3 Ways to Set Realistic Professional Goals

Coming up with big ideas and setting goals to put those big ideas into motion is easy. Unfortunately, oftentimes we don’t reach the goals we’ve hastily set.

Professional GoalsThe reason we don’t reach those goals is because they’re unrealistic, even though they may seem realistic. You might argue that it’s totally plausible to make a million dollars in two months simply because other people are able to do so.

If this is the way you set goals, you’re missing an important detail. You’re forgetting that what’s realistic for another person may be unrealistic for you, depending on your situation.

For instance, if you’re just starting out as an ecommerce merchant, you’re going to have to spend some time building your online marketing skills and reputation before you’ll be able to attract hordes of customers to your online store.

Many people set lofty goals, fail to reach those goals, and then give up. If you want to avoid falling into this trap, you’re going to have to know how to set goals you can achieve.

Professional Goals

Here are three goal setting tips to help you:

1. Assess what you know you can achieve now

Maybe you already know how to build a website or launch an email marketing campaign. The skills you already possess can be the basis of realistic goals you set.

Remember that you have unique talents that will help you succeed. If you’re just in the beginning stages of a new professional venture, focus on setting goals that will allow you to use your natural talents. These goals will be easily achieved.

2. Build your skills

It’s generally a good idea to set some goals that require you to build your skills. You might want to learn how to use Photoshop or write SEO content.

You’re probably not going to be able to make millions of dollars if you’re lacking skills that are crucial to your industry.

For instance, you have to learn basic HTML and how to use WordPress before you launch the blog of your dreams that makes two million dollars every year. Set simple, straightforward goals to build your skills, and hit the books. Just remember not to try to learn too many things at once.

3. Focus on what you can control

If you weren’t able to get that freelance gig or attract a thousand people to your blog last month, assess what you can do differently and how you can change your goals.

Maybe you could set a goal to apply to ten freelance opportunities every day or you could set a goal to work on the SEO component of your blog content for five hours every week.

You should always try to set goals that are dependent on what you can achieve, not what the universe may or may not deliver to you.

An unrealistic goal is to see your company’s name on the Fortune 500 list in six months. A realistic goal is to have a hundred products for sale on your ecommerce store in six months because you personally have the power to achieve that goal.

Carolyn is a guest writer on the topics of the ecommerce industry, success, and the perks of Big Commerce.

Why Should You Set Goals For 2012?

Now that 2011 is behind us, there is no time like the present to sit down and write out your goals for 2012 both personally and professionally.

Goals For 2012Without a mapping out specifically where you want to go, you’ll be lost and probably headed in the direction of “no-where-land.”

Setting goals gives you the opportunity to change whatever you don’t like and to improve yourself, whether its changes in your business, your current job or simply yourself.

Setting goals is a great way to strive to do more – to do more better and pump up that enthusiasm to carry you forward.

I actually set goals about every 6 months or so because things can change in an instant. Life happens – while other doors of opportunity swing open, setting you on a different course…

So never be afraid to go back over your goals and changed them up to achieve greater things. That’s the whole idea behind this. Nothing is set in stone…

I find that setting goals is very exciting and I get pumped up thinking about all there is out there to achieve, just waiting to be snatched up and savored…running with it like there’s no tomorrow…

Setting Goals for 2012

Here at Income Insiders, Casper and I would like to share with our loyal readers a partial list of our goals for the first half of 2012.

  1. To consistently make $20,000 each month for the first half of 2012.
  2. Continue to offer only the best products and services for our Income Insiders subscribers so you will finally break that pesky income barrier.
  3. Keep moving forward on our new product line, “Project Internet Marketing” adding additional volumes of exceptional content delivered in a conversational “video – classroom style” for our customers, launching all 3 volumes within 6 months.
  4. Being persistent in delivering updated Internet making money online techniques and methods for our subscribers that can be followed and applied.
  5. To listen extensively to our subscribers about any needs, problems, hang-ups or products and services you would like to see added to Income Insiders to move you ahead in 2012.
  6. Pressing forward to build Income Insiders into a community of like-minded individuals looking for trusted information, knowledge and the place to be for all Internet marketing needs.

Conclusion: Remember guys, only you can change your circumstances. I know you have what it takes. How would I know? Because you’re here, reading our content and striving to live the life you were intended to live.

Write down your goals – be specific – stay focused – change them if need be – make them achievable and learn to enjoy the ride when a goal is accomplished!

So now that we’ve shared some of our goals for 2012, what are some of the goals that you have set for yourself?

Please share them with us…

Top 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the co-founder of the Apple Corporation. With his tremendous efforts, Apple established itself as the new technology king in 2008. 

Steve was born in California. He was the visionary of top rank and an inspiring mentor to the world. Steve changed Apple into the world’s leading tech company, introducing a mobile-computing revolution with worldwide popular devices like iPhone and iPad.

Steve JobsUnfortunately, the great personality and new hope for future technology passed away on October 5th, 2011; however his ideas and policies will be an inspiring message to the world for a very long time.

Though he passed away, his thoughts and ideas are enough to teach us how to gain the maximum attention of consumers with effective practices and efforts. The following are the top business implementation approaches which we can learn from Steve Jobs.

Top 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Steve Jobs and Implement in Your Business

Power of Imagination

No doubt, Steve changed the well known proverb “Imaginations are only real, until they are imagined.” Steve once imagined that he could change the technology and implement the touch screen imagination in it. Today, Apple products are the well known touch screen devices.

Although his thoughts were beyond imagination, his practices and efforts converted his imagination into reality. Business implementation with efforts which can convert imagined aspects into reality is the ultimate key to enhance business development.

Think easy, get easy

This is not any proverb, but Steve gave such inspiration which cannot be denied to prove that if a person thinks easy, he gets it easily. If you really want your business to grow, you have to think easy, work easy and implement easy. 

