Do Comments on Your Blog Matter?

The comments section is a vital part of any given blog. This differentiates a blog from a static website.

It provides an opportunity to build up conversations, letting the visitors provide valuable feedback which helps to make the blog more interactive. The most popular blogs have an interactive community, displaying the visitor’s feedback in an interesting way.

Blog CommentsWhen you talk about Blog Marketing, encouraging visitors to leave comments on a post helps to pull in more traffic and as a result, increases the visibility of your blog.

Moreover, receiving blog comments is a boost for the blogger too because the blogger is motivated to write more meaningful posts for the readers. We will discuss the importance of blog comments and how it benefits you to the core in the sections below.

Why does a Blog comment matter?

It has been observed that great, informative content on a blog can lose its essence because of a negative comment being made on it.

If the reader is smart enough then he/she will read the comment/feedback on the post just to get an understanding about the post. Sometimes a few negative comments might ignite the reader’s interest and prompt the visitor to read the article.

How does Blog commenting help a Blog?

1. Building relationships!

From a Bloggers point of view

When a blogger comments on any blog, there is an attempt being made to build a rapport with the blogger, along with an expectation of receiving returned visits and comments from that particular blog.

It’s a kind of mutual understanding on sharing opinions and good feedback or providing good suggestions. This helps other bloggers in getting valuable links and to boost blog traffic.

From a unique visitor’s scenario

A normal unique visitor might also visit from a comment made on any other blog by you. Here the comment being left has to be very informative to make a unique visitor click on the name you used to post the comment and land on your blog.

2. More chances of getting pre-qualified visitors

The moment a visitor reads a post, it must prompt the reader to leave feedback. It could be either by asking a question/feedback at the end of the post or the content itself must be so impressive that it pulls at the reader’s mind to leave a comment. To leave a unique comment helps to gather attention of the blogger and unique visitors as well.

However, it should be noted that not all blogs can be commented upon by visitors.

For instance, a blog dealing with modernist paintings cannot be understood by all the visitors landing on that blog, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Therefore, the quality of the blog cannot be undervalued just because the visitors cannot understand it. In this case, most of the visitors do not have the faculty to understand those paintings.

Furthermore, some blogs tend to be so comprehensive in dealing with the issue that comments are seldom necessary, apart from words of appreciation!

3. Emphasis given by search engines.

Search engines give high importance to regularly updated blogs. If the frequency of a given page is updated very often, the possibility of getting crawled by search engines gets higher which increases the blog traffic. Thus, it helps in Blog Marketing.

Considerations while posting a comment on someone else’s blog:

1. Don’t just comment for the sake of commenting.

Add some useful information; a genuine feedback that the blogger and a normal visitor might benefit from.

For instance, you could argue for or against what is written in the blog. This will give others a chance to continue with the argument. The key for blog commenting is to gain useful links and more visitors to your blog.

2. Add the blog related information:

Remain contextual. Don’t give misdirected comments. In other words, the comments should directly relate with the blog content posted.

3. Adding URL

Adding your blog’s link anywhere else is treated as a spam. Most of the blogs do take your URL and link your name which gives you an element of popularity in the comments section. Put genuine information rather than projecting marketing related stuff about your blog.

4. Respond back to the comments

Make the commenter feel they’re a valued visitor for the feedback that was provided. Reply back over the blog itself, which other visitors can see. Try sending a personal message, if possible, to build a good relationship.

Moderating the comments on the blog is becoming a mandatory process as more number of comments/queries arises; it becomes quite difficult to handle them effectively. However, the more the comments are responded to, the better the community develops.

Ways to increase your Blog comments:

1. Fire Questions:

Including questions in the post or to frame the title in a question format can help receive relevant comments on a blog post. Setting a question right from the beginning of the post prompts the reader to leave a comment or give feedback.

2. Inviting to post comments

It is observed when a blog asks for posting comments, a blog receives a higher number of comments. In a way, its better to ask for readers to post comments, as people who are visiting for the first time or ones who are not habitual of posting a comment, might get started to post their feedback upon reading it.

3. Open Ended Posts

To follow the art of writing creative posts, one has to leave some room for other experts to add on their opinions.

The post must not reveal everything about a particular topic neither should it sound tasteless.

Nevertheless, it is also possible for some of the blogs to be very comprehensive in nature, that is, they are not of open ended in nature.

4. Setting up a constructive comment section

Setting up boundaries into a comment section helps in getting a higher number of comments. Sometimes things get out of hand when visitors start getting too personal and thus, the tone of the comment must be directed towards the exact topic on which the post has been written about.

5. Be polite

Many visitors/readers do pick out some errors on the blog or the blog post and leave negative feedback that makes one aggressive. Keep it a point to respond back politely.

Try not to delete those comments unless they are spam in nature. It is important to convert the negative sentiments into positive ones.

A blog which has only positive comments raises doubts too. After all, nothing can be 100 % white or black. This is the reason why argumentative comments are encouraged on a blog.

6. Good comments can be rewarded

Good comments made by visitors can be included in the next post highlighting a good suggestion given by a user, so that the person who made the comment feels valuable.

All the key aspects related to blog commenting have been covered in our discussion. You will gain information on ways to increase blog comments, important steps to keep in mind while introducing a comment section or while commenting on other’s blog.

Let us know if something is missing; something that proved useful on your blog…

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