80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Five

Continued…Part Four

41. Name: SEM Rush

[Register: No Download Necessary]

Description: Forbes, Wells Fargo, Philips, PayPal and Hyatt are some of the well known clients of SEM Rush. It is not just another keyword research and analysis tool. It has quickly become THE best Marketing and Productivity Toolsresearch site for analyzing site keywords, analyzing competitor keywords, knowing what kind of Ad buyers to approach, getting estimated SE and AdWords traffic, finding hidden keywords, and many more features.

To try it out, just type in your URL or any keyword and see it work. You can create a free account also or buy the pro membership for $70 per month.

Use: SEM Rush is a must-have tool for online marketers and webmasters. Their intuitive reports help a lot to make a site better.

42. Name: RoboForm


Description: RoboForm is a program to store and retrieve passwords to as many sites you are a member of, without worrying whether the passwords will remain safe or not.

RoboForm syncs all the login information safely so you can quickly access bookmarked or favorite sites. Moreover, you can save lots of time in typing basic information like name, number and addresses when you register on a new site. The RoboForm Password Manager stores the personal information seamlessly and saves YOUR time.

The RoboForm program is accessible from a laptop, notebook, desktop and mobile devices. It is suitable for IE, Firefox, Mac and Chrome browsers. In mobile, RoboForm works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian.

Use: Anyone who uses a lot of Internet daily will find this tool very useful. It takes away the headache to remember each and every password.

43. Name: PHP Resource Index

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: If you wish to add any kind of PHP scripts on your site, the PHP Resource Index is the best place to be. It also offers web hosting for the PHP programs created by you.

You can access more than 4000 complete PHP scripts, more than 300 functions and classes codes and use their community board to fund jobs and developer sites. They also have a resource of more than 400 informative books and complete tutorials about PHP programming.

Use: PHP Developers or people who want to learn the PHP system will find this resource very useful.

44. Name: PHP


Description: Similar to the PHP Resource Index mentioned above, the PHP site is another wonderful resource of PHP program guides and tutorials. The PHP is suitable for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

The site also gives updated information about upcoming conferences on PHP and paper presentations.

Use: The resource is useful for both new and experienced PHP enthusiasts.

45. Name: PDF to Word Converter

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: The PDF to Word converter is Nitro’s leading technology to get editable MS Word documents from PDF files. As they mention, the files should not be illegal to use.

Either you can just upload and convert a PDF file online or you can sign up for their PRO account which gives you a 14-day trial. With a membership account, you can convert bulk files easily and protect private information. The conversion file will be same as the PDF one, retaining all kinds of formatting and content used.

Use: Anyone who deals with lots of documents. For editors, this is good as they can edit easily on Word rather than PDF files.

46. Name: PDF995


Description: PDF995 offers a complete set of tools that caters to document publishing needs. You can create professional quality PDF documents with its easy-to-use interface by clicking on the “print” command from any application which supports PDF viewer.

You can also have shared printing, network file saving, custom page size selection, large format printing, and terminal server facility on your account.

The free version will display a sponsor page every time the program is run. If you want to avoid the sponsor page, you can buy a license for $9.95.

Use: Marketers, editors, writers can use this amazing tool to create online publishable documents. This is also good for small organizations also where there is a large pool of writers and editors who need to access the same documents at the same time.

47. Name: Free Mind

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: It is a free mind mapping software that creates a flow chart of how you conceptualize things. It uses a Java applet with around 700 KB memory. It is a productive tool for analyzing stages or phases of a project or laying out a project plan.

Use: If you are a student, project manager, running a small business or any other work that requires accurate planning, the Free Mind tool is for you.

48. Name: FileZilla Project


Description: FileZilla is your free FTP solution where both client and server are available. The FileZilla is an open source software which is distributed free of charge under the GNU General Public License terms.

Use: Anyone who deals with website development and programming has use with the FileZilla project.

49. Name: Cam Studio


Description: It is free video streaming software that records audio and screen activity happening on your PC to give you professionally created AVI files. Its built-in SWF software will turn the AVI recordings into Streaming Flash Videos that do not consume much bandwidth.

The Cam Studio can be downloaded and installed easily. Use is to create software tutorials, FAQ, instruction manuals or study materials.

There are a lot of other features like controlling voice quality, high resolution images of small files, ability to choose custom cursors, and able to burn it in CD or DVD.

Use: If you run a website/blog, use the Cam Studio tool to create tutorials. If you are a trainer, use it to give online training classes. If you are a project manager/associate, use the tool to develop and share information.

50. Name: CGI Resource Index

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: In the CGI Resource Index, you can find web hosting for your CGI programs. If you have created a CGI program, you can host it remotely. For learners, there are more than 100 resource guides, tutorials and documentation available on CGI programming.

You can also find CGI jobs or hire freelance CGI programmers to solve your issues.

Use: The resource is useful for both new and experienced CGI enthusiasts. 

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80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Four

Continued…Part Three


31. Name: Open Source Web Design

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: At the time of writing this, the OSWD platform has 2080 free web designs templates that Marketing Tools you can use either by downloading them online or by logging into your account.

If you are bored with WordPress and Blogger templates, its time to check OSWD; you can find templates for both personal and commercial use. Also, there are premium templates too for purchase.

Use: If you want to build your blog or a commercial website, take a look at these templates. Or, you can choose few of them and hand it over to the web designer to build the blog/website on them.


32. Name: GIMP


Description: If you needed a software for image authoring, image composition, photo retouching and others, the GNU Image Manipulation Program is the best suited.

This free licensing program is the alternative to Photoshop. You can use it as a simple paint program, for online batch processing system, mass image production, as an image format converter and other tasks.

You can add extensions and plug-ins to enhance its performance. You can run GIMP on Mac OS X and MS Windows.