Business development is directly proportional to the positive efforts and focus towards business growth. Taking this aspect under consideration, one can achieve expected business progress.

Dedication and commitment with responsibilities

People, who really love to work hard, achieve success. Steve’s passion towards his business and his responsibilities was tremendous. It was his passion that gave him confidence through his rough times.

Steve’s life was the moral support for those people who were afraid of facing challenging situations in business. Consequently, they cannot become successful. Steve was suffering from cancer for a long time; still he was committed to his duties and responsibilities. Implementing such a passionate commitment in business surely generates huge success.

Never expect success

Success doesn’t count me,” was said by Steve in a television interview. He strongly believed that people looking for success to attach itself with the person as a result of their each and every effort cannot achieve the desired measure of success. He believed that he doesn’t count as a successful person; this was the thought process Steve firmly believed in always. Steve followed his thoughts and always tried to push himself behind after every success. This made him stronger and a more innovative thinker to predict future technologies.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” – Steve Jobs

Practicing such an inspiring thought for business implementation will definitely provide marvelous outputs. People should not consider themselves ‘perfect’ even after they are successful in business. Sometimes, overconfidence can destroy hard work. If business strategies are applied without expecting output, it will surely generate good results.

Build up a strong business environment

Steve always looked towards innovation and perfectness. His business team was full of excellence and everybody in his team performed his tasks and duties perfectly. Steve knew the actual potential and strength of his team and always considered extraordinary personalities.

When you are in a startup, the first ten people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. – Steve Jobs

If you are looking to implement some new business efforts, try to establish a strong business team first. Strong team of talented people is the basic requirement to enhance business growth. Also, people should never consider themselves perfect to handle multiple responsibilities. Such people must know the importance of team efforts.

Never follow people’s expectations

Steve strongly believed thatTo be dependent on other’s expectation is worthless.” People, especially corporate people, should never try to fulfill other’s expectations. One should always believe in his own efforts and should understand the importance of self intuitive capacity. While implementing such challenging efforts in business, one should have the ability to hold his mental strength.

Know your limits, innovate yourself

Steve always believed that knowing one’s innovative limits is very essential to survive in the competitive world. People should regularly upgrade business tools with modern business approaches. This can help them to survive strongly with the competition. Powerful imagination and perfect innovation are two factors that make a person successful.

While introducing the iTunes development team, Steve proudly said, The reason that we worked so hard is because we all wanted one. You know? I mean, the first few hundred customers were us.”

Steve said that it is not always possible to know consumer requirements; alternatively you have to introduce future products which are beyond their expectations. Fulfilling customer expectations can decrease a company’s growth. You just have to be an expert in your field and be able to think bigger.

Steve taught people “how to live before they die?”  He beautifully described every phase of business development. Adopting the inner meaning and essence from his words and his lifestyle can provide a new height to business.  Steve directly or indirectly tried to explore his experiences of the world either by his effective words or by his result oriented efforts.

Steve will be the perfect source of inspiration for corporate people in the future. His ideas and lifestyle will always encourage other entrepreneurs. He inspired people knowing their limits and utilized their skills to establish a unique company for the world.

Jobs cannot be replaced; he set such principles which will surely help people to establish their businesses successfully.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs

What have you learned from the incredible Steve Jobs?

Effective Tips for Managing Interruptions in Your Business

There are a number of things that get in your way when you are trying to manage your work. These can be termed as interruptions or time wasters.

Managing InterruptionsMost of us find it very difficult to avoid them. But the truth is some of them can’t be avoided. However, it’s just that we don’t know how to deal with them…

These barriers include different things like not setting time limits, not arranging your work in order of priority, inefficiency, interruption and overwhelm.

By making some slight changes in your working habits you can overcome all of them. It will also lower your stress and you will work with more efficiency.

Here are a few suggestions you need to work upon to make best use of your time and also coach you on how to overcome these pesky time wasters.


Any perfect plan can fall prey to interruptions that come up unexpectedly. Training yourself to think about what the reason of the interruption is can help you recognize the problem and not lose your focus from what you want to achieve. It helps you to take control over the situation.

You can’t avoid a situation but what you can do is to minimize the impact so that it doesn’t deviate you from your work. You need to implement strategies to deal with the interruption. Give a sincere thought to the fact of what can minimize the interruptions as well as its impact.


You may find yourself busy all the time and think you are working well but the fact is, it’s not always true. You should rather look at your work in terms of what you want to achieve in an entire day and what you are achieving. Just see what the difference is and try to figure out what is creating this difference.

Find the factors that are decreasing your efficiency and set routines and systems to deal with them. You need to learn to work smarter and not harder to reach the goals you fix for yourself.

Think of how efficient you are today and think what you can do to improve it. Figure out the smartest way to focus better. It will help you cope with the demand and also feel energized.


Identify what is most important for you and keep it on the top of your list of priorities. You need to sequence things according to your priority and distribute your time to your work according to their priority level. This changes your approach to things.

You won’t be working hard to meet your deadlines; instead your work will be finished before and also without any extra effort. Plan to turn your goals into achievements. Make a habit to deal with the most important, rather than urgent work because when important things are done in time… nothing becomes urgent.


When you are overburdened with demands and responsibilities, you feel overwhelmed. Take a look at your workload in such a way that your feelings of overwhelm will be reduced. Find a way to work more efficiently and to reduce the amount of things you have to deal with.

Try and prevent your work from becoming so tough that you can’t deal with it and ultimately create backlogs for yourself. Create a “to do list” to remind you of the things you still need to work on.

Setting limits

This is about knowing when to say ‘no.’ Recognize your limits and take back control of your time. Learn how to answer your priorities. So ask yourself what restrictions are needed now in order to complete your work and just follow them. Also, ask yourself what are you actually working on or, if you’re just keeping yourself busy and not really working on anything important.

