16 Most Successful Blog Sales – Success Stories of Multi-Million Dollar Blogger

It is a well known fact that every person who puts up a blog and wants to tell the world his or her story through that blog is actually trying their hand at being a writer some day.

Blog SalesHowever, what if they can make millions without being a writer of whatever subject that they hold so close to their heart?

Well!! How can that be possible one would ask.

Naturally, running behind the clock and then living paycheck to paycheck will not make that distant dream get anywhere near to being realized. Or will it?

Of course it will if one…

…and finally selling the blog to an investor or a company that will turn the pot with gold inside and turn it into a pot that is covered in gold and has some diamonds studded in it.

Okay. This sounds all so gleefully optimistic and of course utopian also.

However, there are so many blogs that were setup with the minimal investment and finally sold for a fortune.

How about you trying your hand at creating your very own blog? Who knows…maybe your name and blog will be added to this million dollar list!

List of Most Successful Blog Sales

Here is the lowdown on the different blogs that garnered some astounding amount of sales.

Blog Sales

Ugo.com: This website was founded in the year 1997 and finally sold ten years down the line for a whopping $100 million. It had a daily worth of approximately $ 27,937.

Originally founded by Chris Sherman as Unified Gamers Online, they rechristened it to UGO Networks. And even this name was later changed to Online Underground. Eventually, Hearst Corporation bought it over for a $100 million.

Blog Sales

Fotolog: Fotolog website was founded in 2002 by Scott Heiferman. However, just three years later, it started facing problems. This happened because the servers could not handle the pressure of the numerous visitors and the members of the site.

The website presently receives 20 million unique visitors every month. It was sold to Hi-Media Group for a neat sum of $90 million.

Blog Sales

Consumersearch: Founded in 1999 by Carl Harmann and Derek Grew, they also held a privately owned corporation. With a daily average worth of $11,301, it was finally sold at a princely sum of $33 million.

The then buyers About.com were later themselves bought over by the New York Times, which first ran the story of the sale of Consumersearch to About.com

Blog Sales

TechCrunch: TechCrunch is a well read and famous website publication. It has a firm rooting in the technology and the gadget niches. Michael Arrington founded the blog in the year 2005.

And it was such an exhilarating fact that he created a site in just five years that was filled with such valuable content that AOL bought it over for $30 million.

Blog Sales

PaidContent: Founded in the year 2002 by Rafat Ali and later sold in the year 2008, it was a website that had a daily update of not just news but also views and analysis. It had a daily average of $13,698.

Since Rafat Ali was a journalist by profession, this blog came naturally to be his best bet venture and a natural progression to his personality. Eventually, Guardian Media Group bought over his blog for a sum of $30 million and he is still associated with the blog as an editor.

Blog Sales

Tatter and Company: Tatter and Company was founded in 2002. It is also known as TNC and was founded by Chang-Won Kim and Chester Roh. It was itself a blogging platform for the bloggers in Korea and even now is the same. Google’s decision to buy the blog came as no surprise when they paid $30 million to the entrepreneurs three years ago.

Blog Sales

Ars Technica: In 1998, Ken Fisher founded Ars Technica and quickly gained prominence as a blog of authority for the technology industry.

It had an authoritative presence since it provided a great amount of news and sometimes reviews on the niche of their choice and preference. Conde Nast Publications bought the blog in 2008 for $25 million, ten years after it was founded.

Blog Sales

Weblogs.com: Weblogs was created in the year 2003 and sold two years later to AOL. Conceived by Brian Alvey and Jason Calcanis in 2003 and funded by Mark Cuban, it was initially put together for professional readership. They had many other websites running parallel. As a matter of fact, there were at one time nearly a dozen websites. Eventually, AOL purchased the blog in 2005 for a sum of $25 million.

Blog Sales

Livejournal.com: In the eight years journey from being founded to being sold to Six Apart in 2007, this website enjoyed a unique position amongst its users since it was a virtual community where users could maintain a blog or a digital diary thanks to their free open source server technology. And that was not all.

They had the software that would enable users to easily create blogs and online diaries. They even allowed users to have polls, calendars and guest bloggers. It was eventually sold for a sum of $25 million.

Blog Sales

Bankaholic.com: Founded in the year 2006 and sold within a short period of two years, it merits being at the top of the list since it made a cool killing within just two years.

John Wu created this blog that was filled to the brim with credit card offers as well as personal finance advice and interest rates to its customers. Bankrate eventually bought the website for a super price of $15 million and now has a robust team of finance professionals which has prompted the watchers of the space and the company to wait and watch where the company is going.

Blog Sales

Deadline Hollywood: This blog started as a column in a Los Angeles weekly by Nikki Finke. Basically, the column was designated to be an entertaining and informative column bringing the best lifestyles from around the world of glamour and glitz that is epitomized by Hollywood.

She also had some exclusivity woven around by writing about the rich and the famous. When it was famous, she decided to take it to the online world. Called ‘Deadline Hollywood Daily,’ it was so popular that the Mail Media Corporation bought it from her for a $14 million deal. And these days, it is known just as deadline.com

Blog Sales

Celebrity Baby Blog: With an approximate daily value of just under $6900, Celebrity Baby Blog is as the name suggests…about famous babies. Because of the celebrities being the current trend of the time and also due to her website witnessing a steady stream of visitors, she managed to sell the blog at an eye popping price of $10 million from Times Inc. It is certainly not bad for a blog based on babies. The name of the blog has been changed to babyrazzi.com

Blog Sales

Tree Hugger: Graham Hill, who is an environmentalist entrepreneur, who knew how to use technology to his advantage, managed to sell the blog to Discovery Communications for a tidy sum of $10 million in the year 2007.

Blog Sales

The Consumerist: Also developed by the Gawker Media Group, this blog has been doing quite well. Nick Denton and Lockhaart Steele, both were ranked quite high in the Gawker Media Group. They eventually decided to sell the site to Consumer Media LLC when an offer of $7 million proved too good to be true.

Blog Sales

World Hum: A highly regarded and also award winning magazine style blog was created by Jim Benning and Michael Yessis. Both were obsessed by travel and decided that the blog would be an outlet for their passion.

They had various sections, like the how-to section, the question-and answer sections, which were the best places to travel, etc. Eventually, they sold the blog to the Traveller Channel as they were given an offer of $6 million, which was good enough deal to haggle with.

Blog Sales

Arseblog: Although the name of this blog sounds outrageous, it is a blog that is put up for the followers of the English football club, Arsenal FC. The blog owner was made an offer which he couldn’t resist and walked away with $5 million. Ole ole purchased the blog and has since names it as OLE OLE.

It just shows the world that not all blogs are sold for even a fraction of these costs. However, what is needed is tenacity and the ability to be at the right place at the right time.

The most prominent amongst all the blogs listed above who started small and ended up laughing all the way to the bank shed a lot of blood – sweat and tears that made the original owners the money that they made selling the blog. Not all blogs maybe sold at such amounts. But then not all blogs have such substance either.

Behind the success of these blogs, there are reasons and hard work, which made these blogs a money spinner.

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