Online Fraud Prevention and Control: PCI and VeriSign

Someone “purchased” from your site and one of two things happened:

  • The buyer’s credit card data is compromised & the buyer holds you responsible.
  • The buyer didn’t purchase the product, still the credit card is charged.

Fraud Control and Prevention Online: PCI and VeriSignAs a small business owner, marketer, merchant or a retailer, it is necessary to make the website secure, especially when the site is used for selling products and services.

Online Fraud Prevention and Fraud Control

Here I will talk about two important factors you should not ignore while setting up an online product-based business – PCI and VeriSign.

Let’s see what they are in detail.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance policies were created to prevent Internet fraudulent activities. The huge amount of data theft possibility led to the creation of PCI compliance policies.

The VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, JCB and American Express cards adhere to its policies. It is required from every merchant that stores and processes payment information maintain the “minimum security standard,” according to PCI guidelines. Non adherence to the guidelines results in additional fees or debarring from the credit card processing facility.

To help in this, the PCI has developed a 5 point guideline for the merchant to follow:

1) To protect credit card information by creating a safety network

The network in which the consumer card information or even the names are stored should be kept in a secure place.

For instance, if the consumer is paying through an online transaction then the web server page should be encrypted and contain an SSL certificate authority. Or, suppose that the merchant uses a personal laptop for storing information then the laptop should be kept secure behind a computer firewall.

Basically, the PCI compliance means creating maximum and effective security standards for fraud prevention.

2) To implement measures limiting access to the stored information

The card holder data should be accessed by those only who needs to use them. Even if all the technological applications are in place to prevent information theft, one cannot discount the possibility of human breach in security.

Therefore, PCI compliance guidelines strictly imply giving control measures only to those who really need them. Otherwise, no other person should have access.

3) To maintain the safety network by regular monitoring and testing

Regular monitoring and testing is necessary to detect security scams or any fault with the security. This does not necessarily mean any fraudulent activities; it only sheds light on any potential security risks that can become a big issue later on if the security risk is detected my any scam or phishing site. The merchant can sign up with security testing and auditing services to check the security system.

4) To create a management program to deal with any credit card information crisis

This PCI compliance is easy to adhere. In this, the person or merchant operating the computer containing sensitive cardholder information needs to update the computer security systems or browser now and then to erase any scope of data loss. Ensure that the security check system installed is always up to date.

5) To scan the data quarterly to remove any vulnerability

Whether it is a large or small firm / company, every establishment needs to scan the data quarterly to remove any possibility of security breach. If there is a big company involved, every employee needs to be trained on the PCI compliance rules and also should follow them strictly. Any discrepancy needs to be immediately sorted out.

Before a merchant is allowed to process credit card payments, they are checked first and then authorized. The authorization can be cancelled if the merchant company does not adhere to the PCI compliance policies.

VeriSign Seal

Since 1995, VeriSign has been offering SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates for online transactions to ensure data theft prevention and security to the online purchases. The SSL certificate authority is a major requirement for websites that sell products and services online because without guaranteeing transaction safety, it is next to impossible to convince buyers / consumers to purchase from a particular website.

99 percent of product and service based websites working today have the VeriSign SSL certificate seal or logo at the end of the page. It is an indication for the consumer to know that their personal data input on the site is kept safe and transferred to the merchant website in encrypted mode.

In simple words, a VeriSign certificate means complete safety and security with the financial transaction in process.

Other reasons for its necessity are:

Proof of Authentication

Not everyone is given the SSL certificate authority to publish the logo on their site. Before giving permission, the company performs authentication measures to ensure that the applicant for the certificate is the same person who will be operating the website.

Only with satisfactory identification does VeriSign allow SSL certification license. This process helps in guarding against unauthorized access to the particular website.

Functional Indication

An encrypted web session between the customer website browser and the merchant website browser can only happen when the customer website browser acknowledges the validity of the VeriSign SSL certificate.