Use: For webmasters, website developers, graphic designers, this tool will be very handy.


33. Name: Niche Bots Classic

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: This is your alternative to Google Keyword Research tool. With the Niche Bots free account, you can do 20 keyword searches daily. With the paid account of $1, the keyword research is unlimited.

I think this tool is good for comparative purposes. We know that Google can also be wrong sometimes. So select any keyword, look it up on both Niche Bots and the Google Keyword Tool, and optimize your site accordingly.

Use: Its good for bloggers, webmasters, and marketers who need a handy keyword research tool to write their content and do online targeted marketing.


34. Name: Marketing Mentors Workshops

[Register: No Download Necessary]

Description: If you are in need of really ‘sound’ marketing advice and solutions, I need you to register for this workshop with your full name and email id.

Every Tuesday, the webinar organizer holds a marketing workshop with an industry expert and it is great to experience it live. In case you have to miss it, you can download the entire webinar from the same link given above.

Use: This live marketing workshop is must for every online and offline marketer.


35. Name: Libre Office – The Document Foundation


Description: It’s the alternative to Open Office. It’s a free tool where you can do everything you are doing on Microsoft Office. It works with GNU/Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. It’s an open source platform so if you are a developer, feel free to join the existing community of developers.

With Libre Office, you can create documents (Writer tool), do numerical analysis (Calc tool), create multimedia presentations (Impress tool), create images (Draw tool), database integration (Base tool) and do mathematical calculations. (Math tool)

These 6 tools make up Libre Office.

Use: Any Internet user can use this for personal, professional and business reasons.


36. Name: Text Pad


Description: The Text Pad software is the product of Helios Software Solutions. It is a powerful replacement to Notepad. You can use it to edit HTML files and satisfy the most demanding text editing requirements.

The software works with Windows 7, XP, 2000,Vista, Server 2003 and 2008. The software can be used by both new and experienced users. Apart from the usual cut and paste capability, you can correct typo errors, change commands, transpose words, use commands to split/join lines and various other functions.

You can also place visual bookmarks!

Use: Anyone who needs a hassle free hype-less text processor, Text Pad is for you.


37. Name: Thumb Shots

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Use the Thumb Shots application to turn your website / blog into thumbnails. The feedback on the site shows that this way you can increase traffic and its conversion rate of the site.

There will be better search accuracy and better average time spent on the site. You don’t need to install any hardware or software on the system. Just sign up and submit your site.

This strategy depends on the image appeal of a site and as we know, humans are more captivated by images.

Use: Anyone with a website or blog can use this service.


38. Name: Tin Eye

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Tin Eye is an image reverse lookup directory. In this free tool, you can either upload an image file or the URL of the page you want to check reverse image, and the tool will show you the list of those websites/blogs where the same images have been published.

This is a great too to check copyright violations. If you have created an image for non commercial or restricted use, you can use this tool to check if anyone has used it for commercial purpose or not.

You can download the results; otherwise the result will expire in 72 hours.

Use: You can use Tin Eye tool for protecting copyrights.


39. Name: Virus Total

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: If your PC or laptop does not have a security system or if you want to check viruses and malware of any given link, use the Virus Total software.

In this, you can upload a file for checking or you can copy paste the URL. The report will display Trojan, malware, viruses and other components.

If you want to download files from the net, this tool is useful to protect your system. Similarly, if you want to upload files online, use this tool again.

Use: Anyone who uploads and downloads files on and from the Internet needs to use this tool.


30. Name: Soovle

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: This is a search engine that shows results only from 7 websites – Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Answers.com. It’s like getting customized search results.

Use: Online search.

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80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Three

Continued…Part Two

21. Name: Giveaway of the Day

[Link: Selective Download Required]

Productivity ToolsDescription: For over 5 years, the people behind Giveaway of the Day have been providing free license software for which we would have to shell out money otherwise. The link above points to the site; check out their free giveaway everyday and download them.

As I went through the site, there is a huge reservoir of products that cannot be defined by any specific category. There is something for everyone. Check it out.

Use: Free software for every purpose. You save money.

22. Name: Launchy


Description: It is an open source keystroke launcher available for Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS and Linux to give you a cross-platform utility service which will arrange the desktop icons and start menu to give the user an easy accessibility service.

Use: For ultra busy people who want everything at the tip of their fingers.

23. Name: Live Marketing Chat

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Besides Warrior Forum, Live Marketing Chat is the best possible place to be for answering and discussing business related issues. If you are an entrepreneur, marketer or anyone who wants to see their business succeed, visit this place.

The Live chat is open 24x7x365 days a year. Take a look at their live chat schedule and join them anytime.

Use: To get real world business experience and issues sorted out anytime.

24. Name: Name Boy

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Name Boy is a free tool to search and register domain names. One of the best features of this tool is to generate hyphenated domain names and rhymed domain names.

You are asked to insert two words comprising the domain name; one is primary and the other optional. Based on the query, the free tool generates a huge list of names for you.

Use: Hyphenated and rhymed domain name generator.

25. Name: PIWIK


Description: This is a free PHP MySQL software program that claims to be the alternative to Google Analytics. After you download and install it on your system, the software will generate website data showing the accurate number of website visitors, keywords used for search, popular pages, user language and much more.

The software tracks this data through a JavaScript given to the installer after installation. You just have to copy and paste the script on the website you wish to track.

You can take an online demo before using it.

Use: Website/blog analysis – an alternative to Google Analytics

26. Name: Resell Rights Weekly Forum

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: This is an active forum about anything related to resell rights and marketing. You need to sign up first before viewing and answering forum posts. You can learn about PLR products, how to make money from them and other things.

Use: Active resources for those interested in resell rights.

