Review – The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin is the prime academic writing company of the Universal Research Corporation. At some places, the Academic Writing Bureau is mentioned as its owner but the real owner is Universal Corporation. ReviewBefore I review, please take 5 minutes and read my review on another similar academic writing company –

Both are fraudulent at its best. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.

Read my full review below

The advice works for both the writers and students who hire their services. Students should stay away from them because of plagiarism charges. A student can never be sure if pays the writers. Therefore, if the writers are not paid, writers can easily apply plagiarism charges.

I worked with for few months in 2009. Giving the benefit of doubt, I realize that things might have improved with them so I am basically going to present here my own experiences with a balanced approach of other criticism that I found online from credible sources.


  1. As of 2009, the company did not bother to pay on time. As of 2011, the company does pay but most of them are delayed payments.
  2. They will invariably support the client even if you are right.
  3. Irrespective of what you would read on their site regarding per page payment to be as high as $16/page, most of the writers get only $3-$4 per page, less when there are dissertations to write. Dissertations generally pay $2 per page or less.
  4. Your account can be suddenly discontinued without any explanations.
  5. They block your IP address from accessing their site once you are removed from the ‘team’.


Problem 01: There are no subject restrictions

When you sign up on the site, you come across a ‘professional’ section when you have to fill up the subjects you are willing to write about. Selection of these subjects is entirely at your will, which I feel is not a good policy because one should choose subjects they specialize in.

For instance, if you are a literature major, you can choose linguistics, history and maybe sociology but not definitely engineering and mathematics!!! allows anyone and anybody to blatantly choose all the arts; commerce and science subjects and they don’t bother to check whether the applicant is really knowledgeable.

This attitude considerably lowers the quality of paper and there is nothing authentic about it. A student does not know who is doing his/her paper. God forbid, if a history student is writing a mathematics paper, I can only imagine what the outcome will be.

Problem 02: They edit client and writer messages has an internal messaging system where the writers are strictly told not to reveal their names or the time zone they live in.

Often I had experienced that their support system tweaks the messages and then forwards it. I could understand this by judging the client’s response.

Once a client had asked me to make some changes, around 1400 words, to his law paper, which I obviously denied because the client had not read the drafts sent before and at the last moment asked for changes. I told him that if you pay extra for the 1400 words I will change it. The client agreed.

I was waiting for his confirmation mail and other changes to the order when ‘client’ messages me again saying why should he pay more, I have to make changes without any payment. Moreover, he said the bibliography is not correct and I have to revise it.

This was but one of the instances when I felt the support system editing messages. In this particular instance, I felt that the support system was interacting with me as the ‘client’ and not the real client.

Problem 03: They don’t promote writers easily

When you start out, you are a ‘Junior’ writer. After 2 months, you can apply for ‘Intermediate’ position and after another 3-4 months, you can apply for ‘Senior’ position.
The criteria for promotion are:

  • more than 5 positive feedback
  • no more than 2 negative feedback
  • less than 10% plagiarism report
  • more than 2 months of working experience

When I applied, I had:

  • more than 10 positive feedback
  • no neutral feedback
  • no negative feedback
  • no plagiarism report
  • more than 3 months of working experience

They reverted back saying: “Thank you for your request. Our Quality Assurance Department has reviewed your request and we are sorry to say that we cannot promote you to the ‘Intermediate’ position as of now. Please try at a later date”.

I asked for reasons. I didn’t get any.

Problem 04: Rush hour delays

Do not expect to get payment on time when it is the writing season (Oct-Dec; Feb-May). Supposedly their payment department runs into technical glitches and other “unmentionable” problems right at the payment time.

Moreover, if you feel that you have been penalized wrongly, it is mandatory that you contact the support department within 3 days. However, this system is very much flawed.

For instance, if the paper deadline was 15 Sept and the client requests revision on 18 Sept, you complete the revision on 20 Sept and the penalty for whatever reason shows on your account on 21 Sept, you CANNOT contest it because their idiotic system recognizes 15 Sept as the original deadline; hence, you cannot contest.

Even if you do, they will just revert saying ‘we are going to check the paper’ and add more penalties.

Problem 05: Falsification of plagiarism reports

After few months of working with them, I noticed a 2% plagiarism charge on my account. I clicked to see the report. You won’t believe what I saw!!!

I had done a historical paper on US military. In this same paper, the Quality Assurance Department detected 2% plagiarism.

What were those?

Words and phrases like ‘and’, ‘went there’, ‘went into the house’ were marked as plagiarized!!!

By this time, I had already decided to close my account and this instance was a nail in the coffin. I waited until I received all the pending payment and closed the account.


Only positives I could find so far after analyzing my own experience and feedback from others:

1. Flexibility to close your account anytime you want.
2. Flexibility to choose your own projects

If you want to know about other problem, I request you to read the review. Since both websites are run and managed by the same corporation, they have the same flaws as well.

Please share your experiences below about these two sites and other academic websites you have come across.

Chitraparna Sinha founded and runs ‘Writings By Chitra‘ – a web content and academic writing service portal.

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  1. says

    As a professional writer with Demand Studios, getting paid $50 per hour, When the work dried up, I tried on essay before I moved on to other websites such as uvocorp, prospects and manuscript sservices which pay a zillion times more. I have only one word for them>>Thieves and Uneducated scouths!!

  2. ERIC says

    I’ve read your review thoroughly and I have to say that it has helped me a lot. I am freelance writer who has been writing for freelance websites such as odesk and elance and I was looking to sign up and start using I have read (and heard) of numerous cases of writers getting ripped of by this company(website) . What a pity! I’ll spread the word to my friends who were willing to join so they can stay away from these thieves. If an representative happens to land on this site and read this comment then I have only one thing to say to him/her – your days are numbered. Writers work really hard to produce quality content and meet deadlines and you have the audacity to rip them off! Its only a matter of time before you pay in full for your actions. Shameful!

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