4 Words That Made All the Difference

How many times have you heard the words . . . “everybody has a story?”

We all have a story based on our own personal experiences blended by both the good and bad – what we were taught from parents, teachers, other kids and just the experiences we’ve been through that have led us to where we are now.

4 Words That Made All the DifferenceI have a story – you have a story – we all do. One of the best things you can do with your story is to share it with others. As human beings, we thrive on stories of others . . . that’s one of the greatest ways we communicate. We read them – watch them and devour them. Romance novels, soap operas. . .

. . . Charlie Sheen – his story is literally unraveling in front of our eyes.

So many times just one tiny piece of it can give a whole lot of encouragement to someone else; maybe their going through something similar – maybe just one sentence you read or hear could make all the difference in your life.

Well it did for this beautiful little girl whose short story is shared in this very heartfelt video…hearing these 4 words was all she needed to press on when things seemed unbearable, carrying her through life in becoming successful and confident.

It’s only 4 minutes long, but it definitely is worth way more than that. . .

“Some people go through life trying to find out what the world holds for them only to find out too late that it’s what they bring to the world that really counts.” – Anne of Green Gables

I urge you to share your story with someone, even just a little part of it. You can post it in the comment section below.

Making Money with Amazon

If you have a credit card and 25 USD at your disposal, you can set up your affiliate account with Amazon and start earning an amazing 15% commission from all affiliate sales.

Now you may have heard this endless number of times but with Amazon, it truly is a heaven for affiliates. It is one of the best paying affiliate marketplaces ever, not only in terms of generous commissions but also in a way that you can depend on to be a reliable source of income for a long time. Apart from becoming an Amazon affiliate, there are countless other ways to earn from Amazon.

Amazon – A Brief History

Jeff Bezos laid foundation of Amazon way back in 1994 and went online in 1995. Earlier the company was called “Cadabra Inc” but later, the name was changed to Amazon as it implies the company’s large size.

Amazon did not sell multiple kinds of products in the beginning; it was just a good old online bookstore and later they diversified into electronic items, furniture, apparel, foods, toys and others.

For people in the online business, you will be surprised to know that Amazon never made any profit or a substantial amount of profit for the first four years.

Since Amazon incorporated and issued its first initial public offering in the year 1997, there were complaints from shareholders who were not earning any profits from their investment.

But this soon changed when the Internet bubble burst in 2000 and many Internet / online businesses went down. But, Amazon sustained itself – its persistence and perseverance didn’t go to waste and they earned their first quarterly profit of 5 million USD in 2001.

A tip: The founder never lost hope or faith in the business tactic or model he was following and went through four grueling years sustaining business expenses and maintaining a high value driven service to consumers – this should be the attitude of new age Internet marketers. NEVER GIVE UP.

Making Money with Amazon – What Are Your Options?

Keeping aside the option of becoming a seller on Amazon, which means you create an account and sell your products, you have three other options to think about:

Becoming an Amazon Advertiser

In this option, you have the chance to display your product in front of millions of qualified shoppers and follow a cost – per – click advertising on Amazon.

You can use ‘Amazon Product Ads’ to drive traffic to your website. The blueprint to follow – you create a free account, upload your product catalog, enter your budget, Amazon displays them with highly targeted shoppers and you pay only when someone clicks on those ads and is redirected to your website to make a purchase. You don’t have to pay Amazon for allowing shoppers to pay a visit to your website.

Currently, the Amazon Advertiser offer is available for baby products, computers, electronic items, health and beauty, home products, jewelry, office products, shoes, toys, watches and children toys – if you are dealing with any of the products above, you can set up Amazon account easily.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

If you have a website that is a few months old and has a purpose (keep in mind the Google’s Farmer Update 2011), you can set up an account with Amazon Affiliate program. When you advertise Amazon products on your website and visitors from your website actually buy from those ads, you get up to 15% in referral fees.

The affiliate program is available for almost all Amazon products but check out in detail after your sign up. Doing thorough product research is important because you would want a product that sells and not something that looks ‘good’ on your website.

The Amazon affiliate program was launched in 1996. Do the math – they have a 15 year track record behind them and you can definitely trust that kind of experience.

For a start, you can begin with link building and adding widgets on your site. Use Amazon links and banners to add an endless number of products to your website. You can use custom-made Amazon widgets to provide an interactive experience for people visiting your web page.

You can create links and widgets from any Amazon page – it is called Site Stripe. With Site Stripe, you can “create links directly from the Amazon.com site without having to visit Associates Central” (Amazon).

Becoming an Independent Publisher

Are you a writer and looking for ways to publish your book? Surely the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing option will sound like a godsend as compared to waiting and sulking to get publishers to notice your book and then publish it after 2-3 years, unless of course, they find it so worthless that it goes into the shredder!!!

You can reverse all this by becoming an independent publisher with Amazon’s Kindle edition of new – age publishing technology. With Kindle, you can create and publish a complete version of your book within minutes and start promoting it.

Kindle is “fast, free and easy” (Amazon). Not only this, you get to participate in a 70% royalty earning program when people purchase your book. Moreover, your self – published book will be available for purchase on Kindle supported devices – iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, PC, Blackberry, Mac and Android devices.

Furthermore, if you want a little variation, you can go for “on – demand” publishing through Amazon’s “Create Space” program.

Here, you advertise to millions of potential buyers and only self – publish the book when consumers want them. Create Space works on “on – demand” model and thus, you create the product when customers order.