27. Name: Quantcast

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: If you want in-depth details about your competitors, track what they are doing and strategize what you can do about it, Quantcast is your tool.

When I searched for rottentomatoes.com, it gave me details about its network, user demographics, monthly visitors, global visitors, people reached, total page views, people per month, US traffic frequency, global traffic frequency, sites similar to rottentomatoes.com, US traffic source and local traffic sources.

With this vast resource, it’s easy to track competitor reach.

But, its essential to get the site quantified first. Like if you search for IncomeInsiders.com on Quantcast, you won’t see any data because it’s not quantified yet. Quantification is nothing but giving Quantcast the permission to track the website.

Use: Analyzing competition

28. Name: Mobi Ready

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: This tool checks URL, analyzes it and shows you if the website/blog is mobile ready. Even if you have a mobile site up and functioning, you can still use this to see if it needs any improvement.

The tool will score the URL on its mobile friendliness; give you visuals of how the URL will look on different mobile handsets, perform a compliance test, and also check the MIME types, character encoding, alt texts, page title, image maps, nested tables, default input mode, access keys, caching, Google sitemap and other things.

Use: Anyone who has a blog/website should use this too.

29. Name: Skype


Description: Skype has changed the way we communicate today. Whether you are scheduled for a live conference or you just want a video chat with a long distant friend, Skype is the best.

PC to PC calls are free and the PC to phone calls is very reasonably priced. You need to get Skype credits first before PC to phone calling. You can send instant messages, group people for a conference and create company accounts.

Use: It’s for personal and professional use; it is a MUST for those running an online business.

30. Name: Malware Bytes


Description: The free anti-malware software rids your PC of viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, root kits and adware. Install it on your system and scan it.

It also offers a paid corporate licensing for businesses, enterprises and organizations.

Use: It is for anyone with a computer and access to the Internet.

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80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Two

Continued…part one

11. Name: Harmony Hollow Cool Timer


Description: The Cool Timers works as a countdown timer, reminder, alarm clock, normal clock, and a stopwatch. This free software can be set for around 100 hours in countdown mode. It has a colorful Marketing and Productivity Tools and customizable interface. It shows a customized text message when the alarm goes off.

Use: This is ideal for your online business. You can schedule meetings, wake up alarms, and business launch countdown timer. Since you are working on the PC most of the time and the software is installed on the PC itself, you won’t ever forget your meetings and other business tasks.

12. Name: Domain Tools

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: The Domain Tools is perhaps the biggest and the largest repository of domain names knowledge. You can find WhoIs history; reverse WhoIs, WhoIs lookup, DNS and other IP tools. You just enter either the domain name or the name / email address of the person who you want to search about and the domain tools shows you detailed results.

You can purchase domain names too.

Use: Either you may want to verify whether your records are in order or you may want to check out the competitor details. This also proves beneficial in fraud cases where you want accurate details of the domain owner.

In fact, if you think someone is stealing your business, Domain Tools will be a good way to track that person.

13. Name: DupeFree Pro


Description: This is a PAID tool and of course, one of the best in the world to protect your website content from theft. You have a Visual Editor, Online Check and Bulk Compare facilities. You can rewrite articles from the original side by side with great precision. You have editing features, a keyword analysis tool and it is compatible with all language characters. You can access it offline too.

Moreover, if you want rewrite versions of your original article, you can do it with this software. Google won’t be able to detect it with its duplicate-finding mechanisms.

Use: If you are a blogger, website owner, online marketer dealing with lots of content. You can’t do without this tool.

14. Name: Core FTP


Description: The Core FTP software for Windows includes features like TLS, IDN, SSL, SFTP, FTP transfer resume, file editing, file viewing, browser integration, site to site transfer, FTP URL parsing, filters, command line transfers, firewall support, drag and drop and many other features.

You can securely download or upload files from FTP servers. It does not display any advertising content or pop-up forms.

Use: If you own a website, you definitely need this software. It is fast and reliable for updating and maintaining your website.

15. Name: Free Web Submission

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Through this tool, you can submit a website or blog for free search engine indexing. We know that a quicker search engine indexing raises the site’s popularity meter.

You just have to type in the URL, blog / website name, email contact id, select the search engine and hit Enter. Some of the search engine sites will send you a verification / confirmation link. Do confirm your submission.

Use: Faster search engine indexing.

16. Name: Chrome


Description: It’s a free Google browser. Since its coming from the search engine giant, you have a faster search browser and fast loading time. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows XP, Windows 7,Vista, Mac and Linux.

Use: Faster web browsing.

17. Name: Mozilla Firefox


Description: It’s a free non-profit web browsing tool like Google Chrome. It gives you fast, secure and a flexible web browsing experience. You can optimize the browsing tool with its many add-ons like easy social network connectivity, a price comparison tool, language translator and other tools.

Use: Faster web browsing.

18. Name: Ever Note

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Including Ever Note, there are 5 more products intended towards making your web life simpler. For instance, you can just scribble down notes (to do things), create study materials, and have distraction free blog reading.

Use: This is meant for those who have a very busy life. You need constant assistance in jotting down points or to simply concentrate on your online work – Ever Note makes this possible.

19. Name: Free Web Monitoring

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: You need to create a free account for this tool. This monitors your website/s every 60 minutes and alerts you whenever the site is down. If the website is e-commerce related, this tool becomes all the more important because website down-time means loss of business.

The tool sends you weekly statistical reports, gives you alarm protection, sends email alerts and you can monitor multiple URLs from one account.

Use: Good for webmasters to ensure the website/s are live and running.

20. Name: KompoZer – Easy Web Authoring


Description: It is a free WYSIWYG HTML editing tool to build attractive web pages. Its customized features help non-technical people build content without any major problems. The software is for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

It is a web authoring system, similar to Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage. It is sponsored by Mozilla.

