover, the indexing will also depend on quality hosting, value of domain names, its strength and speed.

How to SEO? Recommendations from Google

If you are just starting out with SEO or you are an expert, note these recommendations straight from Google and plan accordingly.

It says that the keywords you want to rank should appear:

  • In the ‘alt’ tag
  • In the ‘title’ tag
  • In the rich ‘header’ tag
  • In the ‘domain name’ or the ‘URL’
  • In the internal linking pages
  • In the texts with relevant information
  • In the order of keywords appearance

Next time you are writing your SEO content, make sure to follow these rules apart from the usual ones.

Content Rules

Content is the king! Take note of these December 2011 changes.

Firstly, Google will not tolerate duplication of content over various publishing platforms, including those which have your name. In other words, if you publish an article on your site and publish the same again in three or four different sites, even if they are owned by you, it will be marked as ‘duplicate.’

Secondly, don’t think grammatically erroneous keywords will do any good. For instance, the keyword “spa classes New York” might have ranked very well earlier but not now. Here, the correct order of keywords will be “spa classes in New York.” Keep this in mind.

Thirdly, check the frequency of content update. One blog a day or 3x’s a week should be the mantra.

Fourthly, I don’t specifically agree with this but Google prefers if the keywords are highlighted in the content. In other words, the keywords should be made visible.

Finally, the content should be usable; should provide purpose to the readers.

You will be penalized if the website/blog is overflowing with:

  • Duplicate content pages
  • Customer reviews
  • Endless blogs
  • Irrelevant articles
  • Video links
  • Endless images

Google December algorithm update will rank those websites higher that are focused, usable, clean and faster to load!

What do you think about this new Google update?

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  1. subhorup dasgupta says:

    Google + tends to create a unique permalink every time I share a blogspot link. This effectively means that the content is duplicated, and will be penalized. Not very useful to be sharing blogspot content on goole+ any more!

  2. Nadia Khan says:

    Am looking forward to the update…always find it strange though that reporters of this still cant even agree on when the last update was – but i guess that by the time the updates roll out through all the servers it could be a months difference from when you see it compared to me.

    Next Google PageRank Update | PR update 2012 expected dates
    Expected dates of Next Google pagerank Update for year 2012 are:
    Google January PageRank 2012 Update

    Expected time: 30 Jan, 2012 – 2 Feb, 2012

    Google June PageRank 2012 Update

    Expected time: 30 Jun – 2 July, 2012
    Google October PageRank 2012 Update

    Expected time: 30 Sep – 2 Oct, 2012
    Google December PageRank 2012 Update

    Expected time: 31 Dec – 3 Jan 2012

  3. Natcoweb says:

    Some times Google updates are difficult to understand. Very often I can’t find any logic in the results of them.

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