How To Earn Extra Income By Freelancing

Who isn’t looking for additional cash these days? Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can make extra money by offering your services on the internet. Ranging from full-time to piecemeal freelance gigs, the array of online job choices is staggering.

How To Earn Extra Income By FreelancingIf you’re optimistic and confident, prepare to make plenty of extra money by doing some online freelance work.

Learn How to Earn Extra Income by Freelancing

Try these tips to pick up some quick cash:

  1. Consider your skills. Focus your efforts on your unique talents when looking for web work.
    • For example, if you’re a fast typist, look for data entry jobs online. If you can spin a good yarn, try a writing job or two. If you’re a skilled web surfer, find research jobs to fill the coffer.
    • Try and other popular freelance portals to find work.
  2. Use social networks for meetings. With the advent of social media, you can converse with prospective employers. Ensure that others see your qualities through your social networking efforts.
  3. Be brave. Diving in can be challenging and perhaps intimidating. To protect yourself, research the websites you’re interested in. If a website passes your criteria and appears to be reputable, sometimes it’s a great idea to simply jump in and accept your first online gig.
    • When you do, you’ll be rewarded for your courage with some extra money.
  4. Learn to do transcriptions to earn steady, incoming wages. Transcribing is an exploding online career. If you’re a competent typist, you’re more than half-way along the path to earning extra dollars by typing out interviews, dictated books, and other info.
  5. Contact local businesses to offer them help posting on their social media accounts. If you’re an avid Twitterer and Facebooker, you could be paid to post regularly for business owners who don’t have the time or skill to do it themselves.
  6. Look for websites who offer cash to endorse their products. Become an affiliate of popular companies like Amazon and post their ads (coded with your affiliate number) on your Facebook page. Whenever someone clicks on your ad and buys the product, you earn a commission.
    • If you have a lot of friends who enjoy a particular hobby, find a vendor of supplies you can all enjoy. Become an affiliate, post their ads, and earn commissions on their products.
  7. Utilize websites that reward you for shopping on their sites. It’s wise to be careful with this tip. You could spend more with your shopping than you make through the gift card reward. But if you’re planning to purchase a gift anyway, you could earn a few extra bucks this way.
  8. Find a “micro-gig” at the website called “Fiverr.” What will you do for five dollars? Post it on the Fiverr website and you might get a few takers. Explore the website to get an idea of the tasks people want done. Then, offer to do those tasks.
    • Think about what you can do easily and quickly.
  9. Serve on a mock online jury. At, you’ll be paid to serve on a mock jury. Discover the experience of making a real difference with the other online jury members.
  10. Do you have an endless thirst for knowledge and trivia? Put your curiosity to work and make a few bucks at Cha Cha. Seek out correct responses to people’s questions and get paid for each answer. If you’re a tip-top researcher or web surfer, Cha Cha’s for you.

If you have a computer and know how to type, you have a gold mine right in your own house. Achieve your financial goals by bringing in extra money from online sources.

Can You Run an Online Business From Smartphone?

For businessmen, Smartphone has provided the freedom of working from anywhere at anytime. Smartphones are specially designed for those people who want to access their emails and digital documents wherever they want.

Smartphones V/S Traditional Phones

Online Business From Smartphone?Traditional phones provide calling, text, music, camera and other entertaining facilities. Smartphone is an integrated calling device which supports business related activities.

Smartphone helps corporate people to access their work even when they are outside the office. People can enjoy their weekend with family even when they have a massive work load.

How Businesses Have Adopted Smartphone?

Proliferation of the Smartphone is amazing. The device is broadly adopted in input and extracting data in ERP program; it can be used in tracking payment gateway and in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

In an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program, Smartphone can be used for sales data processing. Managers can access this data by logging into the ERP application of Smartphone.

Today, Smartphone has become a virtual platform for business transactions. Digital SMSes, integrated email facility, document reading are the increasingly popular Smartphone add-ons.

Business Prospective Via Smartphone

In the last couple of years, Smartphone has made it possible to run your business online with its various business applications. Smartphones applications are also introducing various customized applications useful for business purposes.

These applications or Apps (in Smartphone language) are very little time consuming and are productive at little cost. Out of all business applications, I tried to introduce major applications mostly useful for business purposes.

These applications are –


It is the most innovative application for credit/debit card transactions. This is a free application provided in Smartphones which when installed, sends a free card reader to plug into the device.

This application helps users to accept credit card payments without annual fees. Square application in Smartphone is comfortable for small businesses.


It is a Smartphone document scanner, useful for keeping document backups, receipts, bills and bank statements. This is a single user application. It can be activated through signature scanning too.

CamScanner can be obtained free of cost and supports Google Docs and PDF files.


It is a Microsoft office based application, which is available for free to all Smartphone users. Its pro version means a user can edit, update and add documents to the office briefcase. However, the pro version is not available for free if a user needs to edit texts in presentations.

QuickOffice enables business productivity by providing easy document access from Smartphone. Also, its auto formatting facility helps users to read document texts in mobile optimized format. It supports Excel files, PowerPoint Presentation files and Word documents.


It enables remote accessing of your office or home computer from your Smartphone. With this application, the user can access a connected PC or laptop from anywhere in the world. It works on high speed internet connection for better accessibility.

Splash Top is a highly adoptive application for small businesses.


Skype is an audio-video communicating application and highly preferred by top level employees. It is a free of cost application with which employers can communicate with each other.

The Skype app on Smartphones enables users to share documents by just copying them on the Skype communication box. It can be used even in low internet accessibility situations.


