6 Must-Know Article Writing Tips

In my opinion, article writing is a serious business. It is a work of creative imagination. You should have the background knowledge about the subject you intend to write about and your article must be original and not copied.

Article Writing TipsIt should be interesting for the viewer so that he continues to read. The words used must have a particular fluency because the reader has to gel with them to enjoy plus understand fully what you are saying.

All this is easier said than done! That’s why one has to keep in mind these 6 article writing tips and incorporate them in your articles.  You can improve the quality of your content and gradually lay the foundation for successful article marketing.

Article Writing Tips

These tips for article writing are briefly as follows:

  1. Do not try to write on too many topics

    If you try to focus on too many topics, you land into trouble. Focusing on a wide range of topics is one of the biggest mistakes made by new publishers and inexperienced bloggers. The narrower your subject area is, the easier it will be for you to establish your expertise.

    Like I said, article writing is a serious and creative business. You have to provide a basic structure that should have an introduction, the main body of your content and a concluding paragraph.

    Although specific headings are not required for these, the overall flow of your article should follow this structure.

    Furthermore, sub-headings may be used where required and the content must be divided into paragraphs for easy reading. Use of well crafted titles, headings and paragraphs enables the readers to effectively scan the page and determine what sections are relevant for their needs.

  2. Give a compelling title and strong introduction

    A good impressive title of your post or article is the first thing to be noticed by the reader. If it is impressive, the impact would involve the reader to continue reading your article. Otherwise, if it is not interesting, the visitor will click off the page.

    First impressions always matters. This applies just as much to your articles that you publish. Do not jump straight to the core of the subject matter without providing a good introduction. The introductory paragraph must catch the attention of the reader.

    The beginning sentences should be captivating enough to arouse the interest of the readers. A good opening paragraph will attract the inquisitive reader to continue reading and enjoy the article, blog post or page. Many readers judge you as a writer based on your introductory paragraph.

    Therefore, you should provide a clear and concise summary of what your article is about.

  3. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors

    There is no room for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. A thorough check must be made before the final printout. Today we have spelling and grammar checking features built into most text editing software and so many tools available for free. These must be utilized so that perfectly readable content is created.

    Poor grammar and wrong spelling not only affects the entire reputation of your business but can also distort the intended meaning.

  4. Be short, concise and innovative

    Do not try to cover too much information in a single post. It is better to remain on the subject of the article and keep it short and concise. If a post is insanely lengthy, it distracts the reader and the purpose of your narration is lost.

    By using multiple content mediums like photos, graphics or videos, you can make your article more interesting and can keep the reader captivated. You can easily find supporting photos, images or diagrams to support your content. These days it is a trend to use slideshows in articles. Try them out with free slideshow creators.

    If your article requires usage of data and figures, they must be correctly used. Use of incorrect data can lead to loss of content quality.

    Similarly, misquoting what someone else has said can be equally damaging. If you are using information from another source, it is better to include a link or reference.

  5. Hyperlink related content

    By giving proper hyper linking related content on your website, readers are provided with more information on related topics. It also improves the search page ranking of your content. It offers opportunities to engage with the readers in a better way.

    It also ensures that the readers remain on your site for longer and are encouraged to read additional content across your website.

    If links are included to relate posts at the bottom of every article, this technique helps direct visitors to other relevant pages they may be interested in.

  6. Use social media generously

    Today, Social media is the most powerful medium to promote your work or content. It attracts new readership. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and other networks is priceless and has an enormous subscriber base community. It can be used to advertise the article or sharing with other readers across the globe very effectively and intelligently.

    In fact, these days it is important that we should make the best use of social media to promote our content to readers across the globe. The ability to bookmark your article or share on these social media portals is now becoming a common trend and is essential in article marketing.


To summarize, if you want to improve the quality of your article, you must implement the above article writing tips. Take care of article writing mistakes that we usually commit in ignorance. Quality content is hard to find these days and even though the market for quality writing is increasing, there is a vacuum.

If you are a freelancer, writing business owner or provider of content development services, this is the best online market to tap into.

If you want to share any other article writing tips, please comment below.

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