Can You Make Money with Squidoo Lenses?

Are you a newcomer on the Internet or have you been around and you would like to make some living off the Internet?

This can be easily done through several ways. One of these ways is through Squidoo. With the information revealed below, you will understand all that you need to know as far as making money with Squidoo is concerned. Make sure you read every line of the info here so as to take in everything written for your benefit.
Make Money with Squidoo

What is Squidoo?

It is a website which makes it possible for anyone to create lenses or pages. Those who create web pages on Squidoo are referred to as ‘lens creators.’

The web pages created are called lenses. The lenses are very detailed information pages, which contains not only comprehensive information about the subject but also multiple embedded links.

The pages are called ‘lenses’ for a reason, that is, the information contained therein are very microscopic in nature, bringing out every aspect or facet of the chosen topic.

It is a kind of community website where anyone that wants to participate will have to register and be fully accepted as a member before you are allowed to perform any activity on the website.

Any subject of interest can be posted on Squidoo. The topic or the category of the subject you are discussing does not matter in anyway.

How viable is Squidoo?

Squidoo has been around for quite sometime. In fact, it is one of the most popular sites online today. It is so popular to the extent that you can be sure of being able to make some meaningful money out of it.

It is rated among one of the five hundred most visited websites online worldwide today. In the United States alone, it is among the three hundred most visited websites.

Other advantages of Squidoo

If you are looking for a site to make money online, one of the best choices you can make is to register on Squidoo. There are several advantages attached to this.

One of them is the fact that the site is completely free to join. You will be able to format the webpage you build through a simple non-technical drag and drop module. This makes the site very easy to use, even for a newbie.

Due to the Squidoo popularity, you are also sure of traffic coming to your Squidoo page. The website is so popular to the extent that it receives millions of visitors on daily basis.

Another factor you may want to look into is the fact that Squidoo is known worldwide. There is no part of the universe in which Squidoo is not well known. This means that your created pages will be well visited and viewed worldwide.

In case anyone who visits the page you created has interest in what you have to display on the page, the visitor may decide to purchase your content and pay you through PayPal.

On an average, you can earn about 100 USD per Squidoo page. Such buyers can become your regular client and ask you to make more Squidoo pages.

Moreover, another way to make money on Squidoo is through the embedded links. Suppose you are writing a book review lens, you can easily link with Amazon and every sale made through this link will benefit you.

Finally, there is no limit on the amount of lenses you can create.

Disadvantages associated with Squidoo

Squidoo has the full right to disallow your site at any time. They can even get your web page deleted from their database without previous notification to you if you are found to go against the terms and conditions of use.

If you have more than one account on Squidoo, you may be facing a lot of challenges. It can be challenging to manage just one account on Squidoo.

Managing another account aside the first one will make things a bit difficult for you. Account management on Squidoo involves operations like checking comment, promotion, indexing, and statistical management.

Having more than one account means that you will have to get the above listed tasks done on two different accounts.

You will also not be able to pile up the money quickly. You will have to spread your money across two accounts and the normal Squidoo payout will not be reached on time. This is never helpful in your bid to make money with Squidoo.

How to make money with Squidoo

There are several ways through which you can earn money on Squidoo. Some of them have been highlighted here:

  • Earn as an affiliate: You can make some earning on Squidoo by acting as an affiliate of the site. You can link Squidoo to several other individuals who are seeking for a free site to launch their webpage and its money making content. Every sale made by the invited person will pay you a particular percentage.
  • Build a lens of your own: You can also decide to build lenses from the mechanisms made available on Squidoo. You can only build the lenses around a particular product. The lens and its product will be advertised as widely as possible through mechanisms made available by Squidoo. Every sale you generate through such a sale is credited to your account.
  • Earn as a writer: Some lens creators on Squidoo may desire to add web content to their web pages on Squidoo. They may be looking out for expert content writers to help them put the content together.

    If you are an article writer, you may be able to come by such lens owners and get paid for the content you helped them to write. This is actually one of the most popular ways to make money from Squidoo and has remained one of the best Squidoo methods to make money.

Thing you should consider to make money on Squidoo

  • Focused lens: If you really want to make money on Squidoo, you need to ensure that your lens is completely focused on particular topic. Do not digress. Don’t give readers of your content the impression that you do not know what you want or that you are not focused. If you have made up your mind to write on any topic, ensure that the lens is completely focused on the particular topic and nothing more.
  • Use of keywords: Any sensible article writer will fully understand the great importance of keywords in a write up. Any content to be posted on Squidoo should also contain SEO keywords. It will help to ensure that your contents are easily located by search engines. You will also be able to attract more traffic than you would have been able to do on a normal day.
  • Use of interlinks: If you want to make meaningful money on Squidoo, you will do well to include interlinks in the lenses you are presenting for the general public’s consumption. This will make it easy for the traffic directed to the lens to also find their ways to other sites that may end up adding up to your total profit.

To wrap up this discussion, never mistake Squidoo for another directory website. It is not!!!

The specialty lies in its ability to allow others to create detailed informational lenses that are not available anywhere else. And the amount of interlinking you can do is different from any other so-called article directory.

In all, you can create both passive and active earning on Squidoo.

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