Does Original Content Exist?

Are you an Internet savvy person? Yes, I am sure you must have read many articles on many different things and personalities on the Internet.

So, what do you think those articles contain?

Original ContentInformation written or represented graphically in any article is known as the ‘content’ of that article. An article cannot be an article without its content.

Now, imagine a situation where you are reading something about a particular topic on different websites. What did you find?

Did you ever notice different websites having the same content or copied wording? If yes, that’s problematic and it can go under a copyright issue except when those two websites are owned by the same owner. If not, there is a serious issue of copying or plagiarizing some other person’s writing and publishing them as your own.

If somebody wants to post an article on their website, s/he has to have original content in the article which is not copied from any other website.

Content that is self written without copying from somebody else is known as original content and YES, original content exists and every article must be written with original content.

However, original content is an umbrella term which contains many constrains which makes it original content.

Let us first understand those constrains.

Constraints of Original Content

  1. Trueness of Content: An article describes a particular thing about a particular subject, right? But are you sure that the article you are reading has accurate, true and/or proven information or… something that has been generated from the mind of the article author?

    Content which provides true and proven information according to its trueness can be considered under original content. Remember, content trueness plays a vital role for content to be original content.

  2. Communicative Representation: Only providing true information does not make it totally original content.

    Transparent communication also plays a pivotal role in making the content original and accepted. This means, content shall only convey a meaning to the reader that the writer wants to convey and not something else.

    There’s a pretty good chance that a reader might end up understanding something else than what the writer originally intended to convey, leading to a misunderstanding, which is often reflected in the blogs comment section or the wave of hate mails the author or the website administrator receives from readers.

    Therefore, the writer and the publisher have to be doubly clear about the theme of the article and the tone of representation.

  3. Grammatical Representation: Probably, the most important part which actually converts true and communicative information into original content is the grammatical representation. What does this mean? This means that small things like comma (,) and period (.) shall be placed exactly at the same place where it is required or else that changes the meaning of a sentence.

    This also means that what the author is trying to say is not always what the reader really understands and that makes the information totally wrong and the content no longer remains original content.

So, let us discuss how one can create original content.

Creating Original Content

Look, nobody is born as a subject matter expert. So to become an expert, learning is a must and same is the case with writing original content.

In order to write content, it is necessary that you learn more about the subject on which you are supposed to write an article.

Now, the question becomes, how to learn about those things? I mean that even though there are many sources of information, which one would you prefer?

No matter whatever sources you are using to get accurate information, be sure that you conduct thorough research.

Research work is the essence of writing original content. Of course, it is understandable that writing on one subject can become too monotonous… especially when there are hundreds of other people writing on the same subject and a lack of any new information. But even in such cases, the way one presents the information matters a lot.

Anyways, make sure to select at least three or more sources from where you can learn about the particular subject. Once you select those sources, read through them pretty carefully and try to understand what they are trying to say.

If you read through more than three sources, you will learn an ample amount of information on the chosen subject and you will be able to analyze what exactly is said about a subject.

Once you think that you have understood and collected good information on the subject, you can list that information as content into the article.

While doing so, please take note of three important points listed earlier in our discussion.

Look, if you have learned the subject seriously, there are fewer chances about the content not being true. Therefore, while writing, take care that you present the information you know in such a way that you become communicative, like talking to the reader face-to-face.

This will allow you to represent the exact information that you want to convey in your content.

Third and most important point is about grammatical mistakes. It’s really important to avoid grammatical mistakes in your articles to make the article readable as well as to build your credibility, no matter in what language you are writing.

Meanwhile, let me also make a point too never, ever try to copy any information from any other location such as websites or any other article you come across.

This is a big copyright offence in the first place and it also makes your content a plagiarized one which can be caught with the help of plagiarism checking software available on the market.

With this discussion, one can hope that you understand the process of creating original content and the constrains that one can come across.

Utilize the above information and produce original content that can make an interesting article for reader to read through and have the correct information. Let us look at a few of the advantages of producing original content.

Advantages of Original Content

  • Original content makes articles interesting and worth reading, which means a website will have more visitors looking for particular information.
  • With the original content, chances are very good that your website can rank higher in Google search.
  • When your website or blog publishes original content consistently, your website will become a continuous source of original content and that will bring more and more visitors.

There is no need to say how advantageous it is to be ranked higher in the Google search engine and what kind of earning it can bring you.

So, all in all, original content exists and writing original content is not just easy but it’s really profitable.

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    I agree with the context of this article.

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