America Falling Apart…Yet Another Reason

This was sent to me by a very close friend who was more than outraged after reading and viewing this picture. And I have to agree, not only does it totally outrage me but it’s actually so very twisted that words really can’t describe it.

I don’t for the life of me understand why everyone thinks America owes them…

I’m a natural born citizen and I’ve never felt like I was owed anything from our government. Quite the opposite. I guess people have the impression that they can demand anything and everything including housing – food – healthcare, etc. and get it.

However, that’s not even the worst part of what you’re about to see. These people then turn around and threaten…yes threaten us if we don’t bow down and give them what they want. “We Will Shoot More Police.”

Right now, I’m really at a loss for words. I’ve never seen anything so arrogant – brash – condescending and so undoubtedly UNAMERICAN in all my life. And those adjectives don’t depict by any means of how I really feel. There are NO words…

I sure as hell don’t want neighbors such as this guy that’s holding the sign. Not around me, you, our families and especially our children.

Below is a copy of what I received. Take a good look at this. A really good look. Honestly, it just blows me away…Let me know your thoughts…

America Falling Apart
Click on image to enlarge
Why isn’t this person with the sign
we will shoot more police” being arrested?
If you can look at this picture, read the sign and
DO NOT Pass this on . . . SHAME ON YOU!

Take a good look at the sign he is holding!

Ok, all you pushing for illegal immigrants’ rights…. Here is one of the Reasons we have a problem with it.

We are the ones that will have to pay for the welfare of these immigrants, depriving all of our natural citizens!!

“Give us what we demand or we will shoot your loved ones.”

This is only one of the several reasons the U.S.A. Is falling apart.

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  1. Kevin "Bentley Brazz" Braswell says

    How can they demand when the people who are from this country aren’t receiving these things? I was born and raised in Raleigh NC and every couple of years low income or affordable housing is being torn down and replaced with luxury condos and office buildings. This maybe somewhat harsh but i’m watching my people become refugees in they’re own city slowly but surely. May the good lord, in whatever name you call him, help us. I call him Yahweh/Yeshua

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