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‘How To Penetrate A World
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There’s no doubt we are living in a restless world. With all the job lay-offs, home foreclosures and outrageous spikes on gas and food prices, many are simply being held hostage.

Tough times have hit millions of households and the feelings of desperation and insecurity is setting in rather quickly.

It’s time. Time to take control of your financial independence and thumb your nose at all the negative aspects of the traditional work force. The world is rapidly changing as we know it and by relying on the standard corporation jobs, this way of make a living may not be cutting it anymore. You need to rely on yourself.

Joni here . . .

Let me say it’s not my style to lay a bunch of BS on people . . . I’m wanting to provide you with a very important finding I’ve stumbled over through my more than 5 years of online experience, searching for that piece of the Internet pie myself . . .

I’ve made money, lost money and spent a whole lot of money while trying to find it.

Sound familiar?

However, I’m here to let you know there is a genuine way to grab yourself a piece . . .

I know because I’m doing it. Others are doing it. Actually I saw a lady being interviewed on TV using this alternative source of income and describing how it has turned into a very lucrative one for her and her family.

And one of the best parts about this fountain of revenue (which there are many) is you don’t have to;

– Create a website

– Drive traffic

– Find JV partners

– SEO optimization

– Or… relinquish sums of cash necessary with this type of business model

The only tools you’ll need are a computer, a phone and an e-mail address. That’s it.

Let me explain. We all were born with amazing talents whether we realize it or not. Others need and quite honestly are looking for those talents. So why not share them and make an abundant living while doing so?

Companies and individuals all around the globe are looking for what you have to offer. . .

By signing up for your complimentary, 16-day e-Course, “Create Your Own Income,” you’ll learn the ins and out’s – the do’s and don’ts of this highly popular way to earn a substantial living by capitalizing on your talents whether full or part time.

Here’s a glimpse of some of what you’ll take away . . .

Part 1- Contract work has been around for thousands of years . . . what you need to know about it

Part 2- What type of person freelance work is good for and who it’s not

Part 3- How much your time is worth and what expectations you need to be comfortable with

Part 4- Learn the major difference between Freelancing and owning a business

Part 5- Discovering your talents and how to apply them to your benefit


Part 6- Why your research plays an extremely vital role for your ultimate success

Part 7- Find out why freelancing your services is a win-win situation for all parties involved

Part 8- What is the new type of business “hidden” in Freelancing

Part 9- Switching profiles to become a buyer when you find yourself with too much work to handle alone

Part 10- Having good business judgement and what it consists of

Part 11- Examples of Freelancing Websites and how they operate

Part 12- The 12 “must-know” bits of information needed to be in place when applying for a project

Part 13- How to market yourself and why passion is involved

Part 14- How you get paid . . .

Part 15- Why using this one – important word is a must

Part 16- 3 things that will determine the ultimate quality of your experience

In addition, much, much more . . .

Well, what do you have to lose? If you don’t sign up for this genuine, money-making possibility, you’ll never know if this is a match for you or not.

But, what if this IS your ticket? Chances are . . .  it just might be what you’ve been looking for to turn things around for you and your family.

So go ahead – get started now – find out. There are plenty of opportunities for any person to break into this lucrative career.

It’s easy. When we get your information, we’ll directly send out your 16-day e-Course,

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