Top 10 Tips to Create and Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Around three weeks back, Google+ released its Google+ Business Page allowing any kind of businesses to develop, optimize, and promote a business on Google.

Top 10 Tips to Create and Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Top 10 Google+ Business Page Tips

If you are still unaware or still trying to figure out how to optimize your Google+ Business Page, please go through the 10 tips below;

1. Create a separate business account

Google+ Shows can show both the Personal and Business page on one platform through a drop-down menu. But I would suggest creating a separate business Gmail account and create the Google+ Business Page through this. Moreover, if you are running an organization with more than 3 people involved, it is important to have a separate account and ask all your team members to join.

2. Don’t forget the Circles

Google+ Circles are amazing. I think it is the best way to segment your contacts. On the Business Page, you have some default Circles like VIP, Acquaintances, Clients and others. Make sure to optimize this very clearly. Divide all your contacts into Circles and choose what content to share with whom. For instance, if you have a new offer for existing clients, endorse it on the ‘Client’ Circle. With Circles, you can control what you are sharing and whom you are sharing it with.

3. Choose the tag line carefully

The Google+ Business Page primarily consists of the Business name, logo, and tag line. The name and logo you might already have but what about the tag line? It’s through the tag line that prospective clients and associates will come into first contact with your business. Therefore, the tag line should be unique, original, creative, impactful and meaningful and portray the gist of your business.

4. Don’t let the page remain inactive

Google+ is just beginning and we have just begun to realize its importance. So those who are starting with their Business Pages now will certainly have an advantage over those who will start, let’s say, a year from now. So grab this advantage and keep the Business page active. How do you do that? Post your blog links, give information about the company, upload images, upload YouTube videos, Tweet articles, comment on other people’s +1 and talk about skills.

The above four tips will get your Google+ Business Page ready. What next?

How do you endorse and promote the page? Read the tips below.

5. Google+ in Email signature

Email marketing is a powerful tool; therefore, add the logo or link of all the social networking accounts in your Email signature, including the Google+ symbol. This is an important step because you cannot view others pages and neither anyone can view yours unless you or they are in each others Circles. Email signature promotion will help in this, especially for those who have a huge contact list.

6. Modify the “About’ tab.

The About tab content should neither be too long or short. It should display the juice of the business. Mention what the business is about, list products and services, and the main contact numbers. Moreover, list the About page link on the recommended page section of the Business or Personal Google+ page.

7. Create Hangouts

Like the Circles, the Hangouts are one of the best unique features of the Google+ Business page. Create hangouts to connect with customers and business associates. You can engage in one-on-one conversations, chat on webcam and start group discussion sessions. I think the Hangouts feature will take customer service to the next level. Just imagine, if consumers can contact you directly through Hangouts for clarifications, issues and queries, it will be a very big force for the business.

8. Add Google+ Buttons

No matter how many websites and blogs you have, add the G+ button on each and every one of them. Motivate / encourage people to add you in their Circles.

9. Embed Google+ link in Images and Videos

If you are an expert in web designing, you can do the embedding thing quite easily. Since video marketing is a trend these days, you can embed the Google+ Business Page link with every video you share publicly. It is a good source to gain more traffic as well as come into contact with potential consumers.

10. Install Google+ Direct Connect code

This code will help users to find your Google+ Business page easily. For this they should know the company name and add ‘+’ before the name. For example, if you are looking for our blog’s Business page, you would type +IncomeInsiders. Now, to make this feature available, you need to install the Google+ Direct Connect code. Please access the procedure here.

Bonus Tips:

11. Optimize keywords

Please use very specific and targeted keywords on your Google+ Business About page because it is on the basis of this page that search results will depend upon. And if you link this space with the company website and blog, it will be better…since the search results will be enhanced.

12. Please don’t engage in spamming

Over-posting a particular link or sharing a link lots of times will be classified as a spamming activity by Google even though it is not. Promote whatever product or service you want to, just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your page will be banned and deactivated.

If you run an online business in digital marketing, freelancing or any other skill-based work, Google+ Business page is the best for you. Since it is still in its development stage, I would suggest you to sign up now so that you too can move forward with its progress.

Do you think Google+ Business has potential? Share with us below.

