8 Awesome Google AdSense Optimization Tips

AdSense TipsGoogle AdSense needs to be optimized properly to cover good traffic. Google provides various optimization tips on the login page; however, reading all those long tips is very time consuming.

I have researched some of the effective optimization tips for Google AdSense and found that the most effective way to optimize your Google AdSense account is to maintain a record of all changes to your ads and test their performance using multiple AdSense tools… but it is a small aspect to enhance AdSense productivity.

To experience greater results and to boost AdSense earnings, you need to work on further elements.

Google AdSense Optimization Tips To Make More Money With Adsense

1. Improve the look of ads in your Google AdSense:

Ads in your Google AdSense should look like as they are a part of the webpage. For this, you should avoid the use of highly contrasting colors, use fonts that are easily readable, font size should be normal and lastly, ads should be placed near the images to disguise that they are adverts. The design and theme of the website should not be dissimilar.

Effect – Implementing this practice will avoid your ads from being tagged as “ignored.” Also, your ads will be clicked more often.

2. Use a heat map:

The biggest question arises after formatting ads is “where these ads should be placed to attract maximum attention?” Heat map is an online tool that helps in finding out the hot spots for placing ads to cover maximum hits.

However, you can also do it manually by placing ads towards the upper or center region of the page. I believe that if you place ads immediately after the introduction or image, it attracts a better click-thru rate.

Effect – Placing ads at the center or at the right hand side will surely enhance the number of hits on the ads as compared to those ads that are placed at the bottom and left bottom side of the webpage.

3. Make use of Link Units:

Google AdSense has introduced “link units” to add a “menu system.” It helps in providing online user control panel for the website. Adding “Google link units” will surely increase traffic to your ads. Also, it should be used at the top of the webpage to get better performance.

Even if there is an effective outcome of “link units,” there is also a controversial aspect to all straightforward ads and thus, it has multiple links to Web Pages of actual ads.

After using link units, if visitors click on some ads, “link units” provide links of some other ads and displays the message – “click here” – to get more details about the particular advertisement.

Effect – “Menu system” will help in controlling webpage activities and “Google link units” will help in getting huge clicks for your ads on the webpage. It indirectly enhances AdSense revenue to almost double by providing multiple ad links on a single advertisement.

4. Practice manual ad formatting:

Most of the AdSense users are not familiar with the optimized format of ads. Google provides massive choices from large sized ads to banner ads. All such ads need to be split tested properly before placing them on the web page permanently. See the before and after Adsense screen shots.

Testing includes types of ad formatting – an important tool needed to modify ad sizes. Various online tools provide numerous ad formats, but are not effective because they are automated tools to provide ad formats according to ad sizes only.

If you manually practice to optimize ad formats not only according to the ad size but also according to the type of ads, it will help in increasing your AdSense revenue.

Effect – Manual ad formatting by considering size as well as type of ad provides more traffic to placed ads as compared to the traffic on ads placed by automatic ad formatting tools.

5. Monitor CTR records:

“Click through Ratio” or CTR keeps record of the number of clicks and number of page hits on the AdSense account. Taking note of this CTR is essential because it directly affects our AdSense earnings account.

It helps in ensuring that whether our AdSense account is good enough to generate money or not. If not, we should optimize the website and ads to get traffic. Use “Google Statics” to get details regarding the number of visitors on the websites. It enables you to track the performance of all verified AdSense websites.

Effect – It will help in locating problems associated with the low traffic on any particular webpage or website. Also, it ensures how much efforts are still required to earn money from AdSense.

6. Optimize your web page:

A webpage or website attached to the AdSense account needs to be optimized properly to cover a good number of hits on the web page and thousands of clicks on associated ads. For this, you have to optimize the web page content with top ranking keyword research to make it relevant enough to generate profit.

You should also work hard on Metatags to ensure visitors that they will get some informative content on the website.

Effect – This is the best alternative to optimize a Google AdSense account. Also, it provides relevant information to the visitors and thus, enforces AdSense revenue.

7. Use Google AdWords to avoid non-related ads:

While visiting websites on the Internet, you might have observed that various websites have related ads on their web pages. For example, if a website is all about clothing, it will show ads of discount programs on various brands of clothes. “Google AdWords” is the ultimate source to get related ads to your web page attached to the AdSense account.

Effect – With the help of “Google AdWords,” we can target specific and related ads on our website to grab the number of clicks.

8. Do some ongoing optimization work:

This is also a good source to optimize AdSense without disturbing its ongoing activities. Google AdSense provides “Competition Filter” option in your AdSense manager. It allows removing unwanted websites from ads being displayed. It also filters your website from unrelated and unwanted ads.

Effect – Without practicing this option, your AdSense performance cannot be optimized properly. The more targeted your earnings are with Google Ads, the more chances to make money easily.

Optimizing AdSense account is really a challenge for people who are not aware of all these essential tips. Acquiring these AdSense tips will help you in getting your website or blog a better search engine ranking.

You can practice some temporary activities like making a list of all unwanted ads and banners, reminding you to clear all these ads from your AdSense filter. Also, you should find some useful and most searched for information to be displayed on your webpage to bring in more visitors. Regular updates on the website linked with AdSense is also essential. With regular visitors on your website, you can be earning money with google adSense.

I hope these AdSense optimization tips and information will help you in finding some profiting efforts to apply for optimizing your AdSense account. Good Luck!

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Top 15 Web Hosting Platforms

Operating Systems: It is the operating system of a computer that establishes the coordination between hardware and software. In order to make optimum use of your resources you need to have an operating system. Operating system works as a medium, between computer hardware and user.

Top Web HostingInstructions given by the user in order to fulfill the desired purpose are handled and explained to hardware resources by the operating system.

Now for home usage the most commonly used hosting programs are Windows offered by Microsoft.

Web Hosting Platform: Web hosting programs require different types of operating systems different than those for normal usage. The purpose of general windows operating system is to perform normal user tasks but unlike these, a web hosting platform is required to host a website; therefore, special web hosting systems are used.

In order to choose the best web hosting platform, you need to have a general awareness towards the technologies used with the web hosting programs.

Normally web hosting platforms not only need an operating system but also web server software is also required in order to render the pages of different websites active. IIS or internet information services and Apache for all platforms are the most popularly used web server software.

Top 15 Web Hosting Platforms:

Following is the list of the top web hosting platforms today commonly used all over the globe for hosting websites…

1) Hostgator (hostgator.com):

It is one of the better web hosting platforms that can be accessed at the monthly cost of 4.95$. Offering unlimited data space with any number of emails and no limit over bandwidth, it also offers features like reseller hosting, unlimited domains, CPanel and WHM manager with unlimited MySQL. It has been in service for international customers for the past 9 years. It has an amazing script installer. It has been ranked among one of the best web hosting programs.

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2) Blue Host (bluehost.com):

Though it’s not free, there is a small general monthly fee of 6.95$ but you can enjoy it with the offered cost of 3.95$ and get unlimited benefits. It has been rated as the world’s tenth best and one of the most rapidly growing web hosting platform. It is the best PHP host with its newer version. It is a responsible host and the support staff with Blue Host is quick. It provides you access to SSH and regular and fast access to your account. It offers you unlimited space, emails and bandwidth.