Overcoming such things which get in your way to achieve your goals, lowers your frustration and you feel more in control…

Set a schedule regarding your work. Create a routine and inform everyone about it so that nobody comes to visit you while you are working. All the friends, family and relatives should strictly follow and respect your rules to not disturb you while you are working.

Your routine should include a beginning time and a finishing time. Keep your personal stuff out of the computer you use for work as that can be pretty distracting. Keep in mind not to work passed your finishing time. If you feel overworked, your load becomes heavier – boring and your efficiency decreases many times over.

No one can tell you what kind of schedule and limit is best for you because it is you yourself who understands your workload and what it is you want to accomplish. You are the best planner for yourself so just analyze your work, make a schedule, decide your priorities and stick to it.

You may need to do a few changes in the environment around you to keep more focused. Separate your office computer from your personal computer and have a separate place for your office so that you can work without being distracted with kids, neighbors, etc.

However, keep the difference between family time and work time both as equally important.

Sometimes you need to make tough decisions to achieve your goals, so never back off. You should never spend a day not following your work schedule because then you will have back logs and the same problems will just keep resurfacing.

Be strict and face the interruptions with tactics that don’t keep you away from your success.

If you want your aspirations to become your destiny you need to work on all your shortcomings that keeps you away from it.

How to Create Your “Vision Statement”

Hi Guys, our topic today is creating a “Vision Statement”…your vision of how you want your life to be; financially, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What is a “Vision Statement?”

Defines the way an organization or business will look in the future. Vision is a long-term view, sometimes describing how the business would like the world to be in which it operates. For example, a charity working with the poor might have a vision statement which reads “A World without Poverty.”

What Do You Think Your “Vision Statement” Will Look Like?

Ask yourself this question: If nothing would change for you in the next 5 years, would you be okay with that? Where you are now would be where you are 5 years from now…

How to Create Your VisionFor me, I wouldn’t want my circumstances to be the same. I have a lot of improving to do.

But for all of us the word “change” is very difficult… it’s the unknown and simply uncomfortable. That’s a major “hang-up” for many. But to have your circumstances be different in 5 years, changing is exactly what has to be done.

Since being involved with the Internet business world, one question I’ve heard asked so many times is, What Is Your Vision Statement?

I’ve seen this in e-mails, heard this in mastermind groups, in coaching sessions and from those Marketers and Authors who have made it in the “big leagues.”

Mapping out and creating their “Vision Statement” is one thing I’ve discovered very successful people all do.

I personally never really given that question much thought. This is such a simple concept but contains so much power. You want success? Well then, map it out and make it happen.

I was asked to write my “vision statement” for a contest that I had entered with the mentoring program I was enrolled in.

Simply writing on paper how you want your life to be is really an awesome exercise to do for yourself. While I was writing down all my thoughts, I couldn’t believe all that was coming to the surface…things I didn’t even know I wanted to accomplish. It makes you think about what is important to you and you’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself. Plus, it was actually fun letting your imagination run free for a moment.

Below is a copy of my first “vision statement” for you to view. I have since changed some things – deleted – added and made it more detailed and stronger. Things will change whether you like it or not. So you may as well make positive changes, right?

Don’t let the fear of change hold you back from the important things in your life that need improving or goals you have you think you cannot achieve. You can.

Focus on what’s important and just start writing. Post it somewhere so you can easily read and read it again and again. You don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to.

But by focusing on the things you want to change and the goals you want to accomplish, reviewing this every day, will give you inspiration – determination and build your momentum going forward.

And remember, this is for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

“Joni’s First Vision Statement, 2009”

“My vision is to express my open mindedness, determination, strong work ethics and positive attitude by continuing to learn new things that aren’t comfortable. Always being committed to myself to never ever give up my dream and keeping upbeat when things don’t always go my way or as planned.

To be able to have the free time to care for my parents in their last years, contribute financially to my entire family who’s been through hell and back, spread my financial independence to my favorite charities “Eyes for the Blind” and also “Dream Farms, Inc., a local therapeutic and recreational horseback riding program for terminal and chronically ill children.

Within five years I will play a major role in both these programs, both financially and volunteering my services. I envision myself to be a key player.

My newsletter will be very successful, reaching thousands of sick and disabled people, informing them, making them smile and laugh, but most of all, contributing to their overall better quality of life by inspiring them to find their passion and make that passion a reality financially, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.

My character “Joe Jobber,” who I’ve placed as the co-founder of my newsletter (and partner in crime) will come out with his own line of products and/or write a set of children or teen books.

I will have a whole series of audio and video products targeted to my niche to help with transforming the sick and disabled to strive for a better quality of life. I will use every ounce of inspiration I have to change the way people think and feel about themselves and find ways to speak to whoever is willing to listen to me.

I will continue my education in copy writing while growing my copy writing business in educating the Internet beginner on how to write their own effective and compelling copy.

I will strive to work on my personal growth. I will stay as healthy as possible, God willing, so my vision can be fulfilled to the best of my ability.

Within five years I will be bringing in a six-figure income to fund my dreams, goals and charities.

I will always remember where my roots are, continually thank those who make an impact in my life and walk with me along my path. I will always stay grateful for everything that has been given to me and count each and every one of my blessings every day.”

Since I wrote this back in 2009, many circumstances have changed. Some better; working with Casper on Income Insiders – writing sales copy for professional’s all over the globe etc. Some not so good; My Dad has passed away – not enough time spent on my newsletter etc.

But all in all, my updated “vision statement” is brighter and stronger than ever…but I’ll keep that one secret for now 🙂

Go ahead, try mapping out your vision statement and see what happens…leave a comment below.

Biggest Hurdle to Make Money Online – You!

