Who’s Behind This Blog Anyway…

Hi. My name is Joni Waseity-Beadle and I’m a full-time “Direct Response” Copywriter making a living writing sales copy for many clients around the world. In addition, I’m an Internet Marketer and online business building coach, assisting and inspiring students in launching their Internet dreams.

But it’s not only me…

I’ve partnered up with an extremely talented guy who’d rather linger behind the scenes… just isn’t into all the glitz and glamour I suspect. However, don’t let that mislead you. His credentials are outstanding; Internet Marketer, creator of numerous successful web sites and a whiz at brainstorming really cool ideas.

Now, I’ve never cared for the idea of landing on an interesting blog, not knowing who I’m learning from. So now that you know, I promised I’d respect his wishes on him staying anonymous for the time being, but I’m going to give him the name of “Casper.” Just so you know…

Joni and Casper. Not filthy rich, but doing just fine…posting honest advice to help you succeed.

What’s This Blog About…

Now that Casper and I are making a good living online, I’m here to tell you…it wasn’t always this way. I can honestly say both of us have been “duped” by a few programs out there – have purchased numerous e-books – training materials and all the stuff the “average” person rushes to get in on before the “product is no longer available” or “before the competition gets a hold of it” or… blah, blah, blah. Sound familiar?

But you know what? We have purchased programs that were exceptional. But here’s what’s missing. Many of the “Guru’s” have been around the block for so long, they forget the
“small stuff” that we, the average entrepreneurs get totally hung-up on.

Most, if not all of the successful “Big Shots” make so much money, they pay someone else to take care of the small stuff…therefore, not revealing the entire plan, leaving us in the dark to figure it out.

Income Insiders is here to assist you in figuring it out…

What’s In This Blog For You…

Finally, learning the ins and outs of Internet business that the “Big Shots” don’t go into detail about. Of course we’ll cover most of the Internet spectrum eventually, but it’s the “small stuff” the average entrepreneur trying to make it sweats over. Believe me, if I didn’t sweat much before, these last 5 years sure made up for it!

Why Should You Stick Around…

Who else is willing to help with the small stuff? Casper and I have been down that road.
Now, some of the info we’ll be presenting you might have already gotten through…but, what if you find a little tidbit of info here that you’ve been fretting over forever, not sure how to do something… stopping you dead in your tracks?

Here is just a teeny – tiny glimpse of what we’ll post about;

  • Creating a “vision” to work from and towards (as corny as it sounds) is something you really need to do
  • What’s all this talk about having the proper mind set…Yep, if you’re always working against yourself, how far do you think you’ll get? Well, you tell me. How’s that working for you?
  • The power of Masterminding…this is a real doosie and one of the top 5 ways to achieve successful results quicker than you’d ever imagine.
  • Goal setting, daily, weekly and annually…quit checking your email 10 times a day already!
  • A series of “no B.S.” interviews of everyday people with online businesses letting you know what they considered to be their biggest hang- ups and how they tackled them.
  • Reviews of different products and services to assist in making better choices for YOU.
  • Common sense strategies – tips and techniques to help with info overload…we’ve all been there.
  • And let’s not forget about having a little bit of fun while you’re learning. Humor will actually make your efforts much more rewarding when you read a post that helps put everything into perspective. It doesn’t have to be all serious, all the time.
  • Plus, other quality info you’ll just have to wait and see about…

Who Is This Blog For…

Anyone willing to find out about the small stuff that has been holding them back for way too long…

Casper and I really want to make Income Insiders interactive. If you have a hang-up,
for Pete’s sakes , let us know and we will do our best to find, then post about the specific info you’re requesting.

All we ask is that you keep your comments clean and light-hearted. We all want to keep moving forward…not in the way of ranting or raving.

Now, What Should I Do On This Blog…

First off, if you desire a little more personal interaction, sign up for our free newsletter
and stay in touch. Casper and I will be sharing a little more in detail for those who take that step.

It’s easy and it’s free.

Chances are you get a ton of email. We’ll keep ours short, sweet and to the point. AND, we hate spam as much as the next guy, so no worries…your info is safe. Really.

Also, feel free to post comments on any of your thoughts – concerns and hang-ups.
We’re here and…we’re listening.

Welcome to Income Insiders…Breaking The Income Barrier!

Joni and Casper