10 Tips to Create the Best Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has become one of the most visited sites by several people of different ages. Thanks to the person who invented it – Mark Zuckerberg.

People create fan pages on Facebook for many purposes. It helps in roping more traffic to your website. This is one good way to promote business and sales.

Create Facebook Fan PageIn short, Facebook can be used as a major tool in improving your business and an easy way to communicate with your customers.

If you have just started your business or running a small business and looking forward to making it big, you will need a good marketing plan for Facebook and create an attractive Facebook fan page to have direct contact with your customers and understand their needs.

People will like to share their views and ideas with you and if you respond to them positively, increasing the number of fans on your Facebook fan page will be a breeze.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

Here are some useful tips for creating a good Facebook fan page that can bring you amazing results.

1. Keep in mind your goal:

It would be great if you are aware about the goal that you want to achieve by creating a Facebook fan page. You can also mention about it to the visitors and fans to be a little personal and create a quick good relationship.

2. Know your audience:

Most people think that Facebook interests only teenagers and young adults. This is not true. According to a report, people who are in the age group between 35 and 55 visit and join Facebook more frequently.

Therefore, your Facebook should include content that interests not only young people but elder people as well.

3. Add present customers on your Facebook to attract more customers:

If you have just created a Facebook fan page and want to increase the number of customers, you can add the customers who are in contact with you at present. This will help in building trust in the new visitors and invite more visitors on your Facebook fan pages.

4. Use good pictures:

Facebook is a better place to share photos with friends and visitors on the web. People will love to see pictures and so you can show more of your company.

If you have some photos that show some of your customers, they can be included on your Facebook Page to build the level of trust in the new visitors and they will be ready to share views and consider your business. Also, if you have any useful YouTube videos you can post them on your Facebook page.

5. Be creative and unique:

The purpose of Facebook is to increase the traffic. Therefore, your Facebook page should have something interesting that can attract a person at the very first visit. This will drive the person to this page more often and also may let others know about your Facebook Page. The design of the Facebook Page is one major part that people consider in deciding whether to visit again or not.

There is nothing wrong in taking a look at other great Facebook fan pages. Only thing you should be careful about is not copying the design or creating something similar. People will not be interested to see the same thing.

6. Give goodies to attract visitors:

You can offer a gift voucher, coupon, eBook, or anything to attract visitors; especially if you have just created your Facebook and want people to know about it.

For example:

Best Facebook Fan Page

You can look what your competitors are offering and what the people are interested in about other competitors. This is just to give an idea and not to follow what your competitors do. What you need to do is to come up with something interesting that is not available anywhere else.

If you are not interested in doing this, you can at least give a quick message saying ‘Thanks!’ for visiting your Facebook Page. Also, a quick response to the comments of your visitors will also attract people.

7. Use contests:

You can include contests on your Facebook Page which will interest most of the people. If you give something in return, it will be an added advantage to increase the visitors. This will also help in promoting your business or brand within a short period.

8. Integrate social networks like Twitter on your Facebook:

You can use a good number of Facebook applications like Flickr or Twitter which are standard settings to make your Facebook fan pages look better and attract more visitors on your Facebook.

9. Keep updating:

Facebook Pages can be used as a good media to post the latest news and events that are going on in your company. Your customers will be interested to know about the upcoming new products or services.

You can also provide some links on your Facebook that are about newly added events and news. You should keep updating with hot news about your company to impress your customers.

You can post photos of recent events on your Facebook. Such photos can attract visitors faster and create a better engagement with the customers. You can add some useful content mentioning about the new approach of your company that would interest your readers. Also, remember to make it look rich and attractive by using creative resources.

10. Create a good landing page:

You can make the landing page as the welcoming page to attract the visitors. You can show your encouragement on their ‘Likes’ on this page. If you add some useful information about your company or brand on the landing page, it would be beneficial for you as well as for your customers.

You should not let your new visitors land on your wall because your visitors will not have any information about your company here and may not show interest in visiting your Facebook Page again. It would be better if they visit this place in the end during their first visit.


These ten tips and how to create a fan page on facebook video can be very useful to create the best Facebook fan page. If you want to have a great number of fans, you need to improve engagement where your fans and subscribers can be built and keep increasing them to have more and more visitors to your Facebook fan page.

If you manage to keep good engagements and have pleasing ‘Likes’ you will succeed in increasing the visitors to your Facebook.

However, make sure that you can easily respond to the views, ideas, and comments of the customers. This is one good way to have a successful business which will help you pay your bills on time and have a wonderful vacation!

Next we will present a top list of Facebook Fan Pages. Keep watching!

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