How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music for Free?

Animoto is a new software that can automatically produce beautiful, well orchestrated and totally unique video from photos, video clips, and music. It is really easy. It takes just three basic steps to get the job done with Animoto.

How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music at Animoto

How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music for FreeChoosing an image: You can synchronize it with your other accounts on the web such as Facebook, Flikr, Picassa, Photobucket and SmugMug so that you can easily get your desired images whenever you want in the blink of an eye. You may add text and also emphasize on some images that you prefer to change and choose.

Adding life via music: The second step in the process of making videos is choosing the music piece that you would want to incorporate in the image.

You can either choose from your own mp3 collection or upload from Animoto’s vast collection that gives you access to hundreds of thousands of songs spanning across genres, singers, albums and discographies.

Adjusting the video to your palate: The third and the final step is the customization of your video with the help of a few simple settings.

Having accomplished that, you are done with the process. It is that easy. You can even share your customized video on Facebook or YouTube. You can share it on your personal blog which will enhance its follower base and may even earn it a substantial amount of revenue in the long run.

Other features to create beautiful Animoto slideshows with music

Unique and Unparalleled: The Animoto software comes with a host of different features that makes this a one-of-a-kind and also a state of the art software that can greatly enhance the value of one’s profile on any of the websites described earlier. This value addition can help the owner of the page earn a lot of brownie points on a host of counts.

Easy Sharing: Sharing of videos is easier with Animoto. The videos can be shared not just on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr and email as well but also with the Animoto enabled free iPhone App.

One can also embed Animoto videos on their website or blog with a single line of code, unlike videos from other sources which need some pretty long codes to be written for the video to embed.

Unique Styles: The style of the video will determine its look and feel. Each Animoto video is unique and never replicated thanks to the Cinematic Artificial Intelligence that analyzes the intricacies of particular images, video as well as music.

The ideator controls the type of effects or the background as also the transitions whilst selecting a video style. Some styles are abstract, while others could be themed for a special festive occasion like birthdays, weddings or festivals or even a particular time of the year.

Music can be the defining component of any video. To make a video subdued, one can choose to insert slow or soft music whereas a louder or a faster music clip could change the tempo and pace of the video. Animoto can presently give you access to thirteen different genres.

How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music for FreeThe Animoto videos can come in any size. From the 360p videos that can load quicker and are just perfect to 720p videos which will look stunning on any screen since they are high definition videos.

At the core of the Animoto magic is the Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology. This technology thinks like a human director and editor. And possibly without too many retakes.

Depending on the images chosen by the owner, it can adjust the music accordingly. Hence, it is guaranteed that no two videos are the same.

Animoto Pro will make it very easy to use. This will never let the clients and customers even get inkling that the process of making the video was so easy.

This will be possible only because the vital information will have been white labeled. White labeling simply is hiding the entries and credits that go on the screen at the end of the video clip or short movie.

After all is said and done, Animoto enabled video will surely be the most talked of software by all the people present. It will truly be a heart warming experience.

Animoto slideshow maker is good when one wants to import photos from Flickr or SmugMug to create animoto slideshows with music.

However, this can be problematic since it does not work if you have a collection of more than 300 photos in the library.

A good alternative is to export all of them from your local iPhoto library and subsequently download it into your system or upload it into the Animoto software. It has an easy, professional look.

You can use video clips and not just photos. However, there are many who wish to make it longer than 10mins.

Animoto isn’t an impressive mixing tool for creating visual presentations. Also, you have negligible control over how the finished product will come out to be.

However, it is surely a fun way to make a video with pictures and music and sharing it among friends.

The default version is low resolution. Although, 1024 pixels wide/ tall should be good but it seems low for a high-quality video.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to every website tool. Some of the advantages of Animoto are the ability to create any video you would like and utilize music from your library or from the library they have provided for you. It gives you different designs to choose from and some of it is free as well.

The disadvantage of Animoto is the fact that when you sign up in order to use the site, the procedure takes 7 days and responds if you can use it or not. But it is still evolving and getting better day by day. So, we give Animoto a thumbs up.

