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Who says you cannot make money from private label rights? In your own interest and in the interest of your purse, I will suggest to you not to believe in that kind of negativity. It’s just not true…

what is plrThe truth of the matter is that there is money to be made with private label rights. In case you have tried making money from it without much success, I will open your eyes to a number of things that you should consider and make something really tangible out of private label rights. You will also learn about the important facts.

What is PLR?

PLR is the acronym for private label right. It is a right that permits you to turn another person’s product into your own and market it as if you are the owner.

You are given an exclusive right over many things about the product and you can be sure that you can keep all the money you are able to make from the product.

You will never have to share your profit with anyone whatsoever. This is directly the opposite of what you experience with affiliate marketing in which you are only given a percentage of what you are able to make from the sale of a product.

What you can do with a PLR product?

With a PLR product, you can make any kind of modification to any product content before you make it available online for sales to your clients. If you like, you can write an introduction in your own words and attach it to the product. You can even change the title of the e-book.

The private label right also permits you to change any other content of the product. You can even put your name on the product and brand yourself as the owner.

Before you know what is happening, you would have fully modified the product to suit your taste. This permits you the right to formulate an entirely revised and updated product from an old one. It also makes it possible for you to continuously make money from any private label rights product.

Factors to consider before you buy PLR products:

While you are thinking on how to make money from a private label right product, you will need to consider very important points that may end up determining the success or failure of your purchase…

  • It is true that you can change and modify the private label right product as you like. But the truth still remains that you do not have the copyright. The copyright still belongs to the owner of the work. You should keep this in mind all along as you play around with your modification so as not to infringe on other people’s rights.
  • Private label rights gives you a lot of control over the product that you have purchased. But the kind of right you have is somewhat limited to some extent.

    In no way should you attempt to sell the resell rights to someone else. You can sell the product to others for their personal use; you should understand that it doesn’t go beyond that. Before you can go the extra mile of giving resell rights to others, you need to first receive permission from the original author of the product.

  • You can’t reprint the product that comes with private label rights. The PLR right you have does not cover that much on the product. You can only do this if you have Master Reprint Rights. This can only be given by the original owner of the product.
  • You also have to abide by any rule outlined by the original owner of the product. There is no generally accepted rule attached to private label right products. Each individual author can make any rule he feels is right for him. It is expected of you to follow any such rule given to you by the author of the product in question.
  • Be very careful how you buy the PLR product and the source from which you make your purchase. Some authors may be deceptive and give you a link through which you can distribute the product. These deceptive authors will ensure that anyone who buys through the link they give you will end up signing up for their personal newsletters. They will, therefore, be using your effort to get subscribers for themselves. I am sure you do not want anyone to deceive you in this manner.

What type of product can carry PLR?

Several products can be bought or sold with private label rights. Some of them are documents containing useful info, reports on any issue, any kind of graphic, articles on interesting topics, software and several other products that people can download. You can make money from private label rights through any of the products above.

How PLR can help your business?

You can make use of private label rights to attract a large number of targeted visitors to your website. All you need to do is simply direct them to your website and offer the product at a set price.

While they are buying the product, make sure that they register with their email address. Before long, you would have built a long list of email subscribers.

You can as well decide to offer the product for free on your site. When people download, they automatically register as a member on you mailing list.

You can make use of the list to make money by other means…but try as much as possible never to destroy your image by sending spam mails to your subscribers.

A very bright method to make money from private label rights is to break the info in it into different sections and offer each section periodically.

Make each section available to read or download by your site visitors. After each section, ask them to come back for more another time.

If the previous info has been interesting, you can be sure that they will surely report back at a later date for more.

They may even consistently check back to see if you have posted something new. This is a good way to make your products and services known to them. You will also be able to build trust, which is an important ingredient for Internet marketing success.

This is very important…

Before you enter into any agreement to purchase any private label right product, it is important that you read the terms and condition very well. Make sure that you understand every bit of info in it. This will help to protect you from any mishap.


I am sure you are now informed about the subject matter and how you can make money from private label rights. If you keep all the info in mind, you will love yourself for it at the end of the day. The important thing is for you to know your rights and how far it can really go.

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