Surprised? Keeping in trend with the real purpose of Income Insiders, that is, to break the money barrier, I thought of writing something that every person who is trying to make money online will come across during their journey.

Make Money OnlineThose who have been following our advice and suggestions for online money making will acknowledge the fact if you want to earn online, you have to put in as much effort, perhaps more, than you would have if you were in a regular full time job, working under a boss and taking home a monthly pay check!

The real struggle to online money making is not in sorting out how to utilize social media to get traffic to your site or getting people to buy your products and services.

The real struggle lies in keeping yourself motivated. You may ask – ‘what’s the big deal here’? Or ‘why would I not feel motivated when I am working from home and have the pleasure to set my own work schedule and do whatever I want, whenever I want?’

What you are thinking is certainly true but you cannot forget one thing – human beings by nature are prone to lead a laid back life or a life of pleasure. It’s in our genes; we are wired that way.

Just imagine if there was no “money.” I mean literally, no commodity as “money.”

Do you think we would have worked as hard as we are doing now? Would we have struggled to make ends meet? Would we have struggled to become rich? Of course not!

With everything at our disposal, there wouldn’t have been any rich or poor class divide, there would be no poverty, and we would be born rich and die rich…. doesn’t this sound good? Yes, it does.

Come back to the real world and face the facts – you need to earn money and if you have chosen to earn money online, you need to double your efforts, otherwise, you will create a self imposed hurdle in your path and then no amount of money making tips, tricks and advice will help you to break your income barrier.

When I say self imposed hurdle, I am talking about losing motivation and becoming a lazy complacent individual who is good only in crying and whining when they see other people earning but is not self motivated enough to do something about their own life. Do you want to fall in this trap? NO!

Procrastination is our biggest enemy. If you have read Shakespeare’s Hamlet, you will know what I mean. When you keep putting off things for the next day, you are not only doubling your workload but in the process, losing your self motivation as well.

Just imagine, who is going to feel motivated seeing a week’s work piled up on the desk, which needs to be done in the next 2-3 days? There are people who might still feel motivated but how long? One week? Two weeks? And then, what happens? You lose whatever iota of motivation you had and then start to become lazy, disinterested, callous, irritated, short tempered, and one fine day….you completely give up. Am I right?

Moreover, you start to blame others;

  • How can I work when I have so many kids?
  • Guests always drop by, I don’t get the time!
  • I just can’t manage to find time!
  • I tried so hard but my efforts are not showing any results
  • I am not getting the kind of work I want…

…these are nothing but plain excuses. How long are you going to keep the barrel on someone elses shoulder and seek out the easy path?

The fact is, your time management sense is really bad and getting worse by the day, and you completely lack the zeal to do something about your life. Perhaps, you chose online money making because you thought it was easy and quick money but soon realizing it’s otherwise, decided to GIVE UP, yet again!

As an adult, you have to understand and embed it in your mind that nobody is going to support you financially or create ready-made businesses and jobs for you. This is reality, like it or not…

Even a millionaires son or daughter needs to work their way up from lower management and learn the trade before they can envision themselves as the next managing director or chairman of the business empire…

These days there are several young people who realize the potential in online money making. They don’t do it just because it’s easy cash but take it as their career as they would have done in a so – called ‘real’ 9 to 5 job.

If you are already in an online money making business but yet to see any result, its time to do a reality check…

Find out – where you have failed? Where is your motivation? Where is your zeal to succeed? Are you working hard enough? Are you serious about an online career? Have you made the right contacts? Do you have a bad ‘online’ first impression? What are your goals in life? What do you expect out of your online business?

As I said earlier, if you are in an online money making business to ‘copy’ what others are doing and not being creative enough to start your own unique business, you have chosen the wrong place. Or, if you are planning to provide online services but not succeeding in getting the right clients, maybe you are not trying hard enough.

Like any other job, take the Internet money making industry as a serious source of earning. There is no automated software or model that you will plug in and see cash coming in to your account. You have to work hard, you cannot afford to turn sluggish and you cannot afford to lose your motivation.

If you do, you have only yourself to blame – you created the income barrier for yourself consciously!

Have you been in same kind of situation before? Tell us how you managed to break the barrier… or are you still struggling?

Let us help…

Is Working From Home All Roses?

Honestly, sometimes it is and…sometimes it isn’t. Many of us fall in love with the idea of working in our favorite pajamas or t-shirts and jeans, working when you choose to whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, no commuting to get to the office on time or just simply not having to answer to “the boss.”

There are many, many benefits to working from home.

Working From HomeBut…there is also a flip side to the benefits. I’ve found that sometimes it can be very difficult or almost impossible to achieve anything…


– The phone calls

– Family and friends wanting to meet for lunch

– Friends and family members wanting you to take them to a doctor, dentist or chiropractor appointment etc..

– Noticing things around the house that need done

– Spending too much time reading e-mails, surfing the Internet or reading your Facebook page updates

– Oh what a beautiful day it is! I think I’ll take the day off and enjoy the weather

Interruptions such as these take away your focus and concentration from your business, leaving you busy…but not productive.

Anyone can get off track…the beginner – the advanced and yes, even the big shots. One unexpected phone call can change your output for the entire day.

So what’s the answer?

Something so simple…Goal Setting.

I’ve  listened to numerous – very well known – successful Internet Marketers who set goals for themselves every single day. I figured it really couldn’t make that much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong!

This is so simple to do, however, you must stick to it for it to be effective.

First things first…

– Set 1 hour aside to go through your e-mails, make phone calls or any other miscellaneous things that need taken care of. This can be around lunch time or at the end of the day.

If you start the day off reading your emails first, chances are you’ll never get away from them…spending all day either answering them or being distracted by following all the links to several products or services you think you need to know about.