PayPal enables user to create payment invoices and to manage PayPal accounts via Smartphones. This application helps in managing online transactions “on the go.” The app can also be used to directly send/receive payment online.

GoPayment also provides a financial statement of the user’s online payment transactions. It is a free to download application for compatible Smartphone devices.


Online business setup via blogging is incomplete if the user does not download and install the Smartphone optimized WordPress application. It functions properly just as it would on a laptop or a PC.

Now you can write blog posts, edit and publish blogs anytime and anywhere through Smartphone WordPress.

Social Networking:

Small businesses demand social networking connectivity to promote their products and services online. Facebook, Twitter, MyYearBook are easily accessible social networking applications from Smartphones.

These free applications can be easily downloaded from their associated websites where they are provided with mobile based applications suitable for Smartphone devices. Business promotions via social networking are the foremost requirements of small businesses as it connects business to the people around the globe.

All these Smartphone applications will directly connect your business with your targeted audience.

Disadvantages of Using Smartphones in Online Business Activities:

No doubt, Smartphones simplifies accessibility of business activities from every corner of the world but its major drawback is data security. Every day, Smartphone accesses massive data as users store their passwords for easy and fast accessing of multiple website accounts.

All these activities are performed on its free distributed applications, which is the major issue for lack of security. Applications installed on Smartphone are not secure enough for account privacy. For hackers, grabbing login passwords of important accounts is much easier on Smartphones because of various phishing scams that target massive Smartphone users.


Staying productive is enough for balancing professional and personal life simultaneously. Smartphones counters this balance and tries to make professional life easy to access from anywhere and anytime. Smartphone is your personal digital assistant to maintain your office without being physically present.

Future innovations are considering Smartphone as the unavoidable virtual part of IT infrastructure. It enhances communication and easy storage of company data without much stress.

Although, the market for Smartphones is enjoying constant growth, it needs to solve the data security issues to protect essential and important data accessed via Smartphones.

How to Sell Your Online Business

This post draws inspiration from the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for 1 billion USD (wow!) and the ongoing trend of selling valuable business websites / blogs to high-end buyers.

How to Sell Your Small Online BusinessUnlike the non-Internet age when people considered selling a business only if they were running into losses or becoming bankrupt, the Internet age has unleashed a new age of online business sellers who thrive by selling perfectly running and optimized money making business websites and blogs at a very high amount.

If you know the know-how of this industry, you can even sell a PRL blog with less than $1 AdSense earning daily for thousands of dollars! The following discussion focuses on selling an online business, with a list of useful tips to help a small business find targeted buyers.

  1. Be Creative
    Finding buyers for online business is just like solving a puzzle; it brings value only when you have creativity to join the pieces of the puzzle together. There can be numerous buyers for the online business and the creativity lies in sifting through the buyers to zero in on the best buyer. Moreover, the seller has to use creative online advertisements to draw the buyer’s interest.

    You can make use of the “Business Opportunities” column of newspapers and various online buy-sell portals like Flippa. These will definitely help you in getting a good list of potential buyers.

  2. Hiring a Broker

    Brokers are those people who work for commissions against successful completion of deals.  These people are hired on a short term basis and hiring such people will help you to gain a list of potential buyers and other investors suitable for your business. Moreover, if you want to save money on advertisement, it is sometimes best to hire a broker because they self-advertise the business on sale.

  3. Kind of Buyers

    In case you hire any broker or any acquisition professional to find buyers for your online business, knowing the kind of buyer is important.

    Positional Buyer:

    These people are third-party buyers to whom you are not related but the acquisition expert comes across them to negotiate the deal. These people may be your customers, your suppliers or your industry competitors.

    Financial Buyer:

    These buyers are interested only in the sellers’ business cash flow. They can be both  individual or a group looking to buy a business just for investment purposes. Hence, they will be interested in your business only if it provides a return on their investment.

    Strategic Buyer:

    People who firmly look towards owning businesses which can fit into their long-range business planning, fall under the strategic buyer’s category. This buyer can be a business competitor or belong to the same range of business looking to expand in local areas and hence, acquiring your business seems to be a profitable prospect.

    Out of the three groups of potential buyers, finding financial buyers is good if you want impressive value against your business. Which kind of buyer will you choose?

  4. Plan Out Selling Memorandum

    Planning out selling memorandums is the best practice to promote the saleable business. This memorandum is composed of your business product, services and market value. This is like a report you send to potential buyers so that they have an idea of what the business is all about. The tools needed to prepare business selling memorandums are:

    • Information regarding your company’s structure and operations
    • Asking prices and terms
    • Your business product information
    • Attached physical assets
    • Projected financial statements
    • Reason for selling your business

    These six factors must be there in the business sale memorandum. Practicing data abstraction while preparing the selling memorandum is necessary to protect business information from being leaked. When you are selling a completely online-operated business, make sure to include details about payment gateways, associated online assets, real income proofs and peripheral details like web hosting, domain validity and others.

Once buyers begin to show interest, negotiate with them, and seal the deal with the best offer. – To Use or Not to Use

Launched in 2010, Pinterest was only an online hub for passionate people about beautiful designs, Pinterest visual photographs and videos. Today, the website is stepping up as one of the essential marketing tools for online business promotions. Based on its high-tech image processing system, has begun to play an important role in generating traffic for blogs and websites.

Understanding Pinterest

Pinterest doubles up as a social bookmarking site and an online bulletin board where people “pin” what they want to share. Every image in the bulletin boards are linked with its URL. When a user clicks on the image, the “pin” page appears, clicking image again will take the user from the image originating page.