Use: Creating web content easily. Marketers, website owners, bloggers can use this.

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Demystifying Bounce Rate Using Google Analytics

Many bloggers, Internet marketers and small business owners have an incorrect understanding of what the term “bounce rate” actually is and the role it plays in business. We think that if we have less than a 50% bounce rate, our blog is among the best; however, this is a very wrong impression.

Whether you should be happy about the blog’s bounce rate depends on a lot of factors. A blog with a 90% average bounce rate may be more useful than the one with a 35% average bounce rate.

Therefore, let’s demystify the bounce rate syndrome.

What is Bounce Rate?

The Google Analytics bounce rate tool measures the conversion rate and/or functions as the popularity meter for the specific blog page, website or landing page. Internet marketers regularly suggest that bloggers should try to keep the bounce rate below 50% but as we will see in this post, it doesn’t matter that much.

When do you have a bounce?

You have a bounce, either less or more, when someone visits a particular web page, spends some time on it and leaves. The visitor does not interact with anymore pages.

Does the Google methodology have any faults?

When you view Google Analytics, it not only gives you the bounce rate but the time spent on the site.

Now let’s see what Google has to say about them.

On ‘Bounce Rate’

If a user leaves your site after loading the first page, regardless of any interaction, this is considered a bounce.

On ‘Time on Site’

If users are only loading one page on your site, irrespective of how much they interact with that page, their time on site is 0:00 to Google Analytics.

For instance, if you visit any of the Income Insiders blog pages, read the content in 59 seconds, and leave without clicking on any other page, Google Analytics will show the bounce rate as 100.00% and the time on site as 0:00, not 59 seconds.

The above situation can happen despite the fact that the page you visited was excellent, exactly what you were looking for and highly recommended by you for others.

For the blog webmaster, the performance for the page will be 0 and the webmaster is likely to place the page back in ‘drafts’ for “non-performance,” which will be a very negative action.

Therefore, YES, the Google Analytics bounce page evaluation is not entirely foolproof.

The Google algorithm becomes more misleading for the following reasons:

1. Your blog has a form to capture leads or direct visitors to a landing page. This means that when a user comes to a page, spots the landing page link in 35 seconds, navigates away from the page, signs up or buys a product / service, Google Analytics will give you a 100% bounce rate but in reality, the 100% bounce rate gave you a SALE.

2. You deliberately recommend users to external links. Hence, it is entirely possible that the user may want to click on the external link and navigate away.

3. If the user finds all the information on one page and spends minutes reading it, why would the same user click on any other webpage link? But Analytics does not consider this. Thus, if the user spends 10 minutes on the same page, it will still be shown as 100% bounce rate. You think – is this good or bad?

Other reasons for a higher bounce rate:

1. The visitor clicks on the ads and navigates away.

2. The visitor types a new URL on the browser or closes the browser altogether.

3. The visitor hits the “back” button.

Should you worry about a high bounce rate?

To answer this, you should do a holistic assessment of the blog/website. It entirely depends on the purpose – the aim of the blog.

Google Analytics is undoubtedly a powerful tool but you must know when to take it seriously and when not to.

Bounce Rate
IncomeInsiders.com Bounce Rate Apr 2011
Demystifying Bounce Rate Using Google Analytics
IncomeInsiders.com Bounce Rate Jan 2012

If the website/blog is a lead capture page, informative knowledge base, displays an opt-in form or a subscription page, a higher bounce rate is not unusual; hence, nothing to worry about.

BUT, if you have a blog like a million others publishing content, AdSense ads, and affiliate ads, you DO need less than at least a 60% bounce rate.

Use the tips to lower the bounce rate.

Tips to Improve Bounce Rate

Simple formula –>to reduce bounce rate, you need to RETAIN visitors.

The tips below tell you how to improve bounce rate.

1. Add videos. Use YouTube or create your own, and embed it within the blog post.

2. Add a “Related Posts” plugin from the WordPress plugin database. The plugin will show similar posts at the end of the blog, prompting the reader to check those too.

3. Use a search box.

4. Give internal links. It will be better if the internal links are from the blog itself. Of course, if your blog is new, this is hard to do but don’t forget it.

5. The “Subscription” box should be clearly visible on the blog.

6. The blog should be easy to navigate. Place categories and recent posts links in clear visibility.

7. Do not fill the blog with banner ads. It makes the blog look cluttered; hence, loss of visitors.

8. Write informative content.

9. External or internal links should open in a new window.

10. Improve the load time of the site.

11. Articles longer than 1000 words should be split into parts.

12. Remove pop-up ads. They are annoying.


Don’t fret about bounce rates all the time. It’s significant too but first, perform an assessment of your blog and identify how much significance the bounce rate will have for you.

Any thoughts? Leave them below…

80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part One

We Internet marketers tend to spend a lot of time surfing the web for productivity and marketing tools. One cannot define a fixed list of tools that marketers need; therefore, when marketers really need such handy tools, they don’t find any!

Productivity and Marketing ToolsWith this thought in mind, we have created a list of 80 productivity and marketing tools that you need no matter what product or service you are marketing. Unless specifically mentioned, all these tools are for FREE.

Since the list is very exhaustive, it will be published in eight parts, containing 10 tools in each.

Productivity and Marketing Tools

1. Name: 7-ZIP


Description: 7-Zip is an open source platform, an alternative to Win Zip. This is a free tool whereas Win Zip comes with a 40-day trial period and then a paid subscription. The 7-ZIP is under GNU LGPL license.

The software can be used on any computer – both personal and commercial. It is suitable for Windows XP /Vista/ Windows 7 / 2003 / 2000 / 2008 / 1998/ NT / ME.

This tool compresses 30% to 70% better than Win Zip.