3) Host Monster (hostmonster.com):

It is another popular web hosting program with a monthly cost of 7.95$ but can be available at the special rate of 3.95$. It also offers unlimited emails, bandwidth and space. It has been in the competition since 2005 and it is a widely used web hosting platform globally. It offers unlimited website hosting features, PHP hosting of websites, features like spam protection and runs extremely faster with CGI. It also offers refunds anytime and allows SSH access. It has average hold time of little less than 2 minutes.

4) Network Solution (networksolutions.com):

It is another top web hosting platform offering some excellent features. It is an old dog in the webhosting industry; it has been here since 1979. It charges $3.99 monthly to use all the features. Just like other Web hosting services you are offered unlimited space with emails and bandwidth. It offers domain name registration and has real people employed for solving customer problems rather than a virtual automated staff. It serves a wide range of organizations from large to a smaller scale. It offers its users hosting of 3 domains, greater plans and services for bigger traffic on the website, business services like SSL and merchant.

5) IX Web Hosting (ixwebhosting.com):

It is a comparatively older web hosting platform. It has been in the business since 1999. The cost of using IX Web Hosting is $3.95 at offered rate and $6.95 normally. Unlike other web hosting platforms it does not offer unlimited emails and has a limit of 3GB space. Though it offers unlimited space for other features and also unlimited bandwidth. With this webhosting platform, you can host unlimited websites. It also provides a 7 days free trial. It is equipped with newest PHP and MySQL. There are add-on services also available with this. You are also given an option to upgrade to a higher plan.

6) JustHost (justhost.com):

JustHost has been around since 2002 offering various special features of web hosting. It allows the users unlimited space, bandwidth and email. It offers a three year plan but the monthly fee is 4.95. It has features like unlimited website hosting and you can have a free domain forever with JustHost. It has PHP5 web hosting and also offers toll free customer support. Speed of 400GB per second is tremendously great. You are given $50 free ad credits for your website. It also offers anytime cancellation and refunds.

7) GreenGeeks (greengeeks.com):

It is comparatively a newer giant in the industry of web hosting but has become popular due to the feature it offers to the customers. It has been offering web hosting services from 2004 and the services provided by GreenGeeks are at the monthly cost of 4.95. With GreenGeeks you can host unlimited websites. You are given unlimited space, bandwidth and email space. Latest CPanel, MySQL and PHP are available with GreenGeeks.

8) SiteCloud (sitecloud.com):

Starting last year, SiteCloud has made its place among the top 15 web hosting platforms. Costing just 5.95 per month, you are offered some top class features with SiteCloud. It offers unlimited GB space for users and unlimited bandwidth with unlimited email space. It is the first web hosting service provider with load balanced. One will never get suspended. Hosting of unlimited websites is offered with SiteCloud.

9) EasyCGI (easycgi.com):

EasyCGI cost you 7.95 per month. It doesn’t offer unlimited email space and bandwidth. MySQL, latest PHP and data centers are offered at 4 sources. It also offers in-house support and outsourcing is not what you will find with Easy CGI. It also offers free ad credits for premium users.

10) HostUpon (hostupon.com):

HostUpon was started from 2001 and has been constantly providing web hosting services. It offers very affordable rates and services are most convenient. It offers 30 days money back guarantee to the users. SSH access, faster PHP, CGI and unlimited space, bandwidth and unlimited emails are some of the key features of HostUpon.

11) HostClear (hostclear.com):

It has been constantly providing excellent web hosting services for the last couple of years. The cost you will have to bear with HostClear is 19.95 per month. It offers you unlimited space. Bandwidth offered is also unlimited with HostClear. It provides a money back guarantee to its users and also offers reseller support.

12) InMotion (inmotionhosting.com):

It is an award winning webhosting provider and has been in the industry for quite some time. With ever increasing number of people using the Internet, reliable web hosting platforms are required more and more every day. Therefore, it creates the need of a better web hosting websites. It requires a monthly payment for using InMotion Hosting.  It uses CPA commission and offers tracking of software. It also offers faster PHP with unlimited space and emails with bandwidth.

13) SuperGreen Hosting (supergreenhosting.com):

One of the best features of a web hosting platform should be no restriction over the space and SuperGreen Hosting Offers unlimited space, bandwidth and emails. It charges 19.95 per month. Just like other web hosting platforms, you are offered a money back guarantee. You will discover ease of use with SuperGreen Hosting because of the features it offers. Greener servers consume lesser power in comparison to other general web hosting servers which makes the use of SuperGreen Hosting extremely convenient to use. Plans offered by SuperGreen are one of the biggest today. All the superb features offered by SuperGreen can be enjoyed at a very affordable current rate on offer, that is, 3.95 monthly.

14) IPage (ipage.com):

IPage has been awarded as one of the top 15 web hosting platforms in the year 2010. Services offered by IPage are very affordable since one only has to pay 3.95 per month in order to enjoy the benefits of many great services and features. You can enjoy unlimited space with IPage. Transfer rate is superb, and emails and bandwidth is also unlimited when you are using IPage. It offers Green Hosting. You can use the Drag and Drop function of site builder to create fabulous websites.

15) FatCow (fatcow.com):

FatCow has also been among the top 15 web hosting platforms in recent times. With FatCow, you are offered some great features. It runs on faster PHP and the transfer rate is excellent. You are given unlimited space in order to make the best use. Bandwidth and emails are also unlimited with FatCow. You will be charged 4.67 per month in order to use the benefits of using FatCow services. It offers 100% wind power and there are various online store building tools.

Selection of the Best Operating System for Web Hosting:

There are various operating systems used for webhosting like Windows, UNIX and Linux. They all have their pros and cons. With Windows, you will enjoy easier management of server. Windows operation system is used because of its easy to use environment.

Click and Point and extremely user friendly graphic user interface (GUI) makes it the first choice. Though there are definite advantages of using Windows but one of the bigger cons is its expense in comparison to other OS. It ultimately increases the cost of web hosting.

Another problem is that portability with Windows is extremely difficult. If you are looking for an operating system for your web hosting platform which is easy to port and switch in other OS then you should not consider Windows.

Other disadvantages with Windows are the security risks that is normally not a big problem with other operating systems available.

If you are looking for an operating system for web hosting server, you must have a look at what UNIX offers you. It is considered as the father of all current operating systems. It is one of the most reliable operating systems available today. It supports the hardware offered by IBM and Sun Microsystems. Thus with the UNIX system, you can work with a tremendously longer period in comparison to others especially windows OS and that too without any memory or security leak.

However, with UNIX too its expensiveness is the biggest problem. Maintenance and configuring UNIX is also highly complicated… thus it requires experts.

You may also consider Linux operating system for web hosting since it does not have a higher cost as that of Windows and UNIX. It offers you great reliability and performance has been constantly greater. But the disadvantage one has with Linux is that it’s too complicated to configure and maintain.

The mentioned website hosting platforms are those which are popular today. Though there are some other well known web hosting platforms available, they are now not used frequently.

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4 Halloween Controversies…What Do They Have in Common?

Halloween…a night that used to be set aside for kids to enjoy going house to house gathering candy, wearing fun or scary costumes to disguise themselves and a little touch of frightening fun.