This way you don’t have to pile up on books, unlike how the brick and mortar publishing industry works. The self published books on Create Space can be made available through CDs, DVDs, books, MP3 and video download format.

Finally, to enable potential buyers to search about your book, Amazon has formulated a revolutionary search engine strategy where the search engine uses actual words from inside participating books and displays them on search results page – this is known as Amazon “Inside Search.”

Customers can also preview sample pages from your book to assure that it is the title they are looking for.


You have three options to making money with Amazon – while advertising with Amazon is an indirect way because you earn only when shoppers visit your website through Amazon links; the other two options are such that you can earn directly from Amazon.

Nevertheless, all three ways can turn into a reliable source of income in the long term. Just make sure that you are advertising or turning into an affiliate for the right kind of product (read: “a product that sells”) and if you have written a great fiction or non – fiction, sign up with Kindle first.

Do you like Kindle? Let’s hear your pro’s or con’s about it. Leave a comment below!

Understanding Forex Trading as a Long Term Income Opportunity

Forex, FX or Foreign Exchange trading is nothing but making money by trading foreign currencies. The history of Forex trading runs parallel with the history of money.

Before the Internet revolution, Forex trading was limited to multinationals, financial institutions and corporate companies who carried out currency exchange on a large scale. Small – medium businesses and individual investors could not think of getting involved in Forex but the Internet changed everything!

Understanding Forex TradingForex does not follow a regulated exchange process, which makes it different from stock trading and futures trading.

There are no clearing houses or central governing body exercising control over the Forex market. Presently, Forex is the largest liquid and fluid market in the whole world.

Trading is open 24 hours a day from EST 5pm Sunday to EST 4pm Friday and the daily transaction inflow and outflow is 2 trillion USD.

There are no minimum or maximum investment barriers. You need not be a rocket scientist to understand how the Forex market works. All you need is a refresher course to understand the basics and a demo Forex trading account for few weeks to practice trading daily.

Consider the information given below as your basic Forex training session. All the information is up to date and relevant globally.

How Does Forex Trading Work?

As a Forex trading investor, you need to team up with a Forex broker whose job is to carry out the currency exchange on your behalf. In online Forex trading, you use certain software systems to carry out the exchange automatically. Of course, the first step then is to seek out a reputable and popular Forex brokerage company.

These days most of the brokerage companies offer demo accounts, especially to those who are new in this field of making money online. After weeks of practice with the demo account, you step into the real platform with real currency.

With the help of Forex trading platform, you buy and sell currency – the profit earned in between is added to your account and can be withdrawn anytime.

In return for providing you the platform, you pay the brokerage company a predetermined percentage as commission. Let’s do a recap of what you need:

  1. An account with a verified brokerage company.
  2. A valid bank account linked with a Forex account
  3. A valid email account
  4. Amount to fund the investment
  5. Money to pay the brokerage commission

Tips for Selecting Brokers

  • You are not going to handover hundreds of dollars to a broker without doing a background check. You need to find out whether the broker will provide optimum security to your funds. Fortunately, there are ways to check broker credibility with the help of regulatory bodies in every major country. USA has National Futures Association and Commodity Futures Trading Association; United Kingdom has Financial Services Authority; Australia has Australian Securities and Investment Commission; Germany has Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht; France has Autorité des Marchés Financiers and Switzerland has Swiss Federal Banking Commission.
  • The online trading platform of the broker should be easily accessible and hassle free. Genuine brokers will ensure that their trading platform is user friendly and provide updated technological facilities like live news feed and charting tools to make trading easier. Moreover, the broker should be competent enough to carry out transactions on your behalf. The broker should not lose your funds in losses.
  • You can judge the competence level of a broker by evaluating the customer service provided. Most of the brokers online have a nightmarish “after sale” (after account opening) support system.
  • While you are checking the broker’s credibility, you need to check the withdrawal system provided by the brokering service. The withdrawal system should be hassle free and instantly process withdrawal requests. A broker has no reason to hold up your funds.

How Do You Trade Currencies?

There are four major currency trading pairs accepted globally:

  1. GBP / USD (British Pound and US Dollars)
  2. EUR / USD (Euro and US Dollars)
  3. USD / JPY (US Dollars and Japanese Yen)
  4. USD / CHF (US Dollars and Swiss Frank)

Other less common or not frequent currency exchange pairs are:

  1. AUD / USD (Australian Dollar and US Dollar)
  2. USD / CAD (US Dollar and Canadian Dollar)
  3. NZD / USD (New Zealand Dollar and US Dollar)
  4. EUR / JPY (Euro and Japanese Yen)
  5. GBP / JPY (Great Britain Pond and Japanese Yen)
  6. EUR / GBP (Euro and Great Britain Pound)

Notice the currency pairs – the first currency is always counted as commodity and the second one is counted as money. In other words, in the EUR / USD pair, you buy Euro against US Dollars and if you wish to sell, you sell Euro against US Dollars.

The best thing about working with Forex trading software is that everything is taken care of automatically. You don’t have to worry about transaction rates or exchange prices.

Now you must be asking – where does the money come in? Or, in finance terms, how to estimate the time to trade? When is the market ‘high’ to make a profit?

Let’s take the EUR / USD pair again. Either you buy EUR when the price is low and sell it when USD is high or sell EUR at high price and buy USD at low price. For instance, you buy EUR when 1 EUR = 1.41138 USD and you sell EUR when 1 EUR = 2.41138 USD. You make a profit in this transaction… it’s easy, right?