Pinterest allows users to connect their bulletin board to Facebook and Twitter.

Getting Started With Pinterest

Pinterest cannot be accessed by a simple sign-up process. This website is designed with a special sign-up process, based on invitation-only module. Users can sign up on Pinterest in two ways – first, an interested user can leave the main email id for Pinterest people to invite the user; or, secondly, existing Pinterest users can invite someone through email invitations.

Once the invitation is received and accepted, the user can create a personal account. After creating an account on Pinterest, the user will be presented with a template screen on which the user can design/create bulletin boards. The bulletin board enables the user to add or upload pins.

Top Tools and Apps

From a marketing point of view, Pinterest can be used for business promotions. Since the whole concept of Pinterest is image oriented, marketers have a chance to promote their products and services through creative outputs.

Just like other social media networks, Pinterest also provides various interesting tools and applications to customize the user’s experience. Following are some of the often used Pinterest tools and applications:

  • Pin Clout:

If you are familiar with Facebook Insights, Pin Clout is nothing new to understand. This tool monitors current trends and tips in tracking the user’s growth on the network. It provides an easy sign up process and sends a confirmation email to the user. Once confirmed, it will help the user to increase influence over the website.

  • Wise Stamp:

Wise Stamp encourages user to add “Follow Me” on Pinterest. This application customizes emails by adding “Follow Me on Pinterest” button at the bottom of emails. Whenever the Pinterest user sends emails to others, the “Follow Me” button will be visible to the email receivers. By clicking on the “Follow Me” button, an email receiver can become a follower of the sender’s Pinterest bulletin Pin boards.

  • PinPuff:

PinPuff provides Pinfluence score to users. Monetary value of user’s Pins can be easily obtained via the PinPuff application.

  • Snapito:

Providing webpage screenshots of target WebPages on your Pin boards is the ultimate source to increase traffic. Snapito application facilitates the attachment of web page screenshots on your Pin boards.

  • Pinerly:

Pinerly provides a convenient way of managing marketing campaigns on Pinterest by scheduling campaign programs according to user demand. It also helps in controlling user’s Pinterest followers list.

  • Pin a Quote:

In case Web Pages are without images, ‘Pin a Quote’ provides the facility to pin the webpage with a quote or text to highlight products or services. Pin a Quote shares this highlighted text on the Pin boards.

These are the important tools and applications in Pinterest to facilitate users for promoting their business online. Besides, if the user wants to look at the pinning record of a website, the user can simply type the URL []. Entering this URL will help the user to know how many users are pinning the user’s website on their pinning boards.

Enabling Business Promotion with Pinterest

Google Data analysis of Pinterest recently found that Pinterest is acquiring around 73 million visitors worldwide. Below is a screenshot of Pinterest traffic details from

Pinterest Traffic Details
Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest allows businesses, individuals and brands to share and promote a range of items worldwide. Following are some effective approaches for successful business promotion via Pinterest:

  • Functionalities Of Niche Categories:

Pinterest provides functionalities of creating relevant categories as well as sub categories of your brands according to your choice. This will help you in customizing your Pinterest profile and to set a priority mark on Pinterest search page.

For example, if you have a website selling handmade items, you can create many Pin boards with the name ‘Gift Ideas,’ ‘Handmade Gifts’ and many more.

  • Social Networking Integration:

Registration with Facebook or Twitter is mandatory for registration on Pinterest. If you are planning Pinterest business promotion, you can achieve it by creating common webpage name on Pinterest as you have on Twitter or Facebook. This will help in integrating your business promotion on Pinterest effectively.

  • Interaction With Existing Followers:

Followers are the essential units of business promotion online. Interaction with your followers to inform that ‘why you are on Pinterest?’ is a must. This can be achieved by sharing photo slideshows or other visual based updates on your Pinterest profile page. Your followers should not only be linked with your business promotion page, they should be able to interact with it also.

  • Use Smart Descriptions:

As Pinterest is image-based, its search options are bound with super sensitive keywords. Thus, the description of your targeted product or service should be catchy, but short. Images, which you pin from any webpage, automatically include their embedded link without caption. This space can also be smartly used for placing your business updates including the reason for pinning that image.

  • Include Pricing Information:

It’s obvious that the user friendly interface of Pinterest helps users in easy browsing and easy selection of products. From the same standpoint, Pinterest allows a special section to its users for adding prices of their products along with images. This special section enables only those images in search pages which have their price tags. Thus, it is a better way to directly promote your business products along with their prices.

  • Engage Users With Re-pinning:

Direct marketing needs high experience level if people are not familiar with your products and services. Pinterest allows re-pinning and tagging target audience by their username to promote your business products a number of times.

  • Encourage Audience With Contests And Awards:

You can generate Pin boards for your product fans and can organize various contests to promote your business products on Pinterest. Your Pin boards can be used to direct your audience towards your products and services by just attracting them with various gifts and offers. You can also distribute free samples of products and services for limited period of time to cover your estimated business promotion.

Planning a business promotion with Pinterest is the latest and the most demanding trend. Pinterest will soon launch video pinning facility to pin videos directly from YouTube. This can further enhance Pinterest marketing. – To Use or Not to Use

My goal was to help you decide whether you should use Pinterest or not!

If you have read the above context, you will observe that not only focuses on entertaining its users, but also provides various stunning business promotion opportunities with its ‘easy to use’ nature. The ‘business promotion opportunities’ section of this blog easily describes where and how to adopt Pinterest in your business and in other entertaining activities.