This next one was a “biggy” for me…

– Let everyone know you are working. This is your job. They need to respect your wishes. People think just because you’re home that you are at their beckoned call. Let friends and family members know what time you will be available and stick to it. Even go as far as putting up a sign on your door saying “do not disturb” or “working until noon.” They’ll learn not to bother you.

– Whatever is the best time of the day for you is when you do the most important goals first. You’re fresh and ready to tackle anything.

– As you start scratching off goal after goal, you’ll be getting some serious work done, achieving results faster and faster.

– If you don’t finish everything on your list for the day, make those unfinished goals a priority for the next day.

And whatever you do, don’t make your goals unachievable! You’ll become discouraged if you set your standards too high and will literally not accomplish any of them. Believe me, I’ve done it!

Just set your goals daily, personally and professionally, and you’ll be amazed how this keeps your focus and concentration centered on what you need to accomplish. This works, and works well.

We’re all very busy with kids, work, family, friends, etc. Follow a protocol to get these goals accomplished in a timely manner.

With that being said, feel free to use this template for your own personal use to keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand..

My Top 10 Goals to be Achieved: ( In no specific order…just list )



Now, put in order of importance: First one being the most important, last one the least important. Example…


Now, List the Top 5:


Another tip: Put a time limit on each one of the top five. Now, some of these goals might take longer, some not that much, but it gives you a rough idea or a “guestimate” on how long you think it will take to achieve each given goal.

Example: If you are an early riser, start there.

6am__Goal number 1_____________________________
7am__Goal number 1_____________________________
8am__Goal number 2_____________________________
9am__Goal number 3_____________________________

Are you understanding the importance of this? Certainly you will be amazed at what you can accomplish when these goals are written down for you to specifically follow.

Now like I said, don’t get discouraged if you only meet 1 or 2 goals written. Just copy forward to the next day, and if something more important arises you can always change things in order of importance. This is the beauty of writing your goals down manually.

You can flip, reverse, add and subtract whenever you need to!

By following this model on a daily basis, you will be one of those who accomplishes more in one day than most people get done in a week. For you, working from home will be all roses!

Try it for a week or so and leave your comments on how it has helped you plan your day, get more accomplished, and have more free time left for you!

7 Lifestyle Changes For A Home Based Internet Marketer

If you are Internet savvy, you’re well aware of the number of hours people spend online…searching for information – chatting up with friends – uploading pictures and downloading movies and music.

7 Lifestyle Changes For A Home Based Internet MarketerNow, imagine the number of hours that most Internet marketers spend working to create their income and sustaining it to support their lifestyle…

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Internet marketers spend anywhere between 8 and 16, 17, 18… even more hours a day online.

Wouldn’t you agree this rigorous schedule could hamper one’s family and  lifestyle?

So, to maintain a balance between your home life and home based marketing business, read the 7 helpful tips below…

1. Have Fixed Waking and Sleeping Hours

As a marketer, you’ll probably not start out with fixed working hours, especially when you are beginning to set up the business.

Your entire day is spent in emailing, telecommunicating, setting up websites, developing promotions and what not!

In fact, if you plan to work globally then you need to take into consideration the working hours of the other clients and team members, living in different time zones.

Now, assuming your office is in your home, you can easily be online on your laptop 24-7, talking to clients and dealing with other businesses. But is it really feasible? Is this lifestyle suitable for your health? Keep in mind your other duties, your family and most importantly, yourself.

Otherwise, within a short period of time, you’ll begin to feel the pressure, get  stressed out and experience frustration over working those long hours.

You can become drowsy all the time and feel like throwing yourself on the couch for few hours of sleep! Prolonged stress also reduces business productivity and let us not forget creativity.

Therefore, the best way is to fix specific sleeping and waking hours. Depending on your lifestyle, set up a daily schedule and most importantly, follow it.

Also, keep in mind that it is necessary to spend a minimum of six to eight hours every night for sleeping. (Yea, right!)

You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. In the initial days, adhering to a new sleeping pattern may seem difficult but give yourself 10-15 days to try it on for size. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Spend Quality Time with Family

Spending all your valuable time working is not possible when you have a family that also needs your time.

The time you spend on Internet marketing and management should not clash with the time you are supposed to devote too the family; even though you are working from home. (I am stressing this point over and over again so that it becomes etched in your mind).

Try to wrap up your work by six or seven pm and spend the rest of the evening with your family. Or if mornings or afternoons is better scheduled time with your family, synchronize that time and put it aside on a consistent basis.

Now, some people think that managing a business from home is all the more beneficial but where “time” is concerned, it can spell trouble.

How? As a home based marketer, you will be inclined to spend more hours at ‘work’ than ‘in home.’ So the time you should be spending with the family gets spent on your work.

By the time this is realized, your family members have already begun to withdraw and are not trusting your words, creating a bit of unwanted tension.

If you are a home based Internet marketer, treat it as you would offline work. Maintain a separate working space and fix work hours as you would in a “coporate” office.

Separate specific work and family time. Believe it or not, if family life gets disrupted, it seriously impacts our work in a negative way…

You can’t concentrate on work, become frustrated and business starts spiraling downwards.

Therefore, maintain a healthy relationship with family and create a balance between the two – it undoubtedly helps in the long run.

3. Keep Work and Home Life Separate

If your wife, husband, kids, parents, sisters and brothers – anyone who lives with you – is not interested in the work you do even remotely, it is important to keep your work and personal life separate.

Discussing work issues at home may not be welcome. Many friends and family members have no clue of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Of course, this is a generic statement. There can be exceptions where your family members are eager to know about your daily work or business. In that case, you can discuss it with them but it is also necessary to be judgmental about what information to share and what not to.

But you have to consider another dimension. When the online Internet marketing business is home based, there cannot be much distinction between work and family life.

