Are You Feeling The Love?

Happy Valentines Day to all!

With all that is going haywire in our world today; protesting – violence – drug abuse etc., why don’t we take some time and love one another for a change…

Feeling The LoveLove is the strongest emotion of them all when released. It’s also the greatest commandment. Love does conquers all.

Unconditional love is even better. Take animals for instance. You can reprimand, yell, forget to feed or even hit a dog or a cat and ten seconds later…they are on you licking your face and desperately wanting to please you as if nothing ever happened. No matter what you seem to do to them, they always love you.

So if humans are of a higher intelligence than animals, what does they say about us?

Are we self-centered? Are we loving the wrong things like money – power – drugs – alcohol instead of each other?

Love was the driving force of why God created the heavens, earth and everything in it.

We all were created to have different opinions, morals, values and ethics. However, all of these virtues seem to have been slowly dividing us and making us angry at each other instead of coming together, loving one another.

The older I get, the less and less it seems love is NOT front and center anymore. And it’s weird because we all want it – we all need it and we all would die for it.

So hows come many of us aren’t feeling it?

Today being Valentines Day, let someone feel your love whether a child, a parent, a spouse or even a neighbor. If each one of us would release it, wow…we’d all be feeling it now wouldn’t we?

In tribute to one of the greatest performers in my life time, please listen to the song, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Share it with someone you love today…

Why Should You Set Goals For 2012?

Now that 2011 is behind us, there is no time like the present to sit down and write out your goals for 2012 both personally and professionally.

Goals For 2012Without a mapping out specifically where you want to go, you’ll be lost and probably headed in the direction of “no-where-land.”

Setting goals gives you the opportunity to change whatever you don’t like and to improve yourself, whether its changes in your business, your current job or simply yourself.

Setting goals is a great way to strive to do more – to do more better and pump up that enthusiasm to carry you forward.

I actually set goals about every 6 months or so because things can change in an instant. Life happens – while other doors of opportunity swing open, setting you on a different course…

So never be afraid to go back over your goals and changed them up to achieve greater things. That’s the whole idea behind this. Nothing is set in stone…

I find that setting goals is very exciting and I get pumped up thinking about all there is out there to achieve, just waiting to be snatched up and savored…running with it like there’s no tomorrow…

Setting Goals for 2012

Here at Income Insiders, Casper and I would like to share with our loyal readers a partial list of our goals for the first half of 2012.

  1. To consistently make $20,000 each month for the first half of 2012.
  2. Continue to offer only the best products and services for our Income Insiders subscribers so you will finally break that pesky income barrier.
  3. Keep moving forward on our new product line, “Project Internet Marketing” adding additional volumes of exceptional content delivered in a conversational “video – classroom style” for our customers, launching all 3 volumes within 6 months.
  4. Being persistent in delivering updated Internet making money online techniques and methods for our subscribers that can be followed and applied.
  5. To listen extensively to our subscribers about any needs, problems, hang-ups or products and services you would like to see added to Income Insiders to move you ahead in 2012.
  6. Pressing forward to build Income Insiders into a community of like-minded individuals looking for trusted information, knowledge and the place to be for all Internet marketing needs.

Conclusion: Remember guys, only you can change your circumstances. I know you have what it takes. How would I know? Because you’re here, reading our content and striving to live the life you were intended to live.

Write down your goals – be specific – stay focused – change them if need be – make them achievable and learn to enjoy the ride when a goal is accomplished!

So now that we’ve shared some of our goals for 2012, what are some of the goals that you have set for yourself?

Please share them with us…

Christmas Spirit…Will YOU Catch It?

The older I get the more I’m aware of what Christmastime means for so many…controversy.

Every day I hear of someone else who is offended by a tree – a saying – a nativity scene, a Christmas cartoon, etc. I find it to be rather hypocritical because those who are crying about their rights being taken away are taking away the rights of everyone else. Hmm, imagine that.

Anyway, I’m very sick and tired of the entire charade.

