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Presence on the net is an idea that can make even the most wary of people to look forward to having a domain and the temptation of having a way of making money when one is sleeping – away – or on vacation.

Web ResourcesThere are some things that make a website such an experience that people are compelled to come back again and again, thus guaranteeing an endless stream of direct referrals and passive income for many years to come. What, then, are the keys that make a website stand out among millions of others?

Here is a lowdown of the websites that have made the list and the reasons why…

oDesk: This is a great option if you are in need of a website but you don’t have the time or if you do not know where to get a regular supply of content from. Just hire someone…

It can also prove to be a great tool if you want to be the lucky one who will put his/her feet on the desk and let others do the hard work for you.

How it works is quite simple. When someone has a need for a few employees, he/she would register on oDesk and post an advertisement on the site.

This should include details like the nature of the job, the range that you are willing to pay to the candidate, as well as some additional information with regards to special skills or certain academic qualifications that you may be looking for in the ideal candidate.

When candidates start replying to your post, you can shortlist the specific type of candidate that you may be looking for.

Once, you have made up your mind on a certain employee/ employees, you simply click the hire button.

In fact oDesk takes care of everything with regards to the paperwork, which includes even the complexities of taxation when it comes time for payment to your chosen employees.

Instant Domain Search: This is a free service that instantly searches for the web domain names that one may have in their mind to have a unique identity on the world wide web.

However, there is no guarantee that your desired name will be available. This Instant Domain Search service has an updated compilation of the domains that are already taken for a particular extension.

Here’s a suggestion: If you want the same name, see if it is available with a different extension – spelling – or slight change in the wording.

99designs:This particular website is something like a bid site. However, to bid for jobs on this website, you have to be a specialized web designer and make it through a 99designs criteria.

Once the first hurdle is conquered, you have to wait for a certain project to come in. The client gives out specifications like the design idea, the name of the company or the website that is intended and of course a budget range.

This done, you will have a specific window of time before which you, the designer, has to submit the design and a bid to win the project.

This is like a hub where clients from all over the Internet come and try to find a designer who will satisfy their needs of a design within the parameters that they will have set.

Woothemes: This is a site that can also be an ideal solution provider to your need of getting WordPress based websites.

Woothemes have numerous options and templates that one could choose from. One of the best things is that it has a simple yet intuitive layout that will take the headache out of the process of possible head scratching issues of finalizing a design.

Also, getting a design that will suit your website and have an image that can be deep rooted in the minds of the people is easily done here.

ThemeForest: This is a really well known and trusted website that can give you innumerable ideas for designs and layouts that you would like to incorporate in your website.

Their rich collections of design and development resources gives you an unlimited number of choices, right from start.

So what exactly is ThemeForest and how is it good for you? In reality, ThemeForest is a site where it is possible to sell (and buy) various templates of popular content management systems; such as Drupal and WordPress. You can also find HTML, Flash and CSS products here.

They’ve got a website that is really intuitive and one can find anything that they’re looking for through keyword searches, category listings as also top authors.

Should you feel the urge, you could also take a look at the many featured items that they have in store for the discerning clients.

TaskUs:This is a site that you can delegate tasks to, especially if you are a start up or a small company that has a resource crunch and cannot have the liberty of getting the personnel at the kind of rates that the market can offer.

It is a very simple concept. Simply log in to the TaskUs website and create an account. When you are a registered user, you can start looking around for the kind of people that you would like to delegate tasks to.

Having decided that, you should decide on a time limit by which you want that job done. An administrator from the TaskUs is designated who will understand your specific requirements and delegate it to the TaskUs onsite employees.

At the completion, the work is carefully examined and reviewed by the administrators, who may send it back if they are not satisfied. That ensures that the work done is absolutely flawless and meets the client specifications and requirements.

Flowtown: This is a cool site that allows you to connect to your target audience in a stealthy way.

Flowtown allows you to see what your target audience is looking for, discussing what is it that they actually want or need. This could provide you with useful information on their specific needs that will prompt the team that you have at your disposal to satisfy exactly those needs.

With a multitude of such and other resources, it is possible to create a website that not just looks cool, but also is super efficient and can bring you loads of money in the long run.

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