Effective Tips for Managing Interruptions in Your Business

There are a number of things that get in your way when you are trying to manage your work. These can be termed as interruptions or time wasters.

Managing InterruptionsMost of us find it very difficult to avoid them. But the truth is some of them can’t be avoided. However, it’s just that we don’t know how to deal with them…

These barriers include different things like not setting time limits, not arranging your work in order of priority, inefficiency, interruption and overwhelm.

By making some slight changes in your working habits you can overcome all of them. It will also lower your stress and you will work with more efficiency.

Here are a few suggestions you need to work upon to make best use of your time and also coach you on how to overcome these pesky time wasters.


Any perfect plan can fall prey to interruptions that come up unexpectedly. Training yourself to think about what the reason of the interruption is can help you recognize the problem and not lose your focus from what you want to achieve. It helps you to take control over the situation.

You can’t avoid a situation but what you can do is to minimize the impact so that it doesn’t deviate you from your work. You need to implement strategies to deal with the interruption. Give a sincere thought to the fact of what can minimize the interruptions as well as its impact.


You may find yourself busy all the time and think you are working well but the fact is, it’s not always true. You should rather look at your work in terms of what you want to achieve in an entire day and what you are achieving. Just see what the difference is and try to figure out what is creating this difference.

Find the factors that are decreasing your efficiency and set routines and systems to deal with them. You need to learn to work smarter and not harder to reach the goals you fix for yourself.

Think of how efficient you are today and think what you can do to improve it. Figure out the smartest way to focus better. It will help you cope with the demand and also feel energized.


Identify what is most important for you and keep it on the top of your list of priorities. You need to sequence things according to your priority and distribute your time to your work according to their priority level. This changes your approach to things.

You won’t be working hard to meet your deadlines; instead your work will be finished before and also without any extra effort. Plan to turn your goals into achievements. Make a habit to deal with the most important, rather than urgent work because when important things are done in time… nothing becomes urgent.


When you are overburdened with demands and responsibilities, you feel overwhelmed. Take a look at your workload in such a way that your feelings of overwhelm will be reduced. Find a way to work more efficiently and to reduce the amount of things you have to deal with.

Try and prevent your work from becoming so tough that you can’t deal with it and ultimately create backlogs for yourself. Create a “to do list” to remind you of the things you still need to work on.

Setting limits

This is about knowing when to say ‘no.’ Recognize your limits and take back control of your time. Learn how to answer your priorities. So ask yourself what restrictions are needed now in order to complete your work and just follow them. Also, ask yourself what are you actually working on or, if you’re just keeping yourself busy and not really working on anything important.

Overcoming such things which get in your way to achieve your goals, lowers your frustration and you feel more in control…

Set a schedule regarding your work. Create a routine and inform everyone about it so that nobody comes to visit you while you are working. All the friends, family and relatives should strictly follow and respect your rules to not disturb you while you are working.

Your routine should include a beginning time and a finishing time. Keep your personal stuff out of the computer you use for work as that can be pretty distracting. Keep in mind not to work passed your finishing time. If you feel overworked, your load becomes heavier – boring and your efficiency decreases many times over.

No one can tell you what kind of schedule and limit is best for you because it is you yourself who understands your workload and what it is you want to accomplish. You are the best planner for yourself so just analyze your work, make a schedule, decide your priorities and stick to it.

You may need to do a few changes in the environment around you to keep more focused. Separate your office computer from your personal computer and have a separate place for your office so that you can work without being distracted with kids, neighbors, etc.

However, keep the difference between family time and work time both as equally important.

Sometimes you need to make tough decisions to achieve your goals, so never back off. You should never spend a day not following your work schedule because then you will have back logs and the same problems will just keep resurfacing.

Be strict and face the interruptions with tactics that don’t keep you away from your success.

If you want your aspirations to become your destiny you need to work on all your shortcomings that keeps you away from it.

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