Now how would you know when to buy and when to sell? There are two basic techniques:

  1. Fundamental Analysis – This method looks into the current political and economic conditions of major countries and then predicts how the market is going to turn out in the next few days. For instance, if the present US market is showing economic growth then Forex traders will buy USD because the price of USD will rise. Similarly, if there is economic slump then Forex traders will want to sell USD even if they have to suffer some loss. Waiting to sell currency of a country when the country’s economic and political situation is going downward will only result in loss. Therefore, traders try to minimize the loss and sell while they still can.
  2. Technical Analysis – This method uses Indicators and Price Chart Analysis to analyze the direction of currency market in the next few days. If you wish to become a Forex trader, especially intraday trader, you need to learn Technical Analysis to make informed decisions about your investment. Give yourself a few months to learn all about Technical Analysis. There are lots of free resources online for help.

Experienced Forex traders believe in following both the techniques closely before buying and selling currencies. In Forex you do not actually sell or buy anything in the traditional sense of the term. All the transactions are electronically carried out in specific currency pairs. The reason why Forex exists is to facilitate currency exchange in order to pump in funds to multinational companies, corporate and financial institutions.

Making a Living with Forex Trading

There are people who have turned Forex trading into their permanent source of income online. After all, Forex trading is one financial industry that is recession proof. People who earn from Forex permanently have spent years mastering this trade so don’t expect you can do the same in a matter of months.

Until you know the pros and cons of the trade, you cannot take a leap of faith; leave your full time job and sit at home working online 24 hours a day trading currencies. If you are serious about trading Forex for a living, know this:

  1. Earning money from Forex is not a get – rich – quick scheme. You cannot become a millionaire in a day.
  2. There is no software in the market that will earn you profits instantly. If it had been, that software would have sold for thousands of dollars! What there software does is support you and reduce technicalities that would have been otherwise difficult to deal with personally.
  3. You should be ready to invest anywhere between 6 months to 2 years to learn the trade completely. Don’t give up your job yet. First spend 3-4 months with a demo account, another 3-4 months to learn the Forex trade and then the next 10 – 12 months doing real trades. Start with a small investment and increase your investment amount as you learn more about Forex.
  4. You need to be good with money management. Don’t be impulsive and whimsical while trading. You need to think like a finance expert would in your place and then get involved in FX trading.

Advantages with Forex Trading

  1. A Forex investor can trade anytime. The markets are open 5 days a week from Sunday to Friday. This 24 hour trading facility makes it easy to trade from anywhere around the world and takes care of the global time differences.
  2. If there are million Forex investors, each one of them has equal opportunity to earn profits. There is no competition or bidding process. Moreover, Forex trading is also known as ‘over the counter’ trading, that is, you buy currency and you sell currency – the balance is maintained and you earn profits in real time.
  3. Forex market offers 100% liquidity. There are no cash bonds or waiting period to get your profit. Little slippage, price stability and narrow spreads gives Forex currencies high liquidity level.
  4. Every dollar or any currency invested can be leveraged to its full potential. It means that investors can make huge amounts of profit by investing little. Again, don’t mistake this as a get rich quick scheme. As mentioned earlier, this trade needs patience and devotion for you to learn the ropes first.
  5. Regular investors dealing with Forex markets daily need not pay any commission. These are called “free of commission” trading.

Disadvantages with Forex Trading

  1. The 24 hour 5 day a week market has its share of disadvantages as well. For traders, it is difficult to keep track of the market movement 24 hours a day. This way you can lose profits. This is the reason why it is advisable to hire Forex brokers. The brokers will give you minute by minute details of market fluctuations and also guide you with buying and selling currency.
  2. If you are dealing in large amounts of money, there is risk of loss in a high leverage market. You can lose buying and selling opportunities in a matter of seconds, and you are left with marginal profits only. This is another reason why efficient and clever money management is needed.

Final Thoughts

Learning to Forex is like any other trade where you have to spend time learning its basics and then put the learning to practice.

Again we repeat – Forex trading is not a shortcut method of getting rich quickly. You need perseverance, patience and dedication to turn Forex trading into a long term income source. In the meantime, search for free resources online and get yourself acquainted with trading Forex online.

End of America…Truth or Scare?

Hi guys . . . hope you’re having a great day!

Hey, I wanted to run something by you that I viewed over the weekend. I’d love to hear your comments about this so please, post yours and read what others are saying about it.

End of AmericaI’ve been hearing all about this so-called controversial End of America video that’s been advertised on the radio, TV and even from a couple of my friends. The video stresses how this guy who made some predictions in the past, (which came true) feels rather passionately about the research he’s done and what he’s uncovered.

He desperately wants us to be informed on what we need to do to stay safe while this “thing” comes our way.

I do stay up to date with the news, sometimes being referred to as a news junkie, so this really started to pique my interest.

Well, it finally got the best of me . . . I had to watch it for myself.

After watching the entire thing, I’m still not really sure how I feel about it. While most of the advertisement centers on it being so controversial, really, I didn’t find it to be as such.

I suppose it could be somewhat, but I guess the way it’s presented was just a great marketing tactic used . . .  the major motivating factor to drive people to it. . . fear.  Obviously, it worked on me.

However, some of the content I do agree with . . . some I’m not sure.

We all know for a fact that this world we live in currently has taken somewhat of a slight turn, um, not sure which way or how much. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Lots of horrific global conditions are occurring, violent weather nationally- even in our own backyards and the economic direction we’re headed for is very unsettling.