When both the website browsers are linked, the merchant site browser gives the other browser an indication of its validity. Only when the validity is approved, the web session takes place. The data is encrypted and transferred to the merchant account securely.

Customer Satisfaction

How many times has it happened when a consumer wanted to purchase a product or service from a website but decided negatively at the last moment because there was no credibility in the transaction? By lack of credibility I mean the absence of the VeriSign certificate authority on the website, which made the consumer withdraw the purchase.

After all, a customer will always be worried about the safety of the transaction because he/she inputs sensitive personal and credit card information. Without any assurance from the merchant side about the credibility of the transaction, it is impossible to convince a buyer. It will only lead to business loss.

However, if the website displays the VeriSign SSL certification then the consumer will purchase with confidence. It will also give the merchant account a competitive edge against others.

Fraud Prevention

To protect online shoppers, the FBI has directed consumers to only use those websites that display SSL certificate authority. Only an SSL certificate ensures safe and secure transaction. A website with this certificate will have the web URL starting with ‘https’ and also display the safety ‘lock’ icon on the transaction page.

Without these two indications, a consumer should never make a purchase. Fraudulent practices are a huge problem with the Internet these days and authorities are trying their best to make online shopping a safe method.


A product or service-based website which is PCI compliant and has the VeriSign SSL certificate authority, it ensures two things – consumer safety and seller creditability.
Aren’t these two your priorities also?

Mobile SEO – How Are Mobile Platforms Changing SEO?

Mobiles and Smartphones are definitely the trend changers. With the advancement in mobile Internet technology in the last few years, browsing and accessing Internet via mobile has grown exponentially.

mobile SEOIn fact, websites that are not optimized for the mobile platform are losing their potential traffic. In contrast, websites can be accessed via mobile are now trying their hands on mobile SEO!

Getting Started with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO process begins with defining the website on the mobile platform.  For this, marketers need to design an optimized site for mobile access. CSS or the cascading style sheet is the customized mobile platform especially built to optimize website content.

Effective Mobile SEO Practices

Rapid increase in mobile Internet usage facilitated marketers to promote products and services online via SEO strategies.

Searching on the Internet via personal computer and on mobile are very different approaches. While typing searches on the Internet, the traditional keyboard is more comfortable than Smartphone’s keyboards. Although, it is a user dependent technique for getting quick search results, if a marketer provides optimized content on the websites and proper internal webpage link building, SEO via mobile can definitely receive positive feedback.

Aspects Related To Mobile SEO

  • Voice search:

Most of the Smartphones have speech to text facility. This demands good content optimization and effective speech recognizing keywords instead of normal keyword analysis. Practicing mobile SEO with this yardstick can help marketers in generating income from mobile SEO.

  • Image Search:

Effective SEO services are those which can generate quick solution to user’s queries. Google Goggles helps in generating quick responses to searched queries in the form of web images.

  • Global Accessing:

Mobile SEO provides web access functionality even when the user is traveling. This shows that mobile web is in its infancy and a potential platform for Internet marketers. Mobile SEO is likely focused strongly on that category of audiences who are constantly traveling and need information quickly and effectively through their Smartphones.

  • Geo-targeting:

Search results fluctuate more on mobile devices as compared to desktop search results. Most of the free geo-location applications are therefore provided with good navigational functionality for locating search results.

  • Sociability:

Most of the mobile web users use the Internet to socialize. If the SEO marketers do not include the social media users, mobile SEO will not be effective. Mobile SEO marketers focus on providing comfortable social media coverage too so that the users feel connected.

  • Quick SEO Response:

As compared to the SEO targeted audience accessing the Internet on their desktops or laptops, the mobile SEO efforts provides a quick response to the marketers, resulting in better ROI. Whether it’s about searching online hotel reviews or for flight inquiries, users prefer to set their searches on mobile as compared to desktop searching.

