7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for ‘Contact’ Page

If you leave aside Home pages and website content or posts, what is the other important thing Best WordPress Contact Form Pluginsnecessary for a website or blog? It is the ‘Contact Us’ page. As we had previously told you in 6 tips to create an impressive contact us page, it is an often avoided page and some even splash one up just for the sake of it.

However, if used wisely, the Contact Us page becomes the first point of connection between a business and a prospective client.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

We have prepared a list of the top 7 WordPress Plugins for Contact pages.

Note: Those who are using free WordPress hosting cannot install Plugins. Only paid WordPress sites can install unlimited Plugins.

1. Custom Contact Forms [Download]

Author – Taylor Lovett

LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – The author claims that this form will surpass the popularity of Contact Form 7. Some of its features are:

  • New dashboard to display the recent for submissions.
  • New re-designed and file upload fields, with the option to include CSS and JQuery.
  • Instant translation to various languages.
  • Unlimited forms and fields creation.
  • Each form can be optimized with different email addresses.
  • Develop error pages for display when the form is filled incorrectly.
  • Non-English characters can be easily used with UTF8.

Best Use – Business websites and landing pages. Businesses that receive lots of queries daily should use this plug-in.

2. Contact Us Plus [Download]

Author – Abenari

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – This contact plug-in is displayed on the top right side of the WordPress site. It is in the form of a button, which when clicked will display the form. After you install it, you have to visit ContactUsPlus.com website, create an account and adjust the setting, and you will get access to all the users whoever fills out the forms on the website. Some of its prominent features are:

  • There is no need for captcha because the plug-in is spam free.
  • When any person submits the form, a direct email is sent as a notification.
  • Since the form is in the form of a pop-up, there is no need to leave the existing page.
  • You can add innumerable number of fields and text boxes.
  • The form is supported by foreign language and a list of visitors is available to the website administrator.

Best Use – Bloggers and small scale businesses.

3. Contact Form 7 [Download]

Author – Takayukister

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – The Contact Form 7 is currently the most downloaded contact form ever. Here you can create multiple contact forms and customize them accordingly. The form has CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and Ajax-powered submitting. Other features are:

  • It’s supported by more than 35 languages. Visit the download link and you can see the list of languages in which the form can be used. If your language is not mentioned and you have a language pack, please contact the owner to bundle the pack into the Form.
  • It’s fully secured, that is, it prevents spam mail.

Please read the full FAQ manual for detailed information.

Best Use – Any kind of blogs and businesses.

4. Slick Contact Forms [Download]

Author – Remix 4

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – This contact form plug-in works as a widget after installation. You can use the widget to add contact information on every web page or even multiple forms on a particular page. You can use the widget control panel to set the various input labels and validation texts. Some of its features are:

  • The form can be either set as a drop-down button, floating, sliding tab.
  • You can include short codes to add text links in the content to open or close the form.
  • If a specific email address is not set, all the form submissions will go on the default WordPress id.
  • You can optimize the method, text, width, location, offset, floating speed, animation speed, and the skin of the forms easily on the widget section.

Best Use – Both blogs and businesses.

5. SEO Contact Page [Download]

Author – Expert Business Search

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – Businesses that need to spread their contact details all over the website without manually placing every link should use the Local SEO Contact Page plug-in. When you install it, you will be asked to adjust the settings, which will include contact numbers, social media images, social links, payment methods, hCard format, vCard format, business name address, Google map, QR direction code and lots of other details. These details are then populated automatically on the entry contact page. Some of its features are:

  • Setting up payment and hours of operation options.
  • Ability to embed Google maps and directions.
  • Ability to associate email, fax and phone numbers easily..
  • There is a single short code contact page.
  • The admin settings are very convenient to use.
  • You can add all you social media network accounts easily.

Best Use – Professional self-employed sites and major business websites.

6. WP Highrise Contact Form [Download]

Author – Marcan

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – It is a very simple form which you can use to install on any page or blog. All you have to do is sign up with highrisehq.com and the form submissions data will be sent on the preset email Id and stored on the Highrise account. Its features are:

  • You can add various text box options like company name, email, phone, fax, and others.
  • Every form submission will be notified via email.
  • You can set calendar tasks and the form will send you reminders to complete the tasks.

Best Use – Suitable for bloggers.

7. Simple Contact Form [Download]

Author – Gopi R

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – This is an AJAX based WordPress form which is installed on the sidebar. The plug-in is integrated into the Email Newsletter plug-in provided by the same author, in which the admin of the WP site can send newsletters and mails to those email ids received through form submissions. Its best features are:

  • Integration with Email Newsletter plug-in; you don’t have to create a separate contact list of people.
  • There is CAPTCHA to avoid spam and installation is easy.
  • There is no need to refresh pages as it uses AJAX.
  • You can choose the email id where the form submissions will be sent.
  • It is in the form of a widget on the dashboard so you can add any amount of text.

Best Use – More suitable for bloggers.

These are the best wordpress contact form available today. If you come across other contact form plug-ins, do let us know!

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