Can All Kinds of Blogs Make Money?

In the past, there were seafarers and explorers who had their personal diaries and logs of daily events that they diligently maintained. This daily log formed the basis of their stories on far off lands that they may have explored, the variety of the flora and fauna that they may have discovered, the indigenous people they may have met or fought and eventually conquered.

Blogs Make MoneyIn the present context, the blog has taken the place of the log diaries that the adventurers and the sea faring captains or even the pirates would maintain for keepsake.

Blogs have evolved over the years into scratching posts and meeting points since they are seen, commented on and followed by people and also some passersby who found the blog interesting.

Some people create a blog to just make themselves a famous writer, some for fun and some for money. That brings us to the million dollar question ‘Can all kinds of blogs make money?

For us to answer this question, we have to first know the different kinds of blogs that exist in cyberspace.

Few types of blogs to make money with:

  • Personal blogs – This is the most prevalent type of potentially money making blog used on the net. People from all walks of life seem to have a personal blog on the net. They use it to comment on the happenings around them or to tell their friends and loved ones what happened on the street outside their house.
    Many people use their personal blogs to generate income directly or they drive traffic to another website by being an affiliate.
  • Cultural blogs – Cultural blogs discuss music, arts, theater and other popular culture. This particular kind may have limited viewership from a certain niche. But, it can also be a money spinner since there can be a huge following once people get useful information about their favorite shows, bands, timings of shows or forth coming tours and gigs or maybe lessons and books.
  • Topic blogs – These blogs focus on specific topics like some of the search engines that are prevalent on the web. Topic blogs can be a mixed bag for making money since it could be the intensity and the relevance of the topic that can make or mar its potential to rake in the moolah!
  • Business blogs – This kind of a money making blog may talk about the stock markets, the currency exchange rates, rates of bullion and other business related topics. This could be a good blog to make money from since it is a money oriented blog. And since birds of the same feather flock together, the incentive to be at the same place can also be a big factor in the success of this blog attracting money by offering insights and advice on money.
  • Technical blogs – Again a very special and specific kind of potential money making blog that could attract just people who are into the technical field. This type of a blog could have further disadvantages if it tends to focus on just one or maybe two branches of technology.
  • Collaborative blogs – Collaborative blogs are written and/or managed by two or more authors. These could be put up to act as a meeting post for a certain community like college friends or friends from the local football or board game club where they could discuss strategies that were implemented or what could have been done etc.
  • Eclectic blogs – These are blogs which focus on rants, opinions, and commentary on a variety of issues. It focuses on niches that maybe individually or collaboratively put forth.
  • Educational blogs– Educational blogs, also known as edublogs, are used by students to post articles, research papers or their findings and requirements for any particular projects that they may have undertaken.
  • Directory blogs – It focuses on particular news and happenings in the neighborhood, state or country in a larger perspective.
  • Forum blogs – It allows two or more bloggers to post discussions about topics or events that a group of people care about or are highly opinionated about on the net.

With the dynamic nature of our cyber space, everyday, new and innovative types of blogs catches the eyes of eager readers. It doesn’t matter why the blog and which type of blog has been created but it could only become a money spinner if it catches the maximum traffic.

Either the blog should have such a powerful appeal that it should have the power to attract people that are not even connected to the topic or it is somehow connected to a celebrity, chances of which… are zero.

There are many well-known ways to turn a blog into a money magnet, few of them are:

Advertising Programs – Blogs can make more money by participating in advertising programs of different companies, which in turn make it more attractive.

Sponsorship – Corporate entities are sometimes interested in sponsoring blogs that they can align to and earn more profits.

Affiliate Programs – These are programs where the blogs divert the traffic that comes to the blog. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Dreaming of a money making blog which can at least have a high five-figure annual income is not beyond one’s reach. Of course, it won’t happen overnight but yes, with a little hard work and endurance it is promising.

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