You can make stunning marketing videos like this one to promote your product or website

Or… you can make a personal video with pictures and music like this one with my dog Teddy to share with loved ones.

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Blogging Strategies to Increase Your Affiliate Referrals

An affiliate program stands to be one of the main ways to earn money on the Internet and is certainly the most successful technique to make money online.

However, making a good amount of profit without referrals is somewhat difficult, but when you have a sufficient number of referrals, you can then make money from what your referrals make. Of course, in order to do that, one has to devote a lot of time to be successful in getting referrals.

How to get affiliate referrals

Affiliate ReferralsThrough the Internet, you can circulate the referral links to as many as you can and find referrals, but blogging is the best strategy to use for this task particularly.

The only difference is that you would be using the referral link to promote instead of an affiliate registration program. Through this technique, anyone who registers using the link from your blog would be earning a certain amount of commission on the basis of transactions being made by your referrals.

Strategies to get more affiliate referrals

We have a few strategies that can be implemented to get a good number of referrals online. These points are the basic ones covering all the industries in particular:
These techniques basically apply to a blog but can be applied to a website as well.

1. Early search results are important

If your blog supports specific keywords for Affiliate referrals then the chances become very high for you to get a good number of referrals. One has to follow genuine SEO techniques to popularize the blog following all the search engine rules.

To fight the competition, one has to fight back against all the competing bloggers. One has to put in a lot of hard work to spread the word through the blog and most importantly, spread the referral links through the blog into various search engines, forums, emails etc…

Nowadays, there are a lot of different strategies that one can implement to increase the level of ranking for a particular blog and increase the amount of traffic.

2. Personal Recommendation

Personal recommendations included in your blog counts a lot as people visiting your blog mostly do know about affiliate programs and what they look forward to is personal experiences and recommendations on using an affiliate program.

3. Attract an audience through unique content

As you know, content is king and one has to attract the audience by writing innovative and creative content. Use all the useful techniques to popularize the blog, be it the designing, look and feel, but the most important way would be through interesting and impressive content to display.

This way you can use all the referral links on your blog posts and make the reader visit the referral link. Here you would be earning good commission if the number of referrals increase day by day.

4. Optimize your Blog Post for Search Traffic

Writing a blog post – keeping the search engines in mind is very important in nature as one starts using those keywords which are less competitive in nature and slowly begin to implement those into blog posts. Your blog should rank well in search engine results if you want to make some decent earning on referrals.

Including all keyword phrases and installing search engine friendly tools that the search engine emphasizes upon is very important.

5. Right Keyword choice

One has to choose the right SEO keywords that can boost the blog to a higher level. The SEO techniques in general do help in increasing the ranking of the blog post.

One has to use the keywords after thorough research. After this, one has to implement the keywords into the Title, Headline, and body of the post.

Blogging Strategies to Increase your Affiliate Referrals is not always an easy task. One should know about the importance of referrals in order to make money from an affiliate program. But, without implementing these techniques into a blog, it becomes a little difficult to make money out of Affiliate marketing.

These points explained are all the possible ways and methods. It will surely help you get more referrals. Keep blogging!

Future of Social Media for Marketing

The world is going places. The use of social media is becoming a thing we play around with on daily basis. So many individuals are fully into it and social media is now being used for several purposes.

Social Media for MarketingInitially, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others were only set up for communicating with friends and associates. But these days, things are going in very different direction.

We now have people making use of social media sites for entirely different purposes such as online marketing. The last three or four years has seen the emergence of this popular trend and it has been predicted that by 2015, social media marketing will be one of the foremost ways of earning money online. Social media will become the mainstay of online marketing.

The social media marketing possibilities…

Certain facts are making the use of social media possible for marketing purposes. These facts make social media sites to be far above several other means of communications, as discussed below.

An all comer thing: Social media is one of the greatest hubs that bring people together all over the world. This makes it possible to have social media marketing in the groove as time goes on.

There is rarely any one in the world that does not have access to an account on any of the social media sites that we have around us today. Practically everyone is registered.

There are even some individuals who have accounts in each and every one of the social media sites that are available.