Use: Marketers need the Zip tool to upload heavy files, create eBook downloads and other tasks.

2. Name: Audacity


Description: This is a free multilingual audio tool which can be used to record and edit audio files. This works on Windows, GNU, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Audacity can be used to record live audio; cut, paste and mix audio; convert tapes into CDs and lots more.

Use: Bloggers, website owners and marketers can use this tool to create important audio files, embed it on sales pages or on their blogs for listeners.

3. Name: AVG


Description: It is free anti-virus software – the most downloaded free anti-virus. These days you really need to use advanced security systems to prevent hackers from playing havoc with your PC/laptop.

It is used by more than 100 million people. Unlike other security systems, this does not slow down your system and has identity protection enabled to secure your personal data.

Use: Protect PC/laptop/notebook from hacking, virus, Trojan, spyware, malware and other computer infecting components.

4. Name: Adobe Reader


Description: It is another free, important – digital marketing tool your online business cannot do without. And the download includes Adobe® AIR® latest version.

Use: After Adobe Reader installation, you can easily view, download and read PDF files on your computer. You do not need Internet connectivity to open downloaded Adobe files.

5. Name: Backlink Watch


Description: Backlinks are important to measure the success ratio of your inbound marketing efforts.

This is a free backlink checker tool that will tell you how many backlinks a blog/website has, the PR of the backlink giving URL, the number of Outbound Links visible on the backlink giving page, flag ‘no-follow’ links, and highlight the anchor keyword.

Just type the URL and you will get the list.

Use: Check backlinks.

6. Name: Browser Shots


Description: The Browser Shot is a really impressive tool to know how your website will look on various browsing systems. A blog may work fine on IE but may look worse on Chrome.

Hence, the genesis of this tool; it will show how the blog/website looks on Linux, Windows, Mac and BSD browsers. There are more than 100 browser versions listed. Either choose all or choose a few specific ones – your choice.

Tip – Check Google Analytics account and see the list of browsers from where visitors view your site. Select those for Browser Shot.

Use: Check browser compatibility.

7. Name: C Cleaner


Description: The C Cleaner cleanses unused or useless files from your computer. The tool makes the computer faster and protects your online privacy. It cleans the temporary files, cookies, history, index, form history, download history from IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

When you visit the download link above, choose either Download for PC or Download for Mac.

Use: Computer cleaner software.  It is good for Internet marketers.

8. Name: Color Cop


Description: It is a multipurpose color tool which indentifies various hex colors, copies to the clipboard and can be further used. Visit the download link and click on the English version of the software.

It has multiple output options with Visual Basic, Visual C + +, Delphihex, HTML hex, RGB float and PowerBuilder. See the list of features.

Use: Programmers and web designers can use Color Cop specifically. If you are into website designing, this is a very good tool to learn / practice / experiment with various color combinations and codes.

9. Name: Create Space

[Link: No Downloads Necessary]

Description: It is a free publishing tool; enabling authors to self publish their fictional or non-fictional books to a wider audience. This is basically on-demand publishing and the website works in conjunction with Amazon’s Kindle.

There is a good royalty program too. The royalty varies whether you are publishing on Amazon, other e-Stores and/or going through a direct distribution system.

Their free tools also include developing a cover page and proofreading.

Use: Good for budding authors. Marketers can get their self authored quality eBooks published as well.

10. Name: Down for Everyone

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: If you want to check whether the site is up and running not only for you but for everyone, this is the best tool.

Visit the link, type the site URL, and hit Enter. It will let you know instantly if your site is working or not.

Use: Site checking. Good tool for small business and marketing websites that constantly needs high uptime.

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50 Ways to Make Money Online – Part Five

Continued…Part Four


41) Earn Money with Forums

Forums are live discussion boards that attract a lot of footfall because of the kind of information you get to view there.

Ways to Make Money in 2012Either you can join existing forums like Warrior Forum or you can create your own forum. Either way you can use them as an investment strategy to earn money. On your own forum, you can make money by showing advertisements.

Once the forum starts getting a high number of memberships, you can also open a premium registration or upgrade facility and offer premium products and services.

No Internet marketing guru will tell you the real worth of forums but it is there..believe it.


42) Sell links on Blogs

There are marketers who would love to pay you for placing permanent links on your blog content. Of course, there is a certain criteria like:

  • Blog Page Ranking
  • Alexa Rank
  • Traffic

Even if your blog is PR1, you can try this strategy. Or if it is not, you can still try because there are certain people who are willing to look at content quality and not PR or traffic.

What you have to do is place the link on your chosen keyword or the one provided by the client. The cost of such links starts from $1 and well, there is no limit.

It all depends on your negotiation.


43) Become a Virtual Assistant

Are you good at being a secretary or a personal assistant? Can you respond to official mails – or provide live customer care support?

If you can, try being a virtual assistant. There are short term online courses to prepare you for the same. 99 percent of the time, virtual assistants are needed by small business owners to help them make their businesses run more smoothly.

You can work from your home and your earnings will depend on the work you are performing. Experienced virtual assistants can charge $50 per hour so you can start with a basic $10 per hour.

Your earnings will depend on your efforts and abilities.


44) Use Paid Search Engines

While not all search engines are as big as Google or Yahoo, there are other search engines which are ready to pay you using their search tool to find relevant information.

Yes, they offer money in cents but if you search Google and Yahoo daily, you can spend some time on other upcoming search engines.


45) Earn Money with Triond

Triond is one of the oldest article submission sites which will pay you for writing articles for them and they also have an AdSense revenue sharing program for you to integrate your AdSense account with your articles.

However, you are given 50 percent of the revenue only and the rest is kept by Triond.

There is a third money making option too – Triond pays you a certain amount based on the kind of page views received on all articles.

The payments are made every month and they even send you an earning statement.