Now, let’s come to some of the drawbacks and check points for why and where you should not adopt Pinterest in your business activities.

  1. Pinterest doesn’t provide business-oriented functionalities for some places. In your business promotion activity, if your products and services are not particularly visible, their images might not tie directly to the brand.
  2. If you simply display your products without adequate descriptive content, it will be difficult to attract people to your product webpage.
  3. Grabbing account password is not a big deal for hackers. Pinterest is not strong enough to provide security with its Pin board. Cyber criminals have now started pinning images of Starbuck’s gift cards and free wallets. When a victim clicks on these images, the scams begin.  Some cyber criminals redirect victims to their CPA websites.
  4. As Pinterest is based on invitation-only sign up approach, marketers cannot connect their business promotions with Pinterest until they get individual invitations either from Pinterest or from someone who already has a Pinterest account.
  5. Mandatory Facebook or Twitter connection for registration on Pinterest is not a good deal because not every business is active on these social networks.

Despite the drawbacks, no problems have been encountered by marketers in their business promotions via Pinterest till date. Marketing experts now consider the platform as the most profitable social media tool because of the heavy traffic it receives, which leads to better conversion rates for businesses.

Finally, in my opinion, you should surely examine Pinterest personally for a few days before planning your product marketing strategy over it.

Are you already using Pinterest? Do share your experiences below.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tools

Smart marketers always plan every affiliate program and implement it as astutely as possible. Affiliate Marketing ToolsWe bring you the top 10 affiliate marketing tools that “smart affiliate marketers” use in their campaigns and smile all the way to the bank! Don’t you want to belong in this group of smart Alec’s?

Affiliate Marketing Knowledge Lair

Before I tell you what the essential tools are for successful affiliate marketing, you should also try to avoid the 8 common mistakes that affiliate marketers make and adopt the following tips to build better affiliate program strategies.

Be Professional:

Professionalism in affiliate marketing is essential. You should establish a professional website for your affiliate programs.  Your website is your greatest asset; however, do not mix the affiliate market niches. For instance, trying to sell weight loss products and software on the same website is a very bad idea.

Be A Marketing Pro:

Affiliate program success always depends on your marketing efforts. The website/s associated with affiliate programs should be optimized with requisite marketing tools to generate traffic, track conversions and calculate revenues.

Generate a User Friendly Environment:

In order to retain an audience on your website, you must have a user friendly website which can be accessed easily. Make use of easier navigational features. Customization of a website according to the targeted audience is essential.

Be Mobile Active:

You lose a big opportunity to general affiliate sales if your website is not mobile optimized. If mobile technology is too much for you, hire a mobile SEO expert and transform the website into a mobile format. Make sure a payment gateway system is there too.

These are certain tips to practice affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

If you want to enter and become a pro affiliate, you should always look towards new developments in affiliate marketing tools. If you are searching for top tools to implement in your affiliate marketing program, here they are…

1. Spyfu:

Spyfu is a popular affiliate marketing tool because of its effectiveness in generating information about the keywords your competitors bought on Google AdWords. This tool also monitors your competitor’s activities for advertisement programs.  Marketers trust this tool highly because it helps in optimizing affiliate advertisement programs according to the targeted audience and thus, enhances affiliate marketing.

2 Wordtracker:

Wordtracker is needed when you want effective keyword research to generate traffic on your web page. This is a helpful tool for creating PPC advertisements and it is free for all!

3. Tracking202:

Tracking202 is a pay per click analysis tool used to auto-monitor and track every step of your affiliate program with detailed analysis reports. It integrates the affiliate program with collected data, which can be collectively accessible on top affiliate networks like Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter.

The best feature of Tracking202 is its keyword level tracking. This helps to know if the keywords will be profitable or not in the affiliate marketing campaigns.

4. Google Keyword Tool:

Google is the top search engine. Rarely there are marketers who do not use the Google Keyword Tool for affiliate marketing and sales generation. It provides a list of top searched keywords on the Google search engine.

This tool provides exact keyword analysis and is considered a highly effective tool to generate substantial affiliate income.

5. Stealth Keyword Digger:

The Stealth Keyword Digger works like any other keyword analyzer but it targets only the top paying keywords. Therefore, if you want to target a niche market and find out the highest paying keywords for that niche, use this tool.

6. Google Analytics:

Although it is not a tool made specifically for affiliate marketers, it is one of the best way to measure the effectiveness of on-site SEO. Google Analytics is the Bible of every newbie and experienced affiliate marketer.

7. SEO Quake:

It is a browser plug-in which works exactly the same way as other affiliate tools. It works on the Firefox and Google Chrome platform. SEO Quake helps in knowing the Alexa rank of websites and maintains your “Follow-up” list.

SEO Quake is the most effective tool browser plug-in affiliate marketing tool. It provides information about back links and helps in displaying your web page higher on Google search results.


Social networking integration is the most sought after marketing solution for online businesses. is the preferred tool used to post updates on all social networking platforms from a single point of service. Once you create a Ping account, link all social networks with Ping (there are more than 200 networks) and Ping does the rest every time you publish a new post. And don’t worry, Ping won’t send updates every time you post a new blog because it is considered as spam.

9. Google Optimizer:

Google Optimizer is the website customizing tool, used for optimizing business websites. It helps in customizing layouts; enabling SEO content and templates designs on various web pages. In other words, you use Google Optimizer to create an affiliate blog exactly the way Google wants it.

10. Site Build It:

Site Build It identifies niche products and builds optimized websites to drive traffic. It offers generous affiliate marketing features with its effective services.