Anyone can get registered. You can also post general messages to everyone without having anyone in particular in mind. You can join any group that is based on discussing issues that you have interest in.

Free to register: The free state of the social media sites is also making it a bright idea to bring about social media marketing to replace and overshadow the present marketing methods.

You do not need to pay a dime to get registered on any of them.
You simply fill in your details and you are ready to go. You will also be able to post any message you want to get posted – or to read any message you want without cost.

Easy to set up: One other factor that is working to the benefit of social media for marketing is the fact that you do not need to be a techie to set up an account on any of the social media sites.

In most cases, only very little info is requested from you whenever you want to set up your account. There are times that only your name – telephone number or email address is required for set up. After you have done this, start messaging…

Your identity is secured: No one will ever mandate it for you to reveal any personal info other than your email address or your telephone number.

You can be sure that every other info will never be asked for. You will then be able to use the social media sites for any purpose including marketing purposes without exposing your identity indiscriminately.

This will protect any one making a purchase from any of the social media sites. This will help to protect you from identity theft. The administrators of the social media sites will never even reveal your telephone number or your email address to any one. With this in mind, you can be sure that your desire to try social media marketing will never suffer any setback whatsoever.

Instant message delivery: One other thing that can make it possible for social media to overtake every other means of online marketing is the speed at which the message posted on any of the social media sites are delivered.

In fact, the messages are delivered instantly. This means that you can be sure of a prompt response from the recipient of your messages.

Most people even access their social media sites on their mobile phones. They can therefore access the info you have for them at any point in time; irrespective of wherever they may be on planet earth.

Limitations of Other Online Marketing Means

One of the factors that will work in favor of social media marketing is the fact that other online marketing means have several limitations that have been overcome on the social media sites.

Not for free: Most of the other online marketing means will surely cost you some amount of money. The charges can either be open or hidden.

If you build a website by yourself, you will have to pay for web hosting and possibly for website building. These challenges have been overcome in social media sites and this makes it possible to make more money through social media marketing in comparison with other online marketing methods.

Traffic challenges: If you have to make use of a free website or you have to build your own website by yourself for the publicity of your products and services, you will also have to pay for traffic or work relentlessly to get traffic to your site. You will never have to bother about this on any of the social media sites. The traffic is almost always coming. You don’t need to empty your life savings in search of traffic.


I expect that you too will agree that social media holds the future of online marketing. Any wise person will quickly sign up with any of the sites and establish his or her business future.

Through social media marketing, you have nothing to lose and practically everything to gain. It is surely the long awaited solution to all sorts of challenges that had been faced by several webmasters all over the world.

Writing for Associated Content to Make Money

Associated Content is a free information resource website, which presently associates itself with Yahoo! for the development and publishing of Internet resource content.

Writing for Associated ContentThe things advertised online for people who are looking to make money writing for Associated Content are simple. One just has to have an Internet connection and a PayPal account. However, in case you do not have an account at PayPal, it is easy to sign up for free and you could also link it with your bank account.

The second step involves signing up for Associated Content. The process is quite easy and streamlined. You could be done in ten minutes or so once you fill out your personal information and PayPal information. You could start writing articles for associated content that do not have a time bound appeal.

Articles would be appreciated for a long time and by a wide spectrum of people. These articles are very good for payments up front since they capture the reader’s attention and can be updated on a regular basis.

Some examples of such articles could be articles that are related to sports or current affairs. One could also write for associated content about sports predictions that can garner interest just before the start of a major tournament.

One could also search the Associated Content website for topics that are aligned to your interests but do not have much written on or about them. That could be a good starting point. Such articles stand a better chance for being paid upfront.

Looking for topics that people search for the most can also be a good way to earn better revenues from Associated Content. These articles do not just have an upfront value when they are freshly out of the writer’s mind, but they also have a better chance of earning the writer passive income even months after it has been published.

The best way to earn money for any writer is to keep challenging oneself and search for topics and subjects that can pump you up to write about.

Example: Something that has grabbed the national interest on television could be a good topic to write a review or even an article or news item on.