46) Create Software

If you are a techie person, you can make LOTS of money online by developing and selling software with a license. You can either develop software for others or make your own software and sell them online.

After you have made your software, create an official website to market it, establish an automatic payment gateway and you are done. Use lots of online marketing techniques and if your product has value, there will be sales.


47) Participate in Online Contests

This won’t give you a regular source of income and neither will I suggest you to make it one but sometimes, it is worthwhile to participate in online contests.

99 percent of the time these contests pay cash prizes. There are software development contests, app contents, writing contests…a whole Pandora box is out there.

Just Google the kind of content you would like to participate in, such as “writing contests” and choose whichever you like.


48) Earn Money with M Turk

M Turk is a venture of Amazon where they provide Human Intelligence Tasks to people. M Turk is one of the most legitimate ways to make money online. You can answer questions, do language translations, data entry, make logos and lots of other tasks.

The tasks carry a specific price and has to be done in the allotted time. For registered Amazon users, you can log in with the same account or create a new one.

You don’t have to wait for application approval. You can start working as soon as you login.


49) Earn Money with Advertise Space

Advertise Space is the next best alternative to Buy Sell Ads. It does not have a huge marketplace like Buy Sell Ads but if you are a new publisher, just starting out with your blog, you should experiment with Advertise Space.

They don’t check your PR or the amount of traffic. The blog is approved instantly and you can start bidding for advertising space.

The current payout is $25 and PayPal is the mode of payment.


50) Earning Money with Global Test Market

Global Test Market has been in existence since 1999 and is a legitimate online survey network.

You can join the network if you are more than 14 years old. Every survey gives you about 100 points and once you have accumulated 1000 points, it is converted into $50.

You can get payment through PayPal or shopping vouchers.



I am sure there are more than 50 ways to make money online and if you can cleverly choose even 10 of them, you are set for 2014.

Do share with us your online money making method in the comments section below. 🙂

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31) Earn Money with Flickr

Ways to Make MoneyFlickr does not offer any direct earning money methods as we have seen in the earlier sites but you can still earn money from them.

If you have a good eye for photography, you can use Flickr to post stock images that cannot be downloaded for free. If they are of high quality and resolution, you can put them up for sale at a suitable price.

Further, if you are into affiliate marketing, you can embed the affiliate links with images using the notes function. Therefore, when anyone clicks on those links and buys a product, you get paid.

With Flickr, you can be innovative in your marketing.

32) Earning Money with Meta Cafe

Like we had discussed about YouTube earlier, Meta Cafe is another similar video portal for revenue earnings. They have a program where you need to create your own videos and earn it on Meta Cafe.

To start earning, each of your uploaded videos should have a minimum of 20,000 views and a 3 rating. After this, you get to earn a maximum of $5 for every 1000 views.

Personally, if you know about video creating, then only you should go for this earning money online method because there is no point in outsourcing this task as the rate of return is much less – $5 for 1000 views.

33) Earn Money with Buy Sell Ads

If you are a blogger, you would know how difficult it is to directly contact advertisers and sell ad space on your blog. If you contact 100 people, 95% will turn down the offer.

However, if you want to get rid of the direct contact and getting turned down trend, you should join Buy Sell Ads. It is a direct advertising network where bloggers register their blogs for advertisers to see and buy your blog ad space.

Buy Sell Ads has a huge marketplace so you have a greater chance to get advertisers. Publishers (you) are paid 75% of the total advertisement revenue and the remaining 25% is kept by the administration as their fees.

34) Earn Money with Slice the Pie

If you are a big music junkie, Slice the Pie is where you should try making money online. As far as I am aware, their earning money program is unique because they pay you for commenting or reviewing the uploaded music videos.

The only condition is you have to listen to the music tracks for at least one full minute before you start commenting or reviewing.

If music is your passion, you might as well start earning from it!

35) Earning Money with Yahoo! Answers

One of the largest question-answer sites today, the Yahoo! Answers portal offers a very big platform for the clever affiliate marketer to try and make commissions.

Please note that Yahoo! Answers does not offer a direct or official earning money online option. What you can do is keep niche affiliate links ready, browse through the question sections in the selected niche, offer genuine answers and stick the affiliate link in the end.

If the affiliate product you are offering is really good, in the way that it solves the person’s problem, there is a high chance that the person will buy it too, giving you affiliate commission.

Most importantly, Yahoo does not ban us from leaving affiliate links. However, it does not mean that you will leave the same link in every question, in which case it will be considered as spam.

36) Earning Money making Twitter Backgrounds

If you are good in designing, you can make money from Twitter by designing Twitter backgrounds. Since Twitter is being increasingly used by business personnel’s to market their products and services, there is a demand out there for business-specific brand name building and Twitter background building is also involved in it.

You can create a separate website to show the twitter designs and promote the same using twitter. This is how twitter becomes your marketing channel as the source of earning money too.

Check out this list of best twitter profile designs.

37) Earning Money through Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like Digg.com and StumbleUpon.com really provides bloggers extensive content exposure and traffic but social bookmarking is a painful task, especially for those bloggers who upload more than one post daily. Logging in to bookmarking sites to bookmark the blog is time consuming.

Therefore, many bloggers outsource this task and this is where you come in as the service provider. You can provide the social bookmarking service for bloggers, combined with other blogger services as well.

38) Earning Money by Making WordPress Themes

More than half of the blogging population uses WordPress themes for blogging because of its easy content management system and navigation. Most of the time, bloggers look for free themes but if they like one theme particularly, they are willing to pay for it too.

And if you are good with CSS, PHP and HTML coding, try creating a WordPress theme which you can sell through professional theme websites. This is important if you want people to take you seriously and buy for you.

Moreover, if earning money is not your criteria then you can give away the themes for free and it will give you a back link since the footer of the theme will contain your details.

