50 Startup Companies to get inspired in 2012 – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this series. Here are 10 more wonderfully inspiring startup companies for 2012.

Valuation Source: BusinessInsider.com

11. EHarmony.com

CEO: Jeremy Verba

Business Idea: Finding real / serious relationships

Estimated Value: $800 million

Our Take: The reason behind eHarmony.com success is its USP – they promote the website as a Best Startup Companies destination where members can find “serious relationships” – and in a world where love is a rare find, this USP line surely gets a lot of attention from people.

Compared to this, most of the other online dating sites are filled with people who are looking for one-night stands or just casual dating.

In 2010, the company earned about $250 million in revenues, followed by approximately $300 million in 2011.

12. Angie’s List

CEO: William S.

Business Idea: Local service reviews

Estimated Value: $700 million

Our Take: How important it is to you to know what kind of services / products a person is selling and what other people think about them before you personally use them? This personalized local review service is provided by the Angie’s List. More than five investors are stakeholders in this company.

This is a good idea to start your own local review service for your location. Angie’s List too has good future prospects because of their unique business idea.

13. One Kings Lane

CEO: Doug Mack

Business Idea: Home Décor sale site

Estimated Value: $440 million

Our Take: One Kings Lane is the place where you can buy any kind of luxury décor item for your home. It is a one-stop home décor sale site. Some people might argue that buying décor items online can be misleading because you are not really “seeing” the product before buying but one look at One Kings Lane tells us that it is a very well crafted online shopping site.

You don’t need to really “see” the product before buying; the images tell you all. The Wall Street Journal predicts that it will earn about $100 million in revenue this year.

14. Stella & Dot

CEO: Jessica Herrin

Business Idea: Selling jewelry at private home parties

Estimated Value: $400 million

Our Take: This is a business that deals with only elite clientele. This has growth opportunities only when you can manage a never ending list of elite clientele who organize regular parties and allows you to sell merchandise.

Stella & Dot deals with jewelries only which are sold in private parties. This is a good idea for you if you have attractive products to sell to private clients.

Sequoia Capital has valued the company at $370 million.

15. Imperva.com

CEO: Shlomo Kramer

Business Idea: Application and Database security

Estimated Value: $300 million

Our Take: With small, medium and heavy online business starting daily, it is important to protect business information with utmost privacy. Imperva.com provides cloud based security for business database and application.

Accel Partners, Meritech Capital Partners and USVP are some of the investors in this company. In 2011, they generated about $80 million in revenues, $25 million more than in 2010.

16. Brightcove.com

CEO: Jeremy Allaire

Business Idea: Cloud video hosting service

Estimated Value: $240 million

Our Take: Online businesses are increasingly taking to cloud computing services for data storage and preservation. If your business deals with lots of videos for any purpose, Brighcove.com would be a good option for video cloud content services.

Its products and services can distribute professional digital media across various platforms. Brightcove.com can be used to create media experience across tablets, PCs, Smartphone’s and connected TVs.

In the first 6 months of 2011, it had generated $28.4 million in revenues and approx of $75 million in the whole year.

17. Etsy.com

CEO: Rob Kalin

Business Idea: Selling homemade and handmade crafts

Estimated Value: $225 million

Our Take: Etsy.com is considered the eBay for arts and crafts industry. Here you can sell any arts and crafts that are homemade and handmade. It is a very good business platform for stay-at-home moms and retired people.

There is a plethora of options on Etsy.com. Just create an account, upload product images, add description, add price and go “live.”

In 2011, Etsy.com had $75 million in revenues and $50 million in 2010.

18. Sugar Inc.

CEO: Brian Sugar

Business Idea: eCommerce network for women

Estimated Value: $210 million

Our Take: Women entrepreneurs are breaking the invisible glass slowly and setting their mark on the online world of business. Catering to this growing section of entrepreneurs, Brain Sugar’s startup is an eCommerce, content and social media network for women entrepreneurs only.

In return, Sugar Inc. makes money from eCommerce sales, lead generation and in advertisement revenue. This company is a potentially beneficial platform for women looking for a startup option.

In 2011, the Sugar Inc revenue was $70 million.

19. Recycle Bank

CEO: Jonathan Hsu

Business Idea: Promoting clean technology in households

Estimated Value: $200 million

Our Take: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is popular with large corporate houses but here is a guy who has turned green and safe living into his business while convincing thousands of people on the merits of using clean and green technology.

The Recycle Bank Company works in partnership with cities, motivating households to recycle their waste, and in doing so, they earn redeemable points at Recycle Bank associated networks.

The company raised $70 million in venture capital last year.

20. Return Path

CEO: Matt Blumberg

Business Idea: E-mail marketing

Estimated Value: $200 million

Our Take: Usually we don’t see email marketing companies getting listed on popular startup lists but this one made it. The company deals with email marketing only and since any kind of business would need a way to build a consumer base, email marketing is always a success.

In 2011, they earned $45 million in revenue, a 35% revenue increase from 2010.

Read the inspirational startups in first section also. You might get some business ideas yourself.

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