This could guarantee more and more views by people since there are some types of news and some people too who have the ability to capture the wider public imagination for a longer time than many others.

Another way to get money flowing into your bank account is building up a huge collection of articles that get a massive amount of traffic.

Since article views can get the author the income, one can build passive incomes for a long time to come, provided the topic and the article itself is something that has the ability to be engraved in the public’s mind for a long time.

It always helps to be persistent. In fact, persistence combined with a constant level of quality will always have more people telling even more people to follow a certain article… and that is a guarantee to earn income for the author for a long time to come.

Also, if you have a collection of articles, the copyrights to which you hold and that you are sure you will never use or sell to anyone else, this can also be posted in the quest to earn money from Associated Content

After you sign up, please take the next step and write. It has been observed that people just sign up and disappear. This disappearing act will not help you to make money from associated content that is designed to help the writer in you to earn money.

And the best part is that the authors don’t even have to do the hard legwork of getting manuscripts ready for presenting to a publishing house… maybe even rejected or worse, not even looked at for years to come. has the technology and the know how to get this desired result by any writer. And that is not just eyeballs viewing his/her article, but also translating into cash for the writer/author.

There are a few precautions that will keep you, the author in good standings:

First, you should make sure that you have read and proofread your article again.The reason is that most of the people who will read it will not just go for the idea or the message behind the article, but they will also see that the articles are well written with minimal to no typos or grammatical errors.

One important thing to do, or rather not to do is never sell your exclusive copyrighted material. The reason is that you could reuse your own article again after a lapse of some years to get hold of passive income.

It could help if one can learn to use Associated Content in conjunction with other web sites such as eHow and Constant Content.

This could probably lead to Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) which is often the given advice to any new entrepreneur by most books written on this subject – to help nurture a wannabe entrepreneur.

PS: Associated Content doesn’t offer non-US residents the opportunity to earn a passive income. It’s their policy.

However, don’t get discouraged. If you are a non-US citizen, you can still sign up with Associated Content and build up a large bank of meaningful and useful articles because it will serve you for two purposes:

One, you can use the articles as samples for prospective clients, especially when you are in the writing industry for the long haul;

Two, one never knows when AssociatedContent might change their policy in the near future, allowing non-US residents to earn passive income, and at that time if you have a good collection of articles, you can easily earn your desired passive income.

Link Domination – Free Link Wheel Creation Guide

Link DominationThe invention of web 2.0 brought a lot of changes in the way that Internet marketing works.

In the past, there were specific methodologies used to gain positioning within the search engines and in many cases, people could actually “game” the engines by using questionable tactics to help their websites rank quickly . . .

One common way of “gaming” the engines was stuffing keywords into websites and sales pages in an attempt to quickly rank for those phrases.

However, it didn’t take long before the major search engines like Google discovered the problem and took swift action to correct it.

One of the best link building strategy to solidifying your place in the search engines and generating unlimited traffic to your website is with what are called, “link wheels.”

Income Insiders guide, “Link Domination” teaches you how to build a link wheel to drive customers back to your money site . . .

Here’s what you can expect from this Free Link Wheel Creation Guide

  • The #1 reason why you need to build a powerful link wheel and how to set it up instantly . . .
  • The simple system that will drive in an UNSTOPPABLE flood of traffic in minutes . . .
  • How to eliminate any chance of being de-indexed or penalized by the major search engines . . .
  • The fastest way to powerful link wheel creation that will drive in consistent traffic . . .
  • What you need to know about “open” versus “close ended” link wheels and which one to choose . .
  • Top feeder site sources for creating a non-stop traffic siphon, absolutely FREE . . .
  • And Much, Much More . . .

If you’re looking to master the link wheel building skills and connecting your links to drive customers to your money site, download your free copy of “Link Domination” now . . . only available to Income Insider Readers.

Can You Make Money with Squidoo Lenses?

Are you a newcomer on the Internet or have you been around and you would like to make some living off the Internet?

This can be easily done through several ways. One of these ways is through Squidoo. With the information revealed below, you will understand all that you need to know as far as making money with Squidoo is concerned. Make sure you read every line of the info here so as to take in everything written for your benefit.
Make Money with Squidoo

What is Squidoo?