39) Earning Money with Hub Pages

In 2011, after the Google and Panda update, many people complained about losing their Hub Page traffic and earnings but if you are starting now, it is good because you have a higher chance of content ranking, traffic and revenue earning.

What you need to do is create hubs, include Amazon, eBay or AdSense links in the hubs and publish it. You get 100% of the earnings generated from your links and 60% from the money generated from your hub content.

Hub Pages is one of my few chosen places to earn money from my writing skill.

Read in detail about making money from Hub Pages.

40) Earning Money with Helium

Helium is another writing portal where you can earn advertising revenues and money from the content page views. Like Hub Pages, you have to create high quality content. Sometimes, if the internal editing department likes your hub very much they will consider buying it upfront or ask you to write on specific topics.

Otherwise, you can earn between 1 USD and 5 USD for every 1000 page views per content piece.

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50 Ways to Make Money Online – Part Three

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21) Earn with Gather.com

Gather is a paid social networking site that pays you money to remain active on the social site. Its similar to Facebook; the only difference being that Gather pays you for being active and Facebook does not. You can earn on Gather by doing the following:

    Ways to Make Money Online in 2012

  • Posting videos
  • Posting pictures
  • Updating status
  • Using their apps
  • Playing games and others

Whatever points you accumulate through these tasks can be redeemed in the form of cash and/or Amazon vouchers and other gift cards.

I think this is a very new and novel way of earning cash through social media. In fact, if you are good in reviewing, you can review products or services you have used on Gather and get paid for the same.

Again, I would say, this kind of earning source will not tide you over every month but it can surely pay your little menacing bills, cover gift costs, buy something extra for yourself and so on.

22) Earn Money with She Told Me

While researching for this list, I came across She Told Me. Apparently, it is the biggest AdSense sharing revenue network these days.

In this, you get to write your own chosen articles and get paid. I don’t know whether they pay upfront for the articles but they surely pay for the AdSense revenues.

Here the AdSense is divided into 3 blocks – one block is for the writer (yours), the second block is for She Told Me and the third block is for the referrer (if any) who recommended the website.

The best thing – if you already have a Chitika advertisement account, you can insert your own Chitika ads and earn 100% revenue from them.

Signing up is free.

23) Earn Money with Hits4Pay.com

Hits4Pay is one of the oldest sponsored email reading networks online since 1998. Here you get a signing bonus of $5 and they pay you 2 cents for every email you read. Sometimes the emails pay you 5 cents but those are rare.

If you refer people and they sign up, you get 2 cents for every email read by the referral.

The payout is $25, credited to your account through PayPal.

24) Earn Money with Xomba.com

Like She Told Me, Xomba is another AdSense revenue sharing portal where you write content for Xomba and enter into a 60-40 partnership ratio. Xomba gives you 60% of the advertisement revenue.

Obviously, the content has to be highly search engine optimized to get any kind of revenue. There is an extensive list of topics for you to choose. You can write on anything as long as it is relevant and you should have an AdSense account.

Signing up is free.

25) Earn Money with Commission Junction

Like ClickBank, Commission Junction (CJ) is another highly popular and credible network for affiliate earnings. There is a huge repository of digital products like web hosting services, domains, software, eBooks and others.

The commission percentage is between 2% and 70%. Like with any other affiliate network, all you have to do is:

  • Create an account
  • Fill in payment details
  • Select a product with good commissions
  • Review it (if you want)
  • Spread the word around with relevant affiliate links

…and earn affiliate commission. Commission is paid out for every valid sale. The minimum payout if 100 USD and the common mode of payment is PayPal.

Please check out their payment details for country specific payment options.

26) Earn Money with Sponsored Tweets

Supposedly the most trusted way to earn money online through Twitter advertising, Sponsored Tweets pays you for posting paid tweets on your Twitter account. It is not an issue if you use multiple Twitter accounts for tweeting.

There are two options – Pay Per Click and Pay Per Tweet – the Pay Per Click can offer about $5 per click and the Pay Per Tweet can sometimes offer $150 per tweet. Of course, the amount per click or per tweet depends on what you are tweeting about.

50 USD is the minimum payout and you’ll need a PayPal account for receiving the money.

Signing up is free.

27) Earn Money with Text Link Ads (TLA)

Text Link Ads (TLA) is yet another advertising network where the advertisers pay for displaying texts and hyperlinks to the publisher. (the blogger) I would suggest that you sign up for TLA only if you have PR 1+. PR 0 blogs rarely get an opportunity to display ads.

The advertisers place their ads for a fixed period of time. The price of the text links are to be set by the publisher. (you) Be careful while setting this price because you get only 50% of the amount because the remaining goes to TLA as their earning. Therefore, it is a 50%-50% revenue account.

You are either paid through PayPal or TLA vouchers and the minimum amount you should have for payment is $25 for those who want to be paid through prepaid Master Card or through global checks.

28) Earn Money with Sponsored Reviews

If you are interesting in reviewing products and services on your blog but you are having a hard time finding paid review sponsors, Sponsored Reviews is one of the best marketplaces to try.

Here you register the membership account, link your blog, set the price and start bidding on paid sponsors.

Please note that you will receive only 50% of the amount you set for reviews as the other 50% is taken by Sponsored Reviews. Moreover, the chances of your blog getting good offers depends on its PR and the number of daily page views and unique visitors. The maximum you can get is $500 per review.

Payments are credited every 2 weeks into PayPal and there is no minimum payout criteria.

29) Earn Money with Fiverr.com

Fiverr is one of its kind initiator of the mini-marketplace concept where you can sell anything for a fiver. ($5) The Fiverr company deducts $1 from each seller so you basically get $4 per sale.