Apart from maintaining some kind of balance between work and home life, the distinction is necessary for another reason – to keep the business outside the influence of family members.

In other words, when you are discussing business with family on a daily basis, it’s human nature for others to start commenting or advising about the business.

Initially, you may welcome this but after a while, this may irritate you.  Uncalled for advices is not welcomed by everyone. Worse is when “what other people say” begins to cloud your judgment about your business.

Therefore, keep the work and home life separate. Seek advice or consultation when required; otherwise, believe in what you are doing.

4. Eat a Good Diet

A healthy diet is the door to a healthy mind and body. In the marketing business, the working hours are so erratic that one loses track of several other things, such as your diet.

Now, why is diet so important and how does it impact the business productivity?

Of course, diet is important, just like all of the other tips listed above and below. A good diet refreshes your mind and keeps your body healthy – a prerequisite to run a successful business.

With all the business pressures, it can be taxing for the mind and body. So, just imagine, if you have an erratic lifestyle and diet, how would you normally try to replenish your body’s resources? By eating pizzas and burgers? By eating all the fried unhealthy stuff? By eating canned foods?

Eating prepackaged and unhealthy food lowers your metabolism and weakens you from the inside. The process is extremely slow; it might take years to actually show the symptoms of unhealthy diet in your body.

The question is – can you afford ill health? No matter how wealthy you are, bad health should always be kept at bay.

So again, no matter how hectic your marketing business is, make sure to have four meals daily. Start with a healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, and finish it off with a light dinner.

As a result, you won’t feel hungry, your mind is wholly concentrated on the work and thus, your business productivity is not affected.

5. Physical Exercise Is A Must!

Like a healthy diet is a necessity for the well being of your mind, physical exercise is a necessity to develop a healthy body. This is essential even more because the marketing business is home based.

You do not have to commute anywhere; there is no typical ‘running around’ that happens in office. All you do is sit at your work station and work on your computer. This is an example of sedentary lifestyle.

Sooner or later, you may notice a change in your weight especially… which no one wants.

To solely run a business, you need to be healthy. And well being does not only come from a good diet but by physical exercises as well. Take up a gym membership, do cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, running, and any other exercise you feel like. In fact, researches have proved that doing household chores helps a person to keep in shape.

In short, what is implied here is that never make your lifestyle sedentary. The kind of physical exercise needed depends on the work establishment – home based or non-home based.

When you are setting up your business, much of the time is spent traveling or in other words, you are active. But when the business is set up and running smoothly, it is human psyche to just sit back and relax. There is no harm in relaxing but keep your body active, and this can only be done through physical exercises.

Without a healthy body, you won’t be able to handle the demanding nature of the marketing business. As a result, the business will slow down, projects won’t be completed on time, clients will be dissatisfied, and business productivity reduces – all this because the business owner is not agile enough; not a sensible reason to lose business for!

6. Meditate!

Using power yoga and meditation are two examples of great stress busters. Meditation relaxes the mind and eases all the tension. It is normal to feel stressed and frustrated over certain business matters. With the amount of complications our modern lifestyle throws at us, stress has become a perpetual syndrome.

Therefore, meditation or power yoga once in the morning for 10-15 minutes helps a lot. Not only is meditation an excellent stress reliever but it also helps to build focus and concentration.

Ideally, this is how you should go about meditating – get up in the morning, freshen yourself, sit in an open or empty space (preferably in the direction of the rising sun), and meditate for 10-15 minutes.

If you do not have any idea on how to meditate, buy a book or CD to read and watch how meditation is done. Proper posture is essential in this; otherwise, it will have negative effect.

Make sure your surroundings are quiet and you are not disturbed by anyone. By creating a physical and mental balance, meditation increases business productivity.

A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment dawns on you and the experience of getting rewarded for the work accomplished helps to slingshot productivity upwards.

The more you practice meditation, you develop a better self and that change is clearly visible in the work you do. You are self – motivated, composed, relaxed, devoted, and committed to your work.

Meditation builds a sense of reassurance and equips you to handle problematic situations in a calm and composed manner.

7. Love Your Work and Yourself!

It is important that you actually love the work you are doing. The purpose of being an Internet marketer should not be solely based on materialistic gains.

Yes, it is a major part but it should not engulf your life completely. Be ethical and follow certain rules and regulations while running the business.

You should love yourself. Don’t get “consumed” by work. Devote time to yourself as well. The idea is to create a harmonic balance between your work and home life. When both are controlled, you”ll find yourself feeling more energetic and happy.

An online marketing business is a lucrative source of income, provided you build the right contacts and are aware of the know-how of running the business in a productive way. Like any other business, this also requires discipline, management, commitment, and devotion.

Divide the 24 hours in sections and assign each section to a particular task, and avoid overlapping working and home life together. Little changes in lifestyle and management practices go a long way for efficient business productivity.

The 7 suggested guide points will help in taking a step forward in organizing each business day for optimum utilization of time both for work and family.

Ways To Live Up To Your Potential

3-part series: part1, part 2 and part 3.

Now we’re cooking…You have set definite goals – you have a definite purpose – you have researched and know the specific steps to take to achieve those goals and you have decided to be flexible and develop a more pleasing personality. Now what?

Ways To Live Up To Your PotentialWell, just because you have a clear purpose, know what you want, are willing to work on developing your potential, and willing to be a nice person, success will not drop into your lap overnight. (Wouldn’t it be nice if it would?) 🙂

You will probably find that one of your first steps in achieving your goals will be to take a job somewhat below where you eventually want to be. I know, that’s not a fun thing to hear…But you’ve already analyzed the steps to your goal, so you probably have already planned for this. However, you do want to advance and as quickly as possible.

As you advance toward your goals, you will undoubtedly run up against some difficult people (maybe even difficult bosses), and there will be times you’ll need to deal effectively with them.