It is a website which makes it possible for anyone to create lenses or pages. Those who create web pages on Squidoo are referred to as ‘lens creators.’

The web pages created are called lenses. The lenses are very detailed information pages, which contains not only comprehensive information about the subject but also multiple embedded links.

The pages are called ‘lenses’ for a reason, that is, the information contained therein are very microscopic in nature, bringing out every aspect or facet of the chosen topic.

It is a kind of community website where anyone that wants to participate will have to register and be fully accepted as a member before you are allowed to perform any activity on the website.

Any subject of interest can be posted on Squidoo. The topic or the category of the subject you are discussing does not matter in anyway.

How viable is Squidoo?

Squidoo has been around for quite sometime. In fact, it is one of the most popular sites online today. It is so popular to the extent that you can be sure of being able to make some meaningful money out of it.

It is rated among one of the five hundred most visited websites online worldwide today. In the United States alone, it is among the three hundred most visited websites.

Other advantages of Squidoo

If you are looking for a site to make money online, one of the best choices you can make is to register on Squidoo. There are several advantages attached to this.

One of them is the fact that the site is completely free to join. You will be able to format the webpage you build through a simple non-technical drag and drop module. This makes the site very easy to use, even for a newbie.

Due to the Squidoo popularity, you are also sure of traffic coming to your Squidoo page. The website is so popular to the extent that it receives millions of visitors on daily basis.

Another factor you may want to look into is the fact that Squidoo is known worldwide. There is no part of the universe in which Squidoo is not well known. This means that your created pages will be well visited and viewed worldwide.

In case anyone who visits the page you created has interest in what you have to display on the page, the visitor may decide to purchase your content and pay you through PayPal.

On an average, you can earn about 100 USD per Squidoo page. Such buyers can become your regular client and ask you to make more Squidoo pages.

Moreover, another way to make money on Squidoo is through the embedded links. Suppose you are writing a book review lens, you can easily link with Amazon and every sale made through this link will benefit you.

Finally, there is no limit on the amount of lenses you can create.

Disadvantages associated with Squidoo

Squidoo has the full right to disallow your site at any time. They can even get your web page deleted from their database without previous notification to you if you are found to go against the terms and conditions of use.

If you have more than one account on Squidoo, you may be facing a lot of challenges. It can be challenging to manage just one account on Squidoo.

Managing another account aside the first one will make things a bit difficult for you. Account management on Squidoo involves operations like checking comment, promotion, indexing, and statistical management.

Having more than one account means that you will have to get the above listed tasks done on two different accounts.

You will also not be able to pile up the money quickly. You will have to spread your money across two accounts and the normal Squidoo payout will not be reached on time. This is never helpful in your bid to make money with Squidoo.

How to make money with Squidoo

There are several ways through which you can earn money on Squidoo. Some of them have been highlighted here:

  • Earn as an affiliate: You can make some earning on Squidoo by acting as an affiliate of the site. You can link Squidoo to several other individuals who are seeking for a free site to launch their webpage and its money making content. Every sale made by the invited person will pay you a particular percentage.
  • Build a lens of your own: You can also decide to build lenses from the mechanisms made available on Squidoo. You can only build the lenses around a particular product. The lens and its product will be advertised as widely as possible through mechanisms made available by Squidoo. Every sale you generate through such a sale is credited to your account.
  • Earn as a writer: Some lens creators on Squidoo may desire to add web content to their web pages on Squidoo. They may be looking out for expert content writers to help them put the content together.

    If you are an article writer, you may be able to come by such lens owners and get paid for the content you helped them to write. This is actually one of the most popular ways to make money from Squidoo and has remained one of the best Squidoo methods to make money.

