Earning Money as a Website Developer

What is a Website?

As you are aware, the Internet has provided a really good medium for the world to come together and most importantly, to reach out to anything or any place in the world.

Earning Money as a Website DeveloperBut at the same time, you cannot ignore the contribution of the Internet websites as well because websites function as an interface for stimulating direct and indirect communication between people.

For example, take YouTube.com to see videos or Facebook.com for social networking or Wikipedia.org to get valuable user-generated information about any subject whatsoever.

What are these YouTube.com, Facebook.com and Wikipedia.org? They are different websites which provides you with a medium to find and assimilate information available on the Internet in one place, a singular knowledge repository, which is often used by people to provide valuable content to readers and earn money in return.

So what exactly do you understand about a website? Let me explain. Website, as a term, can be used to define various core software processes that are merged or brought together to create ‘websites’ as we see them.

According to media reports from January this year, there are more than 10 million websites existing in our world and many more must have been added while I was writing this blog.

If you notice, there exists at least one website for every kind of business imaginable on earth, from safety pins to machines, from holy content to adult content, there is a website for each one of them.

Now let us proceed to the most important point of this blog, that is, “Earning Money as a Website Developer.” This blog is useful for two kinds of people:

  1. People who do not even know how to develop a website and want to earn money as website developer.
  2. People who know how to develop a website but do not know how to earn money as website developer.

We will explore how people from both these categories can earn money as a website developer.

First, let us take people from the first category and deal with their basic issue about learning the website development process. Look, it is not really hard to develop a website. There are a few skills which you need to have to become a good website developer.

Moreover, it can easily be instructed as well. But, if I start explaining how websites are developed, it will take me one entire article to explain it. However, to economize the spatial constraint, I can definitely instruct you about what you can do to learn about website development.

Instructions on Learning about Website Development

In order to learn how to develop websites, first thing I would suggest is to just look at a few websites on the Internet. You can look at any website or especially the ones which you like the most. While having a look at them, notice these points:

  • How good they are designed?
  • How easy are they to use even for a new user?
  • What is the flow of the website?
  • What kind of pages do they contain?
  • What special category of websites do they fall under?

These are pretty basic and useful points for any website developer who wants to develop either a simple or a complex website.

So, I would recommend remembering them while learning and negotiating deals with clients. These questions will not only help you in learning but aid you in knowing what kind of website/s the client wants. Best is to bookmark a few chosen sites from which you want to learn designing.

Now, let us look at how you can start developing a website. First of all, read a few tutorials about website development on the Internet.

Some of these tutorials come free of cost while others are paid. Nonetheless, these tutorials provide ample knowledge for newbie learners.

There are few website developers whom you can contact to mentor you through the process. However, such mentoring services are not advertised as much as one would like so I guess, you have to search online.

Finally, there are various professional’s out there that teach website development courses. Locate a reputable one and join it. Most of these professional courses range from 3-months to 1-year courses.

Once you are done with your learning, you need to practice developing a few simple websites before you go out as a professional website developer.

For a simple practice, there are many different websites out there that provides you basic structure and flow of a website and you just need to add content in order to prepare a website.

To start with, you can take help of such websites and can develop a few simple websites that will give you needed professional confidence. Once you gain confidence and experience, you are ready to promote yourself as a professional website developer.

Earn Money as Website Developer

Now that you are promoted to the level of a professional website developer, you fall under the second category of people who already knows how to develop a website; therefore, from here we can discuss the means to earn as a website developer.

Most professional website developers begin to work as an online freelance website developer.

Two – three days back, I was on Yahoo reading an interesting article on how the Internet creates jobs for every job lost by people working 9 to 5. It is the balancing act of our economy. If you are currently unemployed and looking for a means of sustenance, this industry could be your calling!

So where was I…yes, first, you can try your hand at freelancing. There are no set up costs, you need an Internet connection and a good technical mind.

Secondly, you can create freelancer accounts on various freelancing websites like Freelancer.com and Odesk.com where freelancers can bid on projects (mostly outsourced) and the winning bidder is chosen on the basis of experience and price offered.

Most freelancers, disregarding their status from developing or developed countries, make the mistake of charging pennies for their professional service. This, you can say, is the downside of competition.

When you begin to charge much less, you can get many clients but would there be job satisfaction? No. People who are charging $800 for setting up websites with fewer clients are much more satisfied. My point – charge what you deserve! No more, no less!

As you begin to create websites and gain considerable experience, you can ask past clients to write feedbacks or testimonials for you.

You can also get their permission to present their web links in your portfolio. If you work consistently and devotedly for 3-4 years, you can stop freelancing at some point and open your own website developing business, hiring other freelancers to work for you.

Moreover, as an independent freelance website developer, there are ample social marketing opportunities to promote your services. Establishing contacts through social networking sites helps in allowing different people to look at your creative work portfolio.

This way, you will be able to establish yourself as a professional website developer and will get ample amount of projects to work on and finally, fulfill your aim of earning money as a website developer.

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