7 Tips to Create an Impressive ‘About Us’ Page

When you are creating an ‘About Us Page,’ think about the questions that would pop up in the mind of the prospective client. Think as a client and come up with the questions that you would like to get answers for.

Some of the common queries of a customer are stated below to help you out to start with.

  • What does the company do?
  • How long the company has been in existence?
  • How your company is different from your competitors?
  • In what ways is your company beneficial to the customers?
  • How to contact your company?
  • How trustworthy is your company?

This is just an outline to show you what the customers expect from a company. You can create the ‘About Us’ page of your company’s website with all the information answering to most of these questions.

The whole point is to create trust in the mind of the customer who visits your website. The idea is to impress them with the first look of your ‘About Us’ page.

How To Create An About Us Page

Below are some useful tips on how to create an outstanding ‘About Us’ page to impress your customers and visitors.

1. Explain what your company does:

‘About Us’ page should show more of your company. Customers go to this page to understand about your organization before they can plan about making purchases or using your services.

With busy schedules, no one has time to waste. Therefore, make sure to provide clear and simple to understand content explaining what your company does.

Give a good explanation about your company. Your customer should feel that they have come to the right place. Build a trust between you and your customers to run your business successfully. And so use the ‘About Us’ page to the utmost…but wisely.

Pictures say a lot. If you have great pictures showing what your company does and the employees working in your company, they can be included in your ‘About Us’ page.

2. The age of your company:

The ‘About Us’ page should show the time your company has been in existence. Even if it is a budding business, mention when you started it and how it has been progressing.

Many customers would like to have this information before they decide to purchase your products and services.

3. Be a little personal:

Describe a brief history explaining what your company does and what your motive to start this business was. Mention what your expectations are and what your business can do to meet the customer’s expectations.

If you have your company at several locations or run it globally, you can mention this on the ‘About Us’ page. If your company has received any awards or recognitions, they can be mentioned here. All this information can increase the trust and help to maintain a good relation with the customers.

If there are customers who have had good experiences with your company and would be interested to mention it on your Facebook Page, it can be included on your ‘About Us’ page to let the other customers know more about your company.

4. The uniqueness of your site:

If your business is really going well then it would be easier for you to mention why your company is different from its competitors. If not, then try to come up with something that can attract the customer so they consider your company for purchasing your products or using your services.

Where there are attractive OFFERS, there can be a customers rush. Also, if your company has such great offers like gift vouchers and prizes, free delivery, free shipping, one-stop shop, or provide a convenient shopping experience, the features should be mentioned to show why your company is unique.

5. Provide contact information:

The best place to provide contact information is on the ‘Contact Us’ page. If your Company’s website has it already then that would be easier for your customers to contact you. You can give a link in your ‘About Us’ page that can take the customer to the contact details with a click of the mouse.

On your ‘About Us’ page, if you mention whom to contact for certain purposes and their contact details, it would be an added advantage for the customers as well as for your company.

If your Company’s website does not have a ‘Contact Us’ page, make sure that you mention your contact details of your company on the ‘About Us’ page.

6. Be innovative:

Innovation and creativity are the best tools to attract the customers to your website. Stick to your ideas and create something new that can attract new customers to your company’s website.

If your customers find out that your site is not original and it looks like other company’s sites, it can give them the wrong impression about your company.

Some designs of other sites may impress you and you may decide to use them. But never do that. You should create a new design that is customized to support the uniqueness of your company and impress them to read the content too. If the content is well written and has all the information, then you will see more and more customers visiting your site and making lots of purchases as well.

7. Additional Links for easy navigation:

You should provide more links in your company’s ‘About Us’ page that can take the customers easily to other sites that have important information about your company. This will give your customer an easy navigation and they will understand your company better.

Make use of these how to make an about us page tips to present an attractive ‘About Us’ page. Present it in a special way that it becomes the best and the favorite one of many viewers. This is a good way to promote your business and sales.

Don’t you agree?

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