Thing you should consider to make money on Squidoo

  • Focused lens: If you really want to make money on Squidoo, you need to ensure that your lens is completely focused on particular topic. Do not digress. Don’t give readers of your content the impression that you do not know what you want or that you are not focused. If you have made up your mind to write on any topic, ensure that the lens is completely focused on the particular topic and nothing more.
  • Use of keywords: Any sensible article writer will fully understand the great importance of keywords in a write up. Any content to be posted on Squidoo should also contain SEO keywords. It will help to ensure that your contents are easily located by search engines. You will also be able to attract more traffic than you would have been able to do on a normal day.
  • Use of interlinks: If you want to make meaningful money on Squidoo, you will do well to include interlinks in the lenses you are presenting for the general public’s consumption. This will make it easy for the traffic directed to the lens to also find their ways to other sites that may end up adding up to your total profit.

To wrap up this discussion, never mistake Squidoo for another directory website. It is not!!!

The specialty lies in its ability to allow others to create detailed informational lenses that are not available anywhere else. And the amount of interlinking you can do is different from any other so-called article directory.

In all, you can create both passive and active earning on Squidoo.

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Earning Money from Futures Trading

Futures trading is becoming a growing phenomenon. Several individuals are going into it in droves on a daily basis. People are coming to discover the huge possibility of making a real profit from this market; hence their exodus into it. There is no part of the world where one can’t trade in futures. This then removes any kind of limitation to the trade.

This write up is designed to get the reader educated and enlightened on the whole idea behind futures trading. All you need to do is to take some time to read every bit of info revealed below.

What is futures trading?

Earning Money from Futures TradingHere is the definition of futures trading…the name actually goes a long way to describe what is done in futures trading. It involves speculation into the possible rise in the value of a particular stock or commodity.

The investor speculates on the possibility of the stock price either rising or falling. If the stock rises, the investor makes a profit, if it falls, the investor suffers losses.

It can then be said to depend totally on certain market forces. If the market force moves in favor of the stock that had been invested in, the investor will surely reap the profit.

A contrary movement of the determining forces will lead to loss. Anyone seeking to trade in futures will have to keep this in mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Futures Trading

Futures trading gives you the opportunity to invest in a market that is more flexible in comparison with stock trading. You can sell off your shares any time or day you feel like before the shares expire.

You don’t have to pay for the total value of the shares that you want to invest in. Instead, you pay only the amount dictated by the margin of the stock for that particular day.

One of the disadvantages in futures trading is that you do not hold your position for too long. In case things are going in your favor, you will be forced to lose progress on the expiry date of the shares in question.

Difference between Stocks Trading and Future Trading

Some people usually mistake futures trading with stock trading. The truth is that the two are somewhat different from each other.

It needs to be indicated also that the two actually have a common meeting point.

In stocks trading, you buy shares; the same thing is done in futures trading. In stocks trading, you can buy any number of shares on a particular stock.

In futures trading, each of the stocks has a specific number of minimum shares that can be bought. In stock trading, you pay for the total value of the shares that you buy. But when you trade in futures, you only pay for the margin of the quantity of stocks that you buy.

If you buy one hundred shares in stock trading and each share goes for $2, you will have to pay a total of $200 for the whole shares.

In futures trading, if you buy one hundred shares and each share costs $2, you will not have to pay two hundred dollars for the whole shares.

Instead, you will be asked to pay the margin for the shares that had been bought. The margin is determined on a daily basis.

If the margin for a particular stock is 20% for that day, you will only pay 20% of the total value of the stock. So instead of paying up to $200, you only pay $40.

How to Make Money from Futures Trading?

On each day, the value of the stock you have bought will either increase or decrease. If you are involved in stock trading, you will understand what I mean by rise and fall in the value of shares.

In case you buy a stock for $2 per share on a particular day and its value increases to $2.3 on the next day, you would have made a profit of $0.3 on each unit of share that you have invested in.

The numbers of shares you are able to buy when you trade in futures can then go a long way in determining the amount of money you end up making.

If you deal in large quantities of stock, you are sure to make lots of profit if things are moving your way. The reverse is the case if you buy a little number of shares.

Commodities that can be invested in…

When you trade in futures, you will have the opportunity to invest in several commodities apart from currency.

Some of the commodities include lumber, beef, wheat, steel, cotton, gold, corn and several other commodities.

You will also have the full freedom to decide the best commodity for you. Make sure that you make your choice based on the commodity you think will be in high demand shortly.