Halloween ControversyI remember when I was little (mid 60’s to early 70’s)…looking forward to dressing up and heading out into the darkness, searching for the best candy to be dropped into my decorated pillow case and eating it for the next week or two.

We were watched by our parents and actually the entire neighborhood parents watched all of us. The porch lights were all lit and even the cops passed out pretzels while they slowly rode the streets, scanning for maybe a little vandalism…smashed pumpkins.

Halloween was definitely a night for fun back then.

Now it’s 2011 Halloween…what in the world has happened to such an innocent, fun, kids night out?

Halloween Controversy. Surprise, surprise!

Just like everything else these days, society has turned something good and wholesome into ridiculous opinions – being offensive or simply just not politically acceptable.

I was scanning the news clips and articles and found some interesting Halloween controversies;

1) Changing the Holiday from Oct.31st to Saturdays: (Article from The Week)

One lawmaker says it’s time to change tradition. Connecticut state Rep. Tim Larson (D) wants the state legislature to permanently designate the last Saturday in October as the night for trick-or-treating. He says that would make the holiday easier for parents, because they wouldn’t have to dash home from work when Halloween falls on a weekday. Plus, he says, Halloween is a $7 billion a year industry, so anything that makes it run more smoothly will create jobs.

My comment…

Create jobs? Wow…if that’s the best our government can do on the job front, we’re definitely in some serious, deep trouble.

Change tradition? I can’t for the life of me understand why some “lawmakers” want to change tradition. Sounds like it would just make it easier for him. They need to stick to the real issues facing our country instead of worrying about what day Halloween is celebrated.

Also, if parents would race home to get their kids dressed and out the door like my parents did, they just might consider this family time? Remember that? I wonder how my parents did it with 5 of us year after year.I didn’t realize I was putting them out…give me a break.

2) Costumes: “Sexy Anorexia” (CNN Health)

Anna Rexia.

The Anna Rexia costume features a black bodysuit style dress with a glittery, silk-screened skeleton print, bone headband, heart name tag, measuring tape ribbon belt, and the most shocking accessory of all – a matching measuring tape choker! We’re not sure if the costume manufacturer intended for the choker to be a pun.

Alicia Brockwell, told CNN that the designer is no longer with the company.

“We understand that some people will not find the dark humor funny,” said Brockwell. “Or that they are sensitive to the topic it addresses. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and would never want to cause harm to anyone. Dreamgirl is a company run by women for women. Halloween is an eccentric and irreverent holiday for people to express themselves in a myriad of ways. While some people may not like a particular costume – it is a matter of taste and personal discretion.”

My comment…

No parent in their right mind would put such a costume on one of their small daughters. Period.

3) Cedar Point Attraction:(Fox 8 News)

The Ohio Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness is calling on Cedar Point to shut down the haunted Halloween attraction, “Dr. D. Mented Asylum for the Criminally Insane.”

It is a walk-though display that features scores of room, including one showing a skinless patient lying in agony on a gurney, a crazed woman in a mask and straight-jacket , and a man grimacing in pain, strapped to an electric chair.

“I would hope that they would close this ride,” Michael Baskin, the executive director of NAMI Cleveland said.

The organization believes showing people suffering from mental illness as demonic and deranged perpetuates negative, old-fashioned stereotypes and crosses the line.

“Taking advantage, in a way ,of a population that is in need of care and this is careless,” Baskin said.

Cedar Point Spokesman Robin Innes said the attractions do not portray reality and did not mean to offend anyone. Innes defended the haunted asylum display, saying people who visit the park know the displays don’t represent reality. “A lot of it originates from the old 50s movies. So, we are just giving a retro-effect on that and it’s not our intent to disrespect anybody with mental illness,” Innes said.

My comment…

This kind of thing has been around forever. Take the devil…many young kids portray this character by wearing a red suit of some sort and carrying a pitch fork. Or, dressing up like a hobo. Kids aren’t making fun of homeless people. In their innocent minds, it’s just a character…

4) Halloween Billboard Stirs Controversy On North Side « (CBS Pittsburgh)

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As many as 70 billboards have gone up in the area promoting a place called the Haunted Hayloft.

It’s an attraction in Somerset County, where they re-enact a double-hanging that occurred there in the 1890′s.

But, one of the billboards on Perrysville Avenue on Pittsburgh’s North Side has its critics. The reason is the billboard shows a shadow-like figure hanging from a tree.

“I know that billboard is not representing Halloween and it’s in a neighborhood that is 99 percent black – right in front of project housing where there is no whites,” Brandon Humphrey told KDKA-TV. “I think it’s offensive.”

Other people say they didn’t see it that way.

“My honest reaction when I first saw it, I thought it was like a Halloween thing, but I could see how some people could take it the wrong way – they might take it racially when it’s not meant that way,” Angela Robins, a North Side resident, said.

“People need to grow up and realize it’s Halloween and stop taking stuff so serious,” Latonir Gray said.

My comment…

Listen. Can you see what these controversies have in common?

It’s no longer about our kids. It’s about adults taking what used to be a kids holiday and molding it into their own holiday however, screwing that up too.

Tell me, what holiday is “just for kids” anymore? Not Easter – Christmas – Halloween…

Can’t we let our kids be kids for a change without adults taking control? We’re cramming sex of all kinds and political views of all kinds down their throats at very early ages and now, taking away their innocent fun.

My final suggestion:

If adults want to play dress up for Halloween, do it on that “Saturday” that Democrat Tim Larson wants so badly and leave Oct.31st for trick-or-treat…For Kids Only.

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5 Ways a Website Without Products Makes Money

With the vast increase in population, the requirement of products and services has increased. Similarly, there is also an increase in the number of small businesses. People all over the world are earning money; today we are talking about your standard of living. How does a man achieve a high standard of life?

make money without sellingIt’s by better food, clothing, education, and other services. All these require better services and products, which ultimately means bigger and global business. Today, with the development of mass means of communication and information technology, the world has become a smaller place.

Man is not limited to business within a country. Business is global today; e-commerce is the modern version of business. We are trading over the Internet. Online business has made it possible for people of different countries to make transactions with people residing in other countries…

Today the Internet business is growing by leaps and bounds with an ever increasing number of websites. Thus, one needs to have some products to sell and the Internet is a great source of earning money.

But how can a website that does not sell products make money? Is there anything for them to make money without selling products? Well, There is.

There are millions of websites today which do not have any product to sell; still they are making tremendous amounts of money. They actually provide services and charge those who enjoy the benefits of these services.

Generally these sites are meant to offer some kind of useful service like reverse cell phone look up where one provides the details like the name and address of the numbers a service user pays for… Other services are like booking show tickets, providing subscription services where one enjoys certain benefits and pays some annual or monthly charges.

See these websites don’t have any product to sell but still they make use of the services they offer in order to make money. Another way of doing so is to advertise those who are providing services or selling any kind of products either over the Internet or through the local business bureau.

5 ways to make money without selling any product

  • Blog/Information Site:

A blog/information site generally offers informative content over some definite keywords or topics. Usually these services are free for a limited amount of time. In order to make full use of these websites, you need to be a premium member and therefore, you will be charged to access the full website and its features.