These were the 10 useful tools for affiliate marketing. If you are spending time on building affiliate campaigns, make use of at least seven of them from the list.

Points to Remember:

  • If you are new to affiliate marketing, initially you will get affiliate programs offering less than 2% commission. Although this is a small commission, it will build on your experience and enhance niche market research capabilities and soon you will get higher commissions from affiliate programs.
  • Merchant websites never offers traffic. However, traffic leaks can happen if third party affiliate links are from Google AdSense ads and banner ads.
  • You should make sure that the affiliate program is enabled with a phone number tracking system.  This is necessary because in some cases, affiliates lose the commission if the referred client places the order via telephone. Of course, the use of this method depends on the product you are selling.

Keep the above three pointers in mind to fine tune your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Whether you are new to the affiliate world or not, try to experiment with newer strategies. It is easier to go the tried and tested ways, but who knows, what may work for me may not work for you at all. Hence, kick start new affiliate campaigns with these tools and make money.

Good Luck!

Using Facebook Timeline for Business

On March 2012, another new feature rolled out from Facebook’s stable – Timeline. Facebook Timeline feature allows users to customize their profile page, making it more user-friendly and stylish, even though some people do tend to disagree! Lately, the Facebook timeline feature has emerged as the new trend to promote business online.

Facebook TimelineIn this post, we will discuss:

– What is Timeline?
– What are the existing features of Timeline?
– How you can implement Timeline for your business campaign?

Let us discuss them one by one.

What Is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is a chronological layout or structure given to users’ Facebook profile. It converts an existing Facebook profile into the new layout with a list of recent updates to the overall summary of the user’s activity from the date of joining. This Facebook customization is divided into two columns.

  • First vertical column is for adding user’s cover page.
  • Next column has the user’s recent updates and shared activities.

Timeline can also disable unwanted updates from profile. It works on an integrated platform to customize the user profile and to promote business in an easy format.

Features of Facebook Timeline

Timeline is beneficial not only for personal purposes, but for commercial purposes as well. Before we move on to how you can turn Facebook into an interesting platform for business promotion, let me first discuss what’s new with Facebook Timeline and its various features.

1. Profile Cover Photo:

The most demanding feature of Facebook was the cover photo add-on to the profile. Considering the demand, Facebook Timeline enabled users with the facility to add 851 x 315 pixels photo on profile page.

Adding a cover photo on the profile for the first time is very easy. The user just has to click on “Add cover photo.” The option is placed at the upper-right side of the Timeline page. If the user wants to update an existing cover photo, profile is enabled with “Change Cover” option when hovering mouse over cover photo.

2. Pinning Posts:

Facebook Timeline allows to “pin” a post to its users. The pinned posts are valid for seven days. This means the user can remain abreast of development concerning people, brands and other chosen things.

For example, if you are planning a get-together with your school friends this weekend, you can simply ‘pin’ an informative post regarding the gathering date, place and time. The number of updates from your friends on this page will be easily seen on your profile pin board.

3. Customizing Apps:

Facebook has updated its application tab placed at the middle-left side of the user’s profile page while enabling Timeline. The new timeline enabled profile has a limit of 12 apps on the wall.  However, only 4 apps are visible at a time on the Timeline page.

The first app is by default the same as the earlier Facebook wall. It is reserved for users to add new photos, update them and delete existing photos. The remaining three apps are definable by the users. Some of the common apps users most use are the “Like” buttons, video opt-in applications and email opt-in applications from the applications tab.

One of the best things I like about the application update is the ability to customize the app visibility according to the user’s choice. This helps in controlling who gets to see your apps and its activities.

Business Integration with Facebook Timeline

In an era of fierce online marketing, marketers are eager to find different online marketing innovations to promote their business in as customized format as possible. After the announcement for Timeline, marketers began to speculate the best way to use timeline for marketing. Keeping the online marketing campaign in mind, I sorted out the following promotional activities from Timeline.

  • Business Optimization With Cover Photo:

Cover Photo of Timeline profile is the first step for business promotion. The user can create a profile cover photo banner displaying business details like name, tagline, email id, contact number and location.

Corporate people are highly dedicated towards business logos as it directs the audience towards business and its services. The timeline is the perfect place for business promotion. For the self employed people too, a cover photo of their services enables various opportunities to connect with clients across the globe.

  • Provide Business History To Client Satisfaction:

Hiring an organization to accomplish certain tasks is not an easy matter for any client. Finding the organization’s history, its completed projects and business growth in the past years provide credibility to the client towards business services. Timeline allows highlighting business history and its achievements on its user’s profile. This indirectly promotes business products and services.

  • Easy Campaign Visibility:

Launching new products or services is not successful until they are not promoted globally. If an organization really wants to do so, it needs to use Timeline. The ‘Pin to top’ on the Timeline profile enables people to post promotional activities and position them at the top of their profile page.

As described earlier, validity of this pinning facility is for seven days. The seven days validity is beneficial for those people who constantly add promotional details on their business pages. This keeps their business profile fresh for their regular visitors or customers.

  • Managing Campaign:

Whenever you want to edit or organize your product name and images, Timeline provides an easy but effective campaign management facility.  Businesses can assign images to its products for individual campaigns with the custom tab facility.

  • Effective Image Branding:

Business branding with Facebook Timeline is much easier than other modes of brandings. Individual pages as well as product campaigns can be optimized easily with Timeline. Enabling business videos with the Timeline ‘Video App’ enhances the visual brand image of the business.