Problem with Mobile SEO

Various mobile websites use user agent detection for redirecting people to mobile domains:

1. URL

2. m.

These domains display website content in a well optimized format suitable for small mobile screens. Problem of duplicate content arises because same content exists on both the URLs. This results in decreasing the website ranking in search engine listings.

Also, managing two URLs for the same website is sometimes difficult for marketers. Local SEO marketers have to attach two links in their mobile content – this can be a bad SEO practice for marketers.

Blog Optimization for Mobile

Blogs are the most important part of search engine optimization. Blogs on mobile Internet should be optimized enough so that it can be compatible with different mobile operating systems.  Also, the blogger should understand that the search terms for blogs are different on desktop and in the mobile web environment. A research on easily type-able keywords is therefore, a vital aspect.

Considerations with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO needs to be well optimized to enable faster loading, table-less structure, clear images and easy searching. It also needs more researches and innovations to build a lucrative and stable mobile Internet campaign for online marketers. Some other considerations are:

  • Websites should not be complex enough for mobile use.
  • Mobile websites should not contain high graphics and massive content.
  • Website should be easily accessible with minimum restrictions.
  • From content uploading to downloading, everything should be mobile compatible.
  • SEO experts should make sure that the websites are not just compatible for search engine listings, but also compatible according to the mobile device.


Mobile SEO is taking over the traditional desktop SEO. However, there can be various future innovations in this field. For example, GPS location data can be utilized for search queries. It might be possible that mobile search engines will begin using GPS data automatically to provide search results quickly.

Use of applications for retrieving web information might be the next innovation for mobile SEO. All these researches and innovations will surely provide a great support to mobile search engine optimization.

Project Internet Marketing – Video 3 – Getting Prepared

Project Internet Marketing

Hopefully you’ve watched Video 1 and Video 2 so far. These videos build on each other so if you haven’t viewed them, please do so.


In this video, I discuss how important doing your market research is. You can get into some of the niche forums, Google groups and Yahoo groups and also use the Google Keyword Tool to gather up all the information you need on your chosen niche.

I cover the importance of selling value first before you start to sell your potential customers the solution to their problems. Help people. It will come back to you a hundred fold.

Also, I want you to ask many questions yourself. If you don’t something, you don’t know. Don’t waste time getting frustrated…find someone who knows the answers.

Now that you are getting yourself prepared, you need to write down your vision. A vision of where you want to go, not only professionally, but personally as well. Many of us go through life without any sense of direction. Don’t let this happen to you.

And lastly, you need to set daily goals. This will keep you on track – on a time table to get so much accomplished…

And as always, I’ve included the downloads underneath this video for you to take – print out and use.

These include;

  • A business plan
  • Time management sheets
  • Internet marketing dictionary
  • Vision statement blueprint

So get started getting prepared and watch this 13 minute video now…

Free Business Plan Template:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

Time Management Sheet:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

Time Sheet PG2:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

IM Dictionary

Vision Statement Blueprint – Free Vision Statement Guide

If there is anything else you need help on, let me know. Let me ask you…how are these videos affecting you? Leave your comment below in the box.


Twitter Acquires – What Does it Mean for Marketers?

Twitter has acquired the development team of a well known mobile blogging company Posterous.comTwitter Acquires Posterous Twitter expressed its interest towards Posterous and announced that it’s not about the acquisition of a blogging platform for Twitter, but is also an acquisition of the ‘dedicated people and web technology’ behind Posterous.

On the other hand, takes this acquisition as the most valuable deal because its qualified and dedicated team of engineers will now work with the Twitter team.

Twitter Benefits With Posterous:

Twitter believes that this deal will enhance its quality of services for its users and will help itself to make its service much better. With this acquisition, users will be able to backup their content, will be able to post micro blogs, tweet them and thus, it will positively enhance Twitter business.

