How to Self Improve…Start Here

Today’s post will be centered on self improvement, something that everyone can use a major dose of… With all of the world population so crazy busy all of the time, there is just not enough time left to reflect on ourselves – what we truly care about – dream about and what things we so enjoy doing…and not enjoy doing.

Have you ever thought of the reasons why you like doing a certain thing but not something else?

How to Self ImproveFor instance: When I was little girl (many moons ago!) maybe around 7 years old, I used to go down to our musty old basement which my Dad had set up a chalkboard for me to play with. I’d spend hours and hours down there, especially in the winter months teaching an “invisible” audience…

I can’t recall the subjects I was teaching, but I was going to town scribbling and erasing, then scribbling some more as I was talking up a storm. I always felt independent and didn’t mind entertaining myself.

Now all of these years later, I had an opportunity to take a “Strengths and Weakness Aptitude” test that listed my strengths and weaknesses and I was blown away from the results given.

It all makes perfect sense to me now…

I feel that everyone in some point in time should self evaluate themselves to see what’s working and what isn’t. We all need “insight” of who we are and why we’re here…don’t you think?

It’s a shame in my eyes that exercises such as this are not taught in our schools. Parents (including mine) always spend more time trying to improve on your weaknesses instead of reinforcing your strengths. Too me, this is ass backwards.

If we centered on what our kids do well, just think of the self-esteem and confidence they would generate. And I’m not saying they can’t improve on their weaknesses, but way too much time is spent in that area.

My Dad was a math teacher to new trainees in a local company. He knew math inside and out. He used to get a little annoyed with me while doing my math homework because I just couldn’t grasp it. No matter how hard I tried and applied myself, I was lucky to bring home a C-. Sound familiar?

If he would of spent the better half encouraging me in English and Art, who knows how it would of turned out?

So…who is behind this test?

The gentleman’s name is Richard Step. Richard spent the beginning of the new millennium fighting off cancer. Having questioned all that could be questioned, he realized the good Lord wasn’t ready for him, yet. Richard has made it his life’s goal to guide the growing, mentor the willing, and help those in need… without all the usual self-help fluff.

Who can benefit from this test?

  • Curious people who aren’t quite sure about their direction in life.
  • Quest Seekers who need a little motivation.
  • Adventurers who know what they want but aren’t quite sure how to get there.
  • Champions who are looking for another tool to enhance the world.
  • YOU!

Interested? Good! This aptitude test is 100% free and I totally encourage all my readers to take it and learn from it.

Click here to learn more

Richard has all kinds of stuff for you to take advantage of; Books – Links – Resources and Tools and other self improvement tests.

Go on…click the link and see what your top strengths are!

Leave a comment below on your top 2 strengths and let me know how this has helped you in defining yourself!

My Wish For You…

Guys, you know how much I love inspiration and motivational literature, videos and trainings. Well, this My Wish For You is one of those videos I wanted to share with you and I hope you’ll share it with others as well.

Always feel good about yourself, others, what you’re trying to accomplish in this life, and how you can make a difference whether it large or small if you’ll only believe…

Try making it a daily practice to take a couple of minutes and ask the universe how you can be a blessing to someone’s life.

It will change you, the person you’re blessing and the entire world will be a more peaceful place.

This short video is my wish for you today and everyday…

May you always be Blessed…
Love you guys!

Leave a comment on how this touched you…

Project Internet Marketing – Video 3 – Getting Prepared

Project Internet Marketing

Hopefully you’ve watched Video 1 and Video 2 so far. These videos build on each other so if you haven’t viewed them, please do so.


In this video, I discuss how important doing your market research is. You can get into some of the niche forums, Google groups and Yahoo groups and also use the Google Keyword Tool to gather up all the information you need on your chosen niche.

I cover the importance of selling value first before you start to sell your potential customers the solution to their problems. Help people. It will come back to you a hundred fold.

Also, I want you to ask many questions yourself. If you don’t something, you don’t know. Don’t waste time getting frustrated…find someone who knows the answers.

Now that you are getting yourself prepared, you need to write down your vision. A vision of where you want to go, not only professionally, but personally as well. Many of us go through life without any sense of direction. Don’t let this happen to you.

And lastly, you need to set daily goals. This will keep you on track – on a time table to get so much accomplished…

And as always, I’ve included the downloads underneath this video for you to take – print out and use.