  • Timeline Apps Showcase:

Customized tabs and the capacity to add twelve apps with the Timeline business profile has begun to attract corporate people to integrate their business page on Timeline. This integrated version of Facebook provides the facility to put four apps on Timeline profile at a time.

Generally, business profiles customize this facility with email app, video and photo sharing apps, Business logo apps and “pin a post” app.

  • Business Likes At Timeline:

‘Page Likes’ is not new to Facebook users. Timeline has enabled the same feature for business page promotions too.  This is the essential and most demanding feature with every business on Facebook since it directs the audience towards a landing page. When the user clicks or hovers on ‘Like button,’ the user can click ‘Like’ and ‘add to interest List.’

  •  Extended Post Facility:

Business profiles on Facebook can make use of the extended post feature, allowing the webmaster to post about products and services in a more descriptive format.  To activate this facility on Timeline page, the user just has to go to the business post and click the ‘star’ icon. This will enable extra space to post complete the description of the chosen business post.

  • Receive Private Messages From Visitors:

Business profiles customized with Timeline format enables visitors to send private messages to the profile admin without getting associated to the business page. People who don’t want to enable this feature can turn it off through the page setting option.

However, this integrated version is highly in demand amongst business people since it can be utilized in getting customer feedback for their products and services in a comfortable manner.

Essential Business Practices

Besides the above mentioned features, you need to utilize the following measures to make use of Facebook promotions adequately.

1. Micro Blogging:

As Facebook has expanded its post space facility up to 5000 characters, micro-blogging for your business products and services becomes easier now. You may not have a separate blog but turn Facebook into a blogging space.

2. Audience Engagement:

Post your business updates, questions related to your services, polls and business forums to keep engaging your regular visitors, which is a necessity these days for steady brand promotion and brand building.

3. Be a Client Resource:

Do something to make the Facebook business page resourceful towards new and old clients. For instance, uploading business statistics, links and useful facts helps a lot.

4. Request Feedback:

Requesting customer feedback for your business posts or services adds value to your business promotion. Also, it holds the visitors’ attention towards your commercial posts.

These were some essential promotional practices you need to utilize for effective Facebook business promotion. 

Facebook Timeline Summary

Various big organizations are adopting marketing campaigns with Timeline and getting good results. The Timeline features help businesses to keep the users engaged and transparent to audiences. Market research proves that Facebook social media promotion is actually helping small and large businesses to develop long term relations with their consumers.

Facebook Timeline is an integrated platform for both the business people and consumers. I hope that this discussion will help you to jump start business promotion on Facebook timeline. If you are already doing these things, do share your experience with us below.

Good Luck!

Top Business QR Code Failures

Previously, we wrote about the advertising potentiality of QR codes and its use for online marketers. In this discussion, we will talk about QR code failures.

When QR codes are not able to manage all the encrypted data, when there is no web accessibility while scanning QR codes or when there is a lack of compatibility with the scanning devices, your QR code marketing plan could fail drastically.

Ever since its inception in the digital marketing industry, the responses towards QR codes have been slow.  “Corporate marketing failure with QR codes” was the most discussed topic of 2011.

Initially, they were considered as the best marketing tool to promote business online, but with certain campaigns, it could not achieve a high success ratio. This resulted in failure of the marketing base of those corporations who used QR codes as a part of their online marketing strategy.

Following can be classified as the top QR code failures

Red Bull QR Code Failure:

Red Bull is an Austrian born corporation. Red Bull started using QR codes in 2010. According to Forrester Research reports, only 1% of U.S. adults used to scan 2D bar codes and QR codes with their Smartphone’s in 2010. This caused big-time losses for Red Bull who paid huge money for adopting the QR codes marketing strategy.

Continental Airlines QR Code Failure:

Continental Airlines used QR code on its in-flight magazine. When a passenger scanned these codes, the scanner was directed to a webpage with a pop-up window and two buttons. This webpage was mostly offline and the passenger wouldn’t be able to access the information on that page.

Continental Airlines also used QR codes for its campaign program on the subway ads, on its flight magazine and on its website. But due to low accessibility of QR codes, it could not generate effective marketing results.

FedEx Ships QR Code Failure:

FedEx Ships started placing QR codes on its van and other heavy vehicles. Whenever one of these vans stopped on the road, Smartphone users started scanning this code. Due to this, various traffic problems arose. This proved to be an inappropriate QR code marketing strategy.

The Washington Redskins QR Code Failure:

Proprietary scanner is needed when a user scans any QR codes on any social networking sites. This made The Washington Redskins a big failure with QR codes. In 2010, they started placing QR codes on their official Facebook page. Since the users did not have proprietary scanner or scanner authentication to active the QR codes on the Facebook Page, the marketing strategy failed.

Esquire Magazine QR Code Failure:

Esquire’s use of QR codes was good until the magazines were packaged for mailing. After packaging, people realized that the mailing label or the address label was totally hidden due to QR codes.

The actual concept to launch QR codes on the address detail was to force customer to scan the QR codes to know the mailing address. However, the strategy could not prove to be an effective one and thus, it became another QR codes failure.

Nirvana’s Nevermind 20th Anniversary Edition QR Code Failure:

Nirvana’s album cover of its Nevermind 20th Anniversary Edition looked cool with QR codes. However, it became difficult to scan the codes because they were placed on the left hand side of the footer and due to less margin on the cover, scanning was impossible.