Since you are working on becoming a nice, enthusiastic person and a team player, you already have half the battle won. Your attitude is as important as the other guy’s attitude when you are dealing with difficult people.

Always keep in mind that your job is a training field for you. You are getting paid as you learn the things you need to know to achieve your goals. Pretty good deal, right?

If you view your job as a paid opportunity to advance toward your goals, you will be an asset to your boss. You will also be a happier, more productive person. Viewing your job in this manner will allow you to view the difficult people as an opportunity to grow.

From them and the situations they create, you will learn to negotiate with, side step around, and draw out the best in others without letting yourself become upset. Each time you successfully deal with one of these people you will gain confidence and probably friends to add to your support network.

The skill of negotiating with difficult people and the confidence you have gained from these encounters comes in handy when you are ready to ask for a promotion or raise even if your boss happens to be a nice person.

Successful negotiation is not a contest of wills it is working together to solve a problem or come to an agreement. It is an opportunity to learn how others feel about the issue.

Always be prepared and know who you are talking with.

-Always know as much as possible about the person; marital status, family, hobbies, education, difficulties, attitudes, and whatever else you can learn. The information may give you an understanding of the person.

If you know the circumstances, you will easily find the most effective way to get your point across. At the very least, the information will make the person seem more familiar which will give you more self confidence.

Know the issue not just your opinions about it. Be able to back up your opinions with reasons and research. If you are asking for a promotion, know the demands of the job in question. Know and be honest about how much of the job you are already qualified to do and how much additional training you will need.

If you may not be as qualified as someone else applying, be prepared to negotiate for a smaller than offered salary until you are fully trained remember the training is worth a lot to you. Be enthusiastic and focus on your strengths don’t boast but give a simple and accurate listing of the strengths you feel make you a good candidate for this job.

The strengths you bring forward can and should include specific job related skills, your present accomplishments on the job, your interest in the field (not just this job), your enthusiasm, your ability to work as a team member, and other personal traits that will be an asset on the job.

Always enter into negotiations with a calm and reasonable manner. Don’t let emotion and emotional outbursts have a place at the negotiating table. You must be in control of yourself if you want to get your point across.

People are more likely to listen to your views if you present them in a calm and reasonable manner;

  • Present your ideas with conviction but don’t try to intimidate others or be demanding.
  • State your views simply, completely and orderly.
  • When you are expressing an opinion rather than a fact, use a qualifying “I think” or “In my opinion.”
  • When others are expressing their views, listen carefully and ask questions if something isn’t clear.
  • Don’t disagree until you are sure you understand their position. When you do disagree, do so in a pleasant non threatening way. Something to the effect of, “I see what you mean, but . . .” or “I can understand why you think that, but . . .” are a couple of great ways to begin a statement of disagreement.
  • Be courteous and leave them a chance to save face.
  • Be prepared to face people who are not calm and reasonable. Don’t let them get to you. (much easier said then done sometimes!)

Remain calm and reasonable and even be a little sympathetic. Let’s say you have entered into negotiations with your boss for a raise and he blows up with, “I can’t afford to give you a raise. This business isn’t exactly a gold mine. Don’t you realize how tough times are?” Remain calm. Put yourself in his shoes. Try to find something you can agree and sympathize with.

For instance, look sympathetic and agree, “I know you have a lot of expenses and you work hard to keep this business going. It must be really difficult for you sometimes.” This will probably not be the response he expects. It will probably take the wind out of his sails.

Most likely he will calm down, and since you are sympathetic to his problems, he’ll be more willing to listen to you. Then discuss the reasons you are a valuable asset to him. Don’t threaten but calmly and reasonably discuss the bargain a small raise is.

With that small raise, he’ll be keeping a happy and fully trained employee who knows the company. When you consider the expense of finding and training another individual, giving you a raise is a bargain for your boss.

Play “Let’s Make A Deal.” Be prepared to deal. Don’t expect to get everything you want. If you are willing to gracefully make some concessions, you will be more likely to arrive at a satisfactory deal.

After all, a negotiation has at least two opposing sides. This means someone else has something they want, too even if that something is simply to leave things as they are. Arrive at a compromise that everyone can live with. Remember, you are working at your long range goals, and you may be negotiating with them in the future.

Developing your potential more fully is a key to happiness and fulfillment. Although we have discussed this in terms of a job, these same concepts can be used in many other areas of your life.

In developing your potential to it’s fullest, you will want to become a more efficient person get more done in less time so you can take full advantage of the opportunities that you make for yourself. You will note that most effective, successful people seem to accomplish a great deal. It’s true that this is partly due to enthusiasm, but there’s more to it.

The first barrier to efficiency is procrastination putting off getting started. You may not want to do the task at hand so you keep putting it off until tomorrow. Look at it from a different angle. If it’ll have to be done sometime, tell yourself, “why not do it now, and get it off your back.”

And that’s just where it is! On your back dragging you down. Putting things off makes everything harder. If you keep putting things off, you’ll soon have several things piling up, and then the sheer number of tasks you have backed up will make it seem impossible to ever get caught up.

Sometimes you don’t even realize you are putting things off. You may keep yourself extremely busy doing things of little importance to unconsciously give yourself excuses for doing the things you really should be doing. You say to yourself, “Look how busy I am. I just can’t get everything done.” But the result is the same as when you know you are procrastinating. It soon bogs you down. All you are doing is “running in place.”

So how do you beat procrastination?

Admit to yourself how often you do it and determine your methods of doing it. Not very difficult when you become aware of the tactics some of us use to hide from ourselves what we are doing.

The key in overcoming procrastination and becoming more efficient is organization. Plan ahead. Know what you want to accomplish today, this week, and in the long haul.