So yea, parts I do realize and understand.

But I’m not one for all “doom and gloom,” or . . . ”everything roses” either. So, I’m still teetering on the fence about it.

Now, this video is all about money . . . your money – the lack of – how to make more – how to keep what you have and how not to lose any of it when the so called “End of America” becomes our reality. . . if it happens or if it doesn’t.

But, since Income Insiders is all about “Breaking the Income Barrier,” I had to pass this on for anyone who is interested.

Regardless what you believe, everyone can learn something from watching this. It’s always a good thing to be prepared in any kind of rough circumstances . . .

So go ahead and check out this End of America video and share your thoughts on it . . . this video really can light up any conversation, either way-good or bad.

Affiliates Making Money from ClickBank – Problems You Can Encounter

Internet’s largest digital product bank – ClickBank – started in 1998. With exponential growth in the last decade, ClickBank now retails more than 46,000 digital products and they have 100,000 ‘active’ affiliate marketers earning up to 75% commission on each product sale.

Making Money from ClickBank
ClickBank makes a sale every three seconds all around the world and according to them; more than 35,000 digital transactions are done every day.

Needless to say, ClickBank receives high amounts of traffic daily and not only this, the traffic converts into sales, which is the most important thing for an affiliate.

How Does ClickBank Work for Affiliates?

Creating an account is free of cost. You select products you want to promote through your website, using the ClickBank affiliate link and you are paid for every sale through your link, earning up to 75%. On a basic level, there is an immense opportunity out there to earn from ClickBank.

However, as a new Internet affiliate marketer, you will encounter certain hurdles along the way. Here we have tried to explain the major problems or issues you might encounter, along with possible solutions, wherever applicable.

Problems You Encounter

Not Choosing the Right Product:

It will help if you’ve had previous experience in marketing products online. Nevertheless, always remember that when you are an affiliate with ClickBank, you need to check the product’s ‘gravity’ before making your choice.

An uncountable number of Internet marketers have suffered losses in making money online just because they could not select the ‘product.’

There are three levels of product available – products with high saleability, products with medium saleability and products with low or average saleability.

It is very difficult to suggest which kind of product you should choose because there are a lot of factors you have to consider such as the market demand and consumer’s spending power.

But, as a new affiliate marketer, it is suggested that you select medium saleable products because as a novice, you may not find any success with high saleable products as there are other seasoned competitors high up the ladder. By choosing average or low saleable products, you will incur only losses.

Therefore, the safest bet would be medium saleable products. When you become a member and go into the user control panel, select a few products you are interested in and do a comparison check. Moreover, never select a product that offers commission below 25%.

Not Doing Correct Marketing:

If you want to see yourself among 100,000 live and active affiliate Internet marketers with ClickBank, you will create your own marketing hurdle if you get involved in ‘hit and run’ marketing.

Most affiliate marketers think online earning is easy and therefore, they look for the quickest way possible to earn money online.

Typically, people with such mindset will select a ClickBank product, advertise to send traffic to the landing page and earn a profit – this strategy is not faulty on the outset but when you do the math, you will see that by following this strategy, you are only getting one time customers and that too by investing lots of cash!!!

This is the wrong way, especially if you want to keep earning online for long term. Think like this – why would you want to blindly spend dollars to get customers and that too not for your own but for another company?

The ‘correct’ kind of marketing would be to follow a model that will bring in repeat customers without too much investment. It is much easier marketing to repeat customers that spend time creating new ones.

The preferred ClickBank affiliate marketing model would be to choose a handful of ClickBank products; create eBooks in the same niche and distribute it free of cost, embed a squeeze page in the eBook to send traffic to the squeeze page; capture leads coming to the squeeze page; set up an email auto responder with ClickBank products and see the profits grow in your ClickBank account.

Inability to Track Clicks to Publisher’s Site or Embed Deep Links:

ClickBank does not display what happens when a person clicks off your site and visits the publisher’s site. In other words, you can track consumers when they visit your site but when they follow your affiliate link and visit the publisher’s site, you cannot track what happens afterwards.

For instance, if you a promoting a software that offers a free download period, you cannot see if the person downloaded the software or if ClickBank sends a follow up mail when the trial period finishes.

Such kinds of systems makes tracking extremely difficult – you are not able to see how much percentage of traffic sent through your site has actually converted into sales.

Moreover, none of the ClickBank products will allow you to “deep link” directly to the FAQ, Testimonials and any other page of the target website. Your affiliate link will only directly link to the software’s home page – you cannot directly link to the download page.

Not being able to give “deep links” has its disadvantages – visitors may not be able to see the download link or find the appropriate testimonial. It is a fact that if a potential consumer is not able to see the information he / she desires, there is a chance that it will not convert into sales.

Inability to Directly Communicate with Publishers:

There is no feature in ClickBank that allows affiliate marketers to directly communicate with the product’s publisher. Suppose you are having some problems with the product or you need some information that the ClickBank support staff may not be able to provide, then where do you go?

It would have been resourceful if ClickBank had some kind of FAQ section for every digital product. Or a supportive mailing list would have been helpful.

Lack of direct communication between affiliates and publishers creates misunderstanding and problems, a stumbling block that only ClickBank can solve.

Confusing Payment System:

With ClickBank you “get paid on time, every time” and they provide every affiliate marketers with detailed sales reporting and accurate commission tracking but the biggest problem here is that your account should show sales from 5 different people before you can claim your earnings.