These include;

  • A business plan
  • Time management sheets
  • Internet marketing dictionary
  • Vision statement blueprint

So get started getting prepared and watch this 13 minute video now…

Free Business Plan Template:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

Time Management Sheet:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

Time Sheet PG2:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

IM Dictionary

Vision Statement Blueprint – Free Vision Statement Guide

If there is anything else you need help on, let me know. Let me ask you…how are these videos affecting you? Leave your comment below in the box.


Project Internet Marketing – Video 2 – Where It Begins

Project Internet MarketingWelcome back Guys to Project Internet Marketing, Video #2…Where it begins.


There is nothing better than being prepared before you venture out to start up an online business. It’s really different from just getting up and going to work for 8 hours. You need the correct mindset, the right attitude, the commitment and a place to go when things aren’t going the way you’d like them to…

In this video, I discuss how to find your strengths and weaknesses and your likes and dislikes related to the Internet and beyond for that matter.

We all have God given gifts and we need to use these gifts to truly be successful and make a difference in this big, sometimes not so pretty world, to change it for the better.

I also touch on how to catch the “entrepreneurial spirit” versus a regular job. When you finally start building your online business, you have to have the mindset of such. And it’s hard. Most of us have brains wired for the corporate world, not chasing a dream…

I talk about how you need the right attitude…not being desperate…always chasing the money. This will get you no where very quickly.

Making a commitment at the very beginning is also extremely important. There will be those days (like Mamma says) that will knock you completely off track. You just need to be prepared for those kinds of things but not to let that hold you back.

When things do go wrong, one thing I do all of the time is find something motivational – inspirational or funny to get me back on track. Some people might think that’s silly, but it’s worked for me on many occasions.

So these are the kinds of things that will be covered in this video.

Download PDF for the Where It Begins video:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 2 - Where It Begins

Note: Make sure to download all the goodies after you’ve watched this…

Leave a comment if you’d like me to cover a particular topic as well. All comments are welcomed!

Project Internet Marketing – Video 1 – 4 Misconceptions

Project Internet MarketingOkay Guys, welcome back to Project Internet Marketing…where you’ll discover all the teeny-tiny pieces not many Guru’s talk about or…even care to talk about.

In Video #1, I talk about some of the “garbage” that clouds your way of thinking and what you’ve probably been “force fed” about starting an online business venture.

The Wrong Impression of Internet Marketing and Building an Online Business.

In this video, I discuss 4 major elements (I’m sure there are more) that I feel suck us into the online business world but…are somewhat jaded.

All marketers are trying to sell their products and services which is exactly what you want to do or you wouldn’t be reading my blog or watching this series.

However, by understanding these 4 major misconceptions right off the bat, you will serve your customers so much better later on because you’ll actually be grounded, not buying into all the hype from the start;

1) Internet marketing doesn’t cost much

2) There is no work involved

3) I’ll plaster up a website and my product will sell

4) I’ll be instantly rich

In addition, I touch on why building an online business can take so long…

Let’s take this stuff off the table so we all can move on to the good stuff!

So get started watching this 11 minute video and learn how not to be fooled…

Download PDF for the 4 misconceptions video:
Project Internet Marketing - Video 1 - 4 Misconceptions

Note: I’m doing this series pretty much off the cuff so please bare with me. I sometimes go off on other tangents when different thoughts cross my mind. 🙂

Please leave your comments below the video and let me know what you like or even dislike about this video.

Watch Video #2 – Where It Begins

Project Internet Marketing – Free Coaching – Intro Video

Project Internet MarketingWhen people swarm to the Internet thinking that making money online is so very easy, usually what happens is they either quit in a matter of days/weeks or…spend thousands of dollars on all sorts of training materials trying to make their first millions.

People don’t realize how many different pieces to Internet marketing there are, which only leaves them frustrated, disappointed and dead broke.

Many others invest in an Internet marketing mentor or coach, taking their advice and direction, learning the ropes so to speak…the ins and outs of getting an online business up and running.

Either way, it’s hard work and commitment while still, you’re basically figuring a lot of it out on your own anyway.

