Can Writing Yield Passive Income?

A real, verifiable passive income success story from a HubPages user: ‘Habee’ (the username of the person) earns about $600 – $700 per month, mostly from HubPages, through passive income.

‘Habee’ is a retired teacher who turned to writing as a full time career. Apart from earning from passive sources, the user writes unique content for web publishers, which too helps to increase monthly income. The user joined HubPages two years back and now has 750 hubs bringing her passive earning. She also writes for Helium and Horseman Magazine.

What is passive income?

creating passive incomeThe American Internal Revenue Service defines passive income as a source of earning which does not require active participation by the individual.

Passive income earners do not spend hours and hours maintaining their businesses and neither do they spend extravagantly for promotions and advertisements.

For instance, you could earn passive income from property as rent, from royalties, from Internet advertisement revenues and interests and dividends coming from financial investments are some examples. Here, we will restrict our discussion to earning passive income online.

How to Earn Passive Income Online?

Generating interesting and informative user content for online readers is one of the basic and primary ways to create passive income. This method of earning is not only used by freelance writers but uncountable other Internet marketers and Internet advertisers to generate an additional income source.

Like the story of ‘Habee’, passive income is generated when online web publishers share a portion of their earnings with you depending on the number of content views and its popularity.

In other words, passive income is basically a revenue generation system that the website gives as a ‘bonus’ for the traffic your writing brings to the website. HubPages, Associated Content, Triond, WritingHood, Squidoo and Helium are some of the best and popular ones.

Moreover, there is no restriction regarding the kinds of writing accepted. If you are a good cook, write about your homemade recipes, prepare videos and post them on HubPages. Or if you are an adventure freak, write about your experiences on Associated Content and earn. Only the sky is the limit!

The main thing is to make your online content unique and original, and then only can you beat the competition. And the more you write, the more you earn revenues.

Can Passive Income Be Created Online Instantly?

No. Never! Of course, a lot depends on your writing and the quality of content you provide. Nevertheless, generating passive income takes weeks and months. Sometimes you won’t see any significant changes in the earning for 4-6 months but let it not disinterest you.

Also, if you reside in Eastern countries, it is difficult for you to earn passive income through writing because some the websites mentioned above and others prefer US citizens or UK citizens.

This means that you can write and publish your content with these sites but you cannot generate any earnings. All the revenues earned goes to the company, you don’t receive any share. However, the online content resource companies are in the process of changing their policies to accommodate non – US writers but it will require time.

Important Tip: Any passive income earner will tell you one basic thing – the trick is to keep writing original, humorous and informative content. We understand that it can be quite frustrating to keep on writing and not receive any return immediately, but you have to make patience your forte for one reason: you need to give time for the content to catch up / become popular.

Newbie passive income enthusiasts often make the mistake of thinking that they can publish the same content everywhere and double or triple earning potential. If you believe this, you are completely misinformed.

Sites like Associated Content, Squidoo and Triond always make sure that the same content is not published on other networks too. If you try to publish similar content repeatedly, the publishing websites will be bound to restrict your access.

Is There Any Earning Limit?

Absolutely not! Your earning is directly proportional to the content you develop and the traffic you get. Passive income from writing helps in the long term. Five years from now, if you have been diligent and regular with writing and publishing, you would have created a huge content resource reservoir, spanning thousands of articles and earning from them every month.

Pros: extremely low maintenance required and extremely low cost investment

Cons: necessary to publish interesting content and necessary to have computer skills

Note: There are no advertising expenses involved as the publishing websites are immensely popular.

The Two – Way Mechanism

Writing will serve two purposes: help you to create passive income and also promote your business. For instance, if you are a swimming coach, you create a comprehensive article and publish it on Squidoo.

In the Squidoo lens, you can mention about your career and perhaps, about the coaching services you provide to interested clients. You can place your website link in your profile or on the lens. This way, those who will appreciate your input or perspective as a swimming coach may want to contact you as well.

Or, let’s say, you want to sell your e-book, which is about teenage obesity. You follow the same process – write, publish and direct the traffic to your e-book landing page.

Passive income source best works when your content is personal and subjective. This means that you are not copying what others have to say about the same issue; it means that your inputs are your personal perspective and believe us, readers enjoy such content pieces.

Wrapping Up…

As some point of time, you may want to try out developing a passive income model. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Create unique and personal content
  • Have patience, persistence and commitment
  • Create multiple channels of passive income

Once you have the basic model ready within 6-12 months, just sit back and see the ‘clicks’ (moolah!!!) coming in every month.

Are you earning passive income? Leave a comment and let us know…

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  1. says

    The problem with passive income as stated above is that it relies on 2 things to be successful…

    1. That the business that you are writing for doesn’t change it TOS or go out of business…
    2. That the vehicle in which it gets it traffic consistently can produce traffic day in and day out.

    A lot of people are misled about writing for the web and tend to view passive income as something that you can build one block at a time. In reality, when you start placing outside variables into the equation, it can get dicey quick (a la panda update).

  2. newsman says

    I’m impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your concept is outstanding. I’m very joyful that I stumbled across this in my seek referring to this.

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