Top 5 Examples of Potential Business Blogs of 2012

Top Business BlogsBlogs have come a long way since their origins as online shared diaries in the 1990s. Their evolution gained momentum in 1999 with Peter Merholz, breaking the term “Weblog”, coined by Jorn Barger in 1997, into “We blog.”  A significant mutation took place when Evan Williams of Pyra Labs started popularizing the use of the term “blog” both as a noun and verb.

Blogs grew by leaps and bounds over the last decade. As of now, there are roughly over 150 million public blogs.

This article studies 5 promising blogs with a view to evaluating the current state of blogging and predicting its course during the coming year.

These blogs fall into five categories, each numerically symbolic of their market potential in 2012.

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Internet marketing, especially eBooks
  3. Self-Employment Community
  4. Career Coaching
  5. Skill-Based Freelancing

These blogs are already popular in their own way. Bookmark these and follow them over the coming year.

Top Business Blogs of 2012

1. The Proactive Report []:

Year: 2003
Owner: Sally Falkow

This blog is for anybody who uses or runs social media marketing businesses, or is in any way connected with them.

Some of the strong points of this blog are its good use of text and media objects such as graphs and charts, photographs, and illustrations. Besides, this is an interactive blog that requests the visitors to leave comments and contact details such as name, e-mail ID, and Web site URL.

How she makes money?

It offers 9 products that every social media entrepreneur will need at one point or the other. These are:

  1. Social Media Roadmap
  2. Twitter PR
  3. New Media Press Releases
  4. Online Reputation Management
  5. Search: A Modern PR Skill
  6. PR Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  7. Web Sense: Effective Web Marketing Strategies
  8. Media Relations in The Internet Age
  9. The Power of Good Content Writing

All these products are priced at $27, $37, $47, and $79.

This one is full of potential. It can become the hub of social media business generation strategies.

2. Ewen Chia []:

Year: 2000s
Owner: Ewen Chia

Now more and more people are choosing Internet marketing and are earning a huge sum of money through selling online products and services. There are various types of online marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising on websites, and pay per click, email marketing, and Web 2.0.

Ewen Chia’s blog teaches us how to make money fast through online marketing. He has written an eBook with exclusive information about Internet marketing. If you are interested in this product, you can read the review from this blog and get to know more about making money on the Internet.

How he makes money?

Even though he is a relatively new entrant in the online marketing world, he quickly became a bestseller with his eBook – Fast Track Cash. If he can do this one eBook, he definitely has lots of potential to maintain this brand name in 2012.

He enters this list as a person who has learned the trick to make money from eBooks, which a lot of us still wonder about.

He is one of the pioneers of the online marketing world, which is reason enough to follow him in 2012.

3. Freelance Folder []:

Year: 2007
Owner: Mason Hipp

Freelance Folder is an active community of freelancers, small business owners, web workers and entrepreneurs. This blogs gives us high quality and credible information about the freelancing world.

This is one example of a blog that makes money from quality advertisements. You won’t ever see spurious links or blatant affiliate marketing promotions. It has their own forum for writers and users. There is a separate Job Board for freelancers to find work and make money online.

How it makes money?

Apart from paid advertisements, there are three eBooks on sale. These are:

  1. The Unlimited Freelancer – $29
  2. How to Start a Freelance Design Business? – $12
  3. How to Start a Freelance Writing Business? – $12

They are currently running a New Years sale so the prices above are discounted. Please check the site before buying them.

As an information portal in a high active but volatile freelance market, this blog has potential in 2012.

4. Work Happy Now! []:

Year: 2008
Owner: Karl Staib

Know your strengths and superpower to keep you succeeding in your career and professional life. This is what is taught in this blog by its author through his experiences. This blog shows what a person can feel when not happy at his career or job and provides a solution to get out of this situation.

There are some useful article links that one can read and understand how to be successful. You can contact the owner of this blog if you have any questions and need help battling the blues.

How he makes money?

Karl Staib is a Super Biz Coach. He makes money online through 3 products and services. These are:

  1. Superpower Coaching – $395 & $695; 100% refundable for dissatisfaction.
  2. Fear to Fuel – Get over procrastination; $95
  3. Work Happiness 101 – $27

As a coach and mentor person helping people to overcome stumbling blocks that prevent them from being successful in life, this entrepreneurship has lots of potential.