Christmas SpiritSo instead of complaining about those who are offended, (let them wallow in their own self-pity) I choose to focus on the “real” meaning of Christmas; a time for giving…not receiving. A time for miracles to transform one’s life forever, not just this time of the year.

A time for opening your hearts and letting the light in, opening your eyes to witness the beauty of the surroundings and witnessing all the joy on the children’s faces and opening your ears to hear the sounds of singing, bells and laughter that only this time of the year brings to us.

A time for feeding a needy family down on their luck right now. Giving presents to children who wouldn’t have anything otherwise. Donating a Christmas tree to a family who can’t afford one. Stopping at a nursing home and chatting with some of the residence.

You know guys, these things we take for granted are so easy to share and give away to those less fortunate than us. And oh the joy it will bring to you is priceless. If you’ve ever done any of these things, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. There’s nothing like it.

But don’t stop there…do it all year round and you’ll soon see the transformation in you. You will be a changed person forever, and so will the people you shed your light upon.

Below are just 12 “little” things you can do all year round to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and the love in your hearts;

1- Talk to a stranger for a minute

2- Flash a “BIG” smile at someone

3- Make a sad person laugh

4- Help an elder carry groceries

5- Call an old friend

6- Say a meaningful “I love you” to someone who desperately needs to hear it

7- Spend extra time with your kids

8- Encourage someone

9- Let someone bend your ear for an afternoon

10- Give away an item you love to someone who needs it more than you do

11- Cook a dinner for someone who’s sick

12- Thank God every day for all of the blessings he’s shed on you and your family.

Below is one of my favorite Christmas songs I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

Let’s not forget all of our American troops and their families this season who have given the ultimate. Thank you!

From our families here at Income Insiders, we wish you and yours all a very Blessed Merry Christmas. We love you!

Please leave a spirited comment below!

Press Release Principles – Free How To Write A Press Release Guide

Don’t Let Press Releases Intimidate You. Follow These 6 Simple Steps. Examples Included!

How To Write A Press Release
If You Think That Creating a Press Release Is
Difficult – Intimidating – Or Out of Your League,
Think Again . . .

Follow These 6 Easy Steps
and Build Your First One in No Time Flat . . .

Yes. Press releases are one of those Internet marketing aspects that many beginners are scared to death to dive into . . .

I’m not sure if it’s because when we hear the words, “Press Release” we instantly think of Radio – Television – which means lots of exposure that we’re not quite ready for or what, however, let me say that more than likely, this will not happen for you overnight.

So put your fears to bed and let’s move forward. Acquire some knowledge of how to write a press release and press release format before we do anything else.

This is what I have for you;

  • A short video explaining what is a Press Release
  • 6 Easy Steps to build a Press Release
  • A PDF defining these steps
  • Sample of the Press Release format
  • Free PR Directories to submit your Press Release
  • My first “stab” at a Press Release for you to view (2008)

Go on and check out this how to write a press release guide. It’s totally free . . .

Free Persuasion Copywriting Power Secrets Guide

Write great copy without using sleazy – manipulating tactics! Free 11-Page Guide Explains

Free Persuasion Copywriting Power Secrets Guide

Is It True You Can Write Great Copy
Without Using Sleazy – Manipulating Tactics?

You Bet You Can…

Hey Guys, Joni here…

You know, I keep hearing the same thing over and over again and you probably have also; ”I’m so sick and tired of reading sales copy that is so infested with nothing other than hype! It’s all B.S.”

Seems like we’re all craving a different approach for the most part… one that’s credible and honest.

But the sad thing is; all of us still chime in and buy a product or service, based on that very reason.”Hype.”

Unfortunately, it plays into our DNA. We all want something exciting – sexy and cool.
It makes us feel so good. You know…instant gratification or so we think.

However, once that “feeling” wears off – what are we left with? Excuses…

Excuses of why the product didn’t work. After reading such a hyped-filled piece of copy, our expectations are so high that now comes the time too actually do the work. Really?

“I thought I didn’t have to do much…it was suppose to be push-button and cash would start flowing in instantly.” Sound familiar?

Now…it’s not looking so sexy is it?

