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Usually, many of the larger companies have their products and/or services judged by other web sites or blogs thus gaining from not just the traffic, the viral nature of reviews, but also valuable feedback from those sites while new market players find it difficult to advertise about their products, given the amount of money that they may have to spend in doing so.

Earning Money from Review MeReview me is a site that has writers employed to review products of the companies that are registered with them. That goes a long way in sending traffic to their clients’ websites. They also claim viral buzz and invaluable feedback that their client stands in good account.

There are two factors that make ReviewMe.com a popular mode of earning for writers and a method to gain better exposure.

Review Me The Advertiser Friendly Solutions

Smaller companies find it time consuming and expensive to create, prototype and bring their products in the market which can result in bringing sales to their websites and company.

Review Me enables gauging of product demand and feedback right at the stage where prototyping is done. This helps in creating an environment where creating and testing ideas is done at a faster pace.

It is a known fact that most of the people generally ignore advertisements placed on websites or the ones that are inserted as pop-ups are quickly clicked ‘close’ so that they can skip to the main show, which is the site that they want to visit.

Review Me reviews are able to override this problem since they do not look like normal ads that are seen all over the web. Publishers can get more mileage out of their reviews and thus also stand to have a better eyeball view ratio. This delivers more attention ratio than the conventional advertisements.

When products and services have greater value, there is a tendency of the advertisement getting generic and therefore boring, which ultimately could lead to a totally ignored advert and ultimately resulting in just expenditure for no logical end.

Reviewers from Review Me can help companies overcome that hurdle since they review sites that they like and which will certainly be of interest to the reviewers themselves.

This way of functioning guarantees a foolproof way of getting more for every ounce of effort that has gone into creating the website and putting it together.

The problem of trying to connect with bloggers so that they visit your site and getting a review from them can be a daunting task because of the sheer volume of emails or posts that should be generated.

Also, it is a time consuming effort with little result. The bloggers themselves could be offended if they take this kind of ‘reminder emails’ to be some sort of spamming activity.

When the authors at ReviewMe choose to review your site, they could be more inclined to review your site more meaningfully and with more insight which gives more value for money feedback to the site owners.

This also translates into less work and working smart since you do not have to go after hundreds of bloggers to get eyeball connections for your website.

Advertisers are empowered with an ability to manage the filtering levels that they have on the targeted campaigns. This feature of a filter campaign has been inbuilt into a number of options, such as pre-deciding a minimum page rank and Review Me rating, as also excluding domain names. This solution helps to increase individualized control of targeted campaigns for advertisers.

Customers can login and change their preferences if and when they feel that they could get better results by changing some or all of the preferences that have been set previously.

ReviewMe.com aims to be totally ethical in its modus of business operations. Therefore, they guarantee a refund of the unused funds equivalent or proportionate to the amount of review that was not utilized.

Another important facet of the ethics driven business practices of Review Me is that the advertiser is not allowed to write more than one review for the same campaign.

Also, they do not have a rule of thumb of advertisers having a positive review each and every time a review is done on their site. It is this feature that encourages websites to receive feedback on a product or service cheaply and with no loss of time.

Pricing: The reviews of the blog marketplace are priced as a fee that is charged one time per review from each of the individual blogs. Pricing is reached upon by studying the reach of the blog that has to be reviewed. The better the reach, the higher is the blog’s price. Reviews are charged a one time fee per review.

When advertisers plan on ordering a campaign, they can choose the campaign to be either recurring or non-recurring. In addition, they can also choose how many reviews will be posted within the campaign. And they have the flexibility to predetermine the length of the period that the campaign could run.

Thus, it can be rightly concluded that an advertiser, whether a big corporation or a small one branch operation, can easily profit from the unique advantages that Review Me can offer to the advertisers.

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