For instance, if you search “business reports” on Google, you will see various websites selling high end business reports for a small amount. Non members can access these sites for, let’s say, one month at no cost or just get a chosen business report preview. Now if you want full access, you either buy those reports or become a permanent member. This is how an information-related service blog/website works.

Some content-based websites also invites bloggers to write paid posts. The posts contain useful information; you may also get expert knowledge over various topics. These services are hugely popular and have been a great way to make money in recent time. Bloggers are hired to submit their posts and make money.

Many websites earn money through providing posts and newsletters to their subscribed members.

  • SEO Websites:

These websites offer search engine optimization (SEO) services and provide articles on various topics. Here also, content writers from all over the world are hired and invited to submit their articles to these websites and are paid when articles are accepted.

SEO service websites work with unique content and other technical marketing skills to help other businesses in improving their website ranking. The working pattern works in tandem with how the search engine works and ranks websites. These websites are extremely useful since it provides an excellent service to business websites and the website content written by these professional and skilled content writers are helpful in increasing the number of visitors’ everyday.

With a better search engine ranking, a business website improves and businesses get better customer leads.

  • AdSense:

This is a comparatively newer way of making money from a website without actually selling any product. These are the websites which allow the networkers to automatically attach rich text, images, videos and other content to create ads. These are generally paid for per click. These advertisements contain a link attached with the website URL.

Hyper linking has become a popular source to earn money as well. It solves the question of how a website that does not sell products make money. There is also AdSense for mobile sites and search that provides advertisements attached with some popular websites. You are paid for showing the Adsense on your websites.

  • Attached Advertisement:

One of the popular and bigger sources of revenue for a website to make money is to advertise. Advertisement over the Internet has been the greatest source of making money ever. Generally these websites offer advertisement services either for other websites offering services or products or for promotional purposes.

Promotion of different products over the Internet has become a tremendous source of attraction and gaining revenues.

  • Text Links:

One way or the other, the most common source of making money over the Internet without selling any product is to make your website visitors aware about current trending topics and you are paid by those whom you are providing information. One of the ways of doing so is Text Links.

Text links are another kind of advertisement that you click and another tab or window will open containing the website address of that text link. It works on the idea of hyper linking with the URL of some other website residing within the text shown.

Though selling products has been and still is the main source of making money and operating business over the Internet, there are other ways to earn money too. How a website that does not sell products make money depends on what tactics it applies. There are many advertising or promotional services where you promote the services of others.

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Top 10 Ways to Make SEO Reader-Friendly

People are information addicts. Every day, they wander to upgrade themselves with the latest happenings around the world. Searching online for global updates and happenings is the best alternative.

SEO FriendlyArticles, blogs, discussion boards and others are some of the best online agents which provide every bit of information available. Thus, it is vital for them to be reader-friendly. Also, maintaining a balance between the reader and search engine optimization (SEO) is equally important.

Making web content SEO friendly is not enough to attract readership. It takes some time to earn credibility. The initial priority for reader friendly SEO is to provide completely unique content for readers. Use of effective words within the published content creates blogs that are interesting to read.

Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines are quite smart to imagine what users expect while reading an article or blog. For the writer, it is vital to know about the search engine criteria for content optimization. Indexed and categorized contents make blogs more informative for readers.

Following are the top 10 ways to make SEO reader – friendly without going overboard:

1. Relevancy in content:

Relevancy is like a bridge between a blog title and the contents of the blog or article. The blog title is just a single sentence description of overall content in the blog. Therefore, the blog title should be able to define what the readers can expect to know about in the blog. Also, the blog title should be catchy. It should be able to describe itself as the solution of what the reader is looking for. In short, balance between the blog title and the blog contents while staying relevant.

Tips to implement relevancy in SEO content is that the writer should decide the blog title first. It will help the writer to write related information in the blog according to its title. Also, the blog content should be informative and should be able to hold the reader’s attention.

2. Don’t extend content too much:

Bloggers, who are not aware of SEO specifics, describe too much in their blogs. They should understand that the Internet is the world of information and resources. Generally, readers avoid those blogs or articles which are not informative and relevant, and which are excessively long to read.

Reading long blog posts or articles takes too much time to collect information. Writing descriptive information in a single blog post is not smart enough to hold the reader’s attention span for very long. If the blog post is long, the content can be split into separate blogs.

3. Describe your content with examples:

This is the easiest and the most effective technique to attract readers to your blogs. Writing about real life experiences and relevant examples in the blog is not a difficult task.

Certain experiences from daily life, practically implemented concepts, some imagination and thoughts are great examples which can be implemented while writing any informative blogs. Finding such stuff can make the blog immensely SEO reader-friendly as there is a sense of establishing a connection with real audiences.

4. High keyword analysis:

Keywords play the most important role in making SEO content readable. Nobody can type complete query on Google search bar, if he/she knows the key to get information easily.

Keywords are a group of words that help to filter relevant information on search engine results. Thus, if there is no proper keyword analysis, associated content will be hidden from the reader. If a blogger wants to make his post perfectly reader-friendly, doing strong keyword research and implementing those keywords in the blog is mandatory.

5. Avoid unwanted keyword stuffing:

Good keyword research while writing blog posts is essential, but stuffing unwanted keywords or a large quantity of keywords in a small blog is worthless. Some bloggers believe that having a good number of keywords in a blog is good enough to optimize the blog and make it reader-friendly but the facts prove otherwise.

Bloggers should avoid unwanted and excessive use of keywords in writing blogs. Standard keyword density is maximum 3% of the total number of words in a blog. Practicing this standard keyword usage will create a reader-friendly blog.

6. Use CMS:

CMS is the content management software used in providing a reader friendly layout of the blog. Various content management software is available online and the blogger should choose a CMS depending on the requirements of the blog.

Along with this, the blogger should try to avoid the use of dark or blurred layouts. A reader friendly blog should look appealing to the eyes while reading it. Its layout should not be messy and chaotic to search and surf. The best blogger is one who knows that the layout of the blog is equally important as the content.

7. Avoid direct marketing in blogs:

Some bloggers use direct marketing strategies via blogging. This is the worst marketing strategy used to attract customers. Smart bloggers will never indicate any direct marketing endeavors within the blogs.

In fact, if the blogger is promoting any product, the blogger only describes the product’s features and specifications. Also Google AdSense, which is a well known online earning source, doesn’t allow direct marketing via proposed blogs.

Direct marketing by providing websites link into blogs is worthless. Even readers avoid reading such blog posts.

8. Provide information collecting references:

A professional blogger always tries to provide the maximum amount of information to the reader in his short blogs. Even if the blogger is unable to fit the desired information in a single blog, the blogger can give a reference link to collect additional information.

In some cases, it is not always possible to describe every word. Those words or phrases which are not easy to define should be directed with some references.

9. Add quotes within content:

Adding some quotations in blogs can attract people to read your blog. SEO specifics do not prohibit the use of quotations.  Considering this aspect, if a blogger puts quotes in the blog, it will look nicer to the reader as you can see in lessons you can learn from Steve Jobs.