5. Just Creative Design []

Year: 2007
Owner: Jacob Cass

Just Creative Design is an example of the power of specialized service in this online industry. The owner is a self-employed graphics designer and provides amazing resources on print design, web design, logo design, advertising, typography and media branding.

If you count RSS reader subscription as a business analytic tool, his blog has 29,318 readers – an awesome number for a self-employed person. His website is not flashy but it is extremely well developed. I was floored seeing his portfolio, which I think is a major contributing factor towards his success.

For all those freelancers reading this piece, never forget to create a mind blowing portfolio. It is what impresses recruiters most where hiring freelancers are concerned.

How he makes money?

He offers web design, logo design, and print designing services to a large client base. Just don’t forget to check out his portfolio.


An analysis of our sample survey of 5 blogs reveals that blogging is definitely thriving. The blogs currently in vogue can be grouped into several different categories, depending on the differentiators used – types of bloggers (individual and organizational), genre (small business, Internet marketing, and education), and media type (micro-blogs such as those on Twitter – video blogs – link logs – photo blogs and others).

Blogs that are likely to make a mark in 2012 should have the following characteristics: accuracy; judicious use of text, images, and links, interactivity, and continuous update, dynamism and most importantly, they should be highly uniquely service-oriented or product-oriented.

I admit there could be thousands of blogs with potential, so if you come across one, please don’t forget to mention it below.

PS: We don’t want to beat our own drums, so if you think Income Insiders also has the potential to be one of the best blogs in 2012, please feel free to say so in the comment section below.

Your Internet Marketing Plan In Simple Steps

So you want to earn a full-time living from Internet Marketing?

How are you going to do it? We don’t mean the nitty-gritty details, because we can help you with that. We mean the fundamental questions like…
Internet Marketing Plan

  • Do have any writing or communication skills?
  • Do you have any specialized knowledge that other people would be willing to pay for?
  • Can you foresee yourself creating your own products or services or do you simply want to sell other people’s products and earn commission?

These are the basic questions you need to resolve BEFORE you plan out your course of action.

Before anything else, though, let’s be brutally blunt and get this out of the way once and for all…


If you cannot communicate in writing, you will never succeed as a marketer online or offline.

Does that sound a little harsh?

It doesn’t matter if it does because it is a simple fact of life. Either you need to be able to write effectively OR you need to be able to communicate CLEARLY to other people exactly what you want them to write on your behalf.

If you had the knowledge, could you sit down in front of a keyboard and monitor and write a short article like this one? Could you fashion your knowledge into clear, precise sentences?

Well if not, could you describe in words to someone else exactly what you wanted them to write on your behalf? I don’t mean instructions like “write about planning your business,” I mean much more detailed instructions. Maybe you write an outline of what you want to say made up of a whole series of bullet points and let someone else flesh it out for you.

If you can’t do either of these things (write for yourself, or clearly instruct others what to write on your behalf,) give up thinking about your own products or services and focus straight away on selling other peoples’ products using the marketing tools that they provide and follow the DO’s and Dont’s of internet marketing.

The Internet Marketer’s Plan:

1) Define your knowledge base:

What knowledge do you possess (or you can quickly learn) that you can pass on to other people in exchange for their money?

Think about this…nobody will buy your knowledge from you just because it interests them. However, many people will buy your knowledge from you if it helps them solve a pressing problem or end their confusion over something that’s important to them.

If you have information to share, or have the ability to research and gather information on a niche topic, (everyone has that ability, actually) you can make money if that information fulfills a need.

Since the beginning of history, people have been making money selling information, and this will continue forever. It all boils down to helping other people save time and money. Even if they have the ability to create something, buying the information from you can help them avoid having to learn the hard way – through research of their own.

Basically, you do the research or use what you already know and sell the results to other people who want that knowledge, or who want to use what you’ve created. The better the quality of information or service, the higher the price you can demand. With a global online market, you can create and sell just about anything. If there is a market for it which there nearly always is, you can build a business around it.

So, defining your knowledge base is your first step. What knowledge do you possess or you can quickly learn that you can pass on to other people in exchange for their cash?

2) Decide if you are going to create your own products:

Having just debunked one myth, (being able to communicate clearly) I might as well press on and debunk another one…


Creating your own product is VERY time-consuming and can easily fail, no matter how much effort you put in to its creation.