What can you sell? Your answer is – anything under the sun. For instance, you can find writing services, voiceover services, tattoo designing, web designing, poetry writing, sand writing…and hundreds of others.

When I visited the site a few days back, one gig caught my eye – there was this gig wherein the girl would write your name or the ad (am not sure!) on her lips, take a picture and send it to the buyer. Very weird! But she is the top-rated seller there. So as I said, you can sell just about anything 🙂

30) Earn Money with eHow

A few months back, eHow partnered with Demand Studios to build a network of quality writers. eHow is famous for its “how-to” articles that gives you step-by-step solutions or tutorials.

You can try to become an eHow writer. Your earning is generated through the number of page views the content receives every month.

Last I checked, Demand Studios were taking writers only from the US and Canada so unless you are in these countries, it is impossible to become an eHow writer.

Nevertheless, the earning potential is wide and you are paid through PayPal.

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11. Create Niche Blogs

Unlike regular blogs, niche blogs are keyword centric, which are targeted to rank high on search engines. For instance, there are many people blogging about mobiles, but only a few are talking about Nokia ONLY.

Make Money Online in 2012So if you have a site whose content is only about Nokia, you are creating a niche blog which has higher chances of better keyword rankings. Later you can add contextual ads and earn money.

Or, you can sell the niche blogs at a very high price if it has 1) good content; 2) high traffic; 3) ad revenue potential.

You can read an inspiring post about blogs that sold for millions.

12. Social Network Activity

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are many other social networking sites that have found a new way to make money online and distribute a portion of the revenue to their down line.

These social networking sites ask you to sign up and pay you for using the social network. As more members sign up, it increases the social network owner’s chances of displaying more advertisements and earn revenue.

I don’t know whether this method is legal or not but such social networking sites do exist and people are earning from them regularly.

13. Trading on FOREX

FOREX trading is similar to share trading with the difference that in FOREX you have to buy and sell currencies. The value of currency differs with every country. For instance, USD 1 = 51.30 INR and this value changes everyday.

FOREX trading is very lucrative. You can find various online FOREX trading platforms like XE.com. To make profits via this strategy, you have to first reserve foreign currencies for a period of time and when the value of the currency increases, you can sell off those currencies and earn your profit.

Of course, don’t expect to earn from Day 1. You have to research currency valuation for the last 6 months at least to see how your chosen currencies have trended in the market and then you should make the plunge.

14. High Yielding Investment Programs

There are various financial institutions online where you can invest your money for a fixed period of time. These are called high yielding investment programs because they give you periodic fixed returns for the whole duration of the investment, until the last day of the fixed deposition.

At the end, you get back the total amount you had invested as the principal sum. For instance, you invest $20,000 for 3 years with a periodic return of $1000 every five – six months. At the end of 3 years, you get back the whole $20,000 in principal.

This is a good source of investment for long-term secondary income.

15. Start your Own Web Store

Are you good in creating knitted sweaters? Or, are you good in making handmade jewelry? Or are you a writer who is interested in creating eBooks?

With the Internet, it has become doubly easy to sell online. What can you sell? Anything that is worthy of every buck spent by the buyer. There are online premium platforms where you can create your online store and make money from those sales.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you can create an E-store of affiliate products, market them and earn commissions.

In other words, you run a full fledged business right from your own home. Just make sure the products are of quality and they are easily shipped all over the world, unless it is an exclusive digital product.

16. Become a Guest Author

It is a misconception that guest authors work for free. Of course, unless you are yourself a blogger and want to guest post on other blogs to increase backlinks, there is no money involved.

However, there are clients out there who are willing to hire only guest posters to research high Page Ranking (PR) blogs, pitch them, write guest posts, publish them and get backlinks to the client websites…and you are paid for all this stuff.

If you have good writing skills, you can easily charge $20 per guest blog of 500 words. You can also create a list of PR 2 blogs to contact freelance clients. A client will always be impressed with a ready made list.

17. Online Teaching

If you don’t want any physical teaching job, you can become an online teacher. Online teachers are in great demand in the US and UK where parents usually prefer Indian teachers because of their vast subject-based knowledge resource.

You can either create an independent website offering online teaching services or you can join online tutorial websites and charge on a per hour basis.

If you are teaching online, be expected to get students from around the world. You need to think about this because there will definitely be time zone differences, sometimes 12-13 hours time difference.

Online teaching is a very lucrative business.

18. Create Search Engine

Google allows you to create a separate search engine for your website. You can do this through AdSense.

First you need a website with good content, then you can custom embed the AdSense codes along with AdSense ads. Therefore, whenever anyone uses your website as a search engine and clicks on the ads displayed, you get to earn money.

It is not easy to make this search engine. You have to read about AdSense in detail to implement this strategy. Not to forget that if your website has good traffic footfall daily, the earning potential increases a lot.

19. Review Products

Before the Internet, there was radio advertisements, TV advertisements, fliers, and other marketing methods that asked consumers to review products and give the company representatives their honest feedback.

Now the companies have left the traditional marketing methodology and have shifted online. They look for people who can review their products, either free or paid, and write about them. This new trend is known as Blogger Marketing.

You only need a website/blog, the skill to write a review and good traffic. Depending on the deal you have with the company, you can even get a small percentage share for sales coming through your website/blog. But don’t confuse this with affiliate marketing, it is entirely different.

You can earn anywhere between $10 – $50+ per product review.

20. Create Tunes

Recall your favorite advertising tunes from your childhood that you used to love very much! These days audio producing companies turn to online tune makers for creating advertising tunes or music for their songs.

Visit fiverr.com and you will be amazed by the variety of such services. You can use Fruity Loops, a tune generator software, to create great tunes and sell them to advertising companies for all they are worth.

Best is to open an E-Store of tunes, hang a price tag and let buyers take their pick.

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