Being in five different mentoring programs myself, reading ebook after ebook, webinars, etc., one of the biggest road blocks I ran into was not being prepared before I started my business on the Internet;

  • Acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Crafting a business plan
  • The amount of discipline it takes
  • Creating a vision statement
  • Branding yourself
  • Juggling everyday interruptions…and so on.

This is where “Project Internet Marketing” comes in. A series of laid-back, short videos, used as a tool for those of you who are struggling online or are just thinking about getting started online.

Included will be tips on the things that people aren’t focusing on in many programs and training courses that will make all the difference in the world.

Being prepared before you venture out into the online marketing world, I feel will make your business experience a lot easier – a lot less frustrating and a whole lot more fun and productive.

Sit back and relax while I chat about some of the things you need to know that I will be discussing in this series…

Watch Video #1 – 4 Misconceptions

Sending the Wrong Email…Very Funny

Hey Guys, hope all is well.

Today I wanted to share a quick funny story with all of you that you probably can relate to…

wrong email addressHave you ever sent an email to the wrong person? I know I have…panic stricken, you send another email telling that person to disregard the first, back tracking and apologizing like never before, especially if it’s personal.

I know of people that have sent a personal message intended for one person and what they ended up doing is sending it to their entire address book!


What an awful feeling when you finally realize that you hit that “Send” button and now it’s too late! Oh shit! I didn’t want to do that!

Well in today’s funny story, this is a classic in my book.

The weird thing is this actual email went along with the “unintended” recipient’s rather unbearable loss of her husband.

Please click the link below and read the short story. It’s a must read to put a smile on your face and know that you’re not alone in doing something as stupid as this!

Let this be a lesson to all of us to pay more attention to what we’re saying and to whom we’re saying it too…and for heaven’s sakes, don’t hit that “Send” button to quickly!


Wrong Email

Copywriting for Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing (IM) is a growing specialization. If you possess writing skills and want to make money online, you could use those writing skills to become a copywriter for Internet marketing. To become an IM copywriter, you need to understand the timeless differences between traditional and IM copywriting.

Traditional Copywriting vs. IM Copywriting

Copywriting for Internet MarketingTraditional copywriting is in direct connection with the print media. Most of the popular direct response copywriters you will come across belong to the league of traditional copywriting industry. Some of the greatest advertising minds in history belong to this field. Even if there is a huge possibility of learning a lot from traditional copywriting, its main drawback is that its a two dimensional medium.

In contrast, the IM copywriting field is multi-dimensional because words are not the only method to approach marketing. With the written words, you can add videos, images, interactive software and much more that makes the written words more effective and impact oriented. Furthermore, with new technologies coming on the market at regular intervals, the opportunities for an IM copywriter is immense, which is somewhat limited with print media copywriting.

IM Copywriting Guidelines

IM or non-IM copywriting is not about jotting down a 2000 word long sales letter. Every word written there should be meaningful, that is, call the readers to take action. Read the primary / basic IM copywriting guidelines below:

  • Copywriting should deliver value. You are not paid hundreds of dollars to sell junk products at inflated prices and neither you are indebted towards anyone to sell junk products. The secret success of any successful marketing copywriter is their ‘belief’ in the product/service. No matter what the remuneration is, if you do not believe in the product, the copywriting will fail surely.
  • When the sale of a product/service depends on copywriting, you must ensure that the perceived value of the product is equal or higher than the actual price of the product; otherwise, none of the potential buyers will become real buyers. For instance, in the mind of a buyer, the product price of the supposed product could be $39; however, the seller is asking $99. Will you buy it if you had been the buyer? NO, I am sure!
  • Copywriting is a semi-story because there you are using words to make the context interesting to the reader and also ensuring that the reader is convinced enough to ‘take action’ on the basis of the written text. If you can do this, you are a gem of a copywriter.
  • Should you persuade or manipulate? You will find copywriters divided on this topic – some marketers and copywriters believe it is right to manipulate the buyers with false information just to increase sales but ethically, it is wrong. Your copywriting should not manipulate the buyer with unethical means and selfish intentions. It should rather persuade the buyer with accurate information and honest feedback system so that the buyer knows they are buying a value-based product.

The trick to writing a killer piece of sales copy involves answering four essential questions:

1) Who you are?
2) What you have?
3) Why does someone need it?
4) How to get it?

Every sales letter you write should answer these four questions.

Should IM Copywriters use Greed?