Let me give you an example, so you understand the facts…

Right at the moment, along with “Casper”, we’re preparing a new product for launch on the Internet next year. When finished, it will have taken two people over 6 months of intense thought and effort to produce. At the end of the day, we have no way of knowing whether our efforts will be rewarded or whether this product will flop…oh yes, even experienced marketers can create flops!

So… are you prepared to take the gamble, or would you prefer to follow the safer course of action and sell other peoples’ products?

3) Decide if you are going to sell existing products and services:

It is also possible to earn good money online selling existing products and services. There are two ways to do this…

  1. By acquiring the resale rights to a product.
  2. By promoting products and services as an affiliate.

We’ll touch briefly on resale rights first…

On the Internet you’ll see many products, especially in the Internet marketing niche, being sold with resale rights. While this can be a profitable model, you have to remember that if you go this route, you will be competing against all the other people who also bought those rights. And that can create problems if there are hundreds or even thousands of others selling the same thing.

In fact, the safest route is to find a LIMITED RESALE RIGHTS product where only a small handful of people are granted the resell rights. Though this is, on the face of it, more expensive, the returns are significantly greater due to the scarcity of the product and you can usually recoup your money very quickly.

With such products, not only are you presented with a turnkey business, you also have the option to set up your own affiliate program for the product, and pay others to sell it for you. Don’t you think that could be a worthwhile way of beating the competition hands-down?

4) How are you going to sell your product?

You are at the crucial stage of deciding on your marketing strategy. Are you going to sell using affiliates and give away a chunk of your profits or are you going to try and sell by yourself and keep all your turnover?

The view that most people take is that it’s best to get others selling for you. After all, 50% of a lot of money is far better than 100% of nothing.

And while on the subject of affiliate marketing, it is, of course, a valuable option to use yourself as well as offering it to others. It offers more versatility and can prove very profitable, so let’s talk a little more about it…

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting existing products or services on a commission only basis. Every time you make a sale you earn a commission. There are affiliate programs in just about any niche you can imagine.

Whatever niche you plan to develop your business around, you’ll more than likely be able to find affiliate programs you can join that will augment the money you earn from your own product sales.

In addition to selling your own products and services, you should also promote products as an affiliate. Every week I see my Paypal account growing. These commissions are from merchants paying me on sales I made for them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to affiliate marketing…


  • You save time and money since the work of creating the product has already been done by the merchant.
  • There is no need to worry about payment processing or order fulfillment since the merchant handles those aspects.


  • You have no control over the product/service or the commission percentages since you do not own the product.
  • You cannot open your own affiliate program and use the massive power of affiliates, since the merchant is already doing that for this product/service.

Even if you plan to go the affiliate route, you still need a website of your own. Your website will be the hub of your business. The place where you share information about your niche, establish credibility and grow an opt-in list.

It is as essential to an affiliate based business as it is to a business selling its own products and services.

In closing, if you’re just starting out, become an affiliate first to get your feet wet. After you learn those ropes, I’d say it’s time to venture out to create your own informational products.

Leave a comment below…

How To SEO Your Articles?

Writers have different writing styles with the intention of getting their articles published and become noticeable. Every writer wishes to build a name, fame, and money through their articles. The best way to present your articles to several readers is to SEO them.

How To SEO Your ArticlesIf you wish, you can learn about all SEO stuff here before you read these tips to SEO your articles. The purpose of preparing your article according to SEO rules is to rank high on the search engines.

Search engines differ in their way of producing the results. Search engines like Bing and Yahoo are different from a search engine like Google. Google gives more importance to links while the other two search engines prefer to give importance to keywords and phrases.

Learn How To SEO Your Articles

These tips will help you in understanding how to SEO your articles and attract more readers.

  1. Right keywords and phrases should be optimized

    This is the first and the most important step to have your articles ranked high in the search engines. You should carefully decide on which keywords are likely to be typed by the users and optimize those keywords with the search engines.

    It is very important that you check that the keywords are matching the title and your entire article. You can use the Google Keywords Suggestion Tool for having a list of keywords that are relevant to produce good searching results.

    Also, check out for the keyword density. It is recommended to have 2-3 keywords for good results and place your keywords accordingly. Most importantly, they should be placed in the title and URLs for good searching results.

  2. Backlinks

    As mentioned earlier, some search engines like Google give importance to links to present accurate search results. Providing backlinks in your article – blog or website that has your article posted will give good search results.