10. Link multiple information:

Descriptive content cannot hold the reader’s attention for a long time. Instead, if the blogger wants to give detailed information, the blogger should continue it in the next blog. The blogger has to ensure that the consequent blogs are related to the original blog and that the blogs are accurately linked together. Readers should not feel tired to read detailed information coming from extended blogs; each page should reveal something new.

The blogger should never publish copied contents or PLR articles in the blog. Google SEO rules do not allow this. Also, readers always expect to get something unique in blogs. Readers never visit copied blogs to waste their time. Moreover, the blogger should provide targeted information.

A blogger cannot expect instant returns from blogging. If the blog is good and the blogger begins to sell products and services online, the established blog will come in handy to get good traction.  If the blogger dedicates himself to his readers, he can increase web traffic to his website and can grow his business.

Follow all the above tips and guidelines carefully and make your blog reader friendly.

Any other tips? Leave them below…

Top 20 Blogs of the World

A blog is not only for sharing family news or a way to share thoughts; it now approaches business and shares everyday information to the world.

Top 20 BlogsWhile creating any blog with the purpose of sharing information, a blogger needs to have expertise and passion in creating blogs which has enough potential, both content-wise and technically, to stand apart in a huge battle of blogs seen today.

There are only a handful of blogs today which rank at the top in search engine results. These handfuls of sites are the ones where readers rush to… first thing in the morning.

Before I write my list of the top 20 blogs of the world, I tried to find some certain essential tips to situate your blog in the top 20 blog’s list.

  • Blog content is the primary part of the article and therefore, it should be informative enough according to certain selected and relevant keywords.
  • The blog presentation should not bore the reader. The blog title and blog content should be best fitted to each other.
  • Sufficient information in a limited word count is good enough to generate good rankings for the blog. You don’t need to write a lengthy thesis, unless required by the topic, to rank the content higher in search engines.
  • Readers always wander to the best informative blog according to their keyword searches. Giving your readers keyword-centric content without compromising the original intent of the blog impresses readers a lot.

Now, let’s find out which blogs have achieved the top on the Internet.

Top 20 blogs of the world chosen by online readers

TechCrunch [techcrunch.com]

It was launched in 2005. Initially it was only a blog about the dotcom start-ups in Silicon Valley, but with the tremendous response the blog started receiving from visitors, it has become the most visited and influential blog on the Internet.  The blog was based on the technology updates of 2005. Readers have highly appreciated this effort and today TechCrunch has acquired its domain and converted into a website which provides its readers the latest technology updates.

TechCrunch was written by Michael Arrington. The blog now holds the top rank in technology-related search engine queries and Arrington is now in the list of the 25 most influential people on the web.

Gawker [gawker.com]

Nick Denton launched Gawker in 2002 and is a New York based blog of ‘snarky’ commentary about media. Earlier, its fascination was on the gossips about Anna Wintour who was a Vogue editor. But this set a tone for amassing huge readership of movers and shakers on the Upper East Side. Within months, Gawker got more than 500,000 views per month. Today, this blog is considered among the top blogs of the world.

Treehugger [treehugger.com]

Treehugger has attracted 1.7 million web users in the first month. It is a consumer blog with the mission to bring sustainable lifestyle to the masses. It is at the 3rd position in the world’s top blogs. Today, it has various staff and a team of 43 writers from various backgrounds. These bloggers generate 40 new posts everyday in more than 8 categories, ranging from travel and fashion to science and technology. In the beginning, this blog was created as a MBA assignment in the year 2007, but with the successful outcome in a short period of time, it is now earning huge income from its sponsorship.

Beppe Grillo [beppegrillo.it]

Beppe Grillo is at the 4th position in the most visited blog category. The blog title is defined on the name of its writer, Mr. Beppe Grillo, the famous Italian comedian as well as a political commentator. He was infuriated by financial scandals and corruption plaguing his nation, which acted as a motivational factor to start his own blog as a means to educate the masses.

This blog requests users to declare independence and to help people of Germany in fighting corruption. The main motto of Grillo is to put an end to sycophancy and bring in a government through innovative initiative that will actively engage itself in developing Germany.

Students for a free Tibet (SFT) [studentsforafreetibet.org]

This blog is dedicated to protest online on the platform provided through Student for Free Tibetor SFT. It was globally acclaimed by student networks from various universities which helped the participants to actively campaign for a free Tibet.  Most of the students in Tibet got arrested for posting on this website and after they were released, they blogged about their experience of living in exile. These experiences, read by millions, helped the movement to gather momentum. This blog nowadays gets more than 100,000 hits in one month.

Holy Moly [holymoly.com]

This UK blog has attracted 752,000 visitors last month by its innovative and creative blogs on celeb gossip. Holy Moly is an established resource for news readers and is popularly known for its daily famous slot ‘News from the Molehill.’

Go Fug Yourself [gofugyourself.com]

Fug is the contradiction of ‘ugly,’ but these three words practically helped in growing the entire fugging industry. On this blog, celebrity styles or elegance are written about, and it is made sure that the bloggers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan “fugged” the celebs fashion styles.

The Offside [theoffside.com]

The Offside was written by Bob after getting a tremendous response from his World Cup Blog in 2006. This blog covers every action from the football world and explores it globally. It gathers news and videos of every national and international football tournament and promotes various match reports and highlights to the world. The Offside is considered as the best soccer review blog of the world and the most relevant in the services it is offering.

WoWinsider [wow.joystiq.com]

WoWinsider is the blog about the most popular multiplayer game on the Internet ‘the World of Warcraft.’ This blog covers more than 10 million paid subscriptions and provides information about how to control avatar in the game. It also explores information regarding facing the monsters, building skills and performing quests. The best part of this blog is that it also reports about outside rumors and developments.

AfterEllen [afterellen.com]

AfterEllen performed an irreverent look on media representation for lesbian communities. It was introduced by the lesbian pop-culture leader Sarah Warn in 2002. The name of the blog ‘AfterEllen’ gives a nod to the most groundbreaking moment of Ellen DeGeneres when she came out on her famous TV show, Ellen in 1997. After this, bisexual and lesbian women started moving from margins on primetime TV shows. The blog analyzes every aspect of their life and shows how they are actually portrayed. Today, the blog is the most viewed website for the lesbian community and is highly appreciated worldwide.

Petite Anglaise [petiteanglaise.com]

The popular book on British shelves, ‘In Paris, in love, in trouble’ has been beautifully described on the Internet by Catherine Sanderson in her blog Petite Anglaise in 2004.

This blog was highly appreciated worldwide and especially by those people who followed her way of life in Paris. It was a blog about the writer’s life and her strained relationship with her love. The blog covers plenty of drama in a year of relationship which had broken up and also about the time when she got a new partner who wooed her on the web.

Chez Pim [chezpim.com]

Chez Pim is attracting millions of people everyday. The blogger, Pim Techamuanvivit has tested and tried a lot of food from restaurants to street food zones and taken their samples. In this blog, she posted her thoughts and food images and shared them with the world. In her blog, she provides various recipe suggestions, various cooking equipments and others to add more taste to the food. The blog is greatly loved by the people. Pim is not only famous on the web; she also enjoys global coverage in media through her recipes and interviews in the New York Times.

