5 Ways a Website Without Products Makes Money

With the vast increase in population, the requirement of products and services has increased. Similarly, there is also an increase in the number of small businesses. People all over the world are earning money; today we are talking about your standard of living. How does a man achieve a high standard of life?

make money without sellingIt’s by better food, clothing, education, and other services. All these require better services and products, which ultimately means bigger and global business. Today, with the development of mass means of communication and information technology, the world has become a smaller place.

Man is not limited to business within a country. Business is global today; e-commerce is the modern version of business. We are trading over the Internet. Online business has made it possible for people of different countries to make transactions with people residing in other countries…

Today the Internet business is growing by leaps and bounds with an ever increasing number of websites. Thus, one needs to have some products to sell and the Internet is a great source of earning money.

But how can a website that does not sell products make money? Is there anything for them to make money without selling products? Well, There is.

There are millions of websites today which do not have any product to sell; still they are making tremendous amounts of money. They actually provide services and charge those who enjoy the benefits of these services.

Generally these sites are meant to offer some kind of useful service like reverse cell phone look up where one provides the details like the name and address of the numbers a service user pays for… Other services are like booking show tickets, providing subscription services where one enjoys certain benefits and pays some annual or monthly charges.

See these websites don’t have any product to sell but still they make use of the services they offer in order to make money. Another way of doing so is to advertise those who are providing services or selling any kind of products either over the Internet or through the local business bureau.

5 ways to make money without selling any product

  • Blog/Information Site:

A blog/information site generally offers informative content over some definite keywords or topics. Usually these services are free for a limited amount of time. In order to make full use of these websites, you need to be a premium member and therefore, you will be charged to access the full website and its features.

For instance, if you search “business reports” on Google, you will see various websites selling high end business reports for a small amount. Non members can access these sites for, let’s say, one month at no cost or just get a chosen business report preview. Now if you want full access, you either buy those reports or become a permanent member. This is how an information-related service blog/website works.

Some content-based websites also invites bloggers to write paid posts. The posts contain useful information; you may also get expert knowledge over various topics. These services are hugely popular and have been a great way to make money in recent time. Bloggers are hired to submit their posts and make money.

Many websites earn money through providing posts and newsletters to their subscribed members.

  • SEO Websites:

These websites offer search engine optimization (SEO) services and provide articles on various topics. Here also, content writers from all over the world are hired and invited to submit their articles to these websites and are paid when articles are accepted.

SEO service websites work with unique content and other technical marketing skills to help other businesses in improving their website ranking. The working pattern works in tandem with how the search engine works and ranks websites. These websites are extremely useful since it provides an excellent service to business websites and the website content written by these professional and skilled content writers are helpful in increasing the number of visitors’ everyday.

With a better search engine ranking, a business website improves and businesses get better customer leads.

  • AdSense:

This is a comparatively newer way of making money from a website without actually selling any product. These are the websites which allow the networkers to automatically attach rich text, images, videos and other content to create ads. These are generally paid for per click. These advertisements contain a link attached with the website URL.

Hyper linking has become a popular source to earn money as well. It solves the question of how a website that does not sell products make money. There is also AdSense for mobile sites and search that provides advertisements attached with some popular websites. You are paid for showing the Adsense on your websites.

  • Attached Advertisement:

One of the popular and bigger sources of revenue for a website to make money is to advertise. Advertisement over the Internet has been the greatest source of making money ever. Generally these websites offer advertisement services either for other websites offering services or products or for promotional purposes.

Promotion of different products over the Internet has become a tremendous source of attraction and gaining revenues.

  • Text Links:

One way or the other, the most common source of making money over the Internet without selling any product is to make your website visitors aware about current trending topics and you are paid by those whom you are providing information. One of the ways of doing so is Text Links.

Text links are another kind of advertisement that you click and another tab or window will open containing the website address of that text link. It works on the idea of hyper linking with the URL of some other website residing within the text shown.

Though selling products has been and still is the main source of making money and operating business over the Internet, there are other ways to earn money too. How a website that does not sell products make money depends on what tactics it applies. There are many advertising or promotional services where you promote the services of others.

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