Ralph Lauren QR Code Failure:

Ralph Lauren placed its designer QR codes as part of its new advertisement layout. It failed for many reasons: A QR code was placed at the lower right corner of the advertisement page. This made the code difficult to spot. No description or information of QR codes was available on the advertisement cover. Instead of opening a contest registration form, users were directly linked to the company’s Facebook page. Ralph Lauren adopted branded marketing with the QR code and placed the brand name on the QR code. This was considered a bad marketing strategy by industry experts.

Jet Blue QR Code Failure:

Jet Blue adopted business marketing with QR code in 2011. The ads were teased with images of beaches along with an offer of a free vacation by scanning QR codes on it. These pictures were used on subway trains but due to low network coverage of Smartphone’s towers, the QR codes marketing concept failed.

Common mistakes In Top QR codes failures

While writing this post, I tried to find out what the basic or the most common reason for QR codes failure was for all these companies. I think in all the cases, the QR code was not placed properly. To remedy this, the following practices should be adopted to provide a better scanning facility to QR codes.

  1. Place QR codes where the web accessibility is easy. The code should not be placed in underground locations like subway tunnels, in-flight locations and in underground hospitals.
  2. Do not place QR codes on mailing labels or where the code gets obscured.

Besides, if the online marketers provide an easy approach to scan QR codes, for example, provide some free scanning applications, it would be an effective marketing tool. If QR code scanning is made possible universally without the use of Internet connection, it will be beneficial for both the marketers and the consumers.

Initially, Smartphones were less used and all Smartphones were not capable to retrieve text behind QR codes directly if they didn’t have proper or a compatible scanned device. Since the Smartphone market is growing, hope is still there for marketers to use this tool effectively.

However, as we saw above, the placement of QR codes is essential for its success. In online marketing, understanding the audience and providing the best source of information is vital.

Online Fraud Prevention and Control: PCI and VeriSign

Someone “purchased” from your site and one of two things happened:

  • The buyer’s credit card data is compromised & the buyer holds you responsible.
  • The buyer didn’t purchase the product, still the credit card is charged.

Fraud Control and Prevention Online: PCI and VeriSignAs a small business owner, marketer, merchant or a retailer, it is necessary to make the website secure, especially when the site is used for selling products and services.

Online Fraud Prevention and Fraud Control

Here I will talk about two important factors you should not ignore while setting up an online product-based business – PCI and VeriSign.

Let’s see what they are in detail.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance policies were created to prevent Internet fraudulent activities. The huge amount of data theft possibility led to the creation of PCI compliance policies.

The VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, JCB and American Express cards adhere to its policies. It is required from every merchant that stores and processes payment information maintain the “minimum security standard,” according to PCI guidelines. Non adherence to the guidelines results in additional fees or debarring from the credit card processing facility.

To help in this, the PCI has developed a 5 point guideline for the merchant to follow:

1) To protect credit card information by creating a safety network

The network in which the consumer card information or even the names are stored should be kept in a secure place.

For instance, if the consumer is paying through an online transaction then the web server page should be encrypted and contain an SSL certificate authority. Or, suppose that the merchant uses a personal laptop for storing information then the laptop should be kept secure behind a computer firewall.

Basically, the PCI compliance means creating maximum and effective security standards for fraud prevention.

2) To implement measures limiting access to the stored information

The card holder data should be accessed by those only who needs to use them. Even if all the technological applications are in place to prevent information theft, one cannot discount the possibility of human breach in security.

Therefore, PCI compliance guidelines strictly imply giving control measures only to those who really need them. Otherwise, no other person should have access.

3) To maintain the safety network by regular monitoring and testing

Regular monitoring and testing is necessary to detect security scams or any fault with the security. This does not necessarily mean any fraudulent activities; it only sheds light on any potential security risks that can become a big issue later on if the security risk is detected my any scam or phishing site. The merchant can sign up with security testing and auditing services to check the security system.

4) To create a management program to deal with any credit card information crisis

This PCI compliance is easy to adhere. In this, the person or merchant operating the computer containing sensitive cardholder information needs to update the computer security systems or browser now and then to erase any scope of data loss. Ensure that the security check system installed is always up to date.

5) To scan the data quarterly to remove any vulnerability

Whether it is a large or small firm / company, every establishment needs to scan the data quarterly to remove any possibility of security breach. If there is a big company involved, every employee needs to be trained on the PCI compliance rules and also should follow them strictly. Any discrepancy needs to be immediately sorted out.

Before a merchant is allowed to process credit card payments, they are checked first and then authorized. The authorization can be cancelled if the merchant company does not adhere to the PCI compliance policies.

VeriSign Seal

Since 1995, VeriSign has been offering SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates for online transactions to ensure data theft prevention and security to the online purchases. The SSL certificate authority is a major requirement for websites that sell products and services online because without guaranteeing transaction safety, it is next to impossible to convince buyers / consumers to purchase from a particular website.

99 percent of product and service based websites working today have the VeriSign SSL certificate seal or logo at the end of the page. It is an indication for the consumer to know that their personal data input on the site is kept safe and transferred to the merchant website in encrypted mode.

In simple words, a VeriSign certificate means complete safety and security with the financial transaction in process.

Other reasons for its necessity are:

Proof of Authentication

Not everyone is given the SSL certificate authority to publish the logo on their site. Before giving permission, the company performs authentication measures to ensure that the applicant for the certificate is the same person who will be operating the website.

Only with satisfactory identification does VeriSign allow SSL certification license. This process helps in guarding against unauthorized access to the particular website.

Functional Indication

An encrypted web session between the customer website browser and the merchant website browser can only happen when the customer website browser acknowledges the validity of the VeriSign SSL certificate.