Benefits For Posterous:

Posterous was looking for a big brand to connect with and it cannot be denied that Twitter is the top social networking website today. Posterous, on behalf of this deal, is profoundly happy with the acquisition; more so because Twitter will absorb Posterous employees in its existing team.

Both Twitter and Posterous have ensured that their individual services will not be disturbed due to this tie-up. If they introduce any changes in their services in the future, it will be first notified to its users well in advance so that the users can easily adopt the changes. MySpace users will continue to use their accounts as they are using now.

Also, its domain partner .eNom will handle its domain management. Users will be instructed via emails about the procedure of accessing their new domain accounts.

How Twitter Acquired Posterous?

Twitter is committed towards its services and believes in nurturing talent. Following this approach, Twitter expressed its interest towards Posterous as it excels in its talent-based product creation approach. It is this level of talent that Twitter wishes to inculcate following the acquisition to enhance its own products.

Benefits for Marketers from this Acquisition:

Posterous had integrated into various Twitters activities before the acquisition. The acquisition will help users to highlight and update their Posterous accounts from Twitter and vice versa; and the MySpace posts can be seamlessly tweeted. SimplyTweet is the best example as it updates Posterous posts on Twitter.

Twitter-Posterous will enhance marketers profit to almost double. Posting and tweeting at one time with Twitter-Posterous common domain, will help marketers to promote their business products very quickly.

Marketers, especially online product marketers are eagerly waiting for Twitter-Posterous to launch their post-acquisition services.  Following are some of the benefits that online marketers are expecting:

  • Posterous post might not be limited to 140 characters. If it is so, it will help marketers to promote their business products in a more descriptive form.
  • Product detail entered by marketers on Posterous will be tweeted on the combined domain.
  • Various mobile supporting applications will be introduced to tweet Posterous posts. Business promotion via mobile will then be better accessible.
  • The domain will support photo tagging on Posterous. Marketers will be able to place their product details along with the product image on website.

Twitter is not only acquiring Posterous, it is entering into the mobile blogging and micro blogging platforms. The inclusion of Posterous will extend the functional values of mobile blogging platform. Social media and social issue-based content will be on the advantage point because of the micro blogging opportunities this acquisition will bring.

Is this an Acquisition for Talent or the End of Innovation?

Talent acquisition has become a common activity in the last few years. No doubt, if the acquisition of the talented team behind Posterous is a new innovation for Twitter, it is also a hijack of Posterous’ concept of micro blogging.

Probable Outcome of Posterous Acquisition

Following are some probable outcomes:

  • Twitter’s Acquisition Trend:

    Twitter’s penchant for acquisition has increased in the last 2 years. In the year 2012, Twitter has already added Summify and Desient in its acquisition list. Earlier the list included Summize, Cloudhopper and Mixer Labs in it. Perhaps Twitter is competing with other social networking sites to reach the top.

  • Impact Of Acquisition On Posterous:

    According to Posterous owner Mr. Sachin Agarwal, “this is the real opportunity for Posterous to bring their talent to the world and Twitter is the best platform to innovate their talents”. However, it is possible that Posterous Spaces will be directly disturbed due to the acquisition of its developer team by Twitter. It can result in moving of Posterous Space services to Twitter and thus, Posterous Space will lose its individual identity.

No doubt, this acquisition will help marketers to promote their business online on a combined platform. But, if Posterous will not be able to balance between its own services and acquisition responsibilities, it can result in shut down of Posterous Space services.

It will be interesting to see whether the innovation will increase availability of technologies or will it be a failed acquisition for talent?

What is your opinion on posterous acquisition?

Top 10 Advertising Platforms to Make Money

Anyone who runs a blog wants to monetize it. While some write sponsored reviews, some sell products, yet another group of bloggers create blogs just for selling space for advertising.

Advertising Platforms to Make MoneyEarning through blog advertising is one of the preferred ways to make quick money. People have been known to create niche blogs, publish 50+ pages, get high PR and then create advertising slots for advertisers.