I’ve gotten sucked in too many times and maybe now I just want to change the world or something, I’m not sure. Hell, maybe it’s my age. But what I look for now in copy is honesty – integrity – credibility and real solutions to whatever I need help with…

With that being said, I want to offer you guys an alternative…something fresh. I feel it’s time to stop making our prospects feel like they’ve been taken on a wild ride and can’t get off…

You know and I know consumers are not stupid. Our potential customers have so many options too choose from today that basically, they’re catching onto these sleazy tactics. Just like we are.

Now I know that many, many copywriters and Internet marketers totally disagree with what I’m saying here and that’s fine. All I can say is keep pumping out your style of writing if it’s working for you.

But here’s the interesting thing;

I’ve had great success on oDesk writing for a number of clients…but – with “mixed” reactions in regards to writing “hype.” Clients have asked me to re-write “hype-filled” sales letters after they’ve seen my style, while one other commented that it wasn’t “hypey” enough. It doesn’t look like all the rest…

Believe it or not, consumers are starting to pay attention…

So if you’re curious about where I’m coming from, read this free 11 page guide, “Persuasion Power Secrets, The Building Blocks For Writing Persuasive Copy Without The Hype” now to find out how to start applying something different in your copy.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn;

  • 3 characteristics that allows your prospects to “feel safe.”
  • Writing copy for the right reasons.
  • 4 powerful techniques that are “honestly” persuasive.
  • Reasons “why” people buy.
  • 7 persuasive strategies to incorporate in your copy.
  • List of “non-manipulating” words to use.

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Vision Statement Blueprint – Free Vision Statement Guide

Map Out Your Personal Vision Statement Like Amazon – Apple – Facebook…Step-by-Step Blueprint in this 13 Page Free Report…

Vision Statement‘You Too Can Apply This One – Simple – Effective – Maneuver That Every Major Internet Marketer Banks On To Stay Extremely Focused.

Amazon – Apple – Dell – FaceBook – Google Plus, Millionaires – 6-Figure Incomers. . .
They All Do it!’

This is THE foundation of any successful business…the most crucial stage most of us have never done or…even heard much about. Not many Internet marketers discuss this in detail.

This is where it all begins…

If you’re a beginner in Internet marketing, this is a vital necessity – you’ll be one “focused” step ahead.

If you’ve been around for any length of time and haven’t done this, well, there’s no time like today to map out where you’re going to ensure your success and strive for the next level of achievement AND income.

And here’s the kicker…

  • Nothing to buy…ever.
  • Nothing to research…ever.
  • ANYONE can do this…anyone.
  • No special tools required…absolutely none.

And I’d have to say, this is one of those things, that you as a business person should really demand of yourself – as a key part of your business advancement.

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Vision Statement

America Falling Apart…Yet Another Reason

This was sent to me by a very close friend who was more than outraged after reading and viewing this picture. And I have to agree, not only does it totally outrage me but it’s actually so very twisted that words really can’t describe it.

I don’t for the life of me understand why everyone thinks America owes them…

I’m a natural born citizen and I’ve never felt like I was owed anything from our government. Quite the opposite. I guess people have the impression that they can demand anything and everything including housing – food – healthcare, etc. and get it.

However, that’s not even the worst part of what you’re about to see. These people then turn around and threaten…yes threaten us if we don’t bow down and give them what they want. “We Will Shoot More Police.”

Right now, I’m really at a loss for words. I’ve never seen anything so arrogant – brash – condescending and so undoubtedly UNAMERICAN in all my life. And those adjectives don’t depict by any means of how I really feel. There are NO words…

I sure as hell don’t want neighbors such as this guy that’s holding the sign. Not around me, you, our families and especially our children.

Below is a copy of what I received. Take a good look at this. A really good look. Honestly, it just blows me away…Let me know your thoughts…

America Falling Apart
Click on image to enlarge
Why isn’t this person with the sign
we will shoot more police” being arrested?
If you can look at this picture, read the sign and
DO NOT Pass this on . . . SHAME ON YOU!

Take a good look at the sign he is holding!