Basic Thinking [basicthinking.de]

The blog has been rated as the 12th most popular blog in the world. It is presented with the tag line ‘Mein Haus, Mein Himmel, Mein Blog’, written by Robert Basic from Germany which means ‘a blog, which no one has blogged before.’ Basic Thinking provides information regarding technology odds and ends. All the latest technology updates and their pros and cons are available on this blog. The author has a team of 12 people to cover every news and happenings in the world of technology. Basic Thinking has tied up with top technology based companies of the world to syndicate its content. All these companies provide happenings about their companies to publish on the blog.

Engadget [engadget.com]

This blog provides all the latest news, rumors and updates on all kinds of gadgets available. It is the most viewed and popular blog on electronics and gadget items. People can find images of their favorite gadgets and can see their reviews on this blog. Engadget was written by Peter Rojas and it was awarded the best Web Blog in 2005. The blog is now authorized by Weblogs Inc. and attached with numerous sites and RSS feeds. It publishes in almost all popular languages like Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Jezebel [jezebel.com]

As compared to all other best blogs of the world, Jezebel is the newest. The blog aimed to become the most viewed women’s magazine and it succeeded very quickly. The regular views on the blog worldwide have given it a huge amount of traffic and fantastic feedbacks from the viewers. Today, Jezebel offers the best female oriented writing on the Internet.

Gaping Void [gapingvoid.com]

Hugh MacLeod, while working as an adman in a small company, had started doodling acerbic and surreal cartoons on the back of business cards. Afterwards, he started this practice on the Internet by creating a blog ‘Gapping Void.’ Luckily, he got fabulous response from the people across the globe and this blog enjoys the 16th position in the list of world’s famous blogs.

Jonny B’s Private Secret Diary [privatesecretdiary.com]

The 17th most popular blog of the world is ‘Jonny B’s private secret diary.’ It was launched in 2003 to catalogue the rocks and bowls lifestyle of the men living in the depths of the rural Norfolk. This blog describes the tales of scary nights at village pubs and fortunes of local bowls team. Its fan page on Facebook has attracted a loyal band of readers…

Chocolate and Zucchini [chocolateandzucchini.com]

The author Clothilde Dusoulier, when asked about the fact behind her blog name ‘Chocolate and Zucchini,’ beautifully described that ‘the zucchini illustrates my focus on healthy and natural eating… and the chocolate represents my decidedly marked taste for anything sweet.’ This is a cooking blog which was appreciated worldwide and soon became a full-time career for the author. This blog is a mixture of views on gastronomic Paris, bilingual writing and a conversational description which pulls in thousands of readers everyday. With its success, the author wrote various books and blogs to establish a dream career as a food writer.

Crooked Timber [crookedtimber.org]

This blog is a combination of political and academic writing which evolved its way into a huge discussion forum, after its conception in 2003. It has the combination of various intellectual blogs and has 16 members across Europe,Australia and the US. The blog and its associated website built themselves as an intellectual powerhouse on the web.

Dirtydirty Dancing [dirtydirtydancing.com]

Dirtydirty dancing is not an informative blog nor any story based blog, but still the blog received 900,000 hits in its first month. Why? Actually, this blog has some pictures and relates a few funny incidents which happened on the author’s birthday party. After this initial start, the blog now helps various youngsters to celebrate their birthdays with such kind of fun. Most of the ideas to enjoy at the birthday party have been written on the blog. The blog is a huge hit with pre-teens and teenagers.

These are the world’s most popular blogs. Generally, people prefer them just because they love to spend a good amount of time on the Internet by reading new and exciting information. However, to achieve top rank, it is not necessary that the blog should be only informative; it should be capable to hold the reader’s attention.

Another thing is that if you write blogs without any expectation, they are preferred the most. If you only think about earning money from blogs, you may not be able to succeed. The essence lies in your passion to write and share exclusive information with the world. A user should find your blog exciting and unique. The more people like it, the more it will spread.

If you really wish to get numerous hits on your blog, you should be able to provide information in your blogs which the reader wants. Only this factor can help you in making top rated blogs and maybe your name and blog will be added to this million dollar blogs list!

What is your favorite blog? Let us know…

10 Elements to Enhance Small Business Leads

Small business faces numerous problems before it can claim success. The difference between a well established business and one that failed to establish itself is all about choosing the right business strategy and implementing it successfully.

Small Business LeadsOut of various business problems, generating leads is the most vital aspect for business development. For small businesses, generating good sales in cost effective strategies is very essential.

Therefore, small businesses can make use of lead generating strategies. It can collect various lead generating sources or can plan programs to attract people towards their business products and services.

This article will help small businesses to plan out exactly how they will be able to cover good leads…

Initially, small business tends to implement strategies to define its market as narrowly as it can. This is not an effective technique to generate good leads, but narrowing down the target helps in enhancing the chances of being successful in their direct campaign strategy. Social media networking, along with direct campaigns, can also be a good tool to help business development.

Potential customers can stay connected to the business products and services via social media networks. Online identity of the associated business is very important for social networking.

The following aspects can be use to enhance business leads

Marketing automation is necessary

Automated marketing tools is the most common strategy and is highly utilized in the enterprise marketplace. For the small business, it is not possible to get expertise in launching complicated marketing strategies which has to be managed by an entire staff and that needs unlimited resources. Thus, to get successful business leads, small business needs a level of automation to save a lot of money and to generate quick leads.

In order to implement this strategy, result oriented utilization of money, relevancy in business campaigns and good market research are needed.

Plan some virtual events

Trade shows play a major role in business development.  These shows can be community events, national events or any business programs. The basic aim for any small business to organize these events is to attempt attracting new customers and to increase business networks.

Educational seminars, trade fairs and business events are some ways to implement business products and services. According to the Tradeshow Week magazine, 520,000 dollars/year is spent by the corporate world for physical trade shows and events. It means small organizations are easily spending $20,000/annum on such business promotional activities. 

Virtual events are good strategic growth concepts to generate leads for small business. This effective strategy enables small businesses to engage current customers and to add new ones in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Corporate branding

Corporate branding or corporate image development is the ultimate key to standing out from the crowd and developing a loyal customer base on which customers can trust receiving useful products and effective services from the respective business.

However, for a small business, corporate branding is more important than selling products or services.

Business implementation to enhance corporate branding directly affects leads generation.

Generate Leads through Social Networking

Nowadays, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg are the worldwide famous social networking sites. With the revolutionary growth in their users globally, these websites are not restricted for personal use only.

Small and even big organizations from every corner of the world are applying their marketing efforts on such huge social networking hubs. These websites provide new marketing and value-added growth to generate a number of leads for small business.


Crowdsourcing is the next and advanced strategy to generate leads for small business. In Crowdsourcing, people ask questions of their followers and collect their feedbacks.

Afterwards, associated businesses use these feedbacks to generate marketing strategies according to the crowd and customers’ requirements. Integrating such beneficial activities definitely enhances business leads.

Business to business sales

Every small business should try B2B or business to business sale strategies to attain maximum profit and business growth. This is the most widely used lead generating system for small business.

In B2B sales, compatible companies partner together to fulfill business production needs. Even in online business, various tools and application platforms work together to increase business leads. Direct mailing system and telemarketing are the best example of online B2B sales.