Advertisers easily pay $5 to $150+ per month for each advertising slots depending on the incoming traffic and the Page Ranking (PR) of the blog.

If you are one such blogger, here are the top 10 advertising platforms to make money.


Since there are no fixed numbers of advertisements you can run on your blog, you can register on each of the advertising platforms and wait for their approval.

List of 10 Advertising Platforms

1. Google AdSense – One of the biggest advertising networks and the first choice of every blogger. You can use the existing Gmail account to apply for an AdSense key. It’s better to apply for AdSense once the blog completes 90 days of activity and gets a decent amount of traffic. It increases the chances of approval.

However, the only drawback I find in this is the non-ability to choose ads. The AdSense publisher can create an advertisement unit depending on the kind of space available on the blog but the publisher cannot choose the ads to publish until the publisher becomes a premium publisher.

Only premium publishers are given the opportunity to choose. Most of the popular bloggers who run AdSense get to choose their ads. Nevertheless, do give AdSense a shot. It has an interactive report of advertisement clicks and provides a lot of help with site monetization.

Don’t forget to read the AdSense TOS. It has an exhaustive list of what to do and what not to do.

2. Adbrite – After AdSense, it is the second most popular PPC advertising platform, an independent ad exchange network where the publisher is given direct access to campaigns with full control over its features. The working rubric is similar to AdSense. You can choose various kinds of advertisements such as video-in banners, inline text ads, CPM banners, full page ads and others.

The only difference between Adbrite and AdSense is in the choice of ads. While AdSense displays ads on the blog/s based on the published content; Adbrite displays the blog within a well synchronized ad marketplace where advertisers can buy blogger’s ad space.

When a blog has high PR and high traffic, the blogger can create a business model for advertisement displays. For instance, the PR 5 blog demands $150 per month for a small advertisement banner display.

3. Value Click Media – The 13-year old company, Value Click media is an advertisement platform that deals in CPM earning mostly. At the moment, they serve 28 billion ads every month to users in more than 280 countries.

They are very choosy about advertisers; hence, publishers get to choose only the best advertisers for their blog. Their services are very reliable and they have been known to make payments every time. Its CPM network offers money per 1000 page views / page impressions.

4. Buy Sell Ads – Buy Sell Ads is a mediator site which deals with selling and buying of ads. Both advertisers and publishers can register on this site. Its huge database of advertisers makes it possible for a publisher to bid on ads.

The main reason for this site’s success is its easy navigational feature which helps both the parties to locate mutually beneficial partners in the same niche and make money profitably.

However, it is not easy to get accepted by Buy Sell Ads. Most of the time applications are rejected because the blogs do not meet their acceptable criteria. Hence, before applying, make sure that the blog has PR2+, a good stream of steady traffic, a good Alexa rank and better on-page SEO.

Buy Sell Ads makes money from the commission

5. OIO Publisher – Like Adbrite, OIO Publishers is a well known alternative to Buy Sell Ads. It works with a different mechanism and revenue model.

Once the blog is registered with OIO Publishers, you have to install their plugin on the blog. This plugin is linked to the OIO blog account which seamlessly sends user data like the number of clicks and other stats.

The OIO plugin displays the ads randomly, depending on the blog’s published content. The payouts are monthly.

6. Ad Engage – Ad Engage follows the Buy Sell Ads model. Ad Engage is part of the Technorati media. This model displays ads on a weekly basis on publisher’s networks’ and charges 25 percent as its commission from both advertisers and publishers.

The Ad Engage customer support people guide you with advertisement code integration on the blog and help the publishers to sell advertisement spots on the blogs. The advertisers pay handsomely to the publishers.

7. Advertise Space – This publisher network is one of the popular competitors of Buy Sell Ads. In the last few years, it has grabbed a large market share and has made a reputation for itself for being the easiest self serving advertising platform.