You will agree that greed is a powerful motivator. Have you ever seen the way marketers are able to maximize their list building efforts by offering a product or two for free? – that’s greed working here; the greed to gain something without paying or paying a ridiculously low amount.

Many successful Internet marketers believe that greed, when delivered ethically, ups the conversion rate. Some say that this is an emotional hook which many con artists use but for many marketers, it has given them roaring success. In an industry where even 1% marketing conversion rate is considered good, there are several IM experts who get more than 10% success rate from this tactic…and they believe that using this method is good. The buyers purchase the goods ethically and after knowing all there is to know.

Whether you want to use the same tactic as an IM copywriter is entirely your choice altogether.

Five IM Copywriting Tips

1) Try not to use passive voice in writing. A sentence like “Dean taught me writing” is much better to understand than “Writing was taught to be by Dean.” Active voice works better in direct response copywriting.

2) Draw inspiration from popular writers like Stephen King and Seth Godin because their writing teaches you to talk to a wider audience…and as a writer, you definitely need that inspiration.

3) Word counts should not dictate IM copywriting. It is a myth that longer sales letter leads to better conversions; in fact, with shorter attention spans these days, no one wishes to read a mile long sales letter! Instead, the context and text should be relevant. Tell whatever the audience wishes to know and cut the hype!

4) Think thrice before using big words because a large percentage of the audience is comprised of layman. You are not dealing with hard-core professionals to use big and heavy words. It is better to use simple and easy to understand vocabulary so that the audiences can comprehend it in a better way.

5) Use native vernacular language. Vernacular language refers to the ‘native’ diction of any geographical place. For instance, the use of the word ‘pocketbook’ is the vernacular word in the US, which means purse, but in non-US countries, ‘pocketbook’ means a diary. This difference in meaning could create misunderstandings and a communication gap. Hence, it is prudent to use language native to that country.


To wrap up our discussion, copywriting for IM is a lucrative profession. Success does not come easy in this profession but when you learn the tricks of the trade, it becomes easier. Copywriting is all about selling products and services through your written words…make it relevant and convince the readers to ‘take action’…that is all you ever have to do!

When You’re At a Low Point…

Hi guys…hope all is well with you today.

Listen, this post will probably end up being a little dose of reality and more personal than usual…

Why? Because today, I’m feeling that I’m at one of my lowest points.

When You're At a Low PointWay too much has been happening around here, nothing major like the loss of a loved one or anything, but when a person is pulled in so many different directions, their time being completely controlled, manipulated and demanded of, it starts to take a toll. I feel lethargic – more of a drain than a fountain and just beside myself.

Now I might feel this a little more stronger than most; I have a few physical ailments that lends a hand in all of this.

But, no matter how strong of a person you are or how weak…it doesn’t matter. The results are the same. You feel misunderstood – taken advantage of – totally alone and boom…before you know it you’re overwhelmed with depression, panic and anxiety, second guessing yourself.

Well that’s me today guys. I’m broken. And I guess it’s times such as these that the people around you who you think you can talk to about it just don’t understand, making it that much harder.

Have you ever tried to explain to your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or a family member exactly what you’re going through and how you feel? And for some reason they look at you like you have a third eye, you’re talking a foreign language or they tell you that you’re feeling this way not that way?

I just don’t get it…Are we so self absorbed with our own lives and what we’re doing that the awareness of it all is hindered? We can’t even stop and just listen without being opinionated or judgmental?

So I’m starring at this computer screen wanting to post something motivational for all of you but I’m blank at this moment. In between getting terribly angry – although a bit subdued and bawling my eyes out because frustration has literally taken over.

Ya know, we all try to do good…at least I do. But it never seems like it’s ever enough. How much is enough? Why do some people place such high expectations on another person when they can’t meet those same expectations themselves?

Have you ever felt those insurmountable expectations? It sucks…You’re trying to meet them but you just can’t.

Now, I’m not wanting some kind of pity party… believe me. That’s not my style. However, what I do want is for you guys to know that when you’re at one of your lowest moments they do and will subside no matter what the circumstances are.