Not only this, out of the 5 payments, one should be done with Visa card and one from MasterCard.

Obviously, ClickBank may have initiated this for better security measures and to avoid fraud but it could have been done in another way as well. Waiting to claim your earnings is not right, especially if you are looking to use ClickBank to generate a few sales in a year.

Again, suppose that you could not make ClickBank a success and you want to close your account, which shows only 3 sales. You can close your account but you cannot claim any money as the amount gets forfeited.

Moreover, there is a “Commission Priority Rule” ClickBank follows. It means that “if a customer has visited a sales page on more than one occasion, as a result of following links supplied by different affiliates, the rule is that the last affiliate gets the commission.”

Does this mean that if the same customer buys the same product through two different affiliate links, which affiliate will get the commission?

Apart from this glitch, you are entitled to receive payments every week and direct deposit to your account is also available.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of highlighting these problems is not to dissuade you from becoming an affiliate with ClickBank. What we are trying to do is make new Internet marketing ClickBank affiliates become aware of the issues that you will encounter later on.

Feel free to tell us in the comments section about other problems, If any you’ve encountered with ClickBank.

Can You Earn As An Academic Writer?

There is a growing demand in the writing industry of professional academic writers who assist in the research and writing of dissertations, thesis statements, essays and reports of students.

In this sector, students contact you with their requirement or if you are working with an agency, they outsource the work to you. You are expected to use your expertise in your chosen subject and complete students’ assignments.

The Moral Dilemma of an Academic Writer

Academic WriterEducation boards and teachers are well aware of this evolving academic writing trend and they severely criticize it.

One reason of their criticism is they feel that by seeking the services of an academic writer, the student is putting to risk their learning abilities.

Clearly, if you are writing a thesis and the student passes it as his own and receives an excellent grade, does the student learn anything in the process?

No! This is what the educational administers are worried about – hiring the services of an academic writer will lower educational quality and the standard of the students.

This moral dilemma is the reason why many professional academic writers want to associate themselves with an agent or professional writing service company that does not allow clients (students) to pass off their work as their own.

In other words, the clients have to sign a contract where they agree to the condition that the academic content provided to them will be taken only as a draft / outline upon which the client will submit the one created by the client and not the one received from the agency or company.

Violating this condition may lead to plagiarism charges and reputed professional academic writing companies are strict with their terms and conditions.

Therefore, you have two ways ahead of you:

  • As an academic writer, you can choose to work with an agency that follows the above working ethic – this way you get paid for your help and you get to retain the copyrights as well.
  • As an academic writer, you can choose to work individually with clients (students) and allow them to use your work as their own – this way you get paid for your work but you don’t get to retain the copyrights.

Decide which kind of work you want to do first and then move on to the preparation stage.

How Should You Go About Becoming an Academic Writer?

Preparing Your Application – No matter if you have decided to work with professional academic writing agencies or directly with students, you need to have a resume, portfolio and samples ready. A resume and portfolio will show your writing experience and the works you have done in the past.

If you haven’t done any academic writing before, write whatever you have done in the past because employers are more interested in looking at your writing style than anything else.

Moreover, you have to keep at least 3 samples ready on the subject of your choice. Keep in mind that you will limit your income potential if you restrict your academic writing services to only one subject.

For instance, if you are qualified in English Literature, you can put Sociology, Philosophy, General English, Management, and History as your associative subjects, meaning you can handle assignments on these subjects as well – this will increase you income potential.

Remember to prepare three samples in different subjects. If you have written papers in your college years, you can use those too as samples.

Further, your application should be interesting and not boring. Write it in a manner that will interest people and make them eager to at least revert back to you.

The application you send will either make or break the deal, so devote a good amount of time to develop the application package – resume, portfolio and samples.

Applying Centers – AcademicResearch.com, Writers.ph, Allwriting.net, ResearchPaperWriter.com, BestEssays.com, SmartWriting24.com and Freelancer.com are some of the professional academic writing websites that need qualified and experienced academic writers regularly.

What you do is visit these websites and fill out their online form. Submit your resume and samples for their review. Typically, they take around three days to one week to review your application. If they are interested, they will contact you for a mock test, so be ready!

Taking another test is just their way to confirm that you can actually write as you have claimed in your application. They do this as a security measure to weed out fraudulent applicants.

In the academic world, you need to be aware of four types of referencing or citation standards – APA, MLA, Harvard Style, and Chicago Style. There are several online written and video tutorials for these citations.

Keep yourself up to date with current stylistic features because every academic write up needs to be appended with these citations. In other words, they are unavoidable so brush up on your knowledge before any company rejects your application just because you don’t know them.

Be Aware of Frauds –

While starting out with academic writing, you need to be aware of fraudulent activities that go on in this industry. Internet being the biggest resource engine will be of a great help here.

For instance, when you want to apply to a company, Google their name and check out reviews and feedbacks. You can type “(Company / Website name) is a scam” and see what response the search engine sends back.

Like this, bookmark all the companies before sending applications and do a quick background check. The main thing you have to see is the ‘payment delay.’

While writing this informative piece, I came across a critical review on AcademicResearch.com. Apparently, the 7 year old company is actually based in Ukraine but the address displayed on their website mentioned New York.

Again, there were several grievances from previous employees crying foul on non – payment for the works received by Academic Research. Moreover, they try to deduct payment with stupid excuses.

Another similar website with an equal reputation is EssayWriters.org. I don’t know how much the feedback on Academia Research is true but I can vouch for Essay Writers because I worked with them for one month in 2010.