Apart from displaying ads on the blog, the ads can be configured on iPhone apps too. Moreover, there is also an option to feature the blog for additional payment.

8. Adsella – Adsella is a new entrant in the advertisement network industry. As emerging players, they have done well in the last couple of years.

They take personal interest in the buy and sell of ads. They help the publishers in identifying the best advertisement deals; they equally help the advertisers to understand their needs and display their ads on the best of blogs.

The advertisement platform is good for those advertisers who have a restricted budget. Accordingly, they budget the advertisement campaigns on blogs.

9. Info Links – It is the next-gen text-based advertising platform where you don’t have to keep separate space for displaying advertisements. Rather, when the blog account is approved by Info Links, they sync the blog content with Info Links which then displays relevant advertisements with the content.

To avoid making the content full of ads, the Info Links ads are subtly underlined. The user can select the number of ads to display on every blog page. The payment threshold is $50, payable by check, PayPal and bank transfer done every month.

10. Chitika – This advertising platform is used by With 3 billion monthly impressions, Chitika is one of the best advertisement platforms of the online world.


Before signing up for the above sites, kindly go through their terms and conditions. Most of the advertising networks are compatible with Google AdSense. Moreover, keep the blog/s stats ready before signing up as you will need them. Fix a minimum acceptable advertisement price per empty slot.

However, ensure than you do not make the blog/s loaded with ads as it is a big turn off for the readers. Place few ads at relevant places. Keep changing the ads every week to compare which advertising networks are giving you the best output.

Come back and tell us your experience.

Project Internet Marketing – Video 2 – Where It Begins

Project Internet MarketingWelcome back Guys to Project Internet Marketing, Video #2…Where it begins.


There is nothing better than being prepared before you venture out to start up an online business. It’s really different from just getting up and going to work for 8 hours. You need the correct mindset, the right attitude, the commitment and a place to go when things aren’t going the way you’d like them to…

In this video, I discuss how to find your strengths and weaknesses and your likes and dislikes related to the Internet and beyond for that matter.

We all have God given gifts and we need to use these gifts to truly be successful and make a difference in this big, sometimes not so pretty world, to change it for the better.

I also touch on how to catch the “entrepreneurial spirit” versus a regular job. When you finally start building your online business, you have to have the mindset of such. And it’s hard. Most of us have brains wired for the corporate world, not chasing a dream…

I talk about how you need the right attitude…not being desperate…always chasing the money. This will get you no where very quickly.

Making a commitment at the very beginning is also extremely important. There will be those days (like Mamma says) that will knock you completely off track. You just need to be prepared for those kinds of things but not to let that hold you back.

When things do go wrong, one thing I do all of the time is find something motivational – inspirational or funny to get me back on track. Some people might think that’s silly, but it’s worked for me on many occasions.

So these are the kinds of things that will be covered in this video.

Download PDF for the Where It Begins video:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

Note: Make sure to download all the goodies after you’ve watched this…

Leave a comment if you’d like me to cover a particular topic as well. All comments are welcomed!

What Are QR Codes and Should Marketers Use Them?

Introduced by Denso Wave in Japan and ISO standardized, Quick Response code (QR code) is a bi-dimensional bar code initially used for product identification. Today, this bar code is adopted for online marketing in various organizations. This highly used marketing tool is generated via various resources available on the Internet.

Traditional Bar codes v/s QR Codes

What Are QR CodesQuick Response code or QR code is an open standard information storage platform which allows embedding of massive information.  This information could be product information, website URL or links to vouchers embedded with the QR code.

Instead of traditional bar codes, people are now using QR codes for online marketing. This is because other bar codes are single dimensional codes capable to hold a maximum of 20 numerical digits. In contrast, bi-dimensional QR codes can store more than 7000 numeric digits and more than 4000 alpha numeric digits.

How to Create QR Codes?