Here are the exact steps I’m going to take to get me out of this funk because I truly hate feeling this way. It makes you sick – unproductive and no good to anyone especially yourself…

1. Write down your feelings and vent (just like I just did)

2. You can get angry but just don’t hurt anyone or yourself

3. Cry and cry hard…it’s a stress reliever

4. Be nice to yourself…go do something fun or buy something if it makes you feel better

5. Spend time with your kids or pet…that love is always unconditional

6. Reach out to a stranger…they’re more apt to help

7. Do some soul searching…figure out where you might have gone wrong or didn’t give clarity or conviction to a certain situation

8. Talk to God, or whoever that is for you

9. Take time for yourself in a quiet place and remember all the good things you offer others

10. Get physical. Clean the house, get rid of clothes you don’t wear or get out into nature and cut the grass or something

After all of that, re-focus. Try and figure out what it is that YOU want out of life. Not by anyone elses standards, but your own.

I don’t know if you want to call this motivational, but it’s the best I can give you right now. I’m sure by tomorrow, things will be looking up. I’ve been through this kind of thing, as you, too many times. But the older you get the more gets thrown your way to bump you off track.

Thanks for reading this dysfunctional kind of post although I’m sure you all can relate.

Let me know what steps you take to overcome the low points in your life . . . it will surely help me and others.

Make it a great day . . .

Super Tuesday – Take-away for Internet Marketers

If you’ve been following any of the political candidates running for President here in the last several months like I have, (although much is extremely negative) you may have noticed some of the more positive aspects if you looked hard enough…

Super TuesdayJust by observing these guys, it showed me that they all have the “live your dream” vision down pat while displaying what it takes to be successful. These attributes conveyed will actually give you what you need to start or continue an online Internet business.

The more I watched and studied President Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, the more I realized how similar they all are ONLY in correlation to pursuing their dreams.

Take Super Tuesday for example. Many people thought that by now, Mitt Romney would be the Republican candidate of choice and the rest should take their licks and go home. But not so fast…each of the candidates came back from the trenches at least one time throughout this campaign. Why? They don’t give up for one. Their shear determination to keep pressing forward has gotten all of them where they are today.

It’s their dream – vision and purpose…

Can you say that? Have you been so determined to start or continue your online business with as much zeal as these guys?

Listed below are some of the characteristics they all share and that you can use for your business blueprint. If you can master these six attributes, you’re well on your way too not only being successful but also living a truly awesome life . . . or maybe even running for President someday!

1) Passion:

“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” – Benjamin Franklin

This is one of my most favorite words. Just the sound of it packs a punch! If you have “passion” for something, you know how strong an emotion it can be. It drives you crazy – you crave something – your enthusiasm shoots through the roof . . . passion is the main driving force behind any successful person. When you want something so bad, you’ll do just about anything to get your hands on it or accomplish it.

2) Vision:

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

Most if not all successful people literally map out their unique vision of what it is they want to accomplish or where they are headed both personally and professionally. By creating a vision statement, not only can you clearly see that line you’re running toward – but it locks in your focus and motivational abilities to finally reach it.

Deep down, we all have a dream . . . something we’re extremely passionate about. This is your personal blueprint in helping you reach your desired destination.

3) Goals:

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.” – Author Unknown

Without listing or writing down specifically where you want to go or what you want to accomplish, you’ll be lost and probably headed in the direction of “no-where-land.”

Setting goals gives you the opportunity to change whatever you don’t like and to improve yourself, whether its changes in your business, your current job or simply yourself.

Setting goals is a great way to strive to do more – to do more better and pump up that enthusiasm to carry you forward.

4) Dedication:

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”– Harriet Beecher Stowe

Devote everything you have in you to achieve the purpose you’ve set for yourself, no matter what it takes to get there. With your life running on warp speed, this sometimes can be difficult. But if you truly believe in yourself and your goals, dedicating the time and energy it takes to become successful in accomplishing whatever it is you want, should manifest itself pretty easily.

5) Persistence:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge

You must be determined to continually work on your goals and toward your business every day if you truly want to make it. It is a lot of hard work but if you keep gnawing away, piece by piece, this soon will become a habit, a part of your life.


If you’re looking for the keys to success, this short list is a must to unlock your dreams. Sure, it takes a hell of a lot more but without them, you’re taking a stab in the dark.

So the next time you get to see the candidates in action, try and recognize the positive features within each of them. It’s amazing what you can learn no matter what position you take politically…

Apply them in your personal life and business and see what happens!

What other ones would you add to this “must have” list?