When to Sell Off Your Stocks?

When you trade in futures, you need to carefully consider the fact that you can’t hold the shares forever. You will have to sell off someday.

This is completely contrary to what is available in stocks trading.

Your profit making or loss sharing in futures trading comes to a halt on the last Thursday of every month.

If you had been making a profit all along, the profit will be credited to your account. If you had been losing, it will also be debited from your account.

In case you do not want to wait till the last Thursday of the month before cashing in on your profit or loss, you can always opt out by selling off the stocks you have bought at the current price for the day.


It can be wonderful to make money from futures trading. In order to do this profitably enough, you need to consider every bit of info that I have revealed above.

Use this information as your guide through the tricky waters of futures trading and you will never have cause to slip when you trade in futures.

Most importantly, never make the mistake of equating futures trading with stocks trading; both are different trading methodologies.

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Google’s +1 Button…The Benefits For Business And Consumers

What is Google +1?

In a view to promote more of online networking, Google launched the +1 theme for its users, in June 2011.

This is a very new concept that the Google team has brought under its use. The +1 theme is somewhat similar to the ‘like’ option on Facebook.

If you like any web page – video – photograph or any other data on the Internet, you can just click the +1 button on your screen and the same would be visible to your friends and contacts when they Google it. It is like personally recommending your choices to your contacts; an extension of the WOM (Word-of-Mouth) promotion.

Google +1 buttonYou can also +1 any advertisement or any search result on Google. So now, you can easily share interesting stuff with your friends and contacts with the help of this +1 theme. The Google +1 button is a short for ‘Check it out, this is cool…’

It is like a symbol of your consent to particular information, photo, video or news. The +1 theme makes it easier for you to give recommendations to your friends. In this manner, your friends, contacts and other web users get to know the best content online.

How does the +1 button work?

If you want to use the +1 button, you will need a Google account. When you create a Google account, remember it is not just a mail-box; there are many added benefits to it. Generally, the +1 theme will work for all the Google sites but you are also provided with an option through which you can have the +1 button for non-Google sites.

Google provides you with numerous options with regards to the +1 theme. There are many personalization settings; you get to choose whether you want your name to appear as the person who +1’d a particular web page or not.

The +1 tab can be seen on your public Google profile but you also have an option to keep that tab private and only for your personal viewing. In spite of keeping the +1 tab private or hiding your name to appear on the +1’d data – your +1 will be visible to all your contacts and other web users.

It is very easy to use the +1 theme. For example, you found an interesting video on any Google site and you +1’d it.

Now, when your friends search for similar videos, the video that you +1’d will appear in his/her search results along with the information that it had been +1’d.

Disclosure of your name there is completely your option. If the Google +1 button stops working or there is some error, it will show a symbol; ‘!’. Errors in +1 button can appear due to any reason like server time-out or a blocked profile.

Benefits of the +1 theme

The +1 theme is another way of networking with your friends and contacts. You get to share all that you want to on Google and non Google sites. There are many benefits of the +1 button. Not only does it help in networking socially but it also helps in communicating and passing on important information.

The +1 theme can also be used to create any kind of awareness. For example, in case of any ongoing social issue that you have read an appealing article about on the web and you +1’d it, this +1’d information is known by all your contacts and thus the awareness starts to spread.

The +1 theme can be used for blogs as well. The +1 theme is also available for use on WordPress. You can add the Googles +1 button to your blog. The blog visitors can +1 your posts if they like it. This can prove to be a good way to get feedback from your blog readers.

It can even serve a promotional purpose. If a company’s web page is +1’d many times, it gets more viewers and these viewers can become prospective customers.

You can put up information and ideas about your new products and services along with the +1 button under it. Here, not only the new product idea gets marketed but by the number of +1’s, you will also come to know whether the idea is appreciated and accepted by the people or not.

Are you new to +1 theme? Begin by +1 this article and then check out this brand new Google+ and Google +1 Guide here.