Numerous websites allow generating QR codes for free.  These free tools create QR codes; allow the user to link web pages, contact details, messages or texts with codes. Additionally, some free tools also offer color customization and background format facilities to integrate in the product’s marketing strategy.

Microsoft tag is a well-known tool to generate QR codes. This tool has various symbols and shapes in multiple colors where the website URL can be added. Moreover, you can also Google for other free resources like Kerem Erkan’s tool and the TEC- IT QR codes generator.

Decrypting QR Codes:

Reading or decrypting QR codes is not really a tough job. Lots of QR codes readers and bar code scanners like SpyderLynk, SnapTag, JagTag and Red Laser help you in tracing the encrypted text or URL.

In most of the mobile devices like Smartphone, QR Codes can be easily scanned and decrypted. Whenever mobile Internet users scans a code in an ad on the webpage on mobile, the camera attached to the mobile device scans that code by using the installed bar code scanner. This takes them to the message associated with the code.

QR Codes for Internet Marketers:

QR codes can be an effective Internet marketing strategy. These codes, represented in black and white dots, can be easily seen on personal mails, posters, window storefronts, billboards and other channels.

These codes provide an indirect, but appropriate way to attract new customers without imposing on the privacy of the web user. QR codes are mostly popular as a means to deliver promotional codes, discount vouchers, free trial options and other marketing strategies.

Few examples of QR codes applications can be:

  • Business card with QR codes can be used to add content to the address list in electronic version.
  • QR codes containing SMS can be used in electronic message passing system.
  • Data encrypted facility in QR codes is highly used as a security tool for passing messages/emails amongst military departments and other defense services.
  • QR codes with configuration settings are now using by android/iPhone applications for automatic installation in devices.

Benefits of Using QR Codes:

  • Online marketers use QR codes to stay ahead of business competitors.
  • Online marketing via QR codes attracts people towards products or services without using any illegal marketing strategies like automatic page ‘likes’ through bots or creating fake Twitter followers.
  • Immediate gratification for customers in the form of instant information and product promotions.
  • It is the most suitable product campaign strategy targeting Smartphone customers with the help of QR codes scanner application in phones.

Disadvantages of Using QR Codes:

  • If the QR codes content is not flexible, it will turn into a bad marketing strategy.
  • QR codes are only effective as long as the encrypted page URL or page location remains the same.
  • Flexibility with updating webpage URL is not an effective one. Updating webpage after QR codes encryption requires the generation of new QR codes to feature the updated webpage. Hence, QR code marketing is a time consuming approach.

Using QR Codes for Business Promotion:

Product/service marketing with QR codes demands lesser effort as compared to other marketing resources. Following are the ways to use QR codes for business promotion.

  • Google has established a separate platform for QR Code. Online marketers can use it as an effective tool to promote business in accordance to SEM and SEO technologies.
  • You can use the product’s QR Code on the business website. When a visitor captures the QR code on Smartphone, the product information will be either emailed or sent in text mode.
  • If you want to start a social media campaign, encrypt the Facebook or Twitter page URL in the QR code. The QR code can then be displayed on the website along with other social media campaign avenues like forums.
  • Attaching QR Codes with flyers, business cards and brochures are also adoptive resources for online business promotion.

QR Codes are a new way to promote online businesses.  Many organizations are now promoting their business by placing video URLs, special offers, product launches and business logos by encrypting them with QR Codes.

For first time QR code marketing, you need to learn how to attract the reader’s / visitor’s attention towards the code. This can be done with some attractive lines like “Grab your discount” or “Scan code to get information”.

QR codes strategy is steadily capturing the online business promotion market than traditional marketing strategies. Beginner users of QR codes should make sure that the codes they are using should be mobile-friendly so that the targeted market can capture the codes easily and read them.