Ok, all you pushing for illegal immigrants’ rights…. Here is one of the Reasons we have a problem with it.

We are the ones that will have to pay for the welfare of these immigrants, depriving all of our natural citizens!!

“Give us what we demand or we will shoot your loved ones.”

This is only one of the several reasons the U.S.A. Is falling apart.

Your Internet Marketing Plan In Simple Steps

So you want to earn a full-time living from Internet Marketing?

How are you going to do it? We don’t mean the nitty-gritty details, because we can help you with that. We mean the fundamental questions like…
Internet Marketing Plan

  • Do have any writing or communication skills?
  • Do you have any specialized knowledge that other people would be willing to pay for?
  • Can you foresee yourself creating your own products or services or do you simply want to sell other people’s products and earn commission?

These are the basic questions you need to resolve BEFORE you plan out your course of action.

Before anything else, though, let’s be brutally blunt and get this out of the way once and for all…


If you cannot communicate in writing, you will never succeed as a marketer online or offline.

Does that sound a little harsh?

It doesn’t matter if it does because it is a simple fact of life. Either you need to be able to write effectively OR you need to be able to communicate CLEARLY to other people exactly what you want them to write on your behalf.

If you had the knowledge, could you sit down in front of a keyboard and monitor and write a short article like this one? Could you fashion your knowledge into clear, precise sentences?

Well if not, could you describe in words to someone else exactly what you wanted them to write on your behalf? I don’t mean instructions like “write about planning your business,” I mean much more detailed instructions. Maybe you write an outline of what you want to say made up of a whole series of bullet points and let someone else flesh it out for you.

If you can’t do either of these things (write for yourself, or clearly instruct others what to write on your behalf,) give up thinking about your own products or services and focus straight away on selling other peoples’ products using the marketing tools that they provide and follow the DO’s and Dont’s of internet marketing.

The Internet Marketer’s Plan:

1) Define your knowledge base:

What knowledge do you possess (or you can quickly learn) that you can pass on to other people in exchange for their money?

Think about this…nobody will buy your knowledge from you just because it interests them. However, many people will buy your knowledge from you if it helps them solve a pressing problem or end their confusion over something that’s important to them.

If you have information to share, or have the ability to research and gather information on a niche topic, (everyone has that ability, actually) you can make money if that information fulfills a need.

Since the beginning of history, people have been making money selling information, and this will continue forever. It all boils down to helping other people save time and money. Even if they have the ability to create something, buying the information from you can help them avoid having to learn the hard way – through research of their own.

Basically, you do the research or use what you already know and sell the results to other people who want that knowledge, or who want to use what you’ve created. The better the quality of information or service, the higher the price you can demand. With a global online market, you can create and sell just about anything. If there is a market for it which there nearly always is, you can build a business around it.

So, defining your knowledge base is your first step. What knowledge do you possess or you can quickly learn that you can pass on to other people in exchange for their cash?

2) Decide if you are going to create your own products:

Having just debunked one myth, (being able to communicate clearly) I might as well press on and debunk another one…


Creating your own product is VERY time-consuming and can easily fail, no matter how much effort you put in to its creation.

Let me give you an example, so you understand the facts…

Right at the moment, along with “Casper”, we’re preparing a new product for launch on the Internet next year. When finished, it will have taken two people over 6 months of intense thought and effort to produce. At the end of the day, we have no way of knowing whether our efforts will be rewarded or whether this product will flop…oh yes, even experienced marketers can create flops!

So… are you prepared to take the gamble, or would you prefer to follow the safer course of action and sell other peoples’ products?

3) Decide if you are going to sell existing products and services:

It is also possible to earn good money online selling existing products and services. There are two ways to do this…

  1. By acquiring the resale rights to a product.
  2. By promoting products and services as an affiliate.

We’ll touch briefly on resale rights first…

On the Internet you’ll see many products, especially in the Internet marketing niche, being sold with resale rights. While this can be a profitable model, you have to remember that if you go this route, you will be competing against all the other people who also bought those rights. And that can create problems if there are hundreds or even thousands of others selling the same thing.

