9 Tips to Become a Successful Part-Time Freelancer

Nowadays, it is a major necessity to have more than one job to maintain the same lifestyle which was possible with a single job a few years back.

Successful FreelancerThe economic crisis which the world is facing has made it necessary to have multiple jobs even to get the basic necessities of life.

Everything – including food and clothing, has become so expensive that everyone needs to find a way out.

In the past, the part time jobs were generally in the food service and retail industry. But now things have changed. More and more people are attracted towards freelancing. This industry is gaining popularity because it provides you with the opportunity to use your current abilities to earn the additional income and in some cases, a primary source of income.

Freelancing provides great flexibility because there are no work shifts. You can work on your own schedule. The clients don’t have problems with you until the time their project is due. So… you are your own boss.

Compared to the retail and food service industry which requires you to work the hours they want you to work, freelancing lets you work on your time.

Another advantage of a part time freelancing job is that you can work from wherever you want.

  • There is no extra cost of transportation, food and wardrobe.
  • It also allows you to work with people from all parts of world.
  • You are not limited to opportunities available in only one location.

People all over the world want to break into this freelancing industry but it is not that easy to survive. So, to pay your bills you need to have a full time job until you are well-established as a freelancer.

The idea of giving up your job for freelancing is horrible until you are well settled in this business. Don’t leave your current job but work at this part time while learning how to manage your clients and maximize your freelance income.

Here are some well needed tips to be a successful part time freelancer:

  1. Start slow
    You should start slow. First of all you need to work as a part time freelancer and build a portfolio. Then collect a list of clients. You need to gain experience and knowledge. This is when you actually come to realize what a freelancer does. Carefully observe the opportunities of the freelancing business. You also need to learn how to deal with business aspects of freelancing.
  2. Start saving money
    Saving money will help you when you need to switch from a part time freelancing job to a full freelancing business. Start saving money while you still have a full time job. You always need to secure your future before entering into something competitive like this.
  3. Improve your multi-tasking skills
    When you are doing a part time freelancing job, you need to get good at multi-tasking so that you can manage time between your part time and full time jobs. When it comes time to start and develop your business you are good at multi-tasking and manage both your work and time well.
  4. Keep your regular job and your freelancing jobs separate
    Never mix up your full time job and freelancing job. Your full time job is important since it pays your bills. Devote the amount of time it needs and then schedule time for your freelancing projects around that schedule.
  5. Stick to your schedule to meet the deadlines
    Just stick to your schedule to meet the deadlines without any fault. The work should always be completed on time to build a solid reputation. So, your schedule is really important.
  6. Develop a specialty
    There should be an area which you are deeply interested in because you are going to spend a lot of time researching and writing on that area.
  7. Write for the Web
    You need to be specific for the sites you are writing for. Many sites need good content writers and bloggers. So, go and try for them. Don’t waste your talent with the “writing mills” websites which pay minimal and let anybody in. They won’t amount to much. The established sites care about the quality and pay better.
  8. Build a solid reputation before your clients
    In this business, if you want to grow big you need to build a good reputation by meeting the deadlines and providing your clients with quality work. Repeat orders only come if you did your previous job well.

    So, if you want to build a good network of clients from whom you will keep getting the work, you need to meet your deadlines. The better your work, the more work you’ll receive.

  9. Avoid Conflicts of Interest
    Freelancers who work in this industry need to be cautious about the subject of “conflict of interest.” To avoid this problem you need to carefully go through the conflict of interest section of the contracts you sign or the employee handbook. This will avoid any such situation that comes under conflict of interest section.

If you keep these points in mind and avoid common freelancing mistakes you are surely going to be a successful part time freelancer. This also helps you to gain some serious ground in this business so that when you are ready to switch it over as your full time job, you don’t have to start from scratch.

The clients, reputation and experience will already be there. All you will need to do is put in more time and dedication.

Freelancing can be a great part time job where you can work at your own convenience if you are ready to meet deadlines and multi-task. In this job, what mostly matters is your skills – professionalism and the ability to finish projects on time.

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  1. says

    As a freelancer myself I’d contradict all the current fashionable advice and say don’t waste too much time at all with social networking. The very hard working / lucky few can build a great online social presence but it can take much more work than most would expect, in my opinion you are much better off building actual offline contacts locally and less time wasted on a computer. Not only that it’s entirely dependent on what type of job you actually intend to freelance in.

    On that last point, the main thing that these articles on freelancing get wrong in my eyes is that it’s such a broad church that any advice can essentially only be a padding out of some simple points as advice for a freelance builder (better get on Twitter?!) would be completely different to a journalist or a web developer or a florist or a….. etc

    My advice is even simpler:

    a) Get a good accountant
    b) Get relevant insurance
    c) Ensure you try to keep money saved for slow periods
    d) Over deliver to get recommendations
    e) The rest is common sense related to your industry if you’re going to be successful at it

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