Being Proactive With Leads

Companies spend huge amounts of money, effort and time to generate a few leads from mass units. Practicing such efforts repeatedly enhances business leads. Be practical and keep progressing with corporate updates. This will help in gaining good results from lead generating efforts.

Buy some leads from brokers

This is the least used lead generating technique which is mainly used to complete lead targets. It is the “ready to buy leads” approach in which companies or small business buy leads from lead brokers. Adding this business strategy can enhance business leads by 30-40% and can help in small business development.

Advertise and referral system

Advertising business products and distributing free samples to new and old clients is the easiest way to catch leads. Another direct marketing process like the referral system is an appreciative option to cover huge business networks.

Create a business website

A business website defines the web identity of the organization. Products and services of the business can be well-defined on its website. Moreover, company growth and publicity depends on the associated website. Online users, who are aware of the business products, can easily get their details on websites.

If a customer is interested in buying business products or services, the consumer directly contacts online to buy the chosen products. Leads generation is therefore enhanced via web identity of the business. Learn how to create a website <- here. Adding new practices in the lead generating system is the best and most effective option to business development. All these strategies take less effort and generate quick and profitable results. Leads are the most important part of business development. Good lead generating procedures are crucial for the company’s growth and success. Considering every lead to be profitable is worthless. A lead is just an individual interest in your business products and services. Small business should not always expect positive leads from its every effort. Please leave a comment...

List of Websites You Can Apply as a Freelance Writer

Companies nowadays advertise for hiring freelance writers and then hire you to come to their office during particular hours. The local newspaper mentions you as a freelance writer if you write more than three articles for them. On the other hand, freelance communities mention only about magazine queries and submissions related to freelance writing.

Freelance Writer WebsitesSo, the freelance writing involves many different kinds of writing forms like marketing writing, business writing or web writing. Some freelancers limit themselves to writing for magazines, anthologies and newspapers. Some serve through proposal development or grant writing.

The word freelance originates from the medieval knight offering his services to any lord willing to pay. Here he was a ‘free lance.’

Similarly, a freelance writer works for a company or individual on a project basis. Generally there are no formal contracts. After the project is complete, he moves to the next project.

The only obligations are a set time frame and clear goals. Once you enter this world of freelance writing, you’ll come to know what you are best at and your talent gets better with every project you complete.

Freelance writers are needed for many different styles of writing. However, not all writers can perform in all styles.

Listed below are different forms of freelance writing…

  • Articles Suitable for Directories
    In this form of writing, freelance writers are generally well experienced. There is a specific word count and keywords followed by other guidelines. The information should be proper and catchy. Sometimes a summary is also required.
  • Blog Posts
    Blog posts are generally written in a casual tone but can be written in any tone and on thousands of topics. Freelance writers tackle this task on a daily basis. The quality of the post is very important and the main purpose of a blog is to interest readers.
  • Informational Articles
    Some websites are purely educational and they don’t sell products. The sole purpose of these websites is to educate people by providing knowledge and correct information. The freelance writer can work on topics depending on their knowledge, skills and research.
  • Press Releases
    This department of freelance writing needs a lot of skill and experience and press release writing is done only by professionals.
  • Core Website Content
    The website content writing is done by writers if they are provided with enough information about the purpose of the website. The information includes the keywords, topics, word count and tone to be used.
  • Promotional Material
    Sales and marketing is a difficult job to write for. This area needs skill, experience and imagination. Only experienced professionals take such jobs.
  • Reviews
    The level of reviews varies greatly. Companies pay for false testimonials but many freelancing companies avoid taking such projects.

So, it is very necessary to know the appropriate websites to apply for freelance writing so that your talent doesn’t get wasted.

Best Freelance Writer Websites List

Elance (elance.com)

It is a great place for talented professionals to get decent jobs. It provides writers as well as designers with opportunities. Its membership fee ranges from free to $39.95/month for big businesses. It charges a service fee of 6.75% to 8.75% for paid jobs.

Guru (guru.com)

It provides all kind of services and has a very prominent bulletin. It offers free as well as paid membership which ranges from $29.95 to $99.95 per quarter. Once you get paid for a job, it takes 5-10% commission.

Script Lance (scriptlance.com)

It is probably the most known website all around the world for freelancers. It is where the most freelancers get their jobs. The freelancers sell their work really cheap here and damage the whole industry. It is free and takes 5 % when you get paid.

oZLance (ozlance.com)

It is a freelance website with more connections to Australian and New Zealand professionals. The site is new and is open for registration. The membership fee ranges from FREE to a small fee for better exposure. The traffic is still not huge but it is a good place to start with.

Freelance Writing (freelancewriting.com)

It is one of those websites where you get lost and keep browsing for hours.

Journalism Jobs (journalismjobs.com)

It is a job website offering house based jobs as well as remote work. The best way to find an apt job is to do keyword research according to experience.

Freelancer formerly Get A Freelancer (freelancer.com)

It is similar to ScriptLance and a good site for beginners but the payout is very bad. There is nothing wrong with writing for $3 an article when you first start out, but once you gain experience it seems ridiculous.

Writer Lance (writerlance.com)

They pay a decent amount. Registration is FREE and they charge 35% fee of your income.

Suite 101 (suite101.com)

It is a freelance site that invites article writers into their network. They claim to have 6 millions viewers every month and will pay you a part of their income. The best thing about this site is you definitely find something to write in their broad article gallery. The sign up is free and you get paid for writing articles right away.

iFreelance (ifreelance.com)

It is one of the best freelancing website because of the large amount of good paying jobs.
Membership fee varies between $ 3.91 – $ 6.58/month but that is all you pay. There is no commission fee.

Helium (helium.com)

The possible income through this site is only if you write a lot. Articles are voted by the active community. It has a huge range of articles to write about.

CraigsList (craigslist.org)

It is a money making website as it has a huge advertising network that spans across the globe and is free to use. The writers must be concerned not to scam the system.

Pro Blogger Job Board (jobs.problogger.net)

It updates all kind of jobs every week. You can find blogging, writing, designing jobs every week. But be careful to choose good ones.

Bukisa (bukisa.com)

Here you submit articles and get paid for each page view. The earning seems to be small but added up over time, it’s a great way of making passive income.

eHow (ehow.com)

It is another big place for passive income. Here writers are earning over $1000 per month for articles they have written. You can even have the option to retain the rights to the articles.

BrightHub (brighthub.com)

If you are a writer interested in technology, you can consider applying. It pays an up front fee for each article. As a bonus, you get to earn passive income for the views of your articles.

Demand Media (demandmedia.com)

It is a good website which hires writers for a variety of websites. They pay around $15 per article.

To be a good freelance writer, you should be careful about your writing style. You need to perfect it. Also, observe the writing patterns of other good writers. Go through the directories, websites and e-books to see high quality pieces. You need to have keen research skills and a habit of completing work within the time limit. A good writing includes features like structure, grammar and materials that flow and the writing should make sense.

To gain Freelance writing experience, you need to hit the target niches you already know well and your main concern should be the demand of client and not the actual information.

