Biggest Hurdle to Make Money Online – You!

Surprised? Keeping in trend with the real purpose of Income Insiders, that is, to break the money barrier, I thought of writing something that every person who is trying to make money online will come across during their journey.

Make Money OnlineThose who have been following our advice and suggestions for online money making will acknowledge the fact if you want to earn online, you have to put in as much effort, perhaps more, than you would have if you were in a regular full time job, working under a boss and taking home a monthly pay check!

The real struggle to online money making is not in sorting out how to utilize social media to get traffic to your site or getting people to buy your products and services.

The real struggle lies in keeping yourself motivated. You may ask – ‘what’s the big deal here’? Or ‘why would I not feel motivated when I am working from home and have the pleasure to set my own work schedule and do whatever I want, whenever I want?’

What you are thinking is certainly true but you cannot forget one thing – human beings by nature are prone to lead a laid back life or a life of pleasure. It’s in our genes; we are wired that way.

Just imagine if there was no “money.” I mean literally, no commodity as “money.”

Do you think we would have worked as hard as we are doing now? Would we have struggled to make ends meet? Would we have struggled to become rich? Of course not!

With everything at our disposal, there wouldn’t have been any rich or poor class divide, there would be no poverty, and we would be born rich and die rich…. doesn’t this sound good? Yes, it does.

Come back to the real world and face the facts – you need to earn money and if you have chosen to earn money online, you need to double your efforts, otherwise, you will create a self imposed hurdle in your path and then no amount of money making tips, tricks and advice will help you to break your income barrier.

When I say self imposed hurdle, I am talking about losing motivation and becoming a lazy complacent individual who is good only in crying and whining when they see other people earning but is not self motivated enough to do something about their own life. Do you want to fall in this trap? NO!

Procrastination is our biggest enemy. If you have read Shakespeare’s Hamlet, you will know what I mean. When you keep putting off things for the next day, you are not only doubling your workload but in the process, losing your self motivation as well.

Just imagine, who is going to feel motivated seeing a week’s work piled up on the desk, which needs to be done in the next 2-3 days? There are people who might still feel motivated but how long? One week? Two weeks? And then, what happens? You lose whatever iota of motivation you had and then start to become lazy, disinterested, callous, irritated, short tempered, and one fine day….you completely give up. Am I right?

Moreover, you start to blame others;

  • How can I work when I have so many kids?
  • Guests always drop by, I don’t get the time!
  • I just can’t manage to find time!
  • I tried so hard but my efforts are not showing any results
  • I am not getting the kind of work I want…

…these are nothing but plain excuses. How long are you going to keep the barrel on someone elses shoulder and seek out the easy path?

The fact is, your time management sense is really bad and getting worse by the day, and you completely lack the zeal to do something about your life. Perhaps, you chose online money making because you thought it was easy and quick money but soon realizing it’s otherwise, decided to GIVE UP, yet again!

As an adult, you have to understand and embed it in your mind that nobody is going to support you financially or create ready-made businesses and jobs for you. This is reality, like it or not…

Even a millionaires son or daughter needs to work their way up from lower management and learn the trade before they can envision themselves as the next managing director or chairman of the business empire…

These days there are several young people who realize the potential in online money making. They don’t do it just because it’s easy cash but take it as their career as they would have done in a so – called ‘real’ 9 to 5 job.

If you are already in an online money making business but yet to see any result, its time to do a reality check…

Find out – where you have failed? Where is your motivation? Where is your zeal to succeed? Are you working hard enough? Are you serious about an online career? Have you made the right contacts? Do you have a bad ‘online’ first impression? What are your goals in life? What do you expect out of your online business?

As I said earlier, if you are in an online money making business to ‘copy’ what others are doing and not being creative enough to start your own unique business, you have chosen the wrong place. Or, if you are planning to provide online services but not succeeding in getting the right clients, maybe you are not trying hard enough.

Like any other job, take the Internet money making industry as a serious source of earning. There is no automated software or model that you will plug in and see cash coming in to your account. You have to work hard, you cannot afford to turn sluggish and you cannot afford to lose your motivation.

If you do, you have only yourself to blame – you created the income barrier for yourself consciously!

Have you been in same kind of situation before? Tell us how you managed to break the barrier… or are you still struggling?

Let us help…

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