    Therefore, the blogs and the websites that provide a number of backlinks are considered to be very popular and are ranked high in the search engines. However, you should make sure that these links are taken to relevant sites.

    Read about the top 40 ways to build backlinks for your blog or website.

  3. Use Meta tags

    This helps in providing short information about your article to the search engine software. You can provide short Meta tags with keywords and a description of your page. This is one way to get good searching results for your page. If these Meta keywords and descriptions are well written, it will give you a chance to attract a huge amount of readers.

  4. Good content

    Your article should be well written with useful information that interests your readers. This will help in boosting the chances for high rankings of your article in the search engines that would attract a number of links from other websites and therefore increase the amount of readers.

    Now more importance is given to the links and so having numerous links would add an extra chance for attracting more traffic. So, you should be very careful in making your article really outstanding and interesting for getting good searching results with SEO.

  5. Provide visuals

    Articles, blogs, or websites will not look good without visuals. Providing images and animations will only add more chances to attract the readers. Relevant visuals should be included along with the text.

    You can ask the help from a good web designer to make your website look good with appropriate images and animations if you are posting your articles on your websites.

  6. Use static URLs

    There are some special tools that help in rewriting the URLs in a good format. You can use them to get them optimized in the search engines without great effort. The other form is dynamic URLs which are not SEO-friendly. Such pages with dynamic URLs have poor searching results.

  7. Submit to directories

    Search Engine Optimization will help in showing your articles to several readers. But a good ranking depends on how you promote your articles or websites.

    You can submit your articles on high ranked websites like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, or iSnare, where more readers are likely to read your article. You can also create a blog or a website of your own or include your articles to your existing website.

    You can submit the URLs of the newly created pages on the search engines like Google, Yahoo  and MSN.


These tips should help you to get an idea about how to SEO your articles, blogs, or websites and get huge traffic to your sites. You should do it very carefully while increasing your chances to be in the top rankings on all the popular search engines.

You should understand about each search engine you are optimizing your articles with and familiarize yourself with their special features while following them carefully before choosing a search engine to SEO your articles.

Please leave a comment…

6 Tips to Create an Impressive ‘Contact Us’ Page

Do you want your website to look stunning and attractive and to be one of the best and the most visited?

…all in hopes of making your website the best it can be to please your visitors is the goal here, making it more convenient for your website users.

Contact Us PageAmazing web design and well written content can impress many visitors. But a website will look odd if there are no contact details about the person who owns it.

If it is a company website which does not have a ‘Contact Us’ page, it can create a bad impression about the company. Moreover, lack of a ‘Contact Us’ page will make the blog or website look fishy or spurious.

Almost all websites have a ‘Home‘ page and an ‘About Us‘ page to clearly mention who they are and what they do. But if the visitors have questions and want to contact you, there should be contact details to answer those questions.

Always create a ‘Contact Us‘ page that can be convenient for the customers to contact you. This is an important page that should be included on your website to help you in running your business smoothly.

The customers should be able to contact you in regards to questions – comments or feedback related to your business.

How To Create A Contact Us Page

Here are 6 tips for you to create an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page.

  1. Make communication easy

    There are many websites with a ‘Contact Us’ page that provide less contact details. What good is a ‘Contact Us’ page when the customers are still not able to get to you?

    The ‘Contact Us’ page should give your customers an easy form of communication with your company. This will only help in attracting more and more customers.

    If questions are left unanswered, nobody will be interested to keep in touch with your company. A relevant ‘Contact Us’ page is the way to reach your customers and understand their needs.

    Therefore, you should provide them with relevant contact details that will help your customers to reach you conveniently.

  2. Provide clear contact details

    Provide a list of contact numbers of different departments of your company. When a customer is visiting your ‘Contact Us’ page, the customer should not be confused about who to call for certain purposes.

    For instance, a customer can become pretty angry if he or she has gone to a ‘Contact Us’ page of a bank’s website and wonders whom to call to get answers to the questions related to their credit card application form that has been submitted online a while ago.

    This shows poor guidance provided by that bank. Proper guidance with clear contact details will be an additional attraction to your ‘Contact Us’ page.

    A typical ‘Contact Us’ page should have a street address (if available), mobile number, landline number, customer care number, and social media contacts like – Twitter, Skype and Facebook.

