3 Reasons Why Making Money Online Is Disastrously Impossible for YOU

impossible make moneyIn the last few months, I have read many eBooks that claim to show you the way of making money online. But what these eBooks and other Internet marketing gurus fail to highlight is that not everyone is capable of earning money online.

It would be comparible of giving an engineers job to a teacher and expect marvelous results. It is the same with working online. Only if you have certain qualities, you can make it big time online, otherwise find another job.

Based on my observations and experiences of the online world, I’ll give you 3 reasons of why making money online could be disastrously impossible for you:

[1] You are like Daniel Lyons…

For two years, Daniel Lyons created and maintained a viral buzz online as Fake Steve Jobs. When New York Times revealed his identity, more than half million people visited his site in just 24 hours.

So what happened? Did this blogger become a millionaire? NO.

As revealed by him later, half a million visitors that day and thousands later throughout the month earned him only $1039.81. Not an encouraging figure, I know!

As a blogger, we yearn for traffic and Daniel Lyons got that and much more… but what went wrong with him?

Lyons was NOT a problem solver. He and many other bloggers like him may have the creative potential to attract thousands of ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’ with their entertaining and amusing web content.

However, it doesn’t translate to any money because people are looking for solutions to their problems which not every blogger gives its readers.

Blogging sometimes gets limited to creativity which does not translate to economic gain.

Therefore, if you are like Lyons, you have no ‘solutions’ to offer to your readers, trying to earn money online will be a disastrous experience for you.

[2] You want a ready-made business blueprint…

Come on; are you that innocent or gullable to believe a successful person making thousands of dollars online will readily give you his EXACT business blueprint for $7? Shame on you if you still think so!

Newbie online enthusiasts who are charmed and enchanted with eBooks giving you “the exact blueprint” to make it online are left heart-broken.

It’s a world of fierce competition. Searching for a complete business plan is just a weird idea. What you get are like pieces of a puzzle which you have to piece together and form your own business model.

And this piecing together of different parts in business is the toughest part of all. It is in this stage where thousands of people with big dreams of making it online back out.

If you are one of them, please, please come out of your dreamlike state and face the real world.

[3] You can win the first prize in procrastination…

…and for a change there is nothing to be happy about it. Procrastination is a disease that wrecks any chance of being successful, both online and offline. I agree that making money online is a tough job but hey, we know Rome was not built in a day.

You have to toil harder; the harder you toil, the better chance you’ll have of getting ravishing results.

In Why People Struggle to Get What They Want, popular blogger Yaro Starak of BlogMastermind.com and Entrepreneurs-Journey.com says:

“Sadly most people know what to do, they just don’t do it. The reason is a lack of belief and confidence”.

Not only a lack of belief and confidence, there is fear and laziness, and the desire to achieve what one wants at the snap of a finger. A mixture of all this leads to procrastination; it stops you from taking any action and in the end, you are left with a feeling of jealousy and unworthiness seeing others succeed and finding yourself at the starting point.

Most people who procrastinate have the art of making excuses.

Such people DO NOT DO ANYTHING but still expect to earn money. They are just fooling themselves, pretending to make a worthwhile investment by buying informative products that teach the ways to make money online.

That’s what these products are for…their purpose is to teach, not earn money for you. You have to do the second part yourself.

Only a handful of people who understands this are able to make money online. Others just procrastinate. The second class of people form about 80 percent of the people seeking to make money online.

If you still love to procrastinate, be ready to experience hard failure.

If the above are the reasons for failing disastrously in online business, how does one succeed?

  • You succeed by being a problem-solver.
  • You succeed by beginning from scratch and not looking into 5 million different business blueprints.
  • You succeed by not procrastinating.
  • You succeed by living up to your potential.

Is it possible to earn money online? Share your make money online success tips below…

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  1. Laurice Quickle says

    Hooking up with the right person could also lead to your website being a success. Networking is a powerful element to your online success. Here’s a Tip: Check out the Goole Cash Sniper Review

  2. Markus says

    I truly belief all this making money online is a load of trash and not even remotely possible. I have bought thousands of packages, tried all the tricks and spend hours going through the teaching material with still a zero balance in my account. I think it is just like you say, every package is just a small piece of a huge puzzle so every “guru” is just selling you a piece and they truly hope you fail cause the next sales pitch will start the cycle all over again – there pockets full of money and your dreams crushed once again!

    • says

      Hi Markus,

      Making money online is not all a load of trash…However, there are many scams out there.
      What is needed is to take personal responsibility for your actions and purchases. You have to do research.

      If you are buying into the next “get rich quick” scheme then chances are you aren’t making any money
      and you probably never will.

      On the other hand, if you are buying courses or trainings to enhance your strengths or help get
      you to the next level, apply it and follow through, then you will start to see a major shift.

      Please tell us your story. Maybe I can give you some guidance.

      Thanks for your honesty!

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