4 Hot Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

Today I’d like to create a quick post on one element which many of you are probably familiar with, yet is so very, very important.

Domain names…

Choosing Domain NamesNow some of you may be thinking, “Hey Joni, what’s so important about choosing a domain name?” Well, let me explain…

Just in case we have total beginners here on Income Insiders, I’d like to make sure you know what a domain name is; the address of a particular website on the Internet.

Ex: IncomeInsiders.com – JohnDoe.com – MarysFlowerBoutique.com

Keep the following in mind when choosing your domain name:

1) The abbreviation .COM is still the most popular on the Internet today because it stands for commercial business, in addition, it’s the most memorable for a prospect. So always try to purchase your domain name with the .com abbreviation.

Following is a list of alternative abbreviations to consider for different styles of websites:

  • .NET- The 2nd most popular when .COM is not available. Used for Internet infrastructure or related services.
  • .GOV- Used by government agencies
  • .EDU- Used by educational institutions
  • .ORG- Non-profit organizations
  • .CO- Used for COmpany, COmmerce and COmmunity
  • .MOBI- Viewed on a mobile device
  • .BIZ- Perfect for E-Commerce sites
  • .US- Creates an American identity on the Internet, associates with American values
  • .ME- All about you, your product/used for blogs, resumes, personal pages and is very popular among the younger consumer.

As you can see, if you are creating a site about selling famous salsa recipes, you surely wouldn’t end with the abbreviation of .GOV. Hopefully this list will be a guide for you when choosing your perfect domain name.

2) Keep these 3 elements in mind when choosing. These could mean all the difference;

A. Mnemonics– This merely means to use a combination of words that are easy to remember.

Ex: IncomeInsiders.com – Yahoo.com – Google.com

B. Credibility– Many people associate longer domain names with free sites or those of lesser quality, in turn, prospects will assume your product or service is cheap. So using a simple-short domain name will heighten their perception of your website’s value.

C. Positioning– Your domain name should always reflect your website’s nature, a benefit or a result of your product or service. This will instantly communicate a uniqueness about your website.

Bad Ex: Caspersmindblowingtrailblazers.com…What are they selling or servicing? This might sound cool, but you would have no idea what the website is about.

Good Ex: CoffeeDetective.com. Now, what comes to mind? Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee.

3) Remember, you want your domain name to stick in the readers mind. Most searches are done by topics or themes, not names.

Ask yourself… what would pop up in the reader’s mind when a need presents itself, a need your product or service would fill? Using the example of the CoffeeDetective;

If your need was to find out something specific about a coffee product, this domain name tells me I’d more than likely find the answer here.

4) You also want to purchase variations of your domain name including different spellings. Many people don’t always use correct spelling. You don’t want your competition purchasing those names.

When the prospect misspells your domain name, they will be directed to your website.

Ex: yourcopywritingsolution.com and…yourcopyrightingsolution.com. By purchasing both these names, prospects will get to this website either way.

Final thoughts: Keep it simple – short and memorable. Brainstorm different keywords you think your prospects would type in looking for your information.

There are a many sites where you can purchase domain names, but GoDaddy.com is probably the most popular and reputable…

You can just google “domain names” and check out the different sites and offers.

Have you seen any crazy or wild domain names? Leave a comment below and share it!

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  1. says

    Hi Joni,
    It is great that you are sharing the info on what the top level domains stands for.
    Worth mentioning is the .EU which is used in europe, and .ASIA which is used in – well you guessed it – Asia 🙂

    The .info domain has been quite popular also, because its very cheep. Unfortunally it’s also used for a lot of spamming both e-mai, splogs and link directories.

  2. Garmin says

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for putting up.

    “If you can imagine it,You can achieve it.If you can dream it,You can become it.” by William Arthur Ward.

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