8 Easy Ways on How to Get More Facebook Fans

If you are a business person, you must be interested in advertising your products. What is a better solution for it than Facebook? The most incredible feature of this social networking website is that it offers you an opportunity to create a fan page.

How to Get More Facebook FansYou are not required to add the people on Facebook to communicate with them. All you have to do is create a fan page, and you will be automatically connected with the group.

How to Get More Facebook Fans Free?

You need traffic to get more fans on facebook. Following are some useful tips…

Invite Your Facebook Friends

The first most logical step is to add all your Facebook friends to your fan page. You may expect them to hit the “like” key if they really appreciate your effort.

It doesn’t take long to “like” a product or a comment. Once your friends do so, it is most likely that the friends of your friends may visit your fan page too.

In this way, the chain will start to build up, and you will manage to get a huge amount of traffic to your fan page. You may regard this plan as the viral marketing strategy.

Make the fan page as attractive as possible so that people get fascinated by it immediately. Facebook is a popular platform nowadays; there is no better option than to use it to your benefit.

Link your Fan Page to other social network accounts

The second step to follow is to connect your fan page with all your accounts on the other social networking websites.

One of the most famous social media networking website in today’s world of technology is Twitter, and if you are lucky enough to have a lot of followers on Twitter, you can actually lead them back to your Facebook fan page. You can either tweet about your page or add the link to your fan page as the major URL in the setting regarding your Twitter account.

Attracting YouTube Community

This is another amazing option for you to increase the count on your fan page. Like all the YouTube celebrities, you are recommended to invest in a good video camera, so that you can make videos regarding your products and fan page whenever you want to. It will increase your chances to get the finest response from the YouTube community.

Attention-grabbing contests

Arrange a contest for the visitors to increase their interest in your fan page. Make it as interesting and informative as possible. This is one of the most effective marketing strategies to find facebook fans. It is most likely that you will witness a drastic increase in the count of the members on your fan page if you offer a decent prize for the winner.

This is one of the reasons behind the increase in the fan pages on Facebook. This option has been used by most of the people having fan pages and found it equally successful every time.

Attract external subscriber bases

Contact people through emails and other sources and invite them to join your page. Go through all the places where you have a digital presence and make sure you call all the individuals on your contact list.

You may add the fan page link to the sidebar of your blog. You can add that link to the emails you send out every day.

Facebook may serve you as the secondary source to attract people to your product or blog. If you have your own blog, and you want to siphon people, you just have to follow the above strategies and get traffic. Once you get enough attention, you can lead those individuals to the place where you want them to be; it can be your own personal blog or website.

Fill in the page with fresh content continuously

Fresh content is one of the most significant features of a quality page. If you want to retain the number of current members along with the new ones, you have to offer them something fresh and new every time. Therefore, the key is to update the page on a regular basis. If your content is appealing, you can get an incredible response from the people using Facebook.

Utilize Facebook Widgets

It is pretty simple to set up a widget on the Facebook Fan page. You will have to create it from the admin page of your fan page.

Once you set up a widget, all you have to do is to add it to your blogs, websites, and other digital accounts that you have. This is the eye-catching and colorful display of your Facebook page that will keep people engrossed. It will also make it pretty easy for the users to click on your page and like it.

Other alternatives

You can buy targeted advertising on the remarkable platform of Facebook. It will surely help you to make your page eye-catching to get more targeted facebook fans.

You can use your offline sources to encourage people to join your fan page. It may be through newspapers, magazines, television, etc. There is a great chance to get mind-boggling traffic in no time by running promotion campaigns.

Make sure that all the visitors and users become a fan of the page during the process of promotion. You can hire a manager regarding community managing to make sure that your page achieves nonstop growth opportunities.

Offer new products and services to your fans first whenever you come up with one. You can buy an ad, including Google’s ads. It will drive the traffic toward your page for sure.

Encourage the members and fans of your fan page to mention their membership during interviews of other similar activities. This will increase your facebook fans and the popularity of the page. Always try to finish your press release with the revelation of the link of your fan page every time you send one out.


If you follow all the methods to get more facebook fans, we are sure that you will start to see results. However, it is not necessary to follow all the instructions provided by us. You can choose the ones that you expect will increase facebook fans and work the best for you…

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