Make lists. The lists for today will probably be more detailed than the longer term lists. That’s OK. Now look over the lists and rank the tasks in order of importance. Make three or four groupings based on importance. Within each group, star the things you least like to do.

Each day you will have a “today” list to work on. Tackle the tasks that are most important first. If you have several “most important” tasks on your list, take on the least liked things in that grouping before you do the better liked ones. When you have accomplished a task, check it off.

You’ll be surprised what a good feeling you have when you check things off. What a sense of accomplishment! It’s an incentive to do the next task on the list. When you have completed the tasks in the first grouping, begin on the list of next importance. Again do the starred items in that group first. Keep on checking things off as you get them done.

Do you see what is happening? You get the most pressing, least liked tasks out of the way early in the day when you are fresh and rested. As the day goes on you will feel less and less pressure. You have reserved the less important tasks for the end of the day when you will be more tired.

With this system you will have not only increased your efficiency but also reduced some of the stress in your day. Stress can get in the way of efficiency. Your new efficiency will help you develop your potential. It is, in fact, a part of living up to your potential.

All of us have untapped potential perhaps even areas of genius that we have neglected to develop. Whether your concept of success has to do with business, love, friendship, sports, a combination of these or something else, fully developing your potential will help you achieve your goals.

If you can learn to assess your potential, set realistic goals, and go after those goals with determination, organization, and purpose, you will apply your potential more fully, gain confidence, and be a happier and more successful person.

Living Up To Your Potential

3-part series: part1, part2 and part 3.

Living Up To Your PotentialOK. You have decided what your ultimate goal is. Make sure it is a defined goal, not just a generalization like, “Someday I want to be famous.” That just won’t cut it.

You need to define exactly what you want to do. Set your time frame. Know what you have to do to get there. You don’t need to know every little detail, but you do have to have the big picture and many of the details.

Research . . .

If you have a goal in mind but don’t know what it takes to reach it, then you need to find out. Do some reading, talk to people who know, ask questions and listen to the answers. Think that sounds like a lot of work?

Well, remember what you are preparing for your success and happiness. Surely you want to put a little effort into that! Anyway, a little research into what it will take for you to reach your goals isn’t too difficult.

You will be focusing on your strengths, on your purpose, and on learning and doing. If you have chosen a goal that is right for you, focus on that goal and devote the necessary time.

It may take a bit of self discipline at first, but your determination and interest will carry you through until the focusing process becomes a habit. When you have a real desire to accomplish something, your ambition should only require an occasional shove…a nudge every now and then.

Visualization . . .

Get into the habit of visualizing your success. Now, sitting around and daydreaming in general isn’t what I mean. You need to visualize specifics.

To return to the basketball example, daydreaming about being carried off the court on your teammates’ shoulders is just daydreaming. (Although pretty cool)

Picturing in your mind how you will work a play if your opponent makes a particular move, picturing your exact response to it, is visualizing specifics. If you run through specific moves in your mind, you will be prepared when that need for those moves appear.

Never be afraid to use your imagination to visualize new and better ways of accomplishing things.

Creative Thinking . . .

Here in your mind, try doing things in different ways, outside of the usual. This is a creative process. You may have heard of creative thinking. Training yourself to think creatively is largely learning to let your imagination work on methods that are different from the “way things have always been done.”

It’s breaking away from the idea that a thing can be done effectively in only one way. It’s looking at a problem from all angles. Just play a game of “what if.” Ask yourself, “What if I did this thing this way?” It’s OK to get a little crazy sometimes. But, you must also spend some of your thinking time at specific visualizations of the moves you need to make to accomplish your goals.

Visualizations are important but actual physical practice of your skills is important also. Practice the boring little skills that are necessary as well as the skills that you enjoy. Don’t let yourself rely on just the things that come natural and easy to you. Develop your limited potentials as well as those that you feel are your blessings.

Work on developing the more general attributes that are important to almost any goal:

Success comes more easily to those who have a pleasing personality. This is not to say that you should bend over backwards to everyone’s wishes. Rather, develop an attitude that is respectful of other’s opinions but true to your own beliefs.

Be flexible don’t be so rigid that you can’t accept another’s opinion when it is superior to your own. Be willing, even eager, to learn from others. hanging your opinion in light of more facts is a sign of strength of character, not weakness. Be willing to extend a helpful hand and be a team player. Develop a sense of humor – be polite and caring, but be your own person.

Learn to tame your emotional responses. You’re more susceptible to screwing up when you let your emotions get in the way. Of course, everything we do is done based somewhat on our emotions, but strong emotions have a little place in decision making.

Keep your emotions in check. Try to delay decisions if you are emotional that day. Learn to ignore your emotions and use a common sense approach to arrive at your decisions.

Develop the habit of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm works like a magnet it draws people and success. It’s a pleasing personality trait that people like to be a part of. It’s extremely contagious the people around you become enthusiastic and become more cooperative. Enthusiasm sparks originality and purpose.

We’ve talked of working to develop habits;

The habit of focusing on your goals – on your strengths – of learning and researching – of visualizing and the habit of enthusiasm.

Now we will talk of habits in a little different light breaking them. I know . . . this can be a little difficult.

First, recognize the ones that may be annoying to others. Offensive habits can hold you back from success, they are often a part of an unpleasing personality; grumbling or grunting at people instead of answering them – gazing at anything but the speaker when in a conversation – smirking or sneering when you don’t agree.

Anything that is an automatic, displeasing mannerism. After all, a habit is something that we do without thinking much about it. You will have to spend some time at this and be very conscious of yourself. Ask someone you trust to help you with this self evaluation. Keep an open mind for some of that critical feedback.

It may take a lot of work to break yourself of some not-so-professional habits. Try substituting a different, more pleasing behavior for the habit you wish to break.

Part 3: Ways To Live Up To Your Potential