Bin Laden Reaching From the Grave…

Okay Income Insiders…Joni has to admit being a “news” junkie, full-fledged.

Now I’m compelled to make this post only because I’m struggling with the news of the day…

Do we show the dead pictures of Bin Laden, or don’t we?

bin laden body photoI’m really embarrassed to say that I even let myself get swept up with all of this.

However, I questioned myself and I’m having a hard time coming up with a decision. I have gone back and forth – weighing different things and different beliefs.

And I still don’t know.

Here’s a guy who took so much away from the USA; people, families, children, workers, businesses, security…

….and replaced it with fear – doubt – anguish – turmoil – mourning…

Now that he’s been hunted and his evil finally released from this earth, is that something we as Americans need to see? Is it not good enough just that our government told us that they are sure by 99.9% that it is him?

I think for me that’s where the problem is. I could care less about seeing a picture of a dead man that needed to go that reeked so much havoc on our soil.

The problem for me is that I do not trust our government. And I know the media plays right into the hands of what’s going on but actually I’m thankful for that. Only because we need to be informed somehow. Again, I don’t trust our government.

I just never know what parts they’re leaving out. I think if we all knew the truth, the real truth, we’d probably be in the streets holding up signs, protesting and fighting for a freedom just like in the Middle East.

But we are not given that chance; We’re told what to eat – where not to smoke – how to bring up our children – not to wear anything patriotic – not to promote the real meaning of Christmas – how we don’t know how to create jobs and so on and so on…while people are allowed to protest at OUR soldiers funerals with THE most disgusting – vulgar crap I’ve ever, ever heard. That’s okay for some reason. What the hell? It sickens me that one or two people can say “I’m offended” and the entire country bows down…get over it. If you don’t like it…go live somewhere else. Really.

You know, since this is a business site I have to say this: In a very sick way, Bin laden lived his life fulfilling his purpose and living his dream…to kill as many infidels as he could. He was supported by many. Now, here we are wanting to live out our purpose and dreams in a very productive and helping way…but are we supported? Hell no. The more money you make the more you’re penalized…

When are we going to say “enough is enough?” What will it take? Seems to me someone is setting us up to fight against each other…but why?

Anyway, I’m not one to follow the politically correct bull shit. It doesn’t belong here. We as Americans are smart. We know how to make our way. We know what works and what doesn’t. We care about each other and everyone in the world.

But somehow the average “Jack or Jill” doesn’t have a voice anymore…well let me remind them if it wasn’t for us, there wouldn’t be a government now would there? No tax money…awe…no tax money to keep them up and running….

I feel by posing this debate in our government about Bin Laden, it’s pitting us as Americans against each other and poisoning our minds.

In closing, I’ll probably never come up with a good answer about those photos. We all want to avenge the families of 911 and all the suffering we silently stood by watching and praying for, pouring out our hearts, letting them know we care but also, if our government was honest like it used to be…I wouldn’t be posting this.

Man, how times have changed…and not for the better.

Leave a comment below if this has hit you as hard as it did me…I welcome comments from all parties…but really, drop the party bull shit. I want to hear from just the average Joe…nothing rude, cruel or condescending please.

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  1. anthony keener says

    i just wanted to say whos right is it to dump a body into the ocean, and i also do not trust our government…././.

    • Chitraparna says

      Ahem!!! Why the ocean???…one wonders…why not bury him? or turn him into ashes??? when Saddam Hussein was hanged, videos were leaked showing the last moments of his life…But Osama…his death is totally shrouded in mystery.

    • gloria Watts says

      I do not want to see any body however, I suspect he was killed sometime ago & the info saved until they needed to release it. They even waited until after The Royal Wedding! I cannot cheer because I do not believe in capitol punishment. He should have gone to trial. Two wrongs will never make a right. He was a horror and his punishment could have been decided by the families of 911 or at least in a court of law. I keep remembering Ned Beaty’s speech in “Network” and that is what our government has become.

