Crucial Points For Mobile SEO

SEO is one of the most important parts for any online business. If you are planning to make any money, then the first thing which I would like to recommend is to optimize your site according to the various search engines. You will be surprised to know that almost 60% of site traffic comes from search engines.

Mobile SEOThis blog will introduce the concept of mobile SEO along with a few handy tips.

Mobile SEO – A Basic Requirement

We all know that requirements change with the passage of time. In the last few years, people were hardly concerned or in the know about mobile SEO but nowadays, mobile SEO has become the need of all online businesses.

Ever since the iPhones were launched, online shoppers started to shop through their iPhones or as you can guess, most of us read daily news on our mobile phones. Due to all these possibilities, mobile SEO has become a vital part of online business.

What is Mobile SEO?

You might be thinking that when we do SEO of a normal site, then why would we need mobile SEO. Here you must be made aware that websites are designed in two ways – one which runs on computers and laptops and the other one which runs on mobiles.

A mobile website is completely different from an original website. It means that both kinds of websites have the same goal but the website made for mobile devices loads quickly and can be visible in minimum resolution.

You might have noticed that when you do a Google search from your mobile, some of the search results are accompanied with a small icon of ‘mobile.’ These websites are custom created for mobile users.

How to SEO a mobile site?

Here are the fundamentals of mobile SEO:

Mobile Friendly Website – As we discussed earlier, sites customized for mobile browsing load quickly and have minimum resolution. Apart from these two factors, you have to think about compatibility as well. Not all websites are compatible on mobile browsers. 

Therefore, the mobile site that you build for your local business should be compatible for all kinds of mobile browsers. You can get help with this using the Mobile filter tool of Google Analytics.

URL and Content -It is advised by all search engines to use the same URL for mobile websites. For the content of the mobile website, you must be conscious about good quality. It is said that content is the king. You can make the content similar for both the websites but it should be hyperlinked with keywords and of course, keyword density should not exceed the normal limit.

Use of Mobile Filter and Google Analytics – You can make good use of Google Analytics as you can analyze your visitors without creating different profiles. In Google Analytics, you can login with your Gmail account and create a website profile. Then you have to copy and paste a small code in your websites coding document and upload it to the server.

As soon as your account is verified, Google Analytics will keep track of visitors on your mobile website as well. You can easily see the number of visitors and their login details, including the country of origin.

You can also take advantage of Filters. It will tell you exactly how many visitors are coming from the mobile website – how many pages they visit and how they interact with your content. Google Analytics is a free online tool.  Besides tracking the number of visitors, you can also research appropriate keywords for your business.

Some other points to keep in mind for mobile SEO

  •  If you want to SEO a mobile site, then among other several factors the most important one is the content as it plays a vital role in optimizing your website.
  • The images pasted in the website must be tagged carefully with Meta tag, title tag and alt tags. Always submit a mobile sitemap to the search engines and also ensure that you use only one markup language for your website, for example XHTML.
  • Always check that the codes you have implemented for the pages are easily understood by the browsers.
  • The mobile Internet is totally different from normal Internet browsing that you generally do on laptops or on desktops.
  • Internet browsing on mobile has several distractions, thus the message should be very simple to comprehend by the user.
  • The screen size is also a factor when you are expecting to browse a website on mobile.

Thus for mobile SEO, the content and design of the website must be very appropriate and as per the requirements.

There are several SEO oriented companies which can help you a lot with this. They will let you know what images and content you should put on the mobile website to optimize it easily and to look inviting within a limited budget. If you want to hire a SEO provider, read about their packages in detail before finalizing.

These days the trend of making websites popular is done by forwarding messages. As per this concept, they simply send you a corporate message with some offers and ask you to forward the message to 5 or 10 of your email friends and once you forward these messages, you get mobile recharge with some small amount.

Just by giving you a small benefit, they plan to increase their website visibility with scores of mobile users. This is also one of the most important and most widely used mobile SEO tricks.

Mobile websites must be made in such a way that branding a business or organization becomes possible in a very simple and easy way without much effort.

To conclude, these are some of the most crucial points and ways which you can’t neglect when thinking of creating a mobile website according to SEO rules.

Let us know if you have any other mobile SEO tips

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