Five Blogging Tips for Beginners

Where on one hand, blogging is considered to be a way of life for many people who update what is happening in their lives, commenting on present issues in their neighborhood and their country etc.

Blogging Tips for BeginnersWhile on the other hand, there are people who refrain from blogging not just because they don’t know much about it, but because of their fear of the unknown.

There are many people who dive into the world of blogging for the glitz and glory that they have come to know of through their friends.

However, they tend to drop out of the blogging scene when they find that the sole purpose of them starting to blog is not being achieved… ranging from being the most read blog to earning money via one’s blog. So what is it that separates the grain from the chaff?

Five blogging tips for beginners and the lowdown on the things

Have a goal for your blog:

Before you set out to be a blogger and be a success at it, you should define a goal for your blog. It could be anything from aiming to gradually be a better writer – showcasing your already possessed prowess in the art of writing articles – putting forth your talents at things like giving expert advice or to just making money from your blog.

Blogs may have a great idea behind it… but, it will not be followed or even read by the world if you have not defined it to yourself.

Decide the goal in advance; what exactly you want from your blog and then strategize accordingly to make it a hit.

Interests of the readers:

One may start a blog with the sole aim of making money, just because the wannabe blogger has heard stuff from many veteran bloggers that their blogs are paying them enough to live lavishly or at least paying their bills. And with the enthusiasm at an all time high, they start a blog.

However, when they analyze what their blog is not doing that the blogs of their successful peers is, it can be seen that the content is either minimal or if it is there, it is just stuff that a select few would even understand and relate to.

To make your blog a hit, you need two things: the contribution of both the blogger and the reader… very important. The blogger needs to take care of the content, his identity and his goal, and also to take care of the reader’s choice and preferences. Study and understand your target market. This is an important tip for blogging beginners to keep in mind.

Be Yourself:

Whether it is a blog crammed with the daily happenings at college or filled with helpful hints at doing stuff that will supposedly interest the potential readers, it won’t go a long way if the bloggers themselves do not find it interesting enough to come back and read it themselves.

It is very much the same as writing a book. If a writer starts writing a book, it would fizzle out after a couple of chapters if he doesn’t identify with it or finds it tiring to go any further. Blogging beginners shouldn’t loose their true personality while blogging.

Ideation and planning:

As discussed before, blogging is an art that is very much like writing a book. After all, it is a well known fact that most of the bloggers aim either consciously or subconsciously to be a writer at some point in their future.

Therefore, what is important after you have decided what your goal is going to be, is to keep blogging on fresh ideas and thinking of new topics, either from your own experiences – through the current news – things going on in the neighborhood – the city – the country or even the world. That will give you an idea of what you want to include in your blog.

Being scared is taboo:

Writing a blog with the constant fear of what the world will think is going to lead you, the blogger, down a steep ravine. Coming out of that state of mind will take years and may even dissuade you from writing not just the blog but also any novel or cookbook that you may have envisioned writing.

Whether it is a recipe for an exotic and unheard of dish or your opinion of what is happening in the world, you, the blogging beginner has to be brave enough to put it out there and stand by what you feel deep inside your heart and soul.

Of course, there are many more aspects that can be discussed on this topic. However, for a start, these five points can be a good starting strategy for those who want to be a blogger and for those who may just want to start writing.

These can be helpful instructions for those who would like the world to sit up and take notice of their blogging skills which could lead him to the world of authoring best sellers and winning the Pulitzer!

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