  2. Beth says

    You took the words right out of my mouth!!! I said the exact thing to a man at work who was talking about oh they got Bin Laden’s ass!! And I said how do we know its true, he said because the seals killed him, haven’t you been watching the news and I said yes I have but how do we know it’s true, it isn’t as if our government has lied before!! I am proud to be an American!! But there are so many crooked things going on in this country!! And these gas prices are f***ing ridiculous. I am a single mother who lives from paycheck to paycheck and if gas gets too much higher I will have to choose between paying rent and putting gas in my car to get to work and get my kids to school!! As gruesome as it may be, I myself need to see the proof and with all the photoshopping going on still wouldn’t know what to believe. And the changes in the stories are mind boggling. Don’t get me wrong Bin Laden deserved to die but one day they make it sound like he went out fighting and then two days later you hear he had no weapons. Stop making excuses. Tell it the way it is!! Dead or Alive but preferably dead!! And as for rights, as a tax paying citizen, a person in prison has more rights than me!! And as we are talking about government and the asinine way things are someone please explain this, how does a single mother who sits at home all day with her worthless boyfriend get…..a welfare check, food stamps, free housing, free childcare and free healthcare. And a single mother who has a job gets……NO HELP!! The Government sucks!! Dewayne, you are right on with everything you said!!

    • Chitraparna says

      Right Beth! Though I do not reside in US, I can perfectly understand your sentiments on the issue. Thousands of people die every year at the hands of terrorists and it really does not matter which country you are in. Lives are lost…and it matters. Few hours back I was surfing the news channels and on one channel I saw this “Should terrorists like Osama have human rights?” OK…..for idealism sake, he can have human rights but when you think of the atrocities he unleashed, talking of giving him human rights seems preposterous.
      Like you, I am interested in seeing REAL proof of his death…Who knows it could have been his ‘clone’ they killed? And why the secrecy? If the SEALs really managed to kill him, why not release few images or a video??? The US government is very tight-lipped about this and one cannot help but wonder what’s the reality!!!!

    • Janeen says

      While I agree with you on most of your points…the one thing I have a problem with is this…If the government wanted to wait for the right time{I have heard Bin Laden has been dead for 6 months} why not wait a little longer,closer to the presidential race? That makes more sense to me,you know as well as I that this is being used as a feather in Obama’s cap,I have already heard on CNN how he is going to run and of course use this as a playing card,now I will say that if this were left up to Mcain and Palin,Bin Laden would NEVER have been hunted down,they don’t have it in them,if Reagan had been in office it would NOT have taken us 10 years to hunt him down{remember Libya?},
      In saying that,Obama has a really good shot at a second term…I guess we will see..
      As for the welfare thing,I agree with you 100%,working parents,single or otherwise are treated like crap,they don’t get the respect and help they deserve at all,I was a single working mom years ago and they put me through the wringer,now I am at home with health problems,I am single again and they are still putting me through it,and to top it all off,I have 2 disabled kids!
      Well,I wish you all the good will in my heart,and I pray that things straighten out for you…
      Remember WE run the government,and only through our protests will things change!

      • says

        Hi Janeen,

        You are absolutely right on all of this. Although for me, I don’t think people will remember this all that much
        by the time the next election rolls around. Something else will takes it’s place…quite a few things.
        It’s a long way to 2012!

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        I wish you all the best and if you ever need anything, just let us know. We’re here to help as best we can.

        Make it a great day!

  3. Debra Lin says

    Thank you for having an opinion. There is so much apathy and it stems from mistrust. If Ben Laden were still alive what would this mean to the world at large? We all have to continue as if he were still alive because we know that many more are waiting and anxious to step into his shoes and continue the long drawn out plans. Think not for a moment that because the snakes head has been removed that it can not develop another. If you remove its tail it will generate another or continue on it’s path minus a tail. We must pulverize the whole snake or learn to live peacefully and coexist. To live peacefully means to control the snake so that no matter how angry or hungry it gets it can not take a piece of us. Force it instead to devour it’s own tail if it can not control it’s self.
    However many rise and fall, we can never change what has been done. We must protect ourselves always either way.

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