8 SEO Myths and 16 SEO Facts You Should Know

Gaining the top rank in Google is one of the toughest jobs for a website owner. Companies generally hire SEO professionals to do this job for them. But the humor is that the promises made by these professionals are mostly Myths.

SEO MythsSome of the most popular myths are listed below along with the factual truth behind them…

1. Many SEO professionals come up with the promise of making your website rank number one on Google but the truth is that no one except Google itself can guarantee you a number one ranking.

The fact is that these search engines go through a very complicated process, including more than 200 rules before deciding the ranks of the website. So, actually no one can guarantee you a number one rank on Google. You can only make the effort to rank high without a guarantee.

2. The SEO professional will always come up with the myth that the Meta Tags are the key to top ranking but actually the content of your website is what gets you a good or bad ranking.

3. The SEO professional will always suggest to submit the site map to different search engines but actually it doesn’t make a big difference in your ranking because every search engine is connected to Google. So, submitting the site map to Google is enough.

4. The SEO professional suggests using all popular keywords to make your site more popular but the truth is that only relevant keywords work for you and rest are useless. In fact, Google views too many keywords as spam.

5. SEO is not an event where you once perform all the required tasks and you can sit and enjoy the flooding traffic. You need to keep updating every part of your website, including the design, to meet the needs of your customers and gain traffic. The change should always be drastic. Small changes never bring huge amounts of traffic.

6. SEO professionals will tell you that “nofollow links are useless” but actually these links from high authority sites are of great use.

7. The biggest myth of all is about your page rank. The truth is that what matters is the traffic to your website. Today’s visitors are tomorrow’s clients. So, what matters is that people should revisit your website.

8. SEO can’t be performed by anyone. You need to be an expert SEO professional to perform optimization of a website. If you try to handle it yourself, you create a huge loss to your business by taking this risk. This is a huge lie. Of course, the help from professional matters but to say that SEO cannot be done by the average common person is incorrect.

The 16 SEO facts are:

    – SEO is not just for those websites who sell products online. It is necessary for every website. Even if you don’t do online business, your clients may want credible information through your websites. People like to search for and review websites before buying any product either online or offline.

    – SEO does not give results overnight. It is an entire process and takes time to bring you traffic. You need to keep working on it until it brings expected results and should keep updating information on your website to continue enjoying the same traffic.

    – Never copy content from other websites and paste it on yours. Google is very particular about this kind of thing. If you use such antics, your account will be locked.

    – You need to write separate content for your websites. Just collecting articles from the directories is not enough.

    – The website needs to be submitted to different web directories to come in contact with people. If you won’t submit your website to different web directories then you won’t be able generate enough traffic.

    – Update your content for a better response from viewers. If your website is not up to date, viewers won’t show interest in the information provided by your website.

    – You should never use Black Hat SEO techniques because search engines can easily recognize those techniques and will block your account.

    – Always optimize your web design. If the web design is not optimized, people won’t be attracted towards your website and you will never be able to generate traffic.

    – The more important thing is the target market than the search engines. If you are hitting the target market right then it doesn’t matter if you are not on the top ranking page of the search engines because the purpose of ranking is business.

    – You need to keep testing your website for whether it is up to date and is doing well with traffic and on search engines. It is not like once the website is optimized it can stay optimized forever. For continuous traffic, you need to keep working on it…

    – It is not always that the flash is the best way to show your messages. The technique should depend on the demand. You should be concerned about the usability of your website because if your website has discrepancies, people will prefer avoiding it as much as they can.

    – Write quality content for your site. You can’t just write anything as your website content because it is the medium where people get to form the first impression of your company.

    – Use keywords in your content. It is very important for a good ranking in SEO.

    – You shouldn’t add too much of large file images. It doesn’t make your website look nicer or more appealing.

    – You website should be fast to load because people hate to wait. They prefer the ones which save their time.

    – Optimize your websites even after it has been indexed by search engines for better traffic.

Stay away from the above 8 SEO myths and this common SEO mistakes and adapt yourself to the 16 facts on SEO. You must be aware of them either as a webmaster or as a search engine optimizer. Ignorance about it will keep you away from success even after investing all your labor and money.

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