In fact, the safest route is to find a LIMITED RESALE RIGHTS product where only a small handful of people are granted the resell rights. Though this is, on the face of it, more expensive, the returns are significantly greater due to the scarcity of the product and you can usually recoup your money very quickly.

With such products, not only are you presented with a turnkey business, you also have the option to set up your own affiliate program for the product, and pay others to sell it for you. Don’t you think that could be a worthwhile way of beating the competition hands-down?

4) How are you going to sell your product?

You are at the crucial stage of deciding on your marketing strategy. Are you going to sell using affiliates and give away a chunk of your profits or are you going to try and sell by yourself and keep all your turnover?

The view that most people take is that it’s best to get others selling for you. After all, 50% of a lot of money is far better than 100% of nothing.

And while on the subject of affiliate marketing, it is, of course, a valuable option to use yourself as well as offering it to others. It offers more versatility and can prove very profitable, so let’s talk a little more about it…

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting existing products or services on a commission only basis. Every time you make a sale you earn a commission. There are affiliate programs in just about any niche you can imagine.

Whatever niche you plan to develop your business around, you’ll more than likely be able to find affiliate programs you can join that will augment the money you earn from your own product sales.

In addition to selling your own products and services, you should also promote products as an affiliate. Every week I see my Paypal account growing. These commissions are from merchants paying me on sales I made for them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to affiliate marketing…


  • You save time and money since the work of creating the product has already been done by the merchant.
  • There is no need to worry about payment processing or order fulfillment since the merchant handles those aspects.


  • You have no control over the product/service or the commission percentages since you do not own the product.
  • You cannot open your own affiliate program and use the massive power of affiliates, since the merchant is already doing that for this product/service.

Even if you plan to go the affiliate route, you still need a website of your own. Your website will be the hub of your business. The place where you share information about your niche, establish credibility and grow an opt-in list.

It is as essential to an affiliate based business as it is to a business selling its own products and services.

In closing, if you’re just starting out, become an affiliate first to get your feet wet. After you learn those ropes, I’d say it’s time to venture out to create your own informational products.

Leave a comment below…

What Is Thanksgiving…Really?

In today’s society, I’m wondering what people really think about what the holiday “Thanksgiving” means. It’s not about the pilgrims anymore. Just ask any kid and they’ve probably forgotten or have never been taught about the history except by traditional – moralistic parents such as mine.

I don’t anymore. Is it “politically correct” to teach our kids the real meaning of Thanksgiving? Or…has that been one of those things thrown out with the nativity set and saying “Merry Christmas?” You tell me.

While there are many traditional values that go along with Thanksgiving; turkey – stuffing – football etc., that really doesn’t define Thanksgiving either.

What Is ThanksgivingFor those Income Insider’s readers that follow us, you all know that I have a problem with the direction of our country…and world. Thanksgiving is probably not any different.

I’m sure just like any other holiday with special meaning, there are people somewhere on this planet that will be offended for whatever reason…that’s just the selfish world we live in.

So this post today is all about what the real meaning of Thanksgiving should be about…at least too me.

What Is Thanksgiving?

You know, I’ve actually heard people say they have nothing to be thankful for. How in the hell is that even possible? Really?

I give thanks each and every day for stuff most probably don’t even think about. While it may sound stupid to some, I actually am thankful for things like soap – water – hot coffee – lights etc.. Because without them, well, life wouldn’t be very comfortable I guess and in addition…how many people around the world do not have the luxury of these small things?

