Copywriting Mindset…Is That the Right Word?

I’ve done some research on the subject of “copywriting mindset.” Some say it’s being in tuned to all the advertising out there in today’s society whether in print, TV, radio or online banners and ads, while others say it’s the art of one’s creative inner self and having the ability to relay those thoughts on paper. Both are probably true to some degree. It’s all about the interpretation.

Copywriting Mindset...Is That the Right Word?If you truly want to acquire the copywriting mindset, change the word copywriting to “your prospect.” Your Prospects Mindset.

A copy writing mindset is not about me, myself and I. It IS about the prospects point of view; what’s important to them, their strong needs and desires and what the main motivating factor is to solving their problem.

We as humans are need driven and selfish. Buying decisions are made due to our emotional conflicts of pain or pleasure. By adapting your prospect’s mindset, you feel their pain-feel their pleasure-feel their need. By addressing these issues in your sales copy honestly, you’ll obtain the main ingredient to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Keep in mind also that to some degree we all are lazy. We tend to procrastinate and put matters off until the last minute. Our main job as copy writers is to turn that laziness-procrastination into a yes, I want your product or service and I want it now. Your sales piece should persuade a decision to take immediate action by using strategies such as scarcity and setting deadlines, drawing in the prospect to come to their own conclusion naturally… but today, not tomorrow.

Placing “yes” questions throughout our sales copy puts you in the prospect’s mindset because you are relating with them in that very moment. These questions induce the prospect to agree with what’s being asked and if used properly are subtle reminders of their specific needs and will point back to the most motivating benefit of our product.

Building resonance with your targeted audience is the best way to use their mindset to get them what it is they want. Tap into their feelings and thoughts. Are they searching for instant gratification, or a solution to work less and not spend much money? Are they fearful of failing-looking stupid or just a skeptic and pessimist?

Learning these techniques and connecting to your prospect takes time, research and a lot of effort. But implementing this interpretation of the copywriting mindset will sky rocket your business to amazing success.

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