  3. Ask help from professionals

    If you want to make your ‘Contact Us’ page look more informative rather than a simple one, you can ask professionals to help you in creating an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page with a professional touch.

    Now it is not that hard to add a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website. There are several professional websites that offer ready made contact forms. A website such as freecontactform will offer you help in creating an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page in less time.

    Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow their instructions and create a good ‘Contact us’ page of your choice. Some websites offer this service for free while some of them charge.

  4. List Events and Activities

    You are mistaken in thinking that ‘Contact Us’ should be merely a static page. If you are in a business dealing with lots of presentations, seminars, webinars, tutorials, events and other promotional items, make sure you give these details on the ‘Contact Us’ page as well.

  5. Additional links

    Most people hate to keep scrolling up and down on a website. It will add more convenience for your customers if you add a ‘Contact Us’ button at the top and bottom of your ‘Home’ page. This will avoid causing a whole lot of frustration for your more than busy customers.

    You can also add a ‘Contact Us’ button or link on your ‘About Us’ page that will take the customers to the ‘Contact Us’ page with a single click of the mouse rather than going back to the main page and searching for the ‘Contact Us’ link.

  6. Mention about how your company responds to the customer’s call

    If you want to make your ‘Contact Us’ page more impressive, you can mention about how and when your company will be responding to the customer’s call. If the customers sends an email to your company they should be aware when a reply can be expected.

    If it is a link like “Call Customer Care Service”, the customer should know when your company will get back to them.


Make use of these tips to create a good ‘Contact Us’ page that can help you to promote your business in a better way. Therefore, this page should be well-organized and make it easily accessible to your customers.

When great support and convenience is given to your customers, they will consider using your products and services.

Note: Following the above Contact Us page tips, we will post a list of the best ‘Contact Us’ pages ever. If you have come across any, share them with us below.

What Is Thanksgiving…Really?

In today’s society, I’m wondering what people really think about what the holiday “Thanksgiving” means. It’s not about the pilgrims anymore. Just ask any kid and they’ve probably forgotten or have never been taught about the history except by traditional – moralistic parents such as mine.

I don’t anymore. Is it “politically correct” to teach our kids the real meaning of Thanksgiving? Or…has that been one of those things thrown out with the nativity set and saying “Merry Christmas?” You tell me.

While there are many traditional values that go along with Thanksgiving; turkey – stuffing – football etc., that really doesn’t define Thanksgiving either.

What Is ThanksgivingFor those Income Insider’s readers that follow us, you all know that I have a problem with the direction of our country…and world. Thanksgiving is probably not any different.

I’m sure just like any other holiday with special meaning, there are people somewhere on this planet that will be offended for whatever reason…that’s just the selfish world we live in.

So this post today is all about what the real meaning of Thanksgiving should be about…at least too me.

What Is Thanksgiving?

You know, I’ve actually heard people say they have nothing to be thankful for. How in the hell is that even possible? Really?

I give thanks each and every day for stuff most probably don’t even think about. While it may sound stupid to some, I actually am thankful for things like soap – water – hot coffee – lights etc.. Because without them, well, life wouldn’t be very comfortable I guess and in addition…how many people around the world do not have the luxury of these small things?

So…my answer back to the so called people who say, “I really don’t have anything to be thankful for, my life sucs” I ask them this:

  • Did you wake up this morning? Because some people didn’t.
  • Do you have a Mom or Dad? Because some of us don’t.
  • Are you in the hospital having life-or-death surgery? Because some are.
  • Do you have a roof over your head – clothes on your back and shoes on your feet? Because some don’t.
  • Is your belly full? Because some aren’t.
  • Are you going thirsty? Because some are.
  • Do you have a car or other transportation? Because some don’t.
  • Do you have a husband – wife – girlfriend – boyfriend? Because many are alone.
  • Do you have eyes too see and ears to hear? Because many don’t.
  • Can you talk and express yourself? Because some can’t.
  • Are you walking from place to place? Some can’t.
  • Are you enjoying all the freedoms God gave you? Because some aren’t.
  • Are you warm? Because too many are not.
  • Do you have a family? Many do not.
  • Do you have a job? Because lots do not.
  • Do you have children? Not everyone is blessed with them.
  • Are you happy and content? Because many are depressed and anxious.
  • And this list can go on and on and on…

However, the real meaning is this; If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save us, we couldn’t be thankful for a whole lot. So keep that in mind this Thanskgiving day, would you?

