80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part One

We Internet marketers tend to spend a lot of time surfing the web for productivity and marketing tools. One cannot define a fixed list of tools that marketers need; therefore, when marketers really need such handy tools, they don’t find any!

Productivity and Marketing ToolsWith this thought in mind, we have created a list of 80 productivity and marketing tools that you need no matter what product or service you are marketing. Unless specifically mentioned, all these tools are for FREE.

Since the list is very exhaustive, it will be published in eight parts, containing 10 tools in each.

Productivity and Marketing Tools

1. Name: 7-ZIP


Description: 7-Zip is an open source platform, an alternative to Win Zip. This is a free tool whereas Win Zip comes with a 40-day trial period and then a paid subscription. The 7-ZIP is under GNU LGPL license.

The software can be used on any computer – both personal and commercial. It is suitable for Windows XP /Vista/ Windows 7 / 2003 / 2000 / 2008 / 1998/ NT / ME.

This tool compresses 30% to 70% better than Win Zip.

Use: Marketers need the Zip tool to upload heavy files, create eBook downloads and other tasks.

2. Name: Audacity


Description: This is a free multilingual audio tool which can be used to record and edit audio files. This works on Windows, GNU, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Audacity can be used to record live audio; cut, paste and mix audio; convert tapes into CDs and lots more.

Use: Bloggers, website owners and marketers can use this tool to create important audio files, embed it on sales pages or on their blogs for listeners.

3. Name: AVG


Description: It is free anti-virus software – the most downloaded free anti-virus. These days you really need to use advanced security systems to prevent hackers from playing havoc with your PC/laptop.

It is used by more than 100 million people. Unlike other security systems, this does not slow down your system and has identity protection enabled to secure your personal data.

Use: Protect PC/laptop/notebook from hacking, virus, Trojan, spyware, malware and other computer infecting components.

4. Name: Adobe Reader


Description: It is another free, important – digital marketing tool your online business cannot do without. And the download includes Adobe® AIR® latest version.

Use: After Adobe Reader installation, you can easily view, download and read PDF files on your computer. You do not need Internet connectivity to open downloaded Adobe files.

5. Name: Backlink Watch


Description: Backlinks are important to measure the success ratio of your inbound marketing efforts.

This is a free backlink checker tool that will tell you how many backlinks a blog/website has, the PR of the backlink giving URL, the number of Outbound Links visible on the backlink giving page, flag ‘no-follow’ links, and highlight the anchor keyword.

Just type the URL and you will get the list.

Use: Check backlinks.

6. Name: Browser Shots


Description: The Browser Shot is a really impressive tool to know how your website will look on various browsing systems. A blog may work fine on IE but may look worse on Chrome.

Hence, the genesis of this tool; it will show how the blog/website looks on Linux, Windows, Mac and BSD browsers. There are more than 100 browser versions listed. Either choose all or choose a few specific ones – your choice.

Tip – Check Google Analytics account and see the list of browsers from where visitors view your site. Select those for Browser Shot.

Use: Check browser compatibility.

7. Name: C Cleaner


Description: The C Cleaner cleanses unused or useless files from your computer. The tool makes the computer faster and protects your online privacy. It cleans the temporary files, cookies, history, index, form history, download history from IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

When you visit the download link above, choose either Download for PC or Download for Mac.

Use: Computer cleaner software.  It is good for Internet marketers.

8. Name: Color Cop


Description: It is a multipurpose color tool which indentifies various hex colors, copies to the clipboard and can be further used. Visit the download link and click on the English version of the software.

It has multiple output options with Visual Basic, Visual C + +, Delphihex, HTML hex, RGB float and PowerBuilder. See the list of features.

Use: Programmers and web designers can use Color Cop specifically. If you are into website designing, this is a very good tool to learn / practice / experiment with various color combinations and codes.

9. Name: Create Space

[Link: No Downloads Necessary]

Description: It is a free publishing tool; enabling authors to self publish their fictional or non-fictional books to a wider audience. This is basically on-demand publishing and the website works in conjunction with Amazon’s Kindle.

There is a good royalty program too. The royalty varies whether you are publishing on Amazon, other e-Stores and/or going through a direct distribution system.

Their free tools also include developing a cover page and proofreading.

Use: Good for budding authors. Marketers can get their self authored quality eBooks published as well.

10. Name: Down for Everyone

[Link: No Download Necessary]

Description: If you want to check whether the site is up and running not only for you but for everyone, this is the best tool.

Visit the link, type the site URL, and hit Enter. It will let you know instantly if your site is working or not.

Use: Site checking. Good tool for small business and marketing websites that constantly needs high uptime.

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