So…my answer back to the so called people who say, “I really don’t have anything to be thankful for, my life sucs” I ask them this:

  • Did you wake up this morning? Because some people didn’t.
  • Do you have a Mom or Dad? Because some of us don’t.
  • Are you in the hospital having life-or-death surgery? Because some are.
  • Do you have a roof over your head – clothes on your back and shoes on your feet? Because some don’t.
  • Is your belly full? Because some aren’t.
  • Are you going thirsty? Because some are.
  • Do you have a car or other transportation? Because some don’t.
  • Do you have a husband – wife – girlfriend – boyfriend? Because many are alone.
  • Do you have eyes too see and ears to hear? Because many don’t.
  • Can you talk and express yourself? Because some can’t.
  • Are you walking from place to place? Some can’t.
  • Are you enjoying all the freedoms God gave you? Because some aren’t.
  • Are you warm? Because too many are not.
  • Do you have a family? Many do not.
  • Do you have a job? Because lots do not.
  • Do you have children? Not everyone is blessed with them.
  • Are you happy and content? Because many are depressed and anxious.
  • And this list can go on and on and on…

However, the real meaning is this; If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save us, we couldn’t be thankful for a whole lot. So keep that in mind this Thanskgiving day, would you?

And it shouldn’t be just on Thanksgiving day that we remind ourselves of all the blessings we truly have. Make an attempt to be thankful everyday.

So. Here’s my challenge to ANYBODY: If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, leave a comment below and tell me about it. Seriously. I’d like to hear it.

But here’s the kicker: If you seriously think you have absolutely nothing to be thankful for….well, you just blew it.

If you can leave a comment, you can read and type…and many people cannot. That’s something to be thankful for!

I’d like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving, especially our fine troops and their families. God Bless You!

Leave a comment about what Thanksgiving means too you…

10 Insightful Tips Towards Affiliate Marketing Success

Becoming successful today isn’t that difficult, you just have to know what to do. Being successful with affiliate marketing is no exception, but you have to learn exactly what it is you need to do to succeed.

Affiliate MarketingThis article has plenty of tips you can use to get the type of success you want from affiliate marketing. If followed, you should reach your goals before you know it.

Learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing. Look up articles like this one on the web and digest all of the information you can. You probably want to write down all of the key facts and ideas that you think can benefit you, so get to doing research. Once you have a good idea of what you should be doing, create your own unique affiliate marketing strategies for success.

10 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Make sure that you’re dealing with products or affiliate programs that you can write and respond about. It’s better to pick a product you know a lot about as opposed to something you know nothing about– it just makes it easier to succeed giving you the ability to keep moving forward.

2. Get people interested in your products with good product descriptions. The more descriptive and benefit oriented of a given product or service…the better.

3. Get people to feel comfortable by being able to respond to the various questions they might have for you. Customers have objections. Being able to overcome their suggestions is half the battle.

4. Search the web and study the different types of affiliate options made available to you. There are many lucrative types to choose from. You can get paid as an affiliate per sale or per lead. Choose wisely to fit your goals.

5. You want to make sure you’re gaining the most profit as possible, so checking how much of a portion you get from helping to sell certain products or services as well as being comfortable with the terms of agreement, are key to being a successful affiliate.

6. Ask friends or experts in the field for advice either with your site or affiliate marketing strategies they might have. Constructive criticism is good, so don’t be shy to tell people what you’re getting into.

7. Having a site that is continuously updated and well maintained is key to having customers feel comfortable when they come visit your site. Make sure you’re on top of having a well managed site that doesn’t seem like a baron wasteland when people come visit.

8. Having good customer support can create great customer loyalty. Make sure you’re good with your customers and you answer all questions as honestly as you can, to the best of your ability.

9. SEOs are great for getting your site visible on various search engines. Make sure you check into good SEO options and see how you can create more exposure for your site.

10. Investing in advertising or tools that can assist you, like professional SEO company, can help you gain more profit in the long run. Don’t be afraid to invest in your business if you feel like it’s going to help you in the long run, just make sure you invest wisely.

You aren’t going to see success right away and you have to keep that in mind. A lot of people become frustrated when they don’t see success a few days after their site has launched.

Remember that it takes time to build customer loyalty. If you’re patient and practice strategies well though, you should have no problem reaching your long term goals.

Staying positive is key when you get yourself into something like affiliate marketing. When you become discouraged and give up, it only leads to loss of time – effort and money. Just keep your head up, look at the positives you’ve accomplished and try to improve on the negatives.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to become successful with affiliate marketing. The tips in this article will only help you if you apply all the information you learned, so do that and you should see success before you know it.