7 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the Twilight Story Series

No, I haven’t gone mad! I firmly believe that marketing, whether online or offline is all about the right attitude and inspiration. So nothing is wrong in finding inspiration from a vampire cult series – Twilight – by Stephanie Meyer.

Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the Twilight Story SeriesIf you haven’t seen or read the story, which is most unlikely, I suggest you head to Wikipedia.

What all can we learn?

1. How to remain persuasive?

Victoria, the cat-like villainess in the story, wants to exact revenge from The Cullen family for killing her mate, James. She is shown as a relentless character – aggressive and single–minded who doggedly pursues her enemy.

We as marketers need to be like her. She is inspiring because she never gives up, despite knowing that the Cullen family is stronger in their unity. Marketers need to pursue their goals like Victoria does, no matter how far fetched the idea seems in the beginning.

2. How to collaborate?

When it comes to protect the protagonist, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, the vampires and the werewolves join hands to fight their common enemy, Victoria. They show uncharacteristic team leading capability, along with a certain determination to protect Bella.

So…imagine your business that needs protection and you have no choice but to collaborate with another, what would you do? If you are sane, you will do what Edward and Jacob did.

Collaboration is the best thing in marketing. Rather than holding the reins in your hands in a rather domineering manner, try to delegate work and build up a good rapport with the team. Online or offline, marketing has a greater chance of success when everyone on the same team is working together.

3. How to maximize power?

A single stick breaks with a light snap but a bunch of sticks takes time to break – this should be your marketing mantra. In the story, the Cullen family, Jacob Black’s werewolf clan and Victoria’s army – all are examples of excellent resourcefulness and the desire to multiple power though groupism.

Forget the intention, see the strategy.

If you have a sellable product but it is not getting enough traction, draw your powers together and multiply. If you consider it further, this is what affiliate marketing is all about. We create affiliate networks, draw the power of the masses, and make sales. Excellent!

4. How to really love your business?

Bella Swan epitomizes undying and unconditional love. She waits for Edward even after he leaves Forks and hopes he would return one day. Such kind of love is everlasting and successful.

Love, hope, everlasting and success – these are the words that apply to marketing business too. It often happens that we are frustrated, depressed, irritated when our businesses do not run successfully. We are evoked to just leave everything undone and crib.

But that is not the right way! If you can really love your marketing business, you will have hope and success, either today or tomorrow. Any marketing business grows with undying determination, with a will to succeed and the desire to emerge successful.

Learn from Bella to do all these things and emerge a wizened individual.

5. How to remain practical and not lose your mind illogically?

Going back to the first lesson, we can also say that Victoria was a little illogical in doing what she ultimately did. After all, it was the fault of James when he tried to attack and kill Bella. Even if Victoria doggedly wanted revenge, there was no purpose in her endeavor.

See, you need to have purpose in anything you do. Just because a handful of Internet marketing gurus say online marketing is a Pandora box of millions of dollars, never decide anything in haste.

Use your logical reasoning. Think if you have the necessary skills to become a marketer, fine if you have but what if you don’t? You can still try provided you are determined to learn a few ropes from experienced marketers.

The point is – logically analyze what you are doing. Victoria did not and she paid for it with her life.

6. How to fight for yourself?

It’s a big bad world out there, where people are ready to rip you apart, where you won’t have a moment’s peace if you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

Take Bella Swan, for instance. Without either Edward or Jacob, she would have been lost and become a completely battered person. Ten years down the line, she would have called herself a failure.

Do you want the same happening with you? Whether you have anyone to support you or not, you need to learn to fight for yourself and survive. This applies not only to the gigantic world of marketing but also to life itself.

In marketing, a bit of miscalculation, a wrong step, an illogical strategy will tear you apart and destroy any future plans.

To save yourself from such happening, seek out your interest first without hurting anyone.

7. How to bounce right back on track if you have fallen on bad times?

The name of the story, Twilight, has a significant meaning. It is about how you can fall on bad times but not lose courage and come out a winner.

I know it is easier said than done. There are businessmen who invest everything they have in a seemingly good venture, only to massively fail and then what?

Should they keep failing and give up every hope or should they become optimistic again and take on life with full force?

I agree with the second option.

In the circle of life, bad times will always lead to good times, yet again.

To conclude…

I hope I haven’t bored you to death. While I was thinking about promoting a new product today, I came across this idea and thought to share it with my readers.

I will be glad if you enjoyed it as much as I loved penning it.

Share your thoughts below.

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