And it shouldn’t be just on Thanksgiving day that we remind ourselves of all the blessings we truly have. Make an attempt to be thankful everyday.

So. Here’s my challenge to ANYBODY: If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, leave a comment below and tell me about it. Seriously. I’d like to hear it.

But here’s the kicker: If you seriously think you have absolutely nothing to be thankful for….well, you just blew it.

If you can leave a comment, you can read and type…and many people cannot. That’s something to be thankful for!

I’d like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving, especially our fine troops and their families. God Bless You!

Leave a comment about what Thanksgiving means too you…

Top 10 Blog Directories of 2011 and 2012

Top 10 Blog DirectoriesDo you have an interesting blog of your own? Well, now it’s time to think where to place your blog where it will be easily visible to all the Internet users and therefore, getting your blog ranked high in the search engines.

Every blogger wants his or her blog to be one of the top listed blogs in the search engines. For that, you will have to index your blogs with a good and well-known blog directory.

Top 10 Blog Directories

Given below is the list of top blog directories of 2011 and 2012.

1. Technorati

Technorati was created by Dave Sifry and launched on November 2002. This top active blog search engine and blog directory has been indexing more than a million blogs by 2008.

Technorati tracks the tags included by the bloggers. These tags are beneficial in categorizing the search results in this blog directory bringing the current ones first. This leading blog directory also provides rating to each blog’s authority. has bagged the SXSW 2006 awards for its Best Technical Achievement and Best of Show. It was also termed as one of the “2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies” by Lead411 that was founded in 2001.

As of November 2011, the Alexa ranking of Technorati is 1,076.

2. BlogCatalog:

It is very easy to get your blogs indexed with this directory without any great effort. The blogs and sites are categorized based on what your blog is about. There are several bloggers who are active users and happy with this blog directory.

BlogCatalog can bring more traffic to your blogs and help to rank your website in a good position. All the bloggers who have their blogs posted on BlogCatalog recommends others to use this blog directory which has an excellent and attractive website design.

All you need to do is to login and submit your URL to

3. BlogGlue:

There are millions of blogs indexed here helping to achieve a huge amount of traffic to your blogs. BlogGlue not only works as a Search Engine Optimization tool but also as a social networking platform, helping millions of users to share their ideas and promote their companies to the present and new audiences. connects the bloggers with the new audiences who have blogs that share similar things with the other’s blogs. It specializes in attracting traffic to your blog through social networking. Here the bloggers help each other by promoting their sites.

4. Blogarama:

If you want to attract more traffic to your blog and develop its popularity, you should consider Blogarama to index your blogs. This blog directory is one of the top listed blog directories chosen by several bloggers.

If you are interested in indexing your blogs with Blogarama you should go to their website and create an account by filling out a small form and hit submit. You will very soon see a good response from the audience. Visit for more information.

5. BlogHints:

This is a big blog directory that approves only blogs and not websites. When you are submitting your blogs, you can choose the category that matches with your blogs and get them indexed on There are free listings such as Featured listings, Regular listings, and Reciprocal listings. But for this, you are required to have a Reciprocal link.

When you are submitting the URL of your blog, you will have to provide the title, URL, and a short description about it and provide META keywords and META description of your blog. The BlogHints staff reviews the submissions made by the bloggers before approving them.

6. Bloggernity:

This blog directory has several thousands of blogs indexed and many more are getting indexed every day. This site is becoming much popular than it was before with more number of new bloggers submitting their blogs on Bloggernity. Unlike BlogHints, Bloggernity does not require reciprocal links for free listings.

You can go to their website and look for their recent news, entertainment and other issues related to their website. You can also take a look at the new bloggers who have indexed their new blogs to become familiar with this website.

7. Bloggapedia:

This is not only a blog directory and search engine but also a social networking site for the bloggers that allows users to connect with others and share ideas and views.

Bloggapedia has special categories that provide good searching results with the keywords that you have entered with the search engine. It gives easy searching for all the users.

You can go to their website and create an account and sign up to submit the URL of your blog and get it indexed quickly.