In short, the function of QR codes as a marketing strategy is a new domain. It needs more data and statistics to prove its usability. However, at the moment, online marketers have found this strategy a novel way to generate leads and business sales.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment below…

Project Internet Marketing – Video 1 – 4 Misconceptions

Project Internet MarketingOkay Guys, welcome back to Project Internet Marketing…where you’ll discover all the teeny-tiny pieces not many Guru’s talk about or…even care to talk about.

In Video #1, I talk about some of the “garbage” that clouds your way of thinking and what you’ve probably been “force fed” about starting an online business venture.

The Wrong Impression of Internet Marketing and Building an Online Business.

In this video, I discuss 4 major elements (I’m sure there are more) that I feel suck us into the online business world but…are somewhat jaded.

All marketers are trying to sell their products and services which is exactly what you want to do or you wouldn’t be reading my blog or watching this series.

However, by understanding these 4 major misconceptions right off the bat, you will serve your customers so much better later on because you’ll actually be grounded, not buying into all the hype from the start;

1) Internet marketing doesn’t cost much

2) There is no work involved

3) I’ll plaster up a website and my product will sell

4) I’ll be instantly rich

In addition, I touch on why building an online business can take so long…

Let’s take this stuff off the table so we all can move on to the good stuff!

So get started watching this 11 minute video and learn how not to be fooled…

Download PDF for the 4 misconceptions video:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 1 - 4 Misconceptions

Note: I’m doing this series pretty much off the cuff so please bare with me. I sometimes go off on other tangents when different thoughts cross my mind. 🙂

Please leave your comments below the video and let me know what you like or even dislike about this video.

Watch Video #2 – Where It Begins

Project Internet Marketing – Free Coaching – Intro Video

Project Internet MarketingWhen people swarm to the Internet thinking that making money online is so very easy, usually what happens is they either quit in a matter of days/weeks or…spend thousands of dollars on all sorts of training materials trying to make their first millions.

People don’t realize how many different pieces to Internet marketing there are, which only leaves them frustrated, disappointed and dead broke.

Many others invest in an Internet marketing mentor or coach, taking their advice and direction, learning the ropes so to speak…the ins and outs of getting an online business up and running.

Either way, it’s hard work and commitment while still, you’re basically figuring a lot of it out on your own anyway.

Being in five different mentoring programs myself, reading ebook after ebook, webinars, etc., one of the biggest road blocks I ran into was not being prepared before I started my business on the Internet;

  • Acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Crafting a business plan
  • The amount of discipline it takes
  • Creating a vision statement
  • Branding yourself
  • Juggling everyday interruptions…and so on.

This is where “Project Internet Marketing” comes in. A series of laid-back, short videos, used as a tool for those of you who are struggling online or are just thinking about getting started online.

Included will be tips on the things that people aren’t focusing on in many programs and training courses that will make all the difference in the world.

Being prepared before you venture out into the online marketing world, I feel will make your business experience a lot easier – a lot less frustrating and a whole lot more fun and productive.

Sit back and relax while I chat about some of the things you need to know that I will be discussing in this series…

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Sending the Wrong Email…Very Funny

Hey Guys, hope all is well.

Today I wanted to share a quick funny story with all of you that you probably can relate to…

wrong email addressHave you ever sent an email to the wrong person? I know I have…panic stricken, you send another email telling that person to disregard the first, back tracking and apologizing like never before, especially if it’s personal.

I know of people that have sent a personal message intended for one person and what they ended up doing is sending it to their entire address book!


What an awful feeling when you finally realize that you hit that “Send” button and now it’s too late! Oh shit! I didn’t want to do that!

Well in today’s funny story, this is a classic in my book.

The weird thing is this actual email went along with the “unintended” recipient’s rather unbearable loss of her husband.

Please click the link below and read the short story. It’s a must read to put a smile on your face and know that you’re not alone in doing something as stupid as this!

Let this be a lesson to all of us to pay more attention to what we’re saying and to whom we’re saying it too…and for heaven’s sakes, don’t hit that “Send” button to quickly!


Wrong Email