Earning Money as a Virtual Assistant

How many times in your life have you felt the crunch for time? Are there situations when you have too much work to handle by yourself and you feel like calling out to somebody and saying, “Hey, can you take some of this workload off of me?”

Earning Money as a Virtual AssistantI’m sure you must have felt like this at least once in your life time that if somebody could do this task for me, I can concentrate on more important tasks…

If you are not able to remember, think about the last few hours where you had to make, let’s say, lunch and your mind wandered thinking – “shall I order something?” or “I need to hire a cook” because spending two hours daily on lunch is taking your concentration away from other important work.

This is the same situation felt by those who are the owners of small business enterprises or entrepreneurs doing administrative tasks.

They feel like, let someone else take on the small administrative tasks for me so that they can concentrate on generating more business.

But at the same time, to even hire a resourceful person they need to have office space where they can accommodate them and provide other things such as a computer, office supplies, etc..

And this is not all; a regular employee has to be paid a monthly salary with other perks such as sick leave or maternity leave, which all and all costs an employer three times the cost than his/her salary.

In addition, hourly employees have to be paid regularly even if their help is not required for the entire month. In such cases, what can small business owners do?

Virtual Assistant

In such situations, they opt for somebody known as a Virtual Assistant or also known as a VA.

What is a virtual assistant? A Virtual Assistant is a person who works individually from home and helps businesses to do their small but necessary administrative work while charging them on an hourly basis.

Actually, VA’s are a very good option for such small business owners because they are virtual employees and the employers do not have to pay for full services and can hire people only when the owners feel that they need one, unlike full time employees.

It has been observed that in this growing world of small businesses, the concept of virtual assistants has risen in demand.

There are many people out there in the online market who offer their administrative services as a virtual assistant and many small business entrepreneurs takes advantage of their services… and let me tell you, it is your golden opportunity to establish yourself as a Virtual Assistant if you have some special skills and want to start a new business based out of your home.

Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

As described above, a virtual assistant is a person who has some kind of skills that are required by small business owners. So, in order to become a virtual assistant, you have to have few important skills such as:

  1. Good Communication Skills
  2. Good Writing Skills
  3. Good SEO Skills
  4. Good Link Building Skills
  5. Good Graphics Designing Skills and much more

If you are aiming to become a professional virtual assistant, first important thing you have to learn is good communication skills with which you can talk to your direct client – as well as the client’s of your employer.

Basically, virtual assistants are used more for handing the client communication part of the business where it is needed to reply to client mails and users.

For example, if somebody has created software for link building, he/she will always look to generate more business and establish new contacts.

However, they also have to respond to their existing clients to retain them and have someone resolve their queries. In such cases, they prefer to hire virtual assistants who can learn about the software, can handle the client queries and can reply to their mails.

Content Writer

Another task that small business owners can award to a virtual assistant is content writing. In a business of SEO and link building, it is required that a website gets higher ranking in search engines and for that, websites need to be promoted. To promote a website, content writing seems to be the best method.

In order to get the promotional articles done, small business owners look for virtual assistants who can provide them with content writing services either based on an hourly rate or per article rates.

So, if you have good content writing skills, you can become a virtual assistant and offer yourself as a virtual assistant who can write good articles.

Earning Money as a Virtual Assistant

I hope I have simplified the essential roles of a virtual assistant in an online world and that it will inspire you to pursue your career as a virtual assistant.

In fact, I sometimes feel that a virtual assistant’s job is more profitable and prestigious than of a normal service.

Let me explain why.

As a virtual assistant, you have an option to work on your own and you are your own boss working whenever you want. In this manner, you can also enjoy “much needed” breaks when you feel like it. All these things are not possible for a common assistant’s job.

To work as a virtual assistant does not cost you much. A few dollars in Internet fees, (which most everyone already has) and your hard work is all it takes to be a professional virtual assistant.

And the profit you earn out of a virtual assistant business is pretty high because of the rates/hour charges a virtual assistant is getting these days.

As far as finding the project’s, you can opt to look for projects available on freelancing websites where many such business entrepreneurs come hunting for virtual assistants who can help them.

There, you can bid on the projects of your expertise and rates you charge per hour…

In addition, you can also display your work on social networking websites where many of your close and professional friends can have a look at your work and can call you for your virtual assistant services, if required.

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