Go through the following steps to gain ground in freelance writing…

  • Create Freelance Writing Samples:
    Write 3-5,400-600 word articles and use them as your samples. Nobody cares whether they are published or not. All the clients wants to know is whether you can write or not.
  • Create a Website:
    The site should be informational and not fancy. There are three important pages every freelancing website needs to have;
  • About Me page:
    List your credentials and a professional profile. It shouldn’t be like a resume. Your professional profile can list things such as special interests, memberships and associations, volunteer work etc. The profile should be like you are looking for a partner to do business with.
  • Samples Page:
    This is where you need to put the samples. If you don’t have any, just write some and list them on this page.
  • Service Offering Page:
    This is where you list all the services you are providing. All forms of writing you deal in should be mentioned clearly. You can also mention the rates if you wish. Some freelancers write their rates while others don’t. They fix it according to the type of project. This information makes everything clear for clients and they can make quick decisions.

All you need to know to be a successful freelance writer is correct language, free from grammatical error, the ability to write according to client requirements, the tendency to finish projects by the deadlines and the correct set of websites you are willing to work with.

Any suggestions? Leave them below…

How to Use Networked Blogs for Marketing on Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook remains undisputed. With a page rank of 10, its one of the most visited social networking sites in the world.

Networked BlogsThis site can be one of the best places for marketing your products and services. We can do this just by using an application which is offered by Facebook itself. We can create a page for our brands or services then we ask our friends on Facebook to promote it further, which will enhance readership and website traffic.

The application we are talking about is Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs by Ninva is used by millions of bloggers to syndicate their blog/s and create a community of like-minded bloggers to share content.

How to Use Networked Blogs for Marketing?

The first thing to do in using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook is to create a Facebook page for your product or your business.  To do this, you’ll have to go to an option of creating a page, which is available on the home page of Facebook. This is an impeccable way of promoting your business by putting detailed and relevant information about your products and services.

Creating a page for your business does not require a Facebook user to be your friend to follow your blog. Once the page is created, anyone on Facebook can read it and follow it…

After creating a page, write a blog post about your business. To look more professional on the Internet, buy your own domain from any hosting service. But if you are a small business owner, you can initially start on the Blogger or WordPress platform. Choose the features of the blogger application like templates or you can download a template that suits your business. Choosing the right template is really important to give a professional appearance to your blog visitors.

After a blog is created properly, now it’s time to reach out for audiences who can help you in expanding your business. There are many people who are also writing blogs on Facebook about their business. Reach out to them but don’t go to those users who are dealing with same nature of work as yours.

Search for complimentary bloggers. If you are manufacturing some products, then associate yourself with those bloggers who are interested in your product and is interested in promoting them.

Networked Blogs comes in handy here because its features allow you to search, add, follow and communicate with chosen bloggers. This will help both of you in expanding your business with the Networked Blogs apps on Facebook.

While using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook, request your friends, family members, and your colleagues, to help you in expanding the readership of your blog.

Ask them to promote it so that it can reach to most of the people on the social network because if your brand is good, many people will become interested. The trick is to get the word out. Some people can also help you in promoting your blog simply by commenting on it.

Be cautious about spamming; don’t spam users with your products. Just be yourself and allow the people to understand your business on their own. Interested people will automatically come to your page and share their views with you.

When using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook, you should regularly keep posting information about your products to keep people aware about the changes and new additions in your business to get free traffic from facebook. You can post updates like discount offers or contests and others, which can further enhance your chances of getting a business opportunity on Facebook.

But then you also have to be a little careful – don’t show unnecessary information to people because once your image gets stamped as a spammer, it will become very hard to get your page followed.

You can give life to your business page by adding photos, vibrant looks and exclusive information about your product and service.

Use videos to show people how your firm looks and what your business environment is. Your page should look unique and in line with your work; it should not give confusing information about what you do.


Don’t use Networked Blogs on Facebook just for selling your product or services. It’s not meant for that purpose only and it will also not work for you.

Besides this, it’s also not good for your page and blog because if the people start to ignore it, you’ll certainly lose the chance of promoting your product on this social networking site.

Facebook is for interacting with your followers. So interact with them properly and brief them about your product and services; don’t try to sell your products and services forcibly over there.

Also, don’t forget to post links on your page regularly for your followers to visit. Moreover, your blog should be social media optimized for you to know how many people are ‘liking’ or tweeting your content.

The interested users will certainly go through your links and they can also promote it to enhance your chances of being viewed by thousands of new eyes in just few days. You know what popularity means when you are already in the minds of several people and they know what you are up to.

Use a correct number of keywords in your blog; don’t overuse them, as it can become a spammy type of an article or a particularly advertising one. Always remember that while using Networked Blogs on Facebook, we should interact with our customers and clients.


These are some of the most important ways to use Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook. You can customize all these steps as per your requirements.  

Take as much care as you can when posting any information. The social networking sites like Facebook can be a tremendous tool for marketing, only when it is used properly and carefully.

Are you using Networked Blogs? Let us know…

The Shoes Your Wearing Don’t Make the Man

In my younger days, I spent a lot of time in my room listening to music. Partly because I loved it so much but probably more important (looking back) it was an escape from being sick all the time.

The Shoes Your WearingI couldn’t always do the things that most kids were doing so I would put on my headphones, drift away and dream…

But one thing I realized; music, like laughter, can really cure many things. You can lose yourself in the words, adapting them to your life and current state of mind.

Some people like country – opera – hard rock – christian or rap, however, it doesn’t matter what your choice is. You can relate to the words – the tempo or both…but music can change your attitude, the way you see things or sometimes have a lesson you submerse yourself into that can even be a life changing event.

I have solved many of my problems listening to music since I can remember. Too me, it’s as if it was a spiritual kind of thing for lack of a better phrase.

I took many song’s words and adapted them to how I was feeling at that instant…

So what does this have to do with business?

Well, sometimes your first impression of someone is the point I want to bring home…

I knew of a guy who whenever I seen him was wearing a dirty – ripped up old t-shirt, jeans and gym shoes that looked like he had worn for many years. Too me, he was just an “average” man, working very hard for a living trying to make ends meet.

Until one day…I asked him where he was employed. My first impression was that he worked in a factory doing manual labor, working his tail off…

Yes, he did work in a so called factory. However, it was his. He owned it. This man with the ripped up – dirty shirt was actually a millionaire, doing what he loved creating wooden products from planters to a variety of wall decor.

You’d never know he was loaded…

I guess my point here is that when you meet someone for the first time, you just never know. The guy in the 3-piece suit could be in debt up to his ears, although the way he’s dressed screams money, while the dirty – jean wearing guy could have more money than you ever would dream possible.

Let’s now bring this post back to the music and lessons we can all learn;

Clint Black’s music video, “The Shoes You’re Wearing,” depicts the sentiment of what I’m posting…

The shoes you’re wearing, don’t make the man.

Just remember these words the next time someone approaches you in business offering you an opportunity. It honestly doesn’t matter what shoes he’s wearing…it’s the value of what he’s all about.

Don’t be quick to judge a man by the way he’s dressed…you might just miss that golden opportunity someday by doing so.

Recommendation: Listen to music when you can, really comprehending the words of the songs. There are hidden life lessons embedded that we can all learn from both personally and professionally.

“Keep your eyes opened – keep your mind free – there’s no telling what kind of man you can be…”


How has music helped you? Leave a comment…