Make Money with Adbrite

In case you are really in need of a place online to make meaningful amount of money, one of the best places you can explore is Adbrite, an integrated platform to earn from advertisements. All the info presented below is gendered towards getting you informed about Adbrite and how it operates. You will also be able to learn quite a number of things about how you can make money from the network when you advertise on Adbrite.

What is Adbrite?

Make Money with AdbriteSimply put, Adbrite is an advertising network. It is referred to as a network because it is made up of aggregation of several websites. Each of these websites acts as the advertising outlets for Adbrite. You can place your ad on Adbrite and await the clicking action of web visitors who are able to come by the site through Adbrite. Once the visitors locate your ad and take interest in what you have to offer, you will find yourself smiling to the bank almost always!

Advantages of Adbrite:

It is highly rated: Adbrite is becoming one of the most popular advertising outlets online. In the United States, it had been rated as the 6th largest advertising website. All you need to do is place your ad with them and you can be sure that the site you are advertising will be distributed all through the internet by the Adbrite network. Before you know what is happening, thousands of targeted viewers will be consuming the info that you have to present on the website.

Adbrite has a worldwide reach: There is no country in the world where Adbrite does not have representation. You will never need to bother about analyzing and choosing websites to display your ads. Each time you advertise on Adbrite, you are sure of worldwide reach.

Complete access to your site: Adbrite offers you complete control over the site you choose to advertize. In case you do not want any unsolicited advert to appear on the site, you can always decide on that. No one will ever force you to support any site you do not want. You will also have very easy access to all the activities that transpire on your site. There is also easy contact with the site administrators at Adbrite. When you advertising on Adbrite, you will be surprised at the level of site reliability.

Bars and banners at your disposal: When you advertising with Adbrite, you will also have access to several banners and texts through which you can place ads or info about the site you are publishing. These banners are designed to suit the website presentation.

Disadvantages of Adbrite:

The disadvantage that has been noticed with Adbrite is the long period before payout. Before you can even make a request for money withdrawal, you may have to wait for as long as forty five days. Before you can even hope to receive the processed check, you may also have to wait for a considerably long period of time. There was the case of an individual that had to wait for three weeks before checks were processed and paid into his account.

Some unconfirmed claims have come to the fore that AdSense is even better than Adbrite. It is left on the individual reading this piece to decide on the one to use between AdSense and Adbrite for advertising purposes.

How to make money with adbrite

When you have a product that you want to advertise and make public, you can make use of the web building functions that are available with Adbrite advertising and use them to build a website around the product that you want to sell.

You can then make it public by placing ads about it on Adbrite server. Adbrite will make the website available all through its network. Your websites will be published on each and every one of their partner network sites and you can be sure that thousands of visitors will have access to your website. This is one of the things you gain when you advertise on Adbrite.

How to make the best use of Adbrite?

In order to make the best use of Adbrite and get the best result out of it, you will do well to consider each and every one of the tips that are highlighted below.

Use a moderate price tag: You should not over exploit the opportunity to earn from Adbrite by inflating the price tag on the products on your site. You will do well to give a moderate amount. It is also very important that you do not reduce the amount pointlessly so as to make the best out of your earning endeavor.

Use banners properly: Several banners are actually available for you on Adbrite. When you advertise with Adbrite, you should ensure that you use the banners and texts with some measure of moderation. Make sure that the numbers of banners are not too many. If they are, you may end up muddling up things on your site.

Keywords are important: One of the unavoidable things you should take into consideration for your Adbrite advertising is the use of keywords. The content you post on your sites must be properly and adequately supplied with keywords. If not, the search engines may not be able to locate them easily and this will affect your sales when you advertise on Adbrite.

Proper categorization: It is very important for you to place your adverts in the right category when you want to advertise on Adbrite. This will make it easier for targeted visitors to locate your advert and its contents. Adbrite may even reject your ads if it is placed in the wrong category. You may end up not making the best out of your Adbrite adverts.

To conclude, Adbrite is one of the emergent ad networks online, allowing both advertisers and publishers to make the best out of the opportunity.

PS: Both Adbrite and AdSense can be used together on your site. You won’t violate any AdSense TOS by doing so. Just make sure you do not mess up the links.