80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Two

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11. Name: Harmony Hollow Cool Timer


Description: The Cool Timers works as a countdown timer, reminder, alarm clock, normal clock, and a stopwatch. This free software can be set for around 100 hours in countdown mode. It has a colorful Marketing and Productivity Tools and customizable interface. It shows a customized text message when the alarm goes off.

Use: This is ideal for your online business. You can schedule meetings, wake up alarms, and business launch countdown timer. Since you are working on the PC most of the time and the software is installed on the PC itself, you won’t ever forget your meetings and other business tasks.

12. Name: Domain Tools

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: The Domain Tools is perhaps the biggest and the largest repository of domain names knowledge. You can find WhoIs history; reverse WhoIs, WhoIs lookup, DNS and other IP tools. You just enter either the domain name or the name / email address of the person who you want to search about and the domain tools shows you detailed results.

You can purchase domain names too.

Use: Either you may want to verify whether your records are in order or you may want to check out the competitor details. This also proves beneficial in fraud cases where you want accurate details of the domain owner.

In fact, if you think someone is stealing your business, Domain Tools will be a good way to track that person.

13. Name: DupeFree Pro


Description: This is a PAID tool and of course, one of the best in the world to protect your website content from theft. You have a Visual Editor, Online Check and Bulk Compare facilities. You can rewrite articles from the original side by side with great precision. You have editing features, a keyword analysis tool and it is compatible with all language characters. You can access it offline too.

Moreover, if you want rewrite versions of your original article, you can do it with this software. Google won’t be able to detect it with its duplicate-finding mechanisms.

Use: If you are a blogger, website owner, online marketer dealing with lots of content. You can’t do without this tool.

14. Name: Core FTP


Description: The Core FTP software for Windows includes features like TLS, IDN, SSL, SFTP, FTP transfer resume, file editing, file viewing, browser integration, site to site transfer, FTP URL parsing, filters, command line transfers, firewall support, drag and drop and many other features.

You can securely download or upload files from FTP servers. It does not display any advertising content or pop-up forms.

Use: If you own a website, you definitely need this software. It is fast and reliable for updating and maintaining your website.

15. Name: Free Web Submission

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Through this tool, you can submit a website or blog for free search engine indexing. We know that a quicker search engine indexing raises the site’s popularity meter.

You just have to type in the URL, blog / website name, email contact id, select the search engine and hit Enter. Some of the search engine sites will send you a verification / confirmation link. Do confirm your submission.

Use: Faster search engine indexing.

16. Name: Chrome


Description: It’s a free Google browser. Since its coming from the search engine giant, you have a faster search browser and fast loading time. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows XP, Windows 7,Vista, Mac and Linux.

Use: Faster web browsing.

17. Name: Mozilla Firefox


Description: It’s a free non-profit web browsing tool like Google Chrome. It gives you fast, secure and a flexible web browsing experience. You can optimize the browsing tool with its many add-ons like easy social network connectivity, a price comparison tool, language translator and other tools.

Use: Faster web browsing.

18. Name: Ever Note

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: Including Ever Note, there are 5 more products intended towards making your web life simpler. For instance, you can just scribble down notes (to do things), create study materials, and have distraction free blog reading.

Use: This is meant for those who have a very busy life. You need constant assistance in jotting down points or to simply concentrate on your online work – Ever Note makes this possible.

19. Name: Free Web Monitoring

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: You need to create a free account for this tool. This monitors your website/s every 60 minutes and alerts you whenever the site is down. If the website is e-commerce related, this tool becomes all the more important because website down-time means loss of business.

The tool sends you weekly statistical reports, gives you alarm protection, sends email alerts and you can monitor multiple URLs from one account.

Use: Good for webmasters to ensure the website/s are live and running.

20. Name: KompoZer – Easy Web Authoring


Description: It is a free WYSIWYG HTML editing tool to build attractive web pages. Its customized features help non-technical people build content without any major problems. The software is for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

It is a web authoring system, similar to Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage. It is sponsored by Mozilla.

Use: Creating web content easily. Marketers, website owners, bloggers can use this.

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