When both the website browsers are linked, the merchant site browser gives the other browser an indication of its validity. Only when the validity is approved, the web session takes place. The data is encrypted and transferred to the merchant account securely.

Customer Satisfaction

How many times has it happened when a consumer wanted to purchase a product or service from a website but decided negatively at the last moment because there was no credibility in the transaction? By lack of credibility I mean the absence of the VeriSign certificate authority on the website, which made the consumer withdraw the purchase.

After all, a customer will always be worried about the safety of the transaction because he/she inputs sensitive personal and credit card information. Without any assurance from the merchant side about the credibility of the transaction, it is impossible to convince a buyer. It will only lead to business loss.

However, if the website displays the VeriSign SSL certification then the consumer will purchase with confidence. It will also give the merchant account a competitive edge against others.

Fraud Prevention

To protect online shoppers, the FBI has directed consumers to only use those websites that display SSL certificate authority. Only an SSL certificate ensures safe and secure transaction. A website with this certificate will have the web URL starting with ‘https’ and also display the safety ‘lock’ icon on the transaction page.

Without these two indications, a consumer should never make a purchase. Fraudulent practices are a huge problem with the Internet these days and authorities are trying their best to make online shopping a safe method.


A product or service-based website which is PCI compliant and has the VeriSign SSL certificate authority, it ensures two things – consumer safety and seller creditability.
Aren’t these two your priorities also?

Mobile SEO – How Are Mobile Platforms Changing SEO?

Mobiles and Smartphones are definitely the trend changers. With the advancement in mobile Internet technology in the last few years, browsing and accessing Internet via mobile has grown exponentially.

mobile SEOIn fact, websites that are not optimized for the mobile platform are losing their potential traffic. In contrast, websites can be accessed via mobile are now trying their hands on mobile SEO!

Getting Started with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO process begins with defining the website on the mobile platform.  For this, marketers need to design an optimized site for mobile access. CSS or the cascading style sheet is the customized mobile platform especially built to optimize website content.

Effective Mobile SEO Practices

Rapid increase in mobile Internet usage facilitated marketers to promote products and services online via SEO strategies.

Searching on the Internet via personal computer and on mobile are very different approaches. While typing searches on the Internet, the traditional keyboard is more comfortable than Smartphone’s keyboards. Although, it is a user dependent technique for getting quick search results, if a marketer provides optimized content on the websites and proper internal webpage link building, SEO via mobile can definitely receive positive feedback.

Aspects Related To Mobile SEO

  • Voice search:

Most of the Smartphones have speech to text facility. This demands good content optimization and effective speech recognizing keywords instead of normal keyword analysis. Practicing mobile SEO with this yardstick can help marketers in generating income from mobile SEO.

  • Image Search:

Effective SEO services are those which can generate quick solution to user’s queries. Google Goggles helps in generating quick responses to searched queries in the form of web images.

  • Global Accessing:

Mobile SEO provides web access functionality even when the user is traveling. This shows that mobile web is in its infancy and a potential platform for Internet marketers. Mobile SEO is likely focused strongly on that category of audiences who are constantly traveling and need information quickly and effectively through their Smartphones.

  • Geo-targeting:

Search results fluctuate more on mobile devices as compared to desktop search results. Most of the free geo-location applications are therefore provided with good navigational functionality for locating search results.

  • Sociability:

Most of the mobile web users use the Internet to socialize. If the SEO marketers do not include the social media users, mobile SEO will not be effective. Mobile SEO marketers focus on providing comfortable social media coverage too so that the users feel connected.

  • Quick SEO Response:

As compared to the SEO targeted audience accessing the Internet on their desktops or laptops, the mobile SEO efforts provides a quick response to the marketers, resulting in better ROI. Whether it’s about searching online hotel reviews or for flight inquiries, users prefer to set their searches on mobile as compared to desktop searching.

Problem with Mobile SEO

Various mobile websites use user agent detection for redirecting people to mobile domains:

1. URL

2. m.

These domains display website content in a well optimized format suitable for small mobile screens. Problem of duplicate content arises because same content exists on both the URLs. This results in decreasing the website ranking in search engine listings.

Also, managing two URLs for the same website is sometimes difficult for marketers. Local SEO marketers have to attach two links in their mobile content – this can be a bad SEO practice for marketers.

Blog Optimization for Mobile

Blogs are the most important part of search engine optimization. Blogs on mobile Internet should be optimized enough so that it can be compatible with different mobile operating systems.  Also, the blogger should understand that the search terms for blogs are different on desktop and in the mobile web environment. A research on easily type-able keywords is therefore, a vital aspect.

Considerations with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO needs to be well optimized to enable faster loading, table-less structure, clear images and easy searching. It also needs more researches and innovations to build a lucrative and stable mobile Internet campaign for online marketers. Some other considerations are:

  • Websites should not be complex enough for mobile use.
  • Mobile websites should not contain high graphics and massive content.
  • Website should be easily accessible with minimum restrictions.
  • From content uploading to downloading, everything should be mobile compatible.
  • SEO experts should make sure that the websites are not just compatible for search engine listings, but also compatible according to the mobile device.


Mobile SEO is taking over the traditional desktop SEO. However, there can be various future innovations in this field. For example, GPS location data can be utilized for search queries. It might be possible that mobile search engines will begin using GPS data automatically to provide search results quickly.

Use of applications for retrieving web information might be the next innovation for mobile SEO. All these researches and innovations will surely provide a great support to mobile search engine optimization.