5 Proven Tips to Find Guest Bloggers

After a long time of haggling with the idea of writing a blog and postponing it for the umpteenth time, you may have finally started to write a blog and have put in your personal comments about whatever it is that you have been observing is happening around you.

Guest BloggersOr… maybe you have started a blog to get other like- minded people to post. That’s a good idea.

However, what is it that needs to be done that will get it to be on people’s mind when they think of a niche that you are blogging about?

That question and the million dollar one of how can I get something out of this blog?

…Be it eyeballs – money – or even getting a guest blogger to contribute to your blog.

Well, guest blogging is a really good way to start your journey towards achieving your goals or the ultimate dream of getting to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

However, what can the new blogger with starry dreams in his/her eyes do to get veteran bloggers to write on his/her blog?

How to Find Guest Bloggers for Your Blog

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind and use them to get guest bloggers to post and continue on your journey to that proverbial pot of gold.

1. Comment Section of a blog: Most probably the best place to look for a guest blogger is in the comments section of your blog. This is where you can find guest bloggers giving you a piece of advice on what they thought of your blog and other useful information.

You will also find the readers who have read your blog and may have started to follow you. That means that they care for what you have to say and the ones who have agreed to follow you will always add value to each of your posts.

2. Set a goal: ‘Seek and thou shalt find’ is a saying that is so apt to the blogger. Unless and until you seek out guest bloggers who will post on your blog, there is no way that you can even dream to start your journey towards success, let alone getting there.

So set a goal that is neither too high nor too low. Aiming low doesn’t mean that you go for substandard stuff… All it means is that you could get posts from new bloggers like yourself who want to make a niche of their own.

They may be searching for something that they like and may start commenting first and then garner enough courage to start a blog of their own.

3. Marketing: Look for bloggers who have a history of being a networker and not necessarily a network marketer.

This is the type of person who can get the word out about your blog and make you a bunch of money, eventually.

The simple logic being that when you have a top ranking blog in blog directories, you will get advertising opportunities that will surely get the attention from the public first, and the advertisers next.

So, through these networkers, you can achieve your targets easily.

Also, try to do self marketing. Tell people who you are and what you do. Get people interested in knowing you and they will probably visit and read your postings.

If they find you interesting, they will certainly ask you to be a guest blogger. Market yourself and your blog well. Strategize and act accordingly.

4. Online world spilling over: One thing where people normally don’t look when they have a presence online is offline.

But that is where most of the people are. They may not have their own blogs or websites.

However, who should say that in the future they could have a net presence and a strong one at that. Moreover, what if they eventually have a net presence after they post on your blog and become popular?

5. Keep it simple and sensible: When you approach a guest blogger, asking for too much out of sheer enthusiasm can mean doomsday for you.

The reason being is that the guest blogger could run away thinking that you are a clinger or worse that maybe he is the only one who saw your blog in the last couple of months or so…

For a guest blogger to post on your blog, you should have sensible questions which can get you mature answers and in the process, help you to grow your blog over a period of time.

Now you have guest bloggers to comment or post on your blog. That’s great!

Guest blogging is that thing which is necessary for any blog that aims for a win-win-win situation for the three main players in this game… the blog owner, the guest blogger and the reader.

If you would like to be a guest blogger you can write for us. We’re looking for both types of contributors one time and regular to publish on our blog.

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    Well written, this is an informative post. It’s true that its like give and take. When you offer someone to guest blog on your blog site, you can give a break and at the same time it can generate traffic to your site.

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