8 Simple Tips for Computer Maintenance

Something very simple and quick today for Income Insiders readers…

Tips for Computer MaintenanceKeeping your computer running at it’s optimum requires a little housekeeping just like anything else in life…

Your computer system will be more reliable – faster and will keep all the complex mix of hardware and software working together rather comfortably.

Here are 8 handy computer maintenance tips for you to apply:

Tip # 1: Upgrade your virus protection (which usually runs automatically) and install any Windows updates which will periodically pop up on your screen.

If you suspect a virus (computer running really slow) run your anti-virus software and Windows Defender which is free through Microsoft, to check for any spyware.

Tip # 2: Empty your recycle bin; if you have your system on all the time, turn everything off, wait approximately 2 minutes and turn it back on.

This will clear your memory, resets your configuration and will give you a new address if you have a cable modem.

Tip # 3: Run Windows Disk Clean-up; Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools. This will free up disk space on your hard drive and eliminate any unnecessary files.

Tip # 4: Run Windows Error Checking by clicking on My Computer – right click on Drive C: – click on Properties – click on Tools – click on Error Checking.

Error Checking searches out weak or bad magnetic sectors on your hard drive, fixes or blocks them before they destroy any data.

Tip # 5: Run Disk Defragmenter; Programs – Accessories – System Tools. This action finds bits of files all over your drive and combines them into contiguous (adjacent) files. They will load faster and your drive will be less prone to errors.

Tip # 6: Clean your mouse…if there’s a ball, disassemble and clean away the dirt and waxy build-up. Clean collected dirt off the bottom of an optical one.

Tip # 7: Always keep your air vents dirt and dust free as much as possible, both the front and the back. Not keeping this cleaned out could possibly cause your system to overheat.

Tip # 8: Clean your keyboard: Vacuum it – dust it – keep it clean. Also, check your monitor manual for screen cleaning advice.

By keeping up with your system’s housecleaning, a lot can be warded off before it kills something very, very important!

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I told you this would be simple and quick!

Have any computer maintenance tips? Leave a comment below…

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