In that one month, I got two projects – I did one and the second one was cancelled by the client. In all, they owed me $25 for that one project and believe me; I didn’t receive the money ever.

Their reason – $5 was deducted for account maintenance and $20 as a “fine” for the other project cancelled. Now, why should I be held responsible if a client cancels his project? It is beyond my understanding. My advice – stay away from EssayWriters.org!

You need to research academic writing websites before you apply – it will save you your hard work and money.

Earning Potential –

All things said and discussed, your earning potential as an academic writer can be like this per month:

  • Less than 1000 USD – working part time (weekends and evenings)
  • Between 1000 USD and 5000 USD – working full time ( 6 – days a week)
  • Above 6000 USD – working full time, especially during peak season

If you don’t have one, create a PayPal account because most of the payments are sent through PayPal. You can also register with MoneyBookers or AlertPay.

Final Thoughts –

Earning as a freelance academic writer is definitely a career to think about. It is a job that gives you the convenience to work from your home any time or anywhere for that matter.

If you are lucky to get good clients, your monthly rewards will be good. Once you establish your credibility, you will get a constant flow of work and the best thing is, you have no pressure, you choose your subject and work in your own scheduled time.

Trials and Tribulations – The Beginning of My Very Discouraging Road

Now, when I become discouraged – frustrated – or ready to throw a temper tantrum because things just aren’t going as planned, I quickly switch my mind onto Joni’s “memory lane.” I look back on all the challenges, trials and tribulations I’ve been through up to this point.

The Beginning of My Very Discouraging RoadWhy would I do that? Because it keeps me grounded… it reminds me of how far I’ve come, what I’ve accomplished and where I need and want to be.

Which is right here, right now sharing my story with you. I always feel personal stories let others realize they are not alone. Yes, our stories will be different, but we all have them.

I hope sharing my story with you will help in some way; whether you can relate too it or pull some kind of encouragement or inspiration out of it.

With that being said, here I go…kind of letting it all hang out. 🙂

Note: My story is fairly long, so these posts will be continued.

My journey began at the ripe age of 16 when I was diagnosed with leukopenia, a white blood cell disorder. I have 1/3 of the white blood cells that the average person has, which left me sick and tired all the time.

I couldn’t fight off infection very well, whether a cold, sore throat or anything else. Being in high school, I felt that I had missed quite a bit.

For example, when I would go to our weekly football games, by half time, my friends would take me out to the car where I slept through the second half. There would be blankets and pillows thrown in the back seat just for me.

Although this honestly was great that my friends would go as far as to get me to the game, even for a short time, it really sucked.

In my twenties, I started to battle anxiety and panic attacks. I felt terrible physically, but now… emotionally as well.

It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t go to restaurants, movie theaters or grocery stores without bolting or finding the nearest door to get out. Driving was also getting difficult, and any sort of group corporate meeting was simply unbearable.

I was able to work, though I missed quite a bit. Some of my jobs included being a bank teller, waitress, accounting assistant and a retail store manager.

Most all of the occupations were dealing with people which doesn’t jive real well with panic attacks. I was truly a basket case most of the time.

I ultimately landed a great job as an administrative assistant in a steel plant, which I did for about three years until my boss decided I wasn’t giving him what he truly wanted….and it wasn’t doing my job well. (yea, he was a real charmer…) This is a story all in itself!

Well, since I wasn’t giving in, the jerk gave me the choice of being fired or to become a member of the Operators Union- working with all the guys running heavy equipment. Mind you…I was 5’2-1/2, 125lbs. Out of spite and hatred for what he was doing to me, I took him up on his offer.

I’m not a quitter, but very independent. I had 90 days to either make it or not, and I knew I was taking a big chance. I figured I’d make it through the 90 day probation period just so he could can me was what I thought. It didn’t matter, I’d take my chances.

The roughest part was I was THE only woman…the first woman ever on that job. That went over like a lead balloon! The guys didn’t want me there either…it was strictly all men and no room for a girl.

They made it very, very difficult for me. You couldn’t imagine the things they pulled, trying to get me to cry, punch somebody or walk off the job site.

I started out as a laborer and eventually operated a 35 ton dump truck. Talk about panic attacks. As you can see from the picture, it was a BIG truck!

I learned everything I could and didn’t make excuses for not doing a job just because I was a girl…no, I sucked it up and it almost killed me I think.

I had to work at least 5x’s harder than any guy there just to keep up.

Just about every night after my shift, I’d cry like a baby all the way home. But after taking so much crap, those tears turned into shear determination.

I worked my tail off.  After being emotionally and physically put through the ringer, I’m here to say I won the respect of every man on that job site. (yet another long story!)

When I left 3 years later, I was one of the best drivers there. But, the size of the truck was beating me up- driving it day after day, so I knew it was time to go.

Oh and by the way, the guys wouldn’t let the boss fire me and, it wasn’t much after that he was fired himself…what goes around comes around…

Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time, so we’ll continue the saga a little later…

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Is Earning Money From Online Surveys Legitimate or Just a Well Planned Scam?

Type in ‘online surveys’ in the Google search bar and you get back a whopping 15,600,000 search results in 0.16 seconds!

Online surveys are perhaps one of the oldest ways to make money online. These surveys are either paid or incentivized that the participant receives on successfully completing a survey online. (Note the word ‘successful’ – we will come back to this at a later part in the discussion).

Online SurveysIn marketing terms, these paid online surveys are a method through which multinationals and organizations collect consumer opinion.

