Can You Run an Online Business From Smartphone?

For businessmen, Smartphone has provided the freedom of working from anywhere at anytime. Smartphones are specially designed for those people who want to access their emails and digital documents wherever they want.

Smartphones V/S Traditional Phones

Online Business From Smartphone?Traditional phones provide calling, text, music, camera and other entertaining facilities. Smartphone is an integrated calling device which supports business related activities.

Smartphone helps corporate people to access their work even when they are outside the office. People can enjoy their weekend with family even when they have a massive work load.

How Businesses Have Adopted Smartphone?

Proliferation of the Smartphone is amazing. The device is broadly adopted in input and extracting data in ERP program; it can be used in tracking payment gateway and in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

In an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program, Smartphone can be used for sales data processing. Managers can access this data by logging into the ERP application of Smartphone.

Today, Smartphone has become a virtual platform for business transactions. Digital SMSes, integrated email facility, document reading are the increasingly popular Smartphone add-ons.

Business Prospective Via Smartphone

In the last couple of years, Smartphone has made it possible to run your business online with its various business applications. Smartphones applications are also introducing various customized applications useful for business purposes.

These applications or Apps (in Smartphone language) are very little time consuming and are productive at little cost. Out of all business applications, I tried to introduce major applications mostly useful for business purposes.

These applications are –


It is the most innovative application for credit/debit card transactions. This is a free application provided in Smartphones which when installed, sends a free card reader to plug into the device.

This application helps users to accept credit card payments without annual fees. Square application in Smartphone is comfortable for small businesses.


It is a Smartphone document scanner, useful for keeping document backups, receipts, bills and bank statements. This is a single user application. It can be activated through signature scanning too.

CamScanner can be obtained free of cost and supports Google Docs and PDF files.


It is a Microsoft office based application, which is available for free to all Smartphone users. Its pro version means a user can edit, update and add documents to the office briefcase. However, the pro version is not available for free if a user needs to edit texts in presentations.

QuickOffice enables business productivity by providing easy document access from Smartphone. Also, its auto formatting facility helps users to read document texts in mobile optimized format. It supports Excel files, PowerPoint Presentation files and Word documents.


It enables remote accessing of your office or home computer from your Smartphone. With this application, the user can access a connected PC or laptop from anywhere in the world. It works on high speed internet connection for better accessibility.

Splash Top is a highly adoptive application for small businesses.


Skype is an audio-video communicating application and highly preferred by top level employees. It is a free of cost application with which employers can communicate with each other.

The Skype app on Smartphones enables users to share documents by just copying them on the Skype communication box. It can be used even in low internet accessibility situations.


PayPal enables user to create payment invoices and to manage PayPal accounts via Smartphones. This application helps in managing online transactions “on the go.” The app can also be used to directly send/receive payment online.

GoPayment also provides a financial statement of the user’s online payment transactions. It is a free to download application for compatible Smartphone devices.


Online business setup via blogging is incomplete if the user does not download and install the Smartphone optimized WordPress application. It functions properly just as it would on a laptop or a PC.

Now you can write blog posts, edit and publish blogs anytime and anywhere through Smartphone WordPress.

Social Networking:

Small businesses demand social networking connectivity to promote their products and services online. Facebook, Twitter, MyYearBook are easily accessible social networking applications from Smartphones.

These free applications can be easily downloaded from their associated websites where they are provided with mobile based applications suitable for Smartphone devices. Business promotions via social networking are the foremost requirements of small businesses as it connects business to the people around the globe.

All these Smartphone applications will directly connect your business with your targeted audience.

Disadvantages of Using Smartphones in Online Business Activities:

No doubt, Smartphones simplifies accessibility of business activities from every corner of the world but its major drawback is data security. Every day, Smartphone accesses massive data as users store their passwords for easy and fast accessing of multiple website accounts.

All these activities are performed on its free distributed applications, which is the major issue for lack of security. Applications installed on Smartphone are not secure enough for account privacy. For hackers, grabbing login passwords of important accounts is much easier on Smartphones because of various phishing scams that target massive Smartphone users.


Staying productive is enough for balancing professional and personal life simultaneously. Smartphones counters this balance and tries to make professional life easy to access from anywhere and anytime. Smartphone is your personal digital assistant to maintain your office without being physically present.

Future innovations are considering Smartphone as the unavoidable virtual part of IT infrastructure. It enhances communication and easy storage of company data without much stress.

Although, the market for Smartphones is enjoying constant growth, it needs to solve the data security issues to protect essential and important data accessed via Smartphones.

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    I like camscanner the most because it gives me the copies of bills and receipts etc. Last week I was sitting in the subway train when I say an ad on the window and I wanna have it so that i can show it to my hubby and thanks to camscanner I have it in my phone. Smart phones are really great catalysts between companies and customers.

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