8. Blogadr:

Blogadr is one of the good blog directories chosen by bloggers to post successfully and drive more traffic to their blogs. You can add your blog to by providing some information required by this website and choose a category that is relevant to your blog.

Once you have filled out their form and submitted, the reviewers of their website will get your blogs listed if all the information is correct and does not contain any spam. You can index your blogs on this well-used blog directory for free.

9. GetBlogs:

This blog directory has more than 25,000 blogs indexed with them. This directory is reviewed and edited by their group of people. There are around 16 main categories and over 167 sub categories. You should choose the appropriate one that is relevant to the content of your blog.

Take a look at to view different blogs that have been indexed categorically which is easy to search for a specific blog. You can submit your blog in this directory for free and get more traffic to your blogs.

10. Ontoplist:

Ontoplist is one of the popular directories that approve blogs as well as websites. There are extra features available for free for all the bloggers who submit their blogs and websites here.

One good feature is the analytical tools that help in checking the progress of your blogs which will be helpful for the bloggers to improve their blogs to attract more traffic. You can also submit your new posts on your blogs and mention about it on Facebook and Twitter by using the ‘Auto-Feed Blog’ feature.

If you are a writer and interested to post your articles, you can promote your writings on this website. You can also share your interests and views with the like-minded bloggers that you will find on


There are several more popular blog directories that are useful in creating huge traffic to your blogs within a few days.

For best results, you can submit your URL to as many blog directories as possible to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog. All you have to do is to choose the best ones for your blog to become popular.

Which blog directories are your favorites?

10 Insightful Tips Towards Affiliate Marketing Success

Becoming successful today isn’t that difficult, you just have to know what to do. Being successful with affiliate marketing is no exception, but you have to learn exactly what it is you need to do to succeed.

Affiliate MarketingThis article has plenty of tips you can use to get the type of success you want from affiliate marketing. If followed, you should reach your goals before you know it.

Learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing. Look up articles like this one on the web and digest all of the information you can. You probably want to write down all of the key facts and ideas that you think can benefit you, so get to doing research. Once you have a good idea of what you should be doing, create your own unique affiliate marketing strategies for success.

10 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Make sure that you’re dealing with products or affiliate programs that you can write and respond about. It’s better to pick a product you know a lot about as opposed to something you know nothing about– it just makes it easier to succeed giving you the ability to keep moving forward.

2. Get people interested in your products with good product descriptions. The more descriptive and benefit oriented of a given product or service…the better.

3. Get people to feel comfortable by being able to respond to the various questions they might have for you. Customers have objections. Being able to overcome their suggestions is half the battle.

4. Search the web and study the different types of affiliate options made available to you. There are many lucrative types to choose from. You can get paid as an affiliate per sale or per lead. Choose wisely to fit your goals.

5. You want to make sure you’re gaining the most profit as possible, so checking how much of a portion you get from helping to sell certain products or services as well as being comfortable with the terms of agreement, are key to being a successful affiliate.

6. Ask friends or experts in the field for advice either with your site or affiliate marketing strategies they might have. Constructive criticism is good, so don’t be shy to tell people what you’re getting into.

7. Having a site that is continuously updated and well maintained is key to having customers feel comfortable when they come visit your site. Make sure you’re on top of having a well managed site that doesn’t seem like a baron wasteland when people come visit.

8. Having good customer support can create great customer loyalty. Make sure you’re good with your customers and you answer all questions as honestly as you can, to the best of your ability.

9. SEOs are great for getting your site visible on various search engines. Make sure you check into good SEO options and see how you can create more exposure for your site.

10. Investing in advertising or tools that can assist you, like professional SEO company, can help you gain more profit in the long run. Don’t be afraid to invest in your business if you feel like it’s going to help you in the long run, just make sure you invest wisely.

You aren’t going to see success right away and you have to keep that in mind. A lot of people become frustrated when they don’t see success a few days after their site has launched.

Remember that it takes time to build customer loyalty. If you’re patient and practice strategies well though, you should have no problem reaching your long term goals.

Staying positive is key when you get yourself into something like affiliate marketing. When you become discouraged and give up, it only leads to loss of time – effort and money. Just keep your head up, look at the positives you’ve accomplished and try to improve on the negatives.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to become successful with affiliate marketing. The tips in this article will only help you if you apply all the information you learned, so do that and you should see success before you know it.