The companies can reach certain demographics and the opinions and feedbacks collected directly influence the development of products and services by partnering companies.

The usual process goes like this – you find a legitimate online survey company, register with them for free, get a hold of the surveys, complete them and you are paid for your opinion.

Sounds easy enough? It is, if only you can really manage to sign up with legitimate companies. But the irrefutable fact is, finding a legit online survey agency is like finding a needle in 15,600,00 haystacks. Are you getting a feel of the difficulty here?

We know for a fact, and perhaps you are one of them, that the Internet does open up a lot of channels for earning money online – the online surveys is just one example. If you are hoping to earn some quick money to pay your smaller monthly bills through online surveys, you need to rethink because –

Out of 1000 online survey companies out there, only 5 are legitimate and rest are spam!

Let’s see how:

Fraudulent online survey companies will never allow you to complete surveys –

Even though signing up is free, that is, there is no investment, you have to put in a lot of hard work just to complete a survey because these fraudulent enterprises never let you finish a survey.

When you are signing up, you have to fill out an elaborate form detailing your hobbies, career, interests, health details, household earnings, shopping patterns and others. You receive surveys on the basis of the details you fill in here. Easy?

Now comes the tricky part – when you begin a survey, they will first check your eligibility… (again!!!) You spend 5 minutes verifying your age group, occupation, and household income, future purchase plan regarding the product or service you are about to survey and then they display this –

“Sorry, we are unable to go ahead with the survey because you don’t fit the eligibility criteria!”

Just imagine, if you get 10 surveys daily and 8 surveys display this message, what is the probability of your earning even $100 per month? Very low indeed!

Fraudulent online survey companies will not allow you to take a survey twice –

You can say that even legitimate companies will not allow a person to take the same survey twice but what we mean here is that – suppose, while you are doing a survey, you lose your Internet connection and the survey discontinues in between.

If there is no possibility of resuming the survey from where you left it, not only do you lose 15 – 20 minutes of time you spent on it but also the money you would have received from completing it.

This is what we meant in the beginning saying that scamming online survey companies will rarely allow you to successfully complete a survey.

Fraudulent online survey companies will never pay –

“There is a technical problem with the system and we are unable to process your payment at this time” – that’s the common message every scamming online survey website will display.

And most of them follow a trick – you have to reach a certain amount before you can withdraw and that, my fellow online money- making opportunity seekers, is the toughest thing to reach.

Sometimes payments won’t show up in your account because of “undisclosed” reasons or payments won’t reach your online account because of “technical” glitches, and when you question them, you only receive a polite and dignified silence!

Fraudulent online survey companies will ask for money for ‘maintenance’ or… to get you high paying surveys –

Why do you need to pay them to get ‘high paying’ surveys? Isn’t it their job to get you surveys? Think about that…

Not only this, some of these online survey companies have the audacity to ask for dollars from you so that they can ‘train’ you with the ‘right way’ to attempt an online survey! Getting you to sign up for a membership account is just a gimmick; you have to get a paid membership in order to earn money.

Let me add something here. You should follow this cardinal rule if you want to work with legitimate companies online – NEVER PAY FOR RECEIVING WORK!

Not only is this applicable for online survey work but also for those countless other making money online methods that promise to get you ‘guaranteed work’ if only you are ready to invest with them first.

Why should you pay to get work? If you have to, then what about your skill, talent and experience – don’t they matter?

Therefore, stay away from online survey companies that require you to pay them first, no matter what the reason.

Final Thoughts –

Earning money from online surveys is a possibility if you manage to find legitimate companies. Follow the above four guidelines and make an informed and calculated decision before you sign up with any online survey company.

Don’t fall into their empty promises of helping you make hundreds of dollars every week – it’s just a well thought out web of spam determined to take advantage of financially needy people.

If you are not looking for financial gain only, you can try out those survey companies that offer rewards in return. These rewards could be entry into sweepstakes, shopping vouchers, discount coupons, reward points and others.

These are decided upon seeing the amount of surveys you did in a month and the ‘value’ of those surveys, which is then returned in the form of vouchers and discounts.

If the company allows a point – based system, you can redeem those points against purchasing anything online, of course, through their sponsored networks.

Have you been scammed? Let us know by leaving a comment…

Joni Up Close…

I’ve always been a “people” person since I can remember, although I love my quiet time also. I love to make others laugh and too laugh as well – I like to debate a good subject – I like to inspire and I really care to hear other people’s stories.

Joni Up Close...Many business Internet sites out there seem to stop short on getting to know the actual person who is behind the site for whatever reason . . . which sometimes probably isn’t such a bad idea.

But I want my loyal readers not only to learn how to create income for themselves, but also to learn what I’m about.

I’m a regular person who has had lots of struggles, failures, ups and downs but many blessings . . . more than I can count or probably deserve.

I’ve been told more times than not that my story inspires people. Not sure why, but hey, if what I’ve been through can help someone else, I’ll be happy to pass it on.

So this category, “Joni Up Close,” will be about my story and how I landed here, and just thoughts and feelings to share to get you more interactive.

Some of what I’ll be posting you might be able to relate too, others, um . . .  maybe not so much.

But I feel it will be a nice detour once and awhile from all the business tips and strategies Casper and I are laying out for you here at Income Insiders.

I have nothing to hide when it comes to what we are teaching here. Casper and I have been through the same things you’re going through right now . . . or soon will be.

So, with that being said, check in from time to time and read “Joni Up Close” and get in on the conversation. I’d love to read your comments and your stories too.

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Earning Money with Kontera Advertising

At any given point of time in 24 hours, there are 3,000,000 people online searching the Internet for relevant information. North America, Europe, Asia and Africa are the four countries with the highest population of Internet users. And in the last ten years, Africa and the Middle East has had the highest growth in terms of Internet usage and availability (Internet World Stats).

Earning Money with Kontera AdvertisingAccording to the search patterns of online users,  search engines like Google and Yahoo rank ‘keywords’ used by website owners and Internet marketers to produce relevant content containing those keywords.

In the world of Internet marketing, earnings from paid advertisements has become a reliable source of income for thousands.

If not millionaires, there are people who can earn a reasonable $5000 monthly from Google AdSense and other equally competitive advertisement providers for search engine optimization. One such source of earning money from advertisements is Kontera.

Henit Vitos, Yoav Shaham and Assaf Henkin founded Kontera in 2003 and the company has financial backing from Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital and Carmel Ventures. Kontera is an evolving web platform that aims to provide relevant information to internet users “whenever and wherever the user is on – line” (Kontera Website). Its real – time Synapse Platform analyses current web trend and instantly reacts to user’s intent with relevant information and ads – this is the USP of Kontera ads.

Suppose you have a website that is search engine optimized, meaning you have used relevant keywords to rank the website better. Now, with AdSense what happens is that the advertisements are placed in the side bars or in between the content.

If the visitor finds an ad interesting, the visitor will click on it and be redirected to the advertiser’s site.

With Kontera, it works in a different way. Kontera ads do not require additional space for display as they follow what is called, In – Text Advertising program. This means the Synapse Platform recognizes keywords placed in your site content and then provides ads similar to the keyword.

For instance, if a particular article page on your website is about ‘making money online,’ the Kontera ads will be placed as inline text so that when the visitor hovers the mouse on the phrase ‘making money online,’ a small bubble will pop.  If the visitor wants, he/she can click the bubble to find more information.

To make the information searching experience worthwhile and maintain flexibility and interaction with Internet users, the In – Text advertisements keep on changing in varying degrees.

Advantages of Kontera:

As a publisher with Kontera, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • Qualified websites with over 25,000 visitors from the US get a bonus amount of $50 upon signing.
  • Kontera gives its publishers 70% of the revenue earned.
  • To fully utilize the relevance of the published content, Kontera makes use of its patented Story – Level Targeting strategy to deliver unmatched user experience and results.
  • No changes to the website is necessary at all and the ads don’t take any additional space – it is all embedded within the content.
  • Kontera works with WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal platforms.
  • Their automatic reporting system gives you full details on the revenue earned.

Disadvantages of Kontera:

There are two primary disadvantages that go against the popularity enjoyed by Kontera:

  • Kontera does not begin payout until you have reached the minimum 100 USD mark. If you are new with Kontera, it might take you three – four months to reach the minimum payout. However, you can speed up the process if your website receives a high amount of traffic daily.
  • Kontera does not find favor with Internet users who dislike advertisement bubbles popping out in between the text because it distracts them and they lose interest in the website they are visiting. This is the reason why several Internet marketers will think twice before signing up with Kontera. After all, they don’t want to lose their traffic inflow.

Kontera vs. Google AdSense

Some advertisement publishers worry about violating Google’s TOC if they allow other advertisement providers on their website. There are rumors that Google bans such sites; however, that’s what it is…just a ‘rumor!’

Google does not have monopoly over advertisement publications and every website owner has the right to publish ads from whatever network they choose.

Therefore, it is perfectly fine to use Kontera if you are already using Google AdSense on your site. Just make sure your site does not seem too clogged with advertisements only.

Eligibility for Kontera Publisher Account and Rules for Maintaining It:

Kontera maintains strict application and maintenance rules, violation of which may lead to termination of the account permanently. Here are your basic eligibility criterion’s:

  • If your website deals in eCommerce, automobile, computing and technology, education, employment, entertainment, finance, forums, gaming, health, lifestyle, men, real estate, relationships, social networking, small business, B2B, sports, travel and women, you are eligible to apply for publisher’s account.
  • Your website should have more than 500,000 page impressions per month. However, there have been publishers whose account got accepted with much lesser per month impressions but don’t expect it will happen all the time.
  • The primary language of your site should be English and each page should have at least 50 words of content.
  • Your site should be active all the time  and should not be used for domain parking. Moreover, every page of content published should be original and not refurbished from somewhere else.
  • Your website is not eligible for a Kontera publishing account if you deal with any kind of illegal activity, pornography, excessive profanity, hate, racial discrimination, illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Adding of multiple websites to your existing Kontera publishing account is acceptable only after the support team has reviewed your website and approved it. In other words, you do not have the power to keep on adding website or blogs.
  • Kontera keeps a tab on how you are using the account. If you click Kontera ads published on your own website, they will cancel your account permanently.
  • It is a violation of Kontera TOC if you use other inline text ads along with Kontera. You can definitely use Google AdSense program since it does not have inline text ads but you have to stay away from other advertisers providing inline text advertising services.


With Kontera and AdSense published on your website, you double up your chances of generating a supplementary income. Both are Pay – Per – Click advertising programs and you get to earn a lot more than depending on any one kind of advertisement provider.

If you are still unsure, apply for Kontera here and check it out for two – three months; if it doesn’t work out, you can uninstall it easily. If it does, all is well and good!