6 Tips to Create an Impressive ‘Contact Us’ Page

Do you want your website to look stunning and attractive and to be one of the best and the most visited?

…all in hopes of making your website the best it can be to please your visitors is the goal here, making it more convenient for your website users.

Contact Us PageAmazing web design and well written content can impress many visitors. But a website will look odd if there are no contact details about the person who owns it.

If it is a company website which does not have a ‘Contact Us’ page, it can create a bad impression about the company. Moreover, lack of a ‘Contact Us’ page will make the blog or website look fishy or spurious.

Almost all websites have a ‘Home‘ page and an ‘About Us‘ page to clearly mention who they are and what they do. But if the visitors have questions and want to contact you, there should be contact details to answer those questions.

Always create a ‘Contact Us‘ page that can be convenient for the customers to contact you. This is an important page that should be included on your website to help you in running your business smoothly.

The customers should be able to contact you in regards to questions – comments or feedback related to your business.

How To Create A Contact Us Page

Here are 6 tips for you to create an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page.

  1. Make communication easy

    There are many websites with a ‘Contact Us’ page that provide less contact details. What good is a ‘Contact Us’ page when the customers are still not able to get to you?

    The ‘Contact Us’ page should give your customers an easy form of communication with your company. This will only help in attracting more and more customers.

    If questions are left unanswered, nobody will be interested to keep in touch with your company. A relevant ‘Contact Us’ page is the way to reach your customers and understand their needs.

    Therefore, you should provide them with relevant contact details that will help your customers to reach you conveniently.

  2. Provide clear contact details

    Provide a list of contact numbers of different departments of your company. When a customer is visiting your ‘Contact Us’ page, the customer should not be confused about who to call for certain purposes.

    For instance, a customer can become pretty angry if he or she has gone to a ‘Contact Us’ page of a bank’s website and wonders whom to call to get answers to the questions related to their credit card application form that has been submitted online a while ago.

    This shows poor guidance provided by that bank. Proper guidance with clear contact details will be an additional attraction to your ‘Contact Us’ page.

    A typical ‘Contact Us’ page should have a street address (if available), mobile number, landline number, customer care number, and social media contacts like – Twitter, Skype and Facebook.

  3. Ask help from professionals

    If you want to make your ‘Contact Us’ page look more informative rather than a simple one, you can ask professionals to help you in creating an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page with a professional touch.

    Now it is not that hard to add a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website. There are several professional websites that offer ready made contact forms. A website such as freecontactform will offer you help in creating an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page in less time.

    Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow their instructions and create a good ‘Contact us’ page of your choice. Some websites offer this service for free while some of them charge.

  4. List Events and Activities

    You are mistaken in thinking that ‘Contact Us’ should be merely a static page. If you are in a business dealing with lots of presentations, seminars, webinars, tutorials, events and other promotional items, make sure you give these details on the ‘Contact Us’ page as well.

  5. Additional links

    Most people hate to keep scrolling up and down on a website. It will add more convenience for your customers if you add a ‘Contact Us’ button at the top and bottom of your ‘Home’ page. This will avoid causing a whole lot of frustration for your more than busy customers.

    You can also add a ‘Contact Us’ button or link on your ‘About Us’ page that will take the customers to the ‘Contact Us’ page with a single click of the mouse rather than going back to the main page and searching for the ‘Contact Us’ link.

  6. Mention about how your company responds to the customer’s call

    If you want to make your ‘Contact Us’ page more impressive, you can mention about how and when your company will be responding to the customer’s call. If the customers sends an email to your company they should be aware when a reply can be expected.

    If it is a link like “Call Customer Care Service”, the customer should know when your company will get back to them.


Make use of these tips to create a good ‘Contact Us’ page that can help you to promote your business in a better way. Therefore, this page should be well-organized and make it easily accessible to your customers.

When great support and convenience is given to your customers, they will consider using your products and services.

Note: Following the above Contact Us page tips, we will post a list of the best ‘Contact